A Dream Changed


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Scene Title A Dream Changed
Synopsis After spending days in recovery at the Ferry hands, Eve and Gillian finally get a chance to discuss what happened, as she's finally conscious enough to talk.
Date September 1, 2009

Unspecified Ferry Safehouse - Manhattan

There's little more than a curtain giving the woman in a bed some privacy. It's not a comfortable bed, either, but it's functional. Someone with medical training likely checks every so often, but someone without has stayed nearby since she was brought in. A shower, a change of clothes, meals, sleep, phone calls…

All of these things have happened in the last couple of days, but Gillian's not left the safehouse much except to go by Eve's place. Sliding the curtain aside, she steps into sight of the bed again. On and off, groggy as hell. They're likely using the least amount of pain meds they possibly can. Supplies and all…

"Bullet proof vests didn't work out how I expected— sorry. Should've known that," she says, apologizing as she closes the curtain and moves to sit down on the uncomfortable chair beside the bed. She's not even expecting the woman to be awake— but that doesn't stop her from talking.

The woman lying on the bed has her eyes closed and she is breathing deeply. Chest rising and falling, her dark hair is sprawled out about her.

As Gillian speaks the older woman's eyes flicker. She can hear Gillian speaking, a noise as if she is clearing her throat fills the room. "You couldn't have know, you don't see the future." She says and grins up at Gillian lightly as she opens her eyes.

She's been sleeping a lot lately, medicine.. bed.. bandages. Ahh this isn't fun for her. "I got the bastard too, though he jumped through the fucking window. I could have got him in the kneecap."

"Oh, you're awake," Gillian says, sounding rather surprised as she leans forward to get a better look at her friend.

"Do you need anything? I know the Ferry is taking care of all your medical shit, but I could go… get you some things from your place. They won't let me bring your animals, though, I've been feeding them for you, but maybe I can get you a sketchbook or something… Or a change of clothes. It doesn't sound like you'll be getting out anytime soon. You're stable, though, and that was the main worry. They had an ER Nurse— or doctor— or something here. She fixed you up."

A hand reaches out and she touches the older woman's hand. "What all happened in there? I— we only got into the other room a few moments before he shot you, and then… everything happened so fast."

"Thank you so much Gilly." Eve says with gratitude. "I know they probably miss Mommie so much." She gushes or as much as someone in her condition can gush. The hand touching hers is gripped and Eve looks up at Gillian.

"He believed that I knew where it was.. Munin." She says with sigh and looks away towards the wall. "A sketchbook would be nice, thanks." With a shake of her head. "Munin isn't a person and I'm not sure if it's a object or weapon.. it has something to do with an eclipse."

The musician's eyes squint up as she thinks back to the day, only a few days ago. "Feng is looking for it, Munin. He said no Clairvoyant or Precog can find it. It's shadowed from us somehow." The process of that is amazing to her. Maybe they have a power negator watching it.

"He seems to have hero worship for Kazimir, spoke of him like he was.. some sort of idle or god." Remembering the comment on Kazimir's shadow never being able to be beaten.

"Munin is a thing, not a person? Well— Cat was worried about that satellite, but everyone knows where that is— I mean it was launched into fucking orbit, right?" Gillian says quietly, frowning a bit as she thinks on the rest. There's a bag at her side, the same one she always carries, and she bends down and pulls out two notebooks.

One she opens up and starts to write things down into. "My memory isn't exactly awesome these days, so I want to make sure I get this…"

Munin a thing, not a person. Not the satellites? Everyone knows where those are, right? Shadowed. No clairvoyant or precog (what does a clairvoyant do?) can't see it. Possible power negation involved? Something to do with an eclispe. Feng has a hard-on for Kazimir.

Once she's finished writing stuff down, she hands the other notebook over. It has a pencil in the metal rings. "It's not much, but it should tide you over if you have any dreams you need to get out of your head… And they do miss you. I don't think me and the snack get along too well."

"Poor Nanai.. don't worry, she just might be worried about me. I haven't sung to her in some days now." The seer says to Gillian and squeezes her hand in comfort.

"Be careful with this information Gillian, if the wrong people find out about it.." Eve doesn't have to tell Gillian that of course, but it never hurts to remind people. She takes the notebook and pencil and smiles at Gillian. "Thank you." She says simply and holds the notebook tight.

"We'll have to see what happens next.. after I'm better. I'll be going after Peter. He has a few things he needs to learn so I don't kill him in frustration." She wears a light smile on her face.

"I was only planning to contact Eileen. I know she's got a personal stake in all this— though I think Cat'll twenty question all of it out of me eventually," Gillian says with a frown on her face. But oddly she doesn't seem quite as worried about contacting Eileen, despite everything.

Peter, getting better, going after him. "I don't think he wants to be found… But if he knew why we were really there…" She trails off, shaking her head. It's hard to think about, the things he said at the end. "Just don't go anywhere until they actually release you. You nearly died. If I'd driven any slower, you probably would be dead right now."

"And that's why I thank you, my best friend." Eve says in a daze up at Gillian, yes she is still on drugs. The seer chuckles softly, "I don't give a flying fuck if Peter wants to go and run around and play hero by himself." She shrugs as much as she can without wincing.

"I'll deal with him when I can. He has a lot to learn about doing something about a bad vision or event clearly." The musician looks up towards the ceiling. "Tell Eileen.. I have a message for her. For her and the rest of the Remnant." Eve looks to Gillian. "It's important." Her eyes wide slightly.

"Don't move too much," Gillian says, moving her hand to touch her shoulder. There it is again, the rare big sister sound from her. It happened a couple times, this would be one of them. "I'll let Eileen know— and I'll tell her where you are, since you'll probably be here a while. Unless we can find a healer that isn't too busy with more serious injuries— there's a lot going on. We weren't the only ones who nearly died last week." It's near old hat at this rate.

"Listen… Eve. We changed your dream, and I think we did it for the better. Else is hurt, but she'll be okay— It's up to her if she wants to risk going back into the public— probably with a Triad cover story, I'm sure. But it's her decision… But we changed it. Definitely for the better for Peter and Else. Instead of— what happened— he saved my life. Your dreams can make good things happen instead."

Closing her eyes but not falling asleep. "I know.. it made me.. happy, that I could do some good in the world." Eve's forehead furrows and she sighs. "I miss I could have protected her from or world. I wish.. that I could of.. shielded her from it all."

The artist shakes her head. "We did good, didn't we? And dear Peter has more control over his ability then we thought. Eve's eyes still remained closed and listens to Gillian and talks back to her. "I hope I'm on a good things happening roll." She smiles softly with a snort.

"Hopefully," Gillian says, moving her hand back down to touch her friend's. There's a hesitation, before she says, "I've been staying nearby the last few days— it's September now, the morning of the first. But I need to get back to Staten. There's things I need to do, with the kids in the Lighthouse and… I'll come back every day to visit and feed your animals, and check on your place, but I can't really stay here all the time anymore."

There's a guilty look, before she pulls her hand back to dig into her bag again and pulls out a cellphone. "It's one of those toss-away phones, but my number's in it. I've also given my number to the people here. I'll stay until you get back to sleep, though. They say you'll be doing a lot of that for a few days."

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