A Family Brought Together


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Scene Title A Family Brought Together
Synopsis Nicolas decides to go bowling and Roselyn meets him there. Abby also decides to go bowling and joins Nicolas and Roselyn. Later on Abby has to go and Opal takes Abby's spot. Later on Roselyn and Opal find out they are long lost relatives.
Date January 19, 2009

Kingpin's Bowling Alley

Nicolas heads into the Bowling Alley, looking around. He makes his way to the desk to buy a game and to rent some shoes. He looks around the room as he waits for the guy behind the counter to give him the shoes and assign him a lane.

Roselyn walks into the Bowling Alley and notices Nicolas. She walks over to him and giggles, "How come whenever I decide to go bowling you are here?" she asks with a smile, "Mind if I join you, we can play fairly this time." she says with a grin looking at Nicolas.

Nicolas chuckles as he looks to Roselyn and smirks. "Hey. I think it's because you stalk me, so you come play when I'm here." He says with a wink. "Sure. Come join me. Just don't hold back this time." He says with a grin.

Roselyn giggles, "Well maybe just a little." she says jokingly, "I won't. I'm gonna go get some shoes, I'll be right back." she tells Nicolas before she walks to the man and tells him she is joining Nicolas as she points him out. She pays for a pair of bowling shoes then goes and looks for the ball she had last time. She finds it and picks it up, carrying it to the lane Nicolas is at. "So are you ready to lose?" she asks with a grin.

What do bartender/healers do in thier offtime? Alot of stuff, which includes bowling! Save Abigail didn't bring anyone with her, and she just had an urge to pick herself up after the whole park thing. "Size seven please" when asked abuot her shoe size, passing over her debit card to buy a lane for an hour or so, and her shoes.

Nicolas nods his head to Roselyn. "Alright. Sounds good." He says as he takes off his shoes and puts on the rented ones before he goes to find a ball to use. As he looks, he spots Abby and smirks, offering a wave. "Hey Abby!" He calls out to her.

Roselyn sets her ball down into the ball return. She walks over to the bench and takes off her boots and slides on her bowling shoes. She walks over to the bar and orders a pitcher of beer and two mugs. She takes it over to the table and sets it down pouring herself a glass.

Abby says, "Nicolas" Surprise. She signs the slip of paper shoved under her nose and trades out her shoes, left in sock feet and a dumb smile on her face. "I seeyour defecting to here, instead of Old Lucy's?" It's a taunt, not meant in any mean way. "Came to kill some time""

Nicolas laughs and nods. "Yeah. This is what I do when I don't drink." He says with a chuckle. "Roselyn and I were about to start a game. You want to join us? Make it a three way?" He says with a wink.

Roselyn looks around for Nicolas and sees Abby. She looks to the Display Screen to see if Nicolas has set it but no. She stands and walks over to set the Display Screen she puts Nicolas first, and her second putting her whole name this time. She finishes setting it and walks back over to the table. She picks up her mug and starts to chug it.

"I'll come play, but three way, unlikely" Abigail shakes her head and motions for the man to get on, following beside him. "Roselyn!" calling out and waving. "Nicolas found a stray"

Nicolas smirks and chuckles. "That's not what I meant." He says as he nods, picking up a ball to use and heads back to the lane he was given. "We got a third." He says to Roselyn as he sets his ball down on the ball return.

Roselyn chugs the rest of her beer and pours another glass then turns to Nicolas and Abby as they speak to her, "Hey." she says looking at them. "Alright, let me reset the display." She stands up and walks to the display and adds Abby to the names in the third box. She walks back over to the table and takes a seat. "It's your turn Nicolas." she says as she picks up her beer.

'Better not have been what you meant" But Abby's still grinning like a mad fool, peeling off jacket, scarf, switching it all out for the bowling shoes. "You working tonight roselyn? Have the night off, trying to figure out what I want to do. Meet up with roommates maybe"

Nicolas smiles and nods. "Alright." He says as he picks up his ball and smirks. "Watch the master at work." He says before he readies himself, takes aim and tosses the ball down the lane, knocking over one pin. He sits up and shakes his head. "Oh well." He says before he looks at the two. "That was practice." He says with a smirk before he goes again, knocking over two this time. "Bloody hell!" He says before returns to his seat.

