A First for Everything


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Scene Title A First for Everything
Synopsis Lene takes it upon herself to bond with a family member and finds another in the process.
Date May 22, 2011

Some Bar In Queens

Dark and dingy — the bar that Lene chose for the night's entertainment serves her purposes perfectly. Situated in Queens, it's far from the tourist traps and the better neighborhood; the owners aren't the most careful about checking IDs, and it's a cash-only establishment. No credit card receipts means less accountability if anything happens. Cheap drinks make for a mixed clientele of young adults and blue-collar workers.

As Lene pulls Claire into the bar, peanut shells crunch under foot and the smell of smoke and whiskey is strong enough to make their eyes burn. She heads to the bar. "It's totally on me. After all, I'm the one who made you come out. You were getting moldy and needed some airing out," she teases her 'cousin' - not that the other girl knows their relationship. "What's your poison?" she asks, moving to the bar and stepping up onto a barstool.

"Moldy?" Claire asks in an amused voice, pulling her tiny frame up onto a bar stool. "I prefer to call it… being cautious." Overly cautious is more like it. Being powerless has made her a little more nervous about stepping out into the world. Not scared, but she's not enthusiastic about getting out there.

Her clothing is simple, in that she's wearing jeans with a simple dark purple shirt. Her long brunette hair has been gathered back into a clip, allowing strands of hair to slip free.

She glances down the bar, eyeing the riff raff that have taken up residence on other stools. "Think they have vodka?" She did say once she wanted to experience what drinking was like for the normal people. She might as well get down to it.

It's been a week for Robyn Quinn. Nothing horribly bad, really. Just long and tiresome, between work, checking up on people, the radio show, and interviewing new bands for Studio K. She doesn't really go out much anymore, and she keeps meaning to do that. If there was any one thing that seemed kind of awkward these days, though, it's being out on the town without Elaine. Not taht either of them had a problem with it, it jsut felt a little strange.

That hasn't stopped Quinn, though. She was here a bit before Lene and Claire, sitting at the bar with a smile on her face. Even a dive kinda place like this was a welcome change of pace from fancydining, catered lunches, staying home, and the Rock Cellar. Particularly when flashing a smile at the bartender had earned her a free drink - a redheaded slut, naturally. Whether it's because he thinks she's hot, or he recognises ehr from a magazine or something, she has no idea. Who care? It's free drinks!

"If they don't have vodka, we're in the wrong place!" Lene says with a grin and leans forward to try and grab the bartender's attention. "Though vodka straight's pretty stiff for a first timer. I mean, I'm assuming you're a first timer. Probably want to mix it — maybe an appletini or a cosmo?" she suggests. She's learned a lot about eating and drinking during her visit to 2011, clearly.

When the bartender heads their way, she flashes a smile, tucking her strand of too-red hair behind an ear. "Can I get a Long Island Iced Tea, and whatever my friend wants?" She nods to Claire, then gets a glimpse of Quinn down a few seats. Chewing her lip, she sits undecided for a moment, and ducks her head. Awk-ward.

First timer? Not really. Not even the first time without her ability either, but first time where she's determined to get a really good buzz going. Last time she went out like this without her ability, she got really really sick. "Hmm. I think I'll try what you are having." Claire doesn't remember ever having one of those.

Attention goes to the bartender, "What she's having." If offered before glancing at Lene again, studying here for a moment… Only to realize the other girls her posture. That gets a lift of eye brows. "You okay?"

There's a smirk on Quinn's face as takes her drink in hand,s wirling it a bit before she takes a long drink. She dressed in an ankle length skirt and a red button up shirt - there's a good chance she came straight here from work, and she kind of sticks out like a sore thumb because of it. Not that you'd be able to tell by her realxed posture, and the way she laughs at a joke some man a few seats down says a little too loudly - something about a barstool and a woman who forgot to wear underwear, who knows.

