A Game Of Monopoly


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Scene Title A Game Of Monopoly
Synopsis Sort of. Along with some sharing of information.
Date March 25, 2011

Eltingville Blocks : Brian's Apartment

Evening has set in and is quickly approaching dusk, with the last traces of light casting a green hue to the horizon while the sky above deepens in gradients from pale blue to indigo to the deepest blue black. In short, it's dark outside.

Inside it's lit, just enough to chase away the darkness and cast eerie shadows in the corners. But at least there's some feeling of safety.

After spending a day of exploring the new house, Koshka has settled herself on the floor in front of the couch. From top to bottom the residence had been examined, though it's unlikely she found anything interesting. She'd spent some time peeking out the window too. But lingering fear has keep the teenager indoors. Out there it's scary. Much safer inside.

And so the girl sits on the floor, quietly, fidgeting with the tracking device around her ankle.

"Okay. These people down the street have the monopoly board and the cards. We have to make our own money and pieces though."

Setting the board down in front of his ratty couch, Brian is making his way back into the kitchen quickly. The young man is looking a little more sprite-ly since Koshka's arrival. Since he tazed her attackers he has regained that little bit of responsibility he had owned when watching the lighthouse kids. Now that she's here, part of his purpose has returned. A responsibility. Besides taking care of his house. An old tea kettle rests on the top of the stove.

His good hand, that is, the one with five fingers gathers a handful of coffee beans. "I figure we can use coffee beans for money. And maybe like…" Brian gives a light shrug. Making his way around the counter into the living room, he bends some to drop the coffee beans next to the board. Going back into the kitchen he looks around desperately for something.

"We could use like a kiwi. And a.. little shot glass. What would you like to be?" Brian asks, turning some to lean against the counter, peering over at her. Dinner has been had. Thanks to Ernesto. Who is rapidly becoming Brian's best friend.

Looking up as the beans are placed beside the board, Koshka gives a small shrug. Monopoly would be fun and entertaining. She gives a faint, lopsided grin, then looks up to Brian. "What about bits of glass for the hotels and houses? Or… something." She pulls her hands away from her ankle and pokes at the coffee beans. "If we have paper and a pencil we could always write out our own money. Can I be the kiwi?"

Koshka stands, lifting her arms up over her head to stretch. "Do they have dice? We could maybe make some, I think." She's not sure how, making dice would be tricky or people might think you're cheating.

"Got dice." Brian quickly admits as he goes to peer into his room. "Bloody bits of glass can be hotel. Regular glass can be houses." He lets out a little laugh. Peering into his room for a long moment. A shuffling step leads him in. "I got an idea!" He calls out. Thumping his way back into the kitchen. "When we get houses. Or hotels. We can get cubes of ice. Soo.. It's like. Limited time monopoly. You have to play your houses strategically! A new twist!"

It'll be great.

But probably not. Walking back into the living room, kiwi and shot glass in his two hands. "Of course not Koshka. My house, my kiwi. I am the kiwi. And I will obviously be eating it while we play. Going to slump down to his knees, the pieces are placed down by the board. "I don't have any paper." He gives a little shrug. "Things that are common out there.. Eh. Not as common in here. Like money. Or paper." Taking a seat next to her, he places his hands in his lap.
A little chuckle responds to the idea of ice for houses. "That'd definitely make it interesting." Though might ruin the board. "Glass might be better. Or stones. Because blood is… icky." Koshka settles back on the floor, legs bent at the knees so that her arms can rest across them. "Next time I get to be the kiwi. Or… whatever isn't the shot glass."

Her eyes fall to the board, a small frown coming to Koshka's features. "Right. Common there's not like here…" Harbor Court might have paper, but the thought is abandond as quickly as it comes to mind. She's not going back there if she can help it. "Guess coffee beans'll have to do."

As if the thought was readable by the young man, "You should probably go to that place for class." Brian murmurs quietly as he settles across the board from her. Going digging in the box for the dice. "I'll walk you there then walk you back." The electrokinetic proposes, going to pass the dice across the table over to her. "You go ahead." Pushing his four-fingered hand against the rough carpet, he leans into it somewhat. "I know it's got to be scary. But." A light shrug is given. "If it's required…" He bites down on his lip some. "I think you should go. And besides it's class. You need school. I'll walk you back here and walk you there. And you should be safe in class." A light shrug is given.

"I don't think your friends will try to mess with you again." He gives her a slow smile across the board before staring into the kitchen at the high pitched squealing. "Did you want tea or not?" He's already poppping onto his feet. Heading for the kitchen.

