A Doctors Note


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Scene Title A Doctors Note
Synopsis Janes getting the OK to go home (back to work) from Brennan and has a few things to say about what happened.
Date January 11, 2011

Suresh Center - 2nd Level

There's something about getting a few thousand volts through you that leaves the head a might fuzzy. And it's also embarrassing. Jane Pak. Agent. Lawyer. Ex-military badass. Reduced to a lump on the floor. But at the moment, her instincts go toward one thing. Covering her ass. She doesn't know quite yet how she's going to report what went down, but a doctor's note that she was, indeed, attacked can only be a boon. Despite the fact that she'll have to admit that she was taken down. Sigh.

But that's how Doctor Brennan ends up with a DoEA agent in an exam room, looking a little out of it. But given that there was just some sort of ruckus in a patient's room (the scuttlebutt says there was gun fire!), maybe it's not a shock to see someone dragging themselves to the doctors on hand.

A lot of people don't want to admit that a taser, something that looks so harmless before it's launched, can take down even the most robust of individuals. "Okay, just follow the penlight would you Agent Pak" Brennan's voice calm, steady as he runs Jane through the gamut of rituals post shocking. So far it was all par for the course for what she had experienced. He moves his light slowly side to side, watching her as he carries through the motions.

Luckily, Jane follows the light just fine. In fact, beside a burn and some bruising where she fell, she seems to be holding up alright. "Thanks for seeing me on short notice, Doc," she says as she goes through all those hoops, "I thought, the quicker the better."

"We're not exactly the emergency room at the Coler-Goldwater here. No eight hour wait to be seen. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a problem to see an agent when they're tased in one of our patient rooms. Besides, you're a fellow DoEA, bit of nepotism of sorts isn't hurtful in this instance" Seeing her before others who are here for plain old tests or other non-invasive injuries. She seems fine though, and Brennan scoots back on his stool with a push of his feet to click his pen and scribble down a notation.

"Want to tell me what exactly happened in there? Security is likely going to want to grill you, but I can keep them away from you till you can file whatever reports you need to"

"Officially, I'm supposed to disapprove of nepotism," Jane says with a crooked, if tired smile. "Security needs to stop letting strange men trample on into patient rooms. We've got the Doctor-Patient privilege going on, yeah? Because, to tell you the truth, I'm not really sure what that was. But I mean to find out."

Jane lets out something of a sigh, shaking her head. "There was a man here, just got an ability, pretty powerful. I was questioning him over a bit of a mess he's tied in with, and just as I was getting to the goddamn heart of the matter, these guys come in. They grabbed him. I tried to stop them. They said they had a warrant, but that's total bullshit, Doc. It's bullshit. When I asked for ID, paperwork, whathaveyou, one of them tased me. I came to, the patient was gone." To her credit, she does seem worried about the guy, at least.

"Doctor patient applies to me and my patient. Not to you and my patient" Brennan points out to Jane as he re-clicks the pen, hiding away the nib with it's ink from direct air. "Aric Gibbs, was admitted a few days ago. I'd heard. He wasn't my patient but I'd heard. His evolved test came back positive. Not an uncommon thing"

The pen is tucked away, fingers interlaced folding around his one knee, listening to Jane speak. "They didn't show you a badge, at all? No ID or anything?" Brennan's frowning, thick brows crimping inwards, his thumb tapping on his patella.

"I meant you and me. I was in the service long enough to know, you tread careful around the shit that's totally bizarre. Upper management hates it. Generally. As for Aric, I got a bit of a sinking feeling. Can't help but feel a bit responsible. But I can't just go shooting people, even if it's just a leg. They made that very clear to me when they took me on." It might be a joke, but it's honestly hard to tell! Jane shakes her head at his question. "Nothing. I don't care how high your clearance is, there's protocol. Because right now, it's all looking fishy."

"They showed their badges. I don't know why they didn't show it to you when you asked. They were Homeland. That's all we knew. They flashed badges, asked where Aric Gibbs was located. That's when, I presume, that they interrupted your interview with the patient" That thumb is still tapping, talking with Jane, more to make sure she's okay than any real problem solving.

