A Friend of a Friend


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Scene Title A Friend of a Friend
Synopsis Brian seeks out Rue and presents her with a choice.
Date November 8, 2010

Siann Hall - #302

The lobby of Siann Hall is a small chamber with eggshell walls and a brown-tiled floor, a handful of artificial potted plants scattered about in an attempt at decoration. A light in the middle of the ceiling and two freestanding lamps wash the room in too-bright light. The superintendent for the building lives in a suite just off the lobby, its door neatly labeled. The apartments are single-bedroom affairs, tucked away behind doors with electronic locks and card-keys. Despite being targeted to low-income renters, they are not shabby; the white walls are generally neat and the floors are covered in hardwood rather than linoleum and cheap carpet.

It didn't take too long to cross the Bronx to get here.

The copy at the Kingpin's was able to make his way swiftly to Siann Hall once Sami gave him the address. But just because the distance was smaller, doesn't mean the danger is smaller. The military is almost everywhere. And with so many guns out there, miscommunications happen often. Thus, being out in the streets isn't the most happening place to be right now. Making easily accessible buildings a safehaven for former rioters, looters, and refugees. Easily accessible buildings like this one.

Brian swings his gun around wildly to warn off the unsavory characters that have seemed to all but infest the building. The elevator is done, the stairwell a proverbial circus of vagrants. Winters makes his way to Rue's floor, warding off those that might make trouble. Taking the turn, he stalks down the hallway steadily. Doors have been knocked down, fights have started in the hallway. People lay sleeping.. or perhaps they're just bodies.. Regardless, Brian finds the door he wants completely in-tact. Raising one hand, Brian knocks several times. In the universal, 'I'm friendly!' knock. Dum dum dum dum dum dum—- dum dum!

"I'm not going to hurt you, let me in! I'm a friend of a friend!"

Between riots on the streets, the entire borough of Queens apparently being on fire, the people flooding the building that shouldn't even be there, and her resident friendly ghost gone missing, Rue Lancaster is more than a little skittish. She sizes up the man on the other side of her door for a moment.

The door shuts.

Fortunately, it reopens after a jingle of the metal links of the chain to admit Brian. "Come on, then," is Rue's invitation.

When the door opens, the gun comes into clear view. That was easier than it should have been, "That was a stupid move." He informs her, barreling in. Bringing his hand up, the door is slammed after him. The gun swings over, "Go take a seat." The lock goes up. "A stupid thing to do, but that doesn't mean bad. I really am a friend of a friend." The gun is immediately tucked into the back of his pants.

"Listen, we don't have very much time. So we're going to have to rush through this alright. I know you're going to be shocked by a lot of this. But I need you to keep up with me." He motions for her to sit down again.

"My name is Brian. I'm a friend of Sami. And I'm here to offer you a choice."

Rue gasps and back-pedals from the door, perhaps only her model's poise keeping her from tangling her long legs and tripping over herself. Her hands come up in front of her, terror in her features as she begs, "Don't shoot me! Please!" She immediately moves to her kitchen table and sits down heavily, wide eyes focused on the gun, until he tells her he really is a friend of a friend, and tucks it away.

She's still nervous, understandably. "A- A friend of Sami?" That's impossible, isn't it? Rue and Sami had no friends in New York when she died. And they shared all the same friends back home in Chicago. So how…? "Do you see dead people, too?" Her closes her eyes and shakes off the notion quickly. "What are you talking about? How do you know about Sami?"

"I don't see dead people, and neither do you."

After locking the door completely, Brian walks across the apartment to glance out the window. "Military is everywhere god damnit. Listen. Accept it or not, you're evolved. And so is Sami. Sami gave me your address, about an hour ago. I don't know what your power is, and I don't have time to figure it out. You're evolved. Surprise. Sorry you have to find out like this, but that's it. Now, point two. The military is everywhere out there right now. They're not famous for being nice to evolved people. So you have two options. You can stay here, get tested, get registered, or you can come with me."

"I'm sorry I have to spring this life decision on you, but I have to hurry. I'm sure it's not like you'll be knocked off immediately but.." He shrugs lightly. "You can either stay here and brave the waters, or you can come with me to a safe place." He pauses for a moment, putting his hands on his waist.

"Oh by the way Sami's not dead."

One of Rue's ginger brows quirks upward. "Of course I'm an Evolved. I've been carrying a registration card that says so for like a year." Though she registered before registration required a blood test. Limited Telepathy, her card says. Because it's hard to prove that you can actually see dead people. And to ask Brian, she doesn't.

But his words make their impact. "This is all about people like me, isn't it?" Rue's gaze turns to the window, as though she can see the riots outside from the third floor, instead of grey sky. "Okay, so I don't want to be caught by the military." But Brian receives an incredulous look from Rue. "But what the fuck d'you mean? Sami—"

"Let me put on some shoes." Rue stands up from her seat and heads off her her bedroom, teal robe sweeping behind her. Red and cream plaid flannel pyjama bottoms and a red long-sleeved tee shirt will be just fine for running through the city, but not the fuzzy bunny slippers. Black Chuck Taylors are much more suited for it. Her cell phone and wallet are grabbed off the counter and shoved into her pocket. "Do I need anything else?"

"Well excuuuuse me, I didn't know you knew already. God." Brian says with a bit of exasperation. "Well if you're already registered. You can move around. It's not like they're going to tow you away tonight. Or tomorrow. You could live here for months safely.. But.. Maybe you won't. I'm not promising you that you're fucked here. And if you come with me, life won't be as comfortable, I can promise that. The choice is yours, you don't have to come with me."He glances around at her last question. "If you come with me, you better grab whatever you want to see for a long time."

"Sami is evolved. She doesn't have very good control of her power because she thinks she's dead. And you need to stop encouraging her." Brian reprimands solidly. "She needs your help to get control of her ability. You have to convince her that she's not dead. That there's no unfinished business because let me guess, Sami is the only dead person you see. Am I right?"

Rue looks around her small apartment, deciding if there's anything she feels she can't live without. A box of comic books is gazed at for long moment, but practicality dictates that they'll have to be left behind.

Sorry, Power Girl.

"Sami's the one who's been telling me that she's a ghost, and not just a figment of my imagination." Rue frowns at Brian over her shoulder as she starts rummaging through her kitchen cupboards. She grabs a small box from one and dumps out the contents on the counter, pocketing several of the strawberry Nutri-Grain bars in their shiny red wrappers. Never know when a girl's going to need to snack.

Rue then she grabs a pad of Hello Kitty stationary and a purple pen and tucks them into the deep pocket of her robe, which is beginning to look a bit overstuffed next to her wallet and her phone. "I don't understand. How do you see Sami?"

"Ready to go?"

"Well you shouldn't have believed her. I'm taking you to people who have a lot of history with abilities. So maybe we'll be able to figure out exactly what you and Sami have at your arsenal. But for now, we have a whole lot off work in front of us." He gives her a once over before taking his gun about. "Stay close and do whatever I say, alright?" Taking a moment he pauses. "Reflective surfaces. She's started to learn sign language so we can talk a little."

"Come on."

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