She does perk a little bit when she hears Lene order the Long Island Iced Tea. Of all the senses that one might expect to be dulled, Quinn's hearing is not despite many years of loud music being pumped straight into her eardrums (No, it's her sight that's slowly going, even if Quinn isn't fully aware of it outside of a minor needto wear reading glasses sometimes). Her head tilts, looking around a bit like she's not really sure she heard what she did. And she spots Claire first, perhaps to Lene's benefit. The other woman doesn't stay hidden long, though. "Jolene?"

When Claire decides to copy her drink, Lene can't help but grin, just a touch mischievously. "Right, that's a lot better than straight vodka," she says, voice overlapping Quinn's as the other calls her name.

She turns and pretends not to have seen Quinn a moment ago. "Hey!" she croons, then moves over a seat so there's a barstool between herself and Claire. "Come join us. Robyn meet, um… " she begins, then bites her lower lip again, raking it through her teeth and glances to Claire to finish the introduction. "Do you two know each other?"

Eyes narrow, Quinn is scrutinized and studied. "Nnnno?" Not that Claire remembers and she doesn't have blank spots in her head anymore. None caused by shotguns anyhow. "Ah…" She holds a hand out to Robyn, giving her a slightly uncertain smile. "Claire," she supplies for Lene.

It says Claire Butler on her fake ID… yeah real original there. "Nice to meet you." It's added as an after thought.

Ha! Quinn can't help but smile rather wide when she's proven right. She takes her drink in hand and hops up from ehr seat, making her way over to the pair. "Hey, you're the last person I expected to see out here! How've you been?"

As she approches, she offers a look down over to Claire, quirking an eyebrow as she eyes her for a second. "No! I haven't." She fofers the otehr woman a smile as she settles into the seat bhind them, setting her drink down with a clink. "Claire, eh?" Wasn't Quinn supposed to call a Claire? Something about Magnes? Oh, who knows anymore. "What are you girls drinking tonight?" The bartender returns with the two tall glasses of intoxication-to-be and slides them in front of each. "Girls after my own heart," he says with a
smirk and another wink for Quinn, though he's not above taking the cash Lene set out for him.

"Would you believe it's an Arnold Palmer?" Lene says, with a touch of chagrin as she reaches to give Quinn a quick squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.

Turning back to the bar to pick up her drink, Lene tips it toward Claire's to clink it playfully. "Cheers."

There is actually a real smile given to the bartender before the glass is picked up and lifted so she can see the contents of the drink. Then the sniff test. Smells alright. Claire would sip it, but when Lene tips her glass, the former regenerator feel the need to tough their glasses together. "Here's to crawling home later."

Claire has to remind herself to sip. Which she does. "Not bad at all." Her mood seems to lighten a little at that revelation.

""Maybe if we were at teh Orchid Lounge or teh garden at the Corintian, I could buy that," Quinn responds, laughing a bit as Lene and CLaire clink their glasses together. The affection from Lene is returned with a ruffle of the taller woman's hair, Quinn making a bit of a show fo teh fact taht she has to reach up to do it. Always surrounded by taller people!

When Claire makes her quiip, though, Quinn looks over at her with a curious eye. "Is that the goal for t'night?" she asks with a similar tone, before looking back over to Jolene. She take a good, long sip of her drink, leaving it rather close to finished. "Sounds like you two are in for a fun night. In fact, I think I might partake m'self! I hope you've got some place near by t' crash!" The last bit, of course, is meant to be teasing, but the way Quinn holds her glass up and swirls the contents says maybe she might be serious about joining Claire in ehr endeavour for the evening.

"Yeah, Claire's isn't far from here," Lene says, and takes another sip of her drink, grinning a little when Claire gives her approval for the beverage. "Be careful — it tastes good, but it's like 90 percent straight alcohol. Tiny thing like you, it might knock you on your ass," she warns the petite faux-brunette. Not that Lene, despite her height, has much room to talk when it comes to being small.

"It is indeed the goal. Or at least to get a bit warm and fuzzy and not worry about the woes of the world. You're free to join us, of course," Lene says warmly. "What are you doing slumming in a place like this for, though, Miss Cover of Pause Magazine? I mean, me and Claire, we're cheap because we're out of work and all, but what's your excuse?"

