A Favor Between Friends


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Scene Title A Favor Between Friends
Synopsis James calls when he gets back to town, Liz asks a favor.
Date January 29, 2009

Over the Phone

When her cell phone rings late Thursday evening around 7:30pm, it's in the middle of the first hour of sleep Liz has had since Armageddon was averted. It takes her several long rings to intercept her cell phone, and when she does, she's barely alert. "Harrison," she mumbles into the phone, struggling upright and trying to pry her eyes open. Cuz it *has* to be work-related, right?

On the other end, James lets out a breath of relief. If he woke her up, she ain't dead, at least, and that's the important part. "Elisabeth? It's James." Not work-related, at least not entirely. "Glad to hear you're alive. What in -cherryfudge- has happened here?" The emphasis on 'cherryfudge' makes it sound more or less like the curse it replaces, just a little less… cursey.

James… James who? Elisabeth's brain takes a few moments to catch up. "James….. hey," she greets when she finally manages to figure out that it's not morning yet. "Uhm… best I can offer is terrorist attack. You okay? You're safe?"

James sighs a little, and then nods. "Alright." Terrorist attack. He'll get around to find out what really happened, sometime. And even if he doesn't, that isn't the important thing. "Yeah, I'm okay, just… tired." Washed out until seethrough, more like. "I'm back in town, just wanted to check up on you, make sure you're okay."

"Yeah… tired doesn't quite begin to cover it," Liz agrees softly. There's a rustling as she drops back onto her pillow, still keeping the phone to her ear. "Clean-up out there is a complete bitch. And not likely to get better anytime soon with the rolling blackouts," she says quietly. "I'm glad you left town, James. Rumor has it that it was a near-miss on a viral attack aimed at Evolved. We aren't sure of the intel," well… SHE is, but some others aren't, "and I didn't want to take the chance you might be caught up in it if they were right. Hell… I'd have evacuated all of New York, if I had that option." She sounds exhausted.

James pauses at that, given serious pause at the thought of an attack -aimed- at Evolved. "…I'm sorry I woke you up, Liz." he finally murmurs, sounding a touch stunned. It's just an option that didn't even cross his mind. "Yeah, I walked home from the hospital, it's looking… bad, out there. They wanted me to come in, I'll go do what I can, just…" A thought strikes. "Is Wills alright?"

"Nah, don't worry about it. I'll go right back to sleep when I'm done talking to you," Liz tells him quietly. "Be careful walking out there. The checkpoints are grueling after curfew. Will's fine," she reassures him. "Pissed to all hell about it all, but… so are we all. It's a mess." She sighs softly, and then asks very quietly, "James…. I'd be much obliged if you could do me a favor… and keep it entirely to yourself."

James arches an eyebrow somewhat, and then he states softly, "I'll keep it to myself, wether it is a favor I can do for you or not. But I'm listening." He hasn't promised to do anything, just yet, but he's listening, and by the sounds of it, not opposed to the idea of helping, if he can, with whatever her troubles might be.

Elisabeth hesitates. "I have a friend, a cop who was off-duty…. he was coming to meet me when everything went down." It's a white lie, but if James ever finds that out, he'll understand why she didn't tell him… maybe. "Last I heard from him, he was near the Narrows bridge. If you see a report or pick up a guy named Trask, would you give me a call? I can't get in touch with him either with his cell or at home, and …. Gotta admit, I'm scared to death."

James listens, and then nods, a faint rustle in the background as he grabs for a piece of paper to scribble on. "Trask. T-r-a-s-k?" He checks the spelling, and then nods. "I promise, I see or hear anything, I'll let you know." Phones take messages these days, after all, wonderful machines that they are. "I'm not scheduled to be back 'til Sunday, something, but… I have a feeling the schedule's all shot anyway." Wouldn't surprise him in the least if he'd get roped in if he went anywhere near the garage today, tomorrow or any time after.

Elisabeth grins a little. "I'm pretty sure any time you decide to show up, they're gonna stick you on at least 12 hour shifts, if not 16. It really is absolutely crazed out there." She sighs. "I appreciate it," she tells him.

"Dont' worry about it." James is well aware that during times like these, people want to keep tabs on their friends and friendlies. So, he's not going to do anything untowards, like revealing details or things like that, but he has promised to let Liz know if he stumbles across a friend of hers. That's all he can do, really. "I'm glad you're alive, Liz. I should let you go back to sleep, and I should do the same. Before the boss comes to break down the door and drag me out there for a shift." He's not entirely serious there, just an undertone of it in his voice, deep down. There might even be a bit of a smile on his side. Might.

Sounding relieved, Elisabeth replies quietly, "Get some sleep before you show up… cuz I know you well enough to know you're going to show up as soon as possible. Make sure you get some rest first, if only cuz I've already seen paramedics out there overwhelmed just in the past couple of days. And when you do go out, *be careful*," she admonishes softly. "I don't want to hear you're a passenger on your own rig." She smiles a bit, it's evident in her voice, sleepy as it is. "Talk to you soon, James. I'll check in with you in a day or two, but feel free to call whenever you need to, okay?"

"Al'ight, Liz. I will. You too." James stiffles a yawn, just barely, and then grins, his tone just a touch mischevious, "I'll try to fit in my next call with next time you're likely to be asleep again. A couple of days, something. Be safe. Oh, and if you see William before he answers his cellphone or checks his messages, tell him his obnoxious brother is back in town to worry about him."

Elisabeth chuckles quietly. "I'll let him know. Take care, James." She's practically asleep before she finishes hitting the button to hang up her cell phone.

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