Roselyn shakes her head and stands up, "You were never a god at this game. You are just trying to impress Abby." she says with a smirk before she turns to Abby, "I don't know, I think I may take the night off and hang around my house." she says walking towards the ball return. She picks up her ball. She aims at the pins and tosses the ball down the lane knocking over all 10 pins. "Finally, a Damn Strike for once." she says before returning to her seat.

"We may need to have them raise the bumpers for him" Is Abby's happy and teasing comment. Shoes on, the blonde grabs a ball after studying them for a few moments. Sliding her fingers into the appoints holes, she lines herself up, swings her arm back and lofts the ball down the lane till it follows the same path as Roselyns. Strike.

Nicolas watches both the girls get strikes and shakes his head. "Damn. I need to play this more often." He says, standing up and moving to get his ball. He takes aim again and tosses the ball down the lane, knocking over 4 pins and another 3 on his next go. He shakes his head and returns to his seat, pouring himself a glass of beer. "Making me look bad." He says to them both.

Roselyn walks over to the ball return and doesn't even take aim. She tosses the ball down the aim and it goes in the gutter right at the last possible moment. "Fuck." she says a little too loud she walks to the ball return and waits for her ball. When it returns she picks up her ball and tosses it down the lane only knocking over 1 pin. "So much for a good game." she says as she looks to the others. She picks up her mug and chugs it all.

"Not trying to. I did this alot, still do, when I'm needing some time, and to think, or to just do something other than stay in my apartment or work" Abby tries toc onsole nicolas and then Roselyn. Takes two balls to knock down her pins this time, 6 pins first, 4 after.

Nicolas looks to Roselyn and chuckles. "It's alright. You're still beating me. He says to her before he nods his head as he looks to Abby. He smirks as he watches Abby. "I can tell that you've done this before." He stands up and moves to the lane, picking up his ball. He takes his turn, knocking over 4 pins then another 4 on the second go.

Roselyn nods and looks to Nicolas, "Yeah, but I won't be for long." she says with a frown. She stands up and walks to the ball return picking up her ball and taking aim. She tosses the ball down the lane and knocks over 2 pins. Sighs and shakes her head. She walks back to the ball return muttering under her breath. She picks up her ball and tosses it down the lane, not really aiming just tossing the ball. She knocks over 3 pins and walks back to her seat. Her head hanging while looking at her feet. She sits down and pours herself a glass of beer.

"Is it supposed to be a competition?" Back up goes the blonde, selecting the orange ball and does what they did. No aiming, just tossing it down, catching two pins as it veers into the gutter. "or are you both competeing against each other?" another unaimed throw catches to more pins, on the other side though before she strides back to take her seat.

Nicolas laughs as he looks to Roselyn. "It's alright. At least we don't have a bet going." He says with a smirk. "When are we going on that dinner I won?" He asks her before he looks to Abby. "We had a bet last game we played and I barely won, so I think she was holding back." He says with a chuckle before he stands as his turn arrives. He tossed the ball down the lane, getting 3 pins and then knocking down 5 more. "Well, did better that time." He says with a chuckle.

Roselyn shrugs, "I told you, you have to tell me when you are ready." she says looking at him and shakes her head, "I wasn't holding back. I don't know how many times I am going to have to tell you before you actually believe me." she says standing up and walking to the ball return. Picking up her ball and tossing it down the lanes. Getting two gutter balls in a row. "God Damn it." she says a little too loud once more out of aggrivation. "I'm so sick of getting shitty turn outs." she says before picking up her beer and chugging it.

Roselyn's words make Abigail wince, but she keeps her mouth shut. She steps up to take her tunr again though. "So, he owes you dinner? What about this time?" She makes quick work of her pins, another 6/4 spare stepping around the chugging co-worker and looking to nicolas.

Opal has arrived.