Brows tick up at Lene's warning, but it doesn't stop her from taking another drink. "Too many woes and not enough warm and fuzzy." Is that an agreement? Who knows. Claire is nodding slowly tho. "You know… I don't remember the last time I really work worked.

"This is really good," it's reiterated before another drink. Attention shifts back to Quinn at the mention of Pause. Even if she's been hermit-ing away, Claire does know the magazine. "Pause magazine and hanging out here?"

For once in her life Quinn doesn't have much of a shortage of warm and fuzzy feelings, as long as she's staying indoors and away from certain people. That, however, doesn't mean she's not allowed to aquire that feeling through alternate means, and the smile she flashes the both them is her way of asaying I'm in.

The inquiries get a roll of Quinn's eyes, the musician leaning back a bit. "I don't see what the two have t' do with each other," she says with a smirk. "I love places like this. You have fun, meet interestin' people. I mean, yeah, I could've stayed at the Rock Cellar. Or gone t' Tartarus, or the Orchid Lounge, or teh Corinthian, or God knows where else. But this is fun!" A beat. "Besides, sometimes I get free drinks." Her drink is raised in conjunction with that, the remainder of it swollowed down.

She peers at Claire, and the Jolene, pointing at the faux-redhead. "Should I be asking you why you're out payin' for drinks out here instead of stockin' up at home?" Teasing, again. Quinn feels their… unique relationship allows for it. Turning a bit in her seat, she looks back at Claire. "Outta work too? That's harsh! Did the two of you used t' work t;gether or somethin'?"

"She was on last month's cover," says Lene in an aside to Claire to explain the Pause mention, then she shrugs at Quinn, taking a longer pull from the slim red straw in her drink, now that she knows she isn't going to be chastized for being in the bar at all by her future-adopted-mother.

"I think the best answer to that question," Lene begins, "is because we can." Because she comes from a time and place where she can't. "Besides, it'll make crawling home more interesting, right?"

Leaning on the bar, Claire is slowly stirring her drink with that little straw. Watching the ice circle the glass, trapped there. Maybe she should have eaten something before letting Lene drag her out… she's already feeling the warm. Fuzzy is sure to not be far after. "Yeah… I guess we sort of worked together." Sort of. Kinda. "At least for the same people. I don't think we really met until after we were out of work." A crooked smile tugs up one corner of her mouth.

"So… this will be an odd question, Robyn…" Straightening a bit she asks, "What is it you do that get's you on the cover of Pause?"

"Well, that's cool. You should always keep in touch with co-workers, you know?" Says Quinn, who's barely spoken to Melissa, Nadira, or Lydia in the last two months. Oops. Anotehr glass is set down for her, and this one is paid for, Quinn knocking back a sip as soon as it's set down. She rolls her should a bit, sighing. She's jsut vain enough to carry around a copy of Pause magazine, or a few spare copies of her album too hand out if she needs to.

This is, of course, the day that she left her bag at home. All she has is her purse. Oops again.

"I'm a musician," she responds, smiling down (!!) at Claire. "Something inspired Pause t' name me theirrising star of 2011. I'm not going t' argue, it's great publicity!" She laughs a bit shaking her head as a hand raches over, patting on Claire back. "I'll have t' hook you up with a CD. Tomorrow, when we're not all fall over drunk."

"She's amazing," Lene says, taking a larger swallow of her "iced tea" and looking rather proud, green eyes fairly beaming as she reaches to put a hand on Quinn's shoulder. "Also, you keep giving away all your CDs, how are you ever going to make any money?" she asks playfully, hand curling into a fist to tap the shoulder in a mock punch.

The glass is set down with a rattle of ice, and Lene makes a circular motion to the bartender to indicate another round for the three of them.

Glancing down at her glass, Claire seems a touch surprised. Where did it all go? There is only the briefest moment of surprise, before the pat on her back pulls her attention from the drink. "That… would be kinda cool." Not that she has anything to play a CD on. Not that she can't ask around the brickhouse. "What kinda music?

"I mean… I guess I can ask Lene…" She turns her head towards her former co-worker and asks. "Do you have that issue of Pause laying around? Rather then assault this poor woman with so many questions."

