A Friendly Face


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Scene Title A Friendly Face
Synopsis After a rough meeting, Kaylee goes to the Brick House in search of a friendly face, in the form of Eric Doyle. While there she updates him on everything that's been happening, and leaves him with second thoughts.
Date February 10, 2010

Brick House

"Eric?" Is the soft warning from the telepath, before her body blocks the door, not filling it by any means. She sounds somewhat deflated and rather tired. Stepping into the room, Kaylee unzips her jacket and unwinds her scarf, sending clumps of melting snow dropping to the floor. Blue eyes echo the tired sound of her voice, the circles under her eyes are rather dark, giving her eyes a bit of a sunken look. "Mind a little company?"

It's been a rough day and without Colette around, she goes to the next friendly face she can find. Her movements make the boards creaks as she moves deeper in the room, once or twice the foot drags a bit. Her clothing is worn and with old spots of paint, so obviously she pulled some time at Summer Meadows that day as well.

"Kaylee?" Eric's head lifs from where he was laying back, eyes closed but apparently not asleep; still ensconced in the bed that he's come to loathe so much, at the very least he doesn't have an IV impaled in his arm anymore, and he's starting to get his colour back. A faint smile curves to his lips as he scoots, sitting up, "Hey. What're you doing here…? I thought you were out at— um— well, wherever you're out at?"

"Needed a friendly face." Kaylee says, with a touch of amusement, moving to sit on the bed next to the large man. "Hope it's alright… I — uh — had a meeting with Dr. Brennan and Megan." Her shoulders slump, in a gesture of defeat, rolling forward as she rests her arms on her knees. "It.. didn't go well." Her voice a touch rough, her head turning so that she can look at him out of the corner of her eye.

"Glad to see you looking a ton better." A small smile touching Kaylee's lips, "Think you'll be ready for the rescue?"

The smile fades into a bit of a frown, concern showing itself as Eric twists a little at the waist to look towards her where she sits, the sheet sliding down to pool around his waist. He is, fortunately, dressed - if just in a t-shirt and boxers. "What happened?" His brow furrows a little, "I thought Harve was starting to turn around…"

If she's bothered by his attire, she would have been a long time ago. After months at McRae's… not much surprises her. "I don't know.. I took them to the safehouse… to show them where the people we recover might go." Straightening, she combs fingers of one hand through her hair, " They flipped over the conditions.. started talking about how they needed to go to a hospital. And I tried to make them understand why… and… It's all a blur really. They are gonna go see the senior members… see if they can get better conditions…. I'm still kind of hazy on the whole thing…"

That small smile returns as she looks at him, her voice quiet in the small room. "It was like.. one minute I'm getting yelled at being called just a kid and an idiot for what we're gonna do.. and we need to take them to a real hospital… which.. I understand.. but.. you know how the Company is." The gives a small shrug and sighs softly. "But.. seemed like suddenly all they wanted was better conditions…" Brows drop in a frown. "Either or.. at least we have the medical help. Took my laptop though…." She grouses a bit at that last.

"They want to show what's on it to Grace and them. Starting to think I'm not cut out for this meetings stuff." A soft humorless chuckles follows that little revelation. "And I'm starting to think Dr. Brennan will never think much of me."

"I can't believe any of these people still /trust/ the government," Doyle scowls as he rests his hands on his lap, his bald pate wrinkling with furrows, gaze sweeping over the room to look towards the door, "After everything they've done, they're just… idiots."

A heavy sigh, shoulders sinking, "I don't know. I'm not really a—a thinking guy, you know?"

"Well.. you make up for it in other ways, Puppet Master." Kaylee comments lightly with a touch of affection, though it comes out mostly sounding tired. "Speaking of this rescue.." She pulls her cellphone out of her, a little work and the screen lights up with an image. "Slide your finger across the screen to see the next image. Those are the once Colette sent of the inside."

"There… has been no word from her. I think she's been caught, it's been too long for her to still be in there." Kaylee voices is barely a whisper, looking at the screen of her cellphone. "Raith is teaching me how to fire a rifle." She gives him a lopsided grin. "The man knows his trade…. And a much better teacher.. I'm actually starting to hit the target." Her smiled fades some, "Though I am going to own him something fierce… and he's already given me an idea of what he wants me to do for him in return… Should be interesting.. but it's risky."

"So.. which one's Raith, again? I didn't get introduced to everybody," Doyle admits with a rueful little half-smile, trying to mask his obvious concern for Colette as he reaches out to accept the cell phone, finger sliding over the screen slowly to examine the pictires.

"The one with the guns." Kaylee says with a chuckle, before continuing more seriously, "He was at the Lighthouse carving pumpkins on Halloween and he was at Eileen's when you were getting stitched up… Dunno if you were awake enough for that." Her eyes dropping to the his neck.

"Anyhow.. you can see the type of guards we are against…. they are armed to the teeth." Kaylee leans over and taps the screen bringing back an image of one of the guards in question. "If they have Colette.. they will probably be on alert for more intruders." The worry evident in her voice.

"I… ah…. went dreaming walking again." The young woman admits after a moment of silence. "Nightmare Man was there… but I was able to talked to Pastor Sumter, so he knows she's there somewhere and will keep a look out as best he can." Glancing up at Doyle, she lets him see the worry that's been keeping her awake at night. "I'm worried this Docter is going to do the same thing to Colette."

"I don't really remember much of that… just little bits and pieces," says Doyle with a shake of his head, his frown deepening as he flips through the pictures, one after the other, "I remember the pumpkin guy, yeah, okay. I know which one he is now. Jeeze, this— this is like, military stuff here…"

A desperate look up, "Are you sure we've got the people for this?"