"We don't ordinarily let strange people into the rooms of patients Agent Pak. But they had the credentials and the necessary things. Except manners obviously to wait. My best guess is that he triggered in their database as possibly a terrorist, or who knows what. I can tell you that he is likely not on this island anymore because if they were taking him anywhere on account of his evolved status, it would be to here"

"Really." Gears, they turn. Jane sits back a moment, fingers stroking her chin in thought. "But you'd assume, whatever he triggered for DHS, he would have triggered in my department first. And I realize martial law means no one has to be polite anymore, but this drugging people and running. It's so unappealing." She sighs a little bit and shakes her head. "I've got a sea of paperwork coming my way, I can just feel it. You know how some people can predict the weather, I'm like that, but with paperwork."

"Do I need to write a prescription for some unecessary painkillers to counter the papercuts that will accompany the paperwork?" It's a joke, trying to put the woman at ease a little, if that's even possible. "I know this Agent Pak. Jane. That sometimes, various departments within the government, don't necessarily work hand in hand and often one finds themselves having to go back and see what the other is doing. How many things might have triggered in the Evolved Affairs but not in Homeland?"

His hands release his knee, letting the foot drop from the low rung of the stool to the ground, elbows going to his knee's instead. "Maybe you need to start inquiring of Homeland, see what you might find there. I don't know whether that will get you anywhere, but it's a starting point"

"Absolutely. Praeger loves my loopy paperwork," Jane says, at it does get a smile, crooked and amused. "Yeah, I've got to go around and start tugging on people. Luckily, I've got at least one DHS agent who won't just stonewall me." She is not having a good feeling about all this, apparently. "Or, at least, will be honest about having to stonewall me." There is a difference! "Is it part of your job, being therapist and job consultant, too?" She asks with another of her crooked smiles.

"It's an all inclusive deal. Many people come in here with no physicial hurts but more emotional, mental that need the attention more than a bandaid can help. We have Evolved Anonymous meetings as well. The job consultant part, well… I do have a badge, but I tend to be the talking puppet for our dear Secretary Praeger when he needs a medical professional to stand beside him and relay the facts on some things. Most of the time though, I herd the medical staff, wrangle the cats, negate those who need a little negating and assure them that the world isn't ending just because somehow, they can breath underwater for an indefinate period of time"

Brennan grins, standing up, closing her file. "It's a thankless job, well paying one. I'll need it when all four kids of mine go to college. Harvard isn't cheap and isn't going to get cheaper"

"Four kids. My. I'm impressed by your stamina, Doc," Jane says, and she seems to really mean that as a compliment, no matter how… blunt it is, "Not to mention your wife's." Jane stands, too, coming over to offer him a hand. "Well, I'll make it a one-thank you job at least. Thanks, Doctor Brennan."

"Take it easy, you might be dizzy, tired" Brennan takes her hand, a firm shake, no wimpy limp wristed thing. He dips a hand into his pocket, producing a card, writing on the back of it a series of digits. "I'd rather prefer that you went home, I'd insist that you go home, rest for the rest of the day even into tomorrow but somehow I think that it would be ignored. I'm no stranger to agents"

The card is passed over for her to take. "If you feel anything strange, where you were hit gets infected or anything else on the sheet that the nurses will give you, come back in or call that number. I'll make a house or office call. But you should be fine. No lasting damage. I do ask that you take a taxi at least to wherever you are going. I can have someone here drive your vehicle to the DoEA building for you and leave it there if you like or it can be kept here for you"

Jane takes the card, chuckling just a little at his assessment of what agents are like, and really, he's not wrong. "Alright, I'll leave my keys, someone who drives nice can take my car to work and taxi around for now. And if anything comes up, I'll call. But really, this isn't anything big. Once, I have to run through the desert with three holes through me, now /there's/ something to make you go take it easy for a while." Of course, it's highly likely she didn't.

"Ahh the gold old days. Makes me think back on Angola with immense fondness" Brennan grins, opening the door so that Jane can hop off the table and escape. 'You should come to an evolved anonymous meeting. See what good your employer is doing"

"Hey, you've got stories, too, huh? Someday, we'll have to trade." Jane does head for the door, but she looks back at him at the last offer. "If you don't mind non-evolved spectators. I'll drop by." But with a way, she heads off, to start the incoming paperwork with a request for a copy of her medical files from the visit.

"Some days far too many. Give Praeger my regards, I haven't seen him a while. Take care Agent Pak, I'll make sure your vehicle gets to your office building safe and sound" He's off, out the door, going opposite her so that he can drop off her file, give final instructions and carry on with seeing the others who are here to see him today and had the patience to wait through the unexpected patient that was Jane, pop up.

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