"Lene, I make, like… 1000 profit on those CDs," Quinn notes with a bit of a laugh. That may not be the right number, but it gets the point across - she makes a lot of profit on those things. "Besides, I have these little download cards I can give out that have an even better profit moargin, so she can download it from an online store! I mean, you can't sign one of those, but…" She shrugs a bit, turning her attention to Claire.

"Um… I can go check my scooter? I left my bag that I keep CDs and a copy of the magazine in at home t'day." Which makes her a little sad. She likes pimping her music (and herself. Though not in that way. Maybe). "I do a lot of indie music. You know… like Jimmy Eat World or Death Cab for Cutie? Or The Postal Service?" Or a lot of other bands she assumes Claire hasn't heard of.

A flush is growing in Lene's cheeks as she puts out another bill for the next round of drinks, and picks up hers to take a long drink, watching the other two talk. "She's really good. I think if I could have a talent, it'd be musical ability. I didn't get any of that. But I play the radio really well," Lene bubbles a bit, the buzz from the first drink starting to hit, her speech bubbling over fast.

"What about you guys — if you could have a talent you don't already have? Keep it clean, though. I don't wanna hear anything dirty from family members." She smirks at that, dipping her head to take another swallow of the drink.

"Talent?" Claire asks, brows lowering as she works to think of something. "My dad's talent for knowing anything and everything." She gives a firm nod of her head. "My adoptive daddy. Not my biological one… I don't want his talent for being a douche bag. No. Thank. You. What about you Robyn?" The musician getting a bright smile.

It's right about now that something that Lene said registers. "Family members?" Her blue eyed gaze goes down to the girls glass. "Maybe you need to stop drinking so much."

"I dunno!" Quinn chimes up, scratching at her cheek. "I've always wanted t' be able t' paint like mum. Or not suck at sports. I've never really thought about what else I wish I could do. Not recently, it used t' be that I did every now and then, but…" She shrugs a bit. "Mayne the talent t' know when t' shut my mouth an' stop talking' I have trouble with that, apparently." This siad with a wide grin.

Though, Quinn has a similar look of vonfusion to Claire, quirking an eyebrow at Lene. Family she gets when it comes to her, but Claire? There's something she's missing here. Maybe Claire is Gillian's…. something.

Lene's green eyes widen a little and she nods to Quinn. "Shutting my mouth and stopping talking is probably a good idea. Um. Family. Yeah, it's complicated. Robyn and I are kinda family by … association or something." She glances over at Quinn, making a slight grimace as if to apologize for the vague answer.

"Not drinking so much might be a good idea, too," she adds, frowning into her glass before nodding to Claire. "How's the warm fuzzy coming?"

Claire just kind of looks at Lene for a long moment. "You know… you remind me of someone…" She gives a small shake of her head and a flick of her hand to dismiss it. "Probably the drink." The new one is probably half gone by now. "Which — by the way - might be a new favorite.

"Cause I am feeling the fuzzy." It's almost a declaration of sorts. "Amazing what I missed out on. What else have I missed out on?" She wonders out loud. "Maybe… I should try bungie jumping or…" She perks up a bit grining at both "Sky diving!" Would it be a different feeling knowing she can die now?

"Sky diving!" Quinn proclaims loudly, draging an arm over each of the other women's shoulders. "Let's go. Right now." Well, she half means that. She'd really go right now if it were feasible! But it's not, so alas. She laugh, shaking her head as she looks down at her drink. "I think I need another." ANd this, despite that the glass is only half empty. Yes, empty! When a drink glass is less than full is always a time to be pessemistic.

She turns to face Lene, though, reaching over and putting a hand on the younger woman's ehad. The smile she givces her is a warm one, but make no mistake that it has that slightly inhebriated shine to to it. "You drink as much as you like," might be a little weird to hear from her. "I mostly get told that I should just hut up an' do things, really. Stop talking, do!" She giggles a bit, grin widening. She swivels back, shrugging. "It's a long story," is all she says about family.