Nicolas shakes his head as he looks at Abby. "No. She owes me dinner." He says with a chuckle. "We don't have a bet this time." He says before he looks to Roselyn. "Well, how about this weekend?" He asks her with a smile. "I believe you. I'm just joking around with you." He says as he stands to take his turn. He knocks down 7 pins on his first go and gets a gutter on the second.

Roselyn nods and sets her mug on the table. "That sounds good, I don't think I'll be doing anything." she says looking at him and can't help but smile. "Do you?" she says with a smirk. She stands up and walks to the ball return and picking up her ball. She glances back over her shoulder and looks at Nicolas and grins, she turns back and tosses the ball down the lane. She knocks down over 5 pins. She waits for her ball and then knocks over 3 pins this time. "Bout' damn time." she says with a smile.

There's a cheer, from abby as Roselyn manages to et all her pins, a cheer that is quickly cut off by her ringing phone. That quickly dies down when the blonde looks at the text message and then shuts it. "I have to go. I uhh, A friend needs me" She's already kicking her shoes off and gathering her things post haste. "Sorry guys, I umm, I owe you, deal?"

After renting her shoes, the little old woman moves to the lane next to a few younger folks. She sits down, changing from her street shoes into the bowling ones. Three pairs of socks, of course. Opal hums lightly as she does so, moving to write her name on the little score panel of her own lane. Yep, a little old lady playing alone. How cute. Or something.

Nicolas looks to Abby and nods. "It's okay. We'll have to play again some other time." He says with a chuckle before he look to Opal as she gets ready to play in her own lane. He offers the older woman a smile and a wave before he stands and takes his turn, knocking over 3 and then 7, getting a spare. "Woo hoo!"

Roselyn smiles and nods, "No worries. No one can really be able to do something when they are needed." she tells Abby when she looks over to the old woman. "Hi. Would you like to come and join us? Our friend here is leaving and you could take her spot." she says with a smile. She walks over to the old woman, "My name is Roselyn by the way. Oh excuse me for just a second. I'm up." she says with a smile before heading to the ball return and picking up her ball. She aims at the pins and tosses the ball down the lane knocking over 8 pins. She ends up with a 7/10 split. She takes aim and tosses the ball once more knocking over 1 pin. "Well that is better than before." she says with a smile.

Abby has left.

Offering a polite little smile to Nicolas, Opal gets up, taking her ball. But then, with Roselyn's offer she thinks for a moment. "Well, sure. It's always better with other people." She says with a bright grin. "Roselyn? How unusual for a girl your age. I have a granddaughter named Roselyn, somewhere." She says with a light chuckle. After Roselyn moves back she shrugs, hefting her ball. She takes a fast start before flinging the ball down the alley. She doesn't throw it at what she COULD, but it is a very nice throw for a little woman her size. She turns around, carrying the momentum before checking back over her shoulder. 9 down. "Oh dear." She says with a sigh, retrieving her ball and trying again. She misses the final. "I'm always horrible at that last one."

Nicolas smiles as he looks to Opal. "Really? That's cool. Roselyn here is the first person that I've met with the name Roselyn. What's your granddaughters full name?" He asks as he watches Roselyn go. He frowns at the split. "Ouch. I hate that." He says as he watches her only get one of the two." He watches Opal go, nodding as she hits the 9. "Wow. You're doing better than I am. I'm Nicolas, by the way." He says as he stands and picks up his ball, taking his turn. He gets 4 on the first go and 3 on the second. "Damn."

Roselyn smiles, "Yeah, but at least it isn't gutters." she says to Nicolas then turning to Opal, "I don't have any family that I know of, both of my parents died so I moved out here." she says looking at Opal. "I sure do hope you find your Granddaughter. I'm sure she would love to find you as well." she says with a grin. She turns and looks to Nicolas, "You will get it eventually hun." she says looking at him and smiling again.

Either by luck of the old, or by not hearing, Opal misses the granddaughter's name question. "Oh, I'm Opal. Opal Falke. With an e." She explains, grinning slightly. She seats herself for a moment on the chairs next to the scoreboard. "I work down at a library in Brooklyn. Easy to find." Course, she's been finding lots of interesting new people lately. And if the young have an interest in books, it's all the better.

