A Divine Wind


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Scene Title A Divine Wind
Synopsis Thalia approaches Perry for the second time, and subjects turn from moving scooters to moving mountains.
Date June 1, 2010

Morningside Heights

How long since a strange wind wound its way into Perry's life?

Days only, but for understandable reasons, they have felt much, much longer. The temperature has risen, making outside travel more feasible, but its not yet above freezing, so Perry has taken the blade of a snow shovel to the ice that has bound his scooter in place - when the time comes, he wants it readily available for the mysterious Thalia's promised help. He goes at it for at least an hour, hacking then tugging, hacking then tugging, until finally the tires and exhaust pipe come free and the scooter topples over towards Perry, who has to quickly reverse the direction of his pull to avoid having the vehicle just fall over onto him. He's successful, though lucky no one saw how near a thing it was.

He's now sitting on the curb, a styrofoam coffee in his hand, tinted caramel with cream and sugar. He sips at it, his glasses perched now on his nose, as he examines the wiring in his scooter's ignition. Engines he can't fix, but if there's an electrical problem, he can give it a fair shot. And, let's face it, he wants to appear less than useless to Thalia. When she arrives. She will arrive, won't she? The scarf and phone have remained in his presence this whole time, even now remaining in his pocket.

It's like his will summoned her to him. There she goes, walking down the street. Dressed in dark clothing, similar to their last meeting. Messenger bag gripped tight, she walks at an easy pace. She's in no rush. Hair trailing behind her on the wind currents. Thalia's eyebrow raises slightly as she takes in the sight of the young man and her now team mate.

Her boots crunch snow and her head is tilted to the side. "Now don't tell me," she says as she nears Perry. One hand on her hip. "That you've been waiting outside this whole time. What are you, a cyrokinetic or something?" her lips turn up into a grin as she stops in front of the man.

And there she is. Perry's smile can't help but be a little nervous. He'd been waiting for her return, and now that she's here… what next? Last time she was firmly in control of the interaction. Perry lofts his coffee cup, giving normal conversation with the remarkable woman an honest shot. "No. Just caffeinated," he says, "I'm, uh, checking to see if the ignition was damaged by the ice. Shouldn't be, at least not as far as the wires go, since it's been off this whole time. But, I don't know," he cuts his technical talk short, before it gets too detailed, too dull. He gets to his feet.

"So… you said you'd be able to fix it? Because it's definitely broken." It's by sheer force of will that he keeps his guileless brown eyes on her own striking baby blues, "I'm ready to believe in miracles from you, if you're ready to provide them."

"Aw, you believe in me? How sweet." She says with a soft laugh and then she's crouching to take a look. After pushing something there, flicking something there and looking up at Perry there. Thalia stands and nudges the scooter with her foot, "Motor is totally gone." She shrugs lightly and then looks up towards the sky. "But I can fix that easy." She says with a wide grin as she crosses her arms.

"I can come pick it up tomorrow or something and get to work on it. It'll be really quick. Not flooded with business yet.. but when this snow is all gone? People are gonna need serious work done on their vehicles." More money, but more stress. Just what she needs.

"You're a mechanic!" Perry ascertains, his brows lifting. To Perry's discredit, he imagined independent mechanics as potbellied scam artists for the most part - just dim view on humanity in general. Thalia is the furthest thing from this presumption. "Yes, please, do. I… uh… I appreciate it."

What to say next, what to say next? "I've barely had a moment's internal peace since we met," Perry admits, after a pause, "You left me with so many questions. And almost as many hopes," hopes like what? "I understand if I have to wait but…" and now here comes the honesty, delivered as charmingly as he can manage, "A beautiful woman, appearing out of nowhere? I feel like I'm… I don't know what. Going crazy, maybe."

Not that I mind," he's quick to amend, "If you're madness, then let reason leave me!" His prose is archaic, but it's meant well.

"Well of course I am, what'd you expect?" she winks at Perry and rocks back and forth on the balls and then heels of her feet. Dragging a hand through her long hair she smiles softly in Perry's direction. "You think I'm beautiful? Thank you, I mostly get, 'Nice ass and tits' or 'will you fuck me tonight?'." She laughs she plays with the lining of her gloves.

"But.. you I think just earned yourself a free repair Handsome." She's leaning in, "Was that your goal the whole time?"

Let's try and blame the red in Perry's cheeks on the chill, shall we? The truth is, while he certainly does think Thalia has what he'd call 'stunning attributes', and certainly would love to 'romance' her, outright admitting it and without euphemism is strictly beyond his imagination. "I think there's something sacred about beauty," he says, stalwartly, "It's the most clearly holy thing there is." Not precisely a Don Juan line, but he believes what he says.

"And no, certainly not!" Perry adds, "I was just being… uh… you're joking. Of course. Which I should have known," the young man gives a small, self deprecating chuckle, "Sorry. I, uh, I guess you have an effect on me."

As she leans in, he stands his ground. Retreat is not an option.

"You're cute when you stammer on what to say." She says softly and then she's leaning away again. She likes him, he's a nice, sweet guy. Nice guys don't always finish last. The mechanic nods her head. "I think beauty comes in all forms though, don't you?" She places a hand in her pocket. "I'd say.. your body.. and your mind is a beautiful thing. At least from this second meeting we've had." Thalia says with a smile towards Perry, "If you respect the mind, then it's all good."

She regards the man with glasses with a strange look and then she's smiling. "I make you nervous? Don't be."