"I can take you sky diving!" Lene says brightly, before a moment later what Claire first set registers. Her brows knit together and she leans against Quinn for a moment, knocking her head against Quinn's and smiling at the permission to drink. She stays quiet for a moment, staring into her drink, before looking back to Claire.

"Who do I remind you of?" she whispers, suddenly somber and earnest.

"You… remind me of my uncle when he gets all stressed out and flustered. Or like… when he gets his head set on something." She gives it another flick and turns to draining the last of the alcohol from the glass. "It's nothing. Really." Claire scrunches her nose up a bit, while trying not to look a little down.

Another sip makes a loud noise that tells the ex-cheerleader that the glass is empty. Now she looks like she's considering if she actually wants another drink or not. It's a hard choice!

Quinn looks between the two other women, an eyebrow quirked as she looks first at Claire, and then over at Lene. If Quinn were of a more sober state of mind, she'd probably start to put something togetrs somewhat fast like now. Instead she just shrugs, assuming that anything's possible and whatever. Dhe's being leaned on by her sorta-not-daughter type person, so… you know. If Claire reminds her of someone? Cool!

Downing the rest of her drink, she lets out a long sigh, and she taps the bar to indicate that she wants another refill. She looks over at Claire's empty glass, and taps on it too - if she doesn't want it, Quinn'll take it! "You girls are being to… I don't know. Come on. We're out, being awesome an' havin' fun! Let's see some smiles, an' lets see some glasses tippin' back!"

Lene's teeth rake over her lower lip as she sucks in a breath. "No one's ever said that before," she whispers, almost inaudibly over the din of the rest of the bar patrons' voices and the baseball game on the television above their heads.

In sharp disobedience to Quinn's words, Lene's green eyes suddenly well up with tears and she jumps down from the barstool. "'Scuse me," she mutters, ducking her head as she darts toward the door, her slim frame slipping between two burly men coming in at the same time.

Claire grins at Quinn and… oh god she actually giggles. "Sorry. You're right we're suppose to be having fun and not thinking about…" The young woman trails off as Lene darts for the door. Did she see the tears? There is a blink of confusion as her brain seems to have a hard time processing what's happened.

"Lene!" She calls out, suddenly worried. Shoulder slump a little, before Claire looks at Quinn. AS if the other woman might know something about that. "Did I say something wrong?"

It does have her climbing down off the bar stool. It seems like a little bit more work then getting up there was. "Maybe I should go see if I can catch her." Of course, her world gets a touch wonky, hand grips a touch tighter to the back of the chair. She really should of eaten something before agreeing to the drinks.

"Wha-" Quinn looks confused for a moment as first Lene darts u, and Claire moves to give chase. Somewhat slowly she slips out ofher chair. She pulls a bill out from somewhere (her bra) and tosses it down on the table. It's a high bill, she pays no mind. "This is for everyone," she says, meaning all three of them. "We might be back?"

Quinn is a bit glad that she doesn't have her bag. Less to keep track of as she turns to Claire and shakes her head. "I- have no idea." Well, she might be able to venture a guess by now, but she's not. "Go on, go!" she near shouts, making a shooting motion. "I'm right behind y'!" And she is, moving behind Claire with a bit more stability than the other woman. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have the drunk tilt to her walk. "Jolene, you are such a handful," she says with with a half serious grin to no one in particular. "You better not have run off!" is said a bit louder, as if Lene might actually hear it.

Outside, Lene is nearly to the subway station on the corner, head down so that her burgundy red hair falls forward to cover her face and her tears, moving fast even when she hears the bar door open. Knowing it's Claire, she doesn't turn around, clearly intent on her goal of disappearing down the steps — which is when the heel of her heeled boots catches in the subway grate and she gets, quite literally, stuck for a moment.

"Fuck!" she cries up to the sky, before jerking her foot, and then having to bend down to pry the slim heel out of the metal grid. She casts a tearful glance over her shoulder at her pursuers, and then wipes her face while standing. "Sorry. I guess we've discovered what kind of drunk I am. Sappy crying drunk. Who knew?" Lene forces out brightly. "Do me a favor and pretend that never happened?"