Nicolas takes a drink from his beer as he looks to the two. "I haven't been to the library in years." He says before it clicks as Opal says her last name. His eyes look from Opal to Roselyn to see if she noticed it too. He doesn't say anything, just takes another drink.

Roselyn stands up and heads to the ball return. "That's cool. I work in a bar called Old Lucy's." she tells Opal not catching her last name. She picks up her ball and takes aim at the pins. She tosses it down the lane and gets another strike. "YAY!!! I got another one." she says as runs back to the table and gives Nicolas a hug. When she realizes what she is doing she pulls away and looks at him a little shocked. "Oh my god, I'm sorry, I just to so excited that I got a strike." she says still looking at Nicolas.

Opal chuckles slightly, shaking her head as she sees Rose give the huge hug to Nico. "Our strength and our flaw lies in our passion." She says, with a knowing nod. "Of course, my late husband knew that, to his pleasure AND dismay. But then, my children have all grown on without me. They think I'm senile now. All except Albert. He's dead, of course."

Nicolas is a bit taken back by Roselyn's show of passion. He chuckles and returns the hug. "It's okay. I don't mind." He says with a chuckle before he stands and takes his turn, knocking down 2 pins on the first one and then 6 on the second.

Roselyn smiles when Nicolas says that. "Okay. Just didn't want to like invade your personal space." she says with a smile. She turns to Opal a little shocked, "My dad's name was Albert. How strange." she says with a grin. "Where was your son living when he died?" she asks Opal still looking at her then stands up and walks over to the ball return picking up her ball. She takes aim and tosses the ball down the lane knocking over 6 pins the first time. 2 pins the second time around.

Following Roselyn almost immediately, with a 5 pin knockdown, Opal looks back over her shoulders before grabbing her ball again. "He was somewhere in Germany." She says with a grin. "Dunno what happened to his wife or my granddaughter, but… life goes on. Which is another reason the other kids are mad. They don't realize that I don't have the money to put into looking for someone in another country." Another throw… perhaps a little too hard, as the ball goes streaking to leave one pin standing again.

Nicolas raises an eyebrow as he watches Opal go and her second attempt. "Wow. Never judge a book by it's cover." He says as he chuckles. He stands and lets Roselyn and Opal talk. He takes his turn, letting the two talk. He knocks down 1 on his first go and 7 on his second. "I think I'm getting better."

Roselyn looks at Opal with wide eyes. "Germany….I'm from Berlin, Germany I was born there and raised there until my dad died. I moved here after I was finished with school." she continues to look at Opal shocked. She stands up and goes towards the ball return. "Good job hun. You are definitely getting better." she says with a grin. She picks up her ball and and aims at the pins. She tosses the ball down the lane and knocks over 4 pins on the first try. The second time around she knocks over 4 again. She walks back to the table and takes a seat smiling at Nicolas when she does.

Opal waits a moment. "What did you say your name was, dear. Roselyn what?" She asks, as she goes to dig something out of her purse. A picture of her family when they were younger, just before Albert moved to Germany. "That would just be too big of a coincidence." She chuckles. She moves to do her own bowling, and ends up with a spare. 3, then 7.

Nicolas looks up at the monitor as he looks at the score. "Last frame." He says as he stands to take his turn. He takes up the ball and takes aim before he tosses it down the lane, getting 3 pins. He takes a deep breath before he takes his second attempt, only getting 5 this time. "Damnit."

Roselyn takes the picture and starts to cry. "That is my father." she says pointing to one of the men. "My name is Roselyn Michelle Falke." she turns to Opal, "If he is your son and my dad then that must mean that…..You are my grandmother." she says looking at Opal with tear filled eyes.

The bowling is forgotten as Opal looks at Roselyn. "Apparently. If you're sure. Talk about a coincidence." She says it with a small smile. She's too old to let the tears claim her, at least in her own mind, but they're hinting with the wetness of her eyes. "Now how's that for fate?" She asks, unsure of where to go from here. After… the rest of her family and having never really met Roselyn before.