Glancing away from Doyle, she presses her lips together in thought. "I… don't know. I think surprise is going to be our friend.. if we can get it." Kaylee lets her eye's wonder to the phone again. "That's part of what these meetings have been for.. and I'm not the only one gathering people. So… we'll have to see." She smiles a bit. "If you can puppet at least one of theirs to our side.. that will help."

"Part of our success will hedge on Dr. Brennan keeping his mouth shut for the next couple of days.." Kaylee's head shakes slowly, looking down at her lap. "He was wanting to go to the authorities.. and the Evolved Affairs guys.. and warn the Suresh Center. I tried to explain why it was bad.. but he couldn't seem to look past what he thought was the right thing. If word gets to this Sheridan.. she might move everyone.. but we can't move any sooner cause of…" She motions to the images on the phone.

Hands lift to rub over her face, "Hopefully the Senior members will give them what they want.. I'm worried of them putting these people where they can be snatched up again."

As eager and gung-ho as he was originally to strike off like an avenging hero and rescue the girl, Eric's clearly having some second thoughts here; regarding the pictures nervously before thrusting the phone back to her with a grimace. "I'll do what I can," he says quietly, "I just… I don't want to go back, Kaylee. You don't know what it was like…"

“I know, buddy.” Kaylee says softly, leaning against his shoulder, “You think I'm gonna let them take you so easily…. I'm just as afraid they'll get me too… I just can't leave Joseph or Colette there.” Her head tilts as she considers him. “They'd do the same for us I think… but if your not comfortable going in, just say so. We'll find another body.”

A heavy sigh spills from deep within him, and Eric shifts a bit with a grimace, draping one heavy arm across her shoulders as she leans to him. He shakes his head, lips curving in a deep frown as he says quietly, "No. No, I'm not going to just— hide, not anymore. I have to do this, Kaylee."

"I know.. but I just wanted you to know.. I understand." Kaylee gives him a small smile, her head drops on his shoulder. "You'll do fine.. and we'll save Colette and Joseph." She comments with a smirk. "Though…." The smile fades some, "… then the hard part begins… Refain is some nasty stuff.. then she's also mixing other stuff into it to see how it effects these people." Her head rolls back and forth on his shoulder as she shakes her head.

"It just…. how can someone do that to another human being? Especially some one like Colette who is a kid.. And Joseph… who is a good man who wouldn't hurt anyone." There is a touch of something in her voice when she talks about the Pastor."I just….. I want… " She sighs heavily. "I want her go pay for what she's put them through and that place destroyed.. though Logan says we should try not blowing the place up." Hint of amusement coloring her words. "I kinda think Raith is packing for it."

"Yup." Kaylee confirms, holding up the phone and with practiced ease, find the photo of the read head and her large assistant. The phone is offered to him again. "I asked Raith to take her on too… Cause… I.. just can't." A sheepish glance is sent his way. "I don't want it to end up like Danko.. He's out free on the streets again. He's an evolved killer.. And that means chances are good she could end up back on the streets again."

The picture is frowned at as it's shown, Eric's brow furrowing a bit. Hm. A redhead. I still prefer blondes. …wait, didn't Kaylee… Out of nowhere, he blinks down at her, "Wait— I never did get Brooke's number from you. The doctor?"

"Dr. Brooke? She never answered her phone." Kaylee says the phone making a clicking sound as a button is pushed on the edge of the case and it's pocketed again. "I tried when I was settled in at McRae's.. so… I don't know what happened to her." A small frown on her lips as she hasn't though of her in several months… or many of Adam's people.

That frown deepens a bit, and is that a hint of wistful disappointment around his eyes? "Ah. She's probably… gone underground, I suppose," Doyle admits, turning to look back over the room with a heavy sigh, deflating a bit in a lean against the headboard. After a few moments, he asks, "Have you seen Meredith lately?"

Okay, now Kaylee looks amused, "No. She doesn't exactly like me cuase of being your friend." She gives him side a poke with a finger, and a knowing look. But then her face falls into a more understanding look, "But I did hear she's found shelter since her safe house burnt down. You'll have to check around to see where they put her, but I suggest staying away. Last thing I want is to see you burnt."

A roll of the puppet master's eyes turn back to her, his lips twisting in a wry, mirthless half-smile. "Heh. As if I'm not used to it? That's how I ended up at McRae's place, if you remember… I know she doesn't. She'll come around, though. Some day."

"Maybe… " Though Kaylee doesn't sound completely convinced, straightening. "Need some water? Coffee? Personally, I wish I could drink something with alcohol.. Downside of what I am." She gives a little huff.

"Did you know?" Kaylee says sounding bemused, her eyes focused on the door, "That I had a birthday a few days ago?" Her head shakes slowly, "I was so worried about getting Joseph, back… and then that night Colette went into that place… Totally slipped my mind."

"I could use some water, I'm supposed to drink a lot of it," Eric admits ruefully, then blinks down—and he nudges her with a crooked smile, "Tell you what, after we rescue everyone, we'll have a party. I'll put on a show and everything."

"Ug.. No.. no party." Kaylee says with a chuckle. "Things have been crappy enough, I'd rather just let it pass into oblivion." She pushes to her feet and plants a quick chaste kiss on the top of his skull. "Thought that counts though, buddy. As I always say, I'm lucky to have a friend like you. Now lay down. I'll get you some water, then I need to talk to Andy about grabbing a bed here for the night."

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