"You okay?" It's the first thing Claire can think to ask, starting at the red haired woman. There is a perplexed look on her face. "You just… up and left." She sounds like she doesn't quite understand what happened. "Whatever… I mean… if I said something wrong…" Trailing off, Claire stares at Lene for a long moment. Was it comparing her to her uncle? She know he's had a lot of issues with woman, much like her bio dad…

"Oh god…" Claire groans suddenly, hand going to her forehead with an audible slap. "Oh god, I'm sorry, Lene. Did you… date Peter?" Not that she's sober enough to remember that not everyone knows who her uncle is. "I know he's done a lot of heart breaking…"

Quinn isn't too far behind, fingers slipped into the beltloops of her skirt. SHe looks pretty good off except for that slight stumble to her walk. She lingers back a bit, a visible frown on her face as she watches Claire catch up to Lene. She's not going to rush in and risk over whelming Lene. Instead she tries to approach as steadily and calmly as possible, but there's no hiding the worried look on her face. The "did you date" question gets another trademark raised eyebrow as Quinn moves up besides Lene, a hand placed gently on her shoulder.

"Next time we'll have t' try tequila," Quinn quips, offering a half smile. "That'll keep you in a good mood, I promise." He hand rubs gently at her shoulder. "Wanna head on home? Or back inside. Either way, we should get back inside."

Did you date Peter. Lene's mouth opens into a round 'o' before she begins to laugh — a little manically perhaps. "No. No, I didn't date Peter," she manages, before another cackle has her bending over, hands on knees. Tears stream out of her eyes, though it's hard to tell if they're now from mirth or whatever set her off before.

She gasps for breath and glances across the street where a clock on a bank warns them of impending curfew. "Might as well head home. It's getting late." Lene stands straight and brushes a shaky hand across her cheeks once more, then moves to hug Quinn. "Tequila next time, it is."

For a moment, Claire still looks confused. "Yeah. Home is probably a good idea." A hand goes out to keep her from swaying a little. "Best I ease into this being drunk stuff." Pushing away from the wall, the young woman gives a sort of half chuckle. "I think I might be a lightweight. Don't tell Ash…" brows furrow "no… he's Curtis now… don't tell Curtis… he might take revenge for that time I totally drunk his ass under the table." Teeth flash as she grins rather smugly at that.

Yeah she's had enough that she's not watching what she says clearly. The red head gets a pleading look afterward, "Help me get home?" Claire isn't sure she'd make it there anymore.

THere's a chance Quinn may get it now. If she doesn't, she probably will in the morning. But for now, she just hugs Lene tight, letting out a bit of a sigh. "I'll make sure you both get home," she says, looking voe r towards Claire. "An' I duno who Curtis is, but I'll make sure this littl ebit doesn't get back t' him." She winks at Claire, before looking back at Jolene. "As far as I'm concerned, t'night never happened, right? You guys can save this embarassin' story t' tell your kids someday or somethin'." She shrugs, and looks towards the street for a cab or something. Despite what she said earier, she didn't actually ride her scooter out, she needs one too. Oops!

"Heartbreaking…" Lene snickers to herself, repeating Claire's word for Peter before sobering enough at Quinn's offer to get them home safe. "Oh. No, we're close, we can walk. You go ahead and take a cab your way. I'll get Claire home. I'm okay. Really. We're not far and we have time before curfew."

She squeezes Quinn once more. "It was good seeing you." One arm goes to link with Claire's to help keep the shorter girl steady. "You're only a lightweight because you're so petite. And it takes practice. We'll just have to practice more often. With tequila next time. Or maybe something with ice cream." She begins to steer Claire down the sidewalk, glancing back to wave at Quinn once more.

"It was great to meet you." Claire manages to say as she steered away and towards home. Hand lifting to wave, if with a bit more enthusiasm then she'd give normally. "We'll have to drink more sometime. Er…" There is another chuckle. "I mean… see you later."

Turning back to Lene as they move towards home, Claire looks like she's concentrating really hard on thinking of something, "Isn't there a song about Tequila?"

It's a question so innocently asked.

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