Nicolas looks at the two and smiles as he watches them for a moment. "Maybe I should go so you two can catch up." He says to them, moving to go sit down and take off his shoes.

Roselyn shakes her head, "No Nicolas, I want you to stay." she says turning and looking at him. "I am positive. I didn't think I had any family left." she says as she turns to Opal, wiping the tears off of her face. "I'm not sure really what to say…" she tells Opal. "There is so much to tell you about everything." she says with a grin. She stands up and walks to the ball return and picks up her ball. She takes aim and knocks over only 2 pins. Next time around 6. She walks back and looks at Nicolas. "Please don't go." she says looking at him.

"If Albert didn't tell you you had family… well, if he weren't already gone, I'd spank the little bastard." Opal says. "Oh, I don't mean that. We WERE married when he was conceived." The whole thing was said with an air of humor though. "Course, he was so endeared to Germany that he never wanted to come home. And… you do have a large family here. Myself, an uncle, two aunts, lots of cousins." She says with a grin before getting up to do her own. This time, she actually gets a strike! Which of course, means more balls in the last frame. 4 in the first part and 5 for the final. Moving back to sit down, she simply has a look of contentment on her face.

Nicolas sits down and changes out of his shoes. He looks at the two before he takes a drink from his beer. He smiles as he listens to the two talk to each other.

Roselyn giggles, "It's okay. I'm glad I have a lot of family." she says with a smile. "We definitely have to go out to lunch sometime and talk about everything." she says looking at Opal. She looks at Nicolas, "I have family can you believe it. All this time and I didn't think I did." she says smiling big looking at Nicolas then turning back to Opal.

"Of course, dear." Opal chuckles, pulling out a piece of paper and writing her phone number, her address, and her work place on it. "We definately need to have some catchup time." She hands the paper to Roselyn with a grin. Oh, so trusting old woman. "I can do lunch from work, there's almost always someone to cover me."

Nicolas smiles and looks at Roselyn, nodding. "I'm so happy for you." He says as he looks to Opal. "For both of you." He says with a smile. "New York really is the place to meet people."

Roselyn smiles and takes the piece of paper. "I can't wait. This is so exciting." she says as she turns to Nicolas and grins, "Yes it is. Thank you." she walks over to Nicolas and gives him a hug. "Thank you really." she says with a smile.

"Just call anytime. Well, I usually go to bed around nine." Opal admits. "I am old after all, and we get cranky if we don't have our fifteen hours of sleep." She rolls her eyes with a chuckle.

Nicolas laughs softly at Opal, grinning softly. "Yeah. I know what you mean. Need at least 20 hours of sleep." He says, giving Roselyn a hug in return. "I didn't do anything." He says with a smile.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Alright. I will. It was really nice to meet you." she says looking at Opal. "I hope you have a great night." she says before turning to Nicolas, "Yes you did. You became my friend and I don't have many friends." she says looking at Nicolas.

Opal chuckles, before blinking. "Speaking of, I do need to head towards home. Feel free to stop by." She says with a grin as she begins to change back to her other shoes.

Nicolas smiles as he looks to Roselyn and nods. "It's cool and you're welcome." He says as he looks at Opal. "Good night and it was nice to meet you." He says as he offers her a wave.

Roselyn smiles and then turns to Opal, "I will." she says as she starts to change out of her shoes and puts her boots back on.

Final Score:

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total
Nicolas 1 2 03 4 3 10 4 4 18 3 5 26 7 - 33 3 / 47 4 3 54 2 6 62 1 7 70 3 5 0 78 78
Rose X 0 11 - 1 12 2 3 17 - - 17 5 3 25 8 1 34 X 0 52 6 2 60 4 4 68 2 6 0 76 76
Abby/Opal X 0 20 6 / 30 - 2 32 6 / 42 - - 42 9 / 55 3 6 64 5 4 73 3 / 93 X 4 5 112 112

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