"I'm trying not to be," Perry says, with a laugh that proves he's having limited success, "Don't tell me I'm the only man who's been tongue-tied by you. I wouldn't believe you for a second, and… well, I'd like to believe you're honest with me." Particularly in light of her compliments, and her promises. "I agree… beauty can be found anywhere. But it's often hidden. If I may say so… you aren't the least bit obscured." He'll repay compliments with compliments when he can. It's the only this close to flirting he knows.

"Haha, I'm keeping you around." She tells the man and then she's kind of twirling in a circle looking up towards the sky. The familiar feeling of warm air surrounds them both and her eyes flicker for just a moment.

"I guess, I've left a few guys without something to say." She admits with a light shrug, not something she's really all that proud of. "I.. why do you act like women aren't lining up around the corner to get a piece of you? You're so cute." She says with a smile, she's flirting.. lightly.

All Perry needs is practice, surely. He's still a bit awkward, turning his coffee cup in both hands in a fidget as she spins around, captivating his gaze quite entirely. But when he speaks, his stammer, cute or no, is somewhat less pronounced. "Maybe I've just been holding out for a true exemplar of womanhood," he suggests, "Waiting for her to appear, indisputably. A sign from the Gods." He's no pagan. He's talking a specific philosophy. But the message is clear either way - Thalia's divine.

"Ah, well that's pretty romantic. I must say. Holding out like that." The Ashford woman looks at Perry with a wide grin and she walks closer towards the scooter to lean against it. "Yeah.. but just don't wait for the God's forever okay? They've been known to screw us mortals over. Are we mortals…?" she tilts her head as the idea strikes her.

"The Evolved.. or are we descendants of the God's meant to rule the world?" She looks at Perry in the eye and then chuckles softly. "That'd be pretty fucking scary if someone thought about it that way."

Who's 'we'? Perry frowns a little as Thalia puts forth her theory, more at his inclusion than at its content. Though, when he turns his mind to content… "Well, being human is inseparable from divinity. But it's our mortality that makes our knowing the divine possible. It's our being thrown into our moment, but understanding the universal present there.”

Here he goes… “Like, say, love. As mortals, it's just a series of moments – happinesses, pains, sadnesses,” as if he would personally know, “But looking at it like gods, we see it as all part of a greater, better whole. So… scary? Yes. But not necessarily bad. We're all divine. Some of us are more capable of grasping our divinity though. Of seeing the great whole within the disparate moments.”

"The Evolved is the we." Thalia answers Perry's question and she looks him in the eyes. "I don't think we are gods.. but.. I'm sure there is someone out there that can make mountains move and how do you tell someone like that.. they're mortal?"

Thalia shivers, uncomfortable with the thought. "Being able to.." Thalia holds a hand up and then backs away into a near by alley. "I want to show you something. Something.. special." She says with a light smile.

"That is traditionally a divine act…" Perry admits, with a nervous smile. He blinks as she backs away, and of course he follows.

When the two get out of the public street and they are standing there, Thalia standing deeper in the alley's mouth then Perry. "It's.. just watch." She says with a smile as she lifts her head towards the sky and closes her eyes. Around Perry, he might feel the wind change, as if it's gathering and coming to Thalia. Her chest rises and lowers as she concentrates. The young mechanic's arms lift slightly as her head dips back.

And then she begins to rise into the air, a few inches at first but then a few feet. Her hair whipping in the wind coursing around her and through the alley. Papers and bits of trash fly into the walls as her head snaps forward and eyes open. To reveal eyes glowing a hot silver color.

Mouth open slightly as she stares straight ahead at Perry and then she's.. just floating. As the wind settles down. Floating in no true direction but she moving up and then to the side and then around. Her hair hanging in a cloud of darkness around her face.

Perry watches in simple wonderment. It's not that he thinks this is impossible. Everyone knows that some people are gifted with flight, some with the ability to project fire, some with near-industructability. But to hear of it is like hearing about war, or about a true masterpiece. You can believe it, but to see it is a whole other matter. The young man gazes at this remarkable feat, pushing up his glasses as she rises higher, shifts from side to side.

And then he feels a small pit in his stomach. She thinks he is one of them? He can do nothing of this sort, certainly not to his knowledge. But to tell her, to let her know, that might break the strange spell that's suddenly be cast over his life.

But no. He will not break faith. He has principles. "I wish I had such a gift," Perry admits, "But I think you're mistaken, Thalia. I'm… amazed. And honored. Witnessing this is remarkable. But I don't have this kind of godhood." He hates to admit it, but he won't build anything worthwhile on a lie.

"It's okay.. you never know." Thalia's voice echoes off the walls as she descends back to the ground and then stands with her hands on her hips. "I still like you the same Handsome." She admits as she walks up to Perry and then gestures towards the street. "What do you say.. we find some coffee, hm?"

Coffee he can do. Coffee is well within his experience. Having it with stunning women… maybe less so. But it's a start. "Glad to hear it," Perry says, his spirits lifting, "I suppose we rarely know ourselves. I hope I can surprise myself." He moves up to Thalia and, in a chivalrous move, offers her his arm, "It would be my pleasure. We'll get something better than this, definitely," he lofts his cup, full of its cheap, instant stuff, "I know a place."

"Well then, surprise me good sir." Thalia says as she takes his arm and they move off towards some place warmer. Some place to get to know each other better. But the warmer part, that can be forgotten since around Thalia.. the temperature feels just.. right.

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