"I don't want to go back there," Koshka says as she takes the dice. She continues her study of the board, even as she gives the dice a slight shake. The frown deepens, going on defensive. She's probably already missed a couple of days, but no one's come looking for her yet. "Do I really have to?" The dice are tossed onto the board.

"They weren't my friends." Koshka sighs and picks up the shot glass, tapping out the count on the dice and setting her makeshift gamepiece in the space. Lifting her attention from the board to look at Brian, she nods. "Tea sounds good, though. —How'd you stop them? Like Spiderman only… without the web shooter."

Going to take the kettle off the stove, he frowns lightly at her. "Yeah. You have to. I'm sorry Kosh. I have a feeling if you don't, you'll be forced to. We need to bend a little to keep some kind of freedom. As your unofficial guardian, you have to go to school." He murmurs, somewhat sternly as he goes to gather the mugs for tea. "Okay?" Winters softens up for the question part.

After a moment, two mugs are held as he makes his way in. Brian goes to take a seat back on the ground, carefully going to lower the mugs near the game board. "Sugar's in there if you want it." He motions to the kitchen. He smiles gently, after releasing the mug he holds up his hand. Fingers splayed out, with his middle finger missing. Blue white electricity pops and crackles, jumping from one finger to the next. Pop crackle pop from pinky to thumb before dying out. "I gave them a little tazer action. You know how the other me's have my brains broken? Well.. This is why. Kind of."

The sigh that follows the decision on school isn't quite defeated. Closer to resigned, echoed in Koshka's nod. School it is. "First thing Monday. I guess." She'll hope the guards on the grounds are as strict as the boys had made them out to be. "Thing I'll get in trouble if I bring a big stick with me?" It's asked part in jest, part serious as well.

"The other yours." Koshka moves on and slightly. She hadn't put everything together, but enough had been revealed to know something crazy was happening. Her mug is picked up and lifted, though instead of sipping she blows carefully over the hot liquid. "There was someone at your apartment with the babies. Which… was you but not. It was weird. How'd it happen? And that?" That is accompanied by a finger poking toward the missing middle finger, and voiced with careful concern.

"Not if I'm the big stick." Brian pauses with a light frown. Did that sound a little wrong? He's glancing back down at the board, lips pulling down. "I'm going to get park place." He announces quickly. Grabbing the dice, they're picked up and then tossed across the expanse of the board. "My goal is to get all the railroads every time. I like to call myself the railroad tycoon." His kiwi is pushed a long a few spaces. Just short of the first railroad. :(

"That.." Brian glances at his missing middle finger. "Is what happens when you have a little too much balls around military contracted professionals. Or police. I'm not really sure who did it. It's all a blur. But I'm pretty sure someone asked me a question and I flipped them off and. Snipsnip." His lips twist to the side. Tilting his head at her. "Cardinal.. Cardinal from the future stuck me with a massive amount of refrain. Do you know what refrain is? And his power is to switch people's powers. He switched me with an electrokinetic."

Koshka just sort of stares at Brian, mouth left hanging open a little as he goes into an explanation. A blink or two after, she lifts her mug again and takes a drink. "Are you serious," she asks. It's the first that comes to mind. And given where they are at the moment, either it's true or not. She lowers the mug, though her hands tighten around it, showing again signs of worry or nervousness. "Who's Cardinal? Why's he switching powers around? Is that what they're doing here?"

A breath is taken inward then released slowly, head shaking. Koshka looks at the game board then takes hold of the dice and gives them a toss. "No one's told me anything. They just …brought me here. And… I don't know." She moves her piece around, ironically visiting jail.

"I think so." Brian murmurs as to whether or not he's serious. His hand lowers as he watches her go to jail. A light frown pulls down on his lips. Leaning back he lets out a little chuckle. "That's too bad." Winters remarks dully, watching her little shot glass trot it's way down the boxes on the board. "He's a…" Friend? "He's a man who has too much power and influence for his own good." A little shrug tilts up his shoulders. "In the future he has the powers of a guy named Tyler Case. They hit me like that. Refrain is a drug that brings up memories. Good ones generally. I was hit with such a potent dose and combined with my power being taken away.. I guess my bodies are all.. Ripped up. Mentally."

A light sigh is let out. "No that's not what they're doing here. That's how I got.. Caught. How I got messed up. Then the cops just picked me up and here I am." His turn, rolling his dice, his kiwi moves the board. Getting to draw a card. "Oo money~" He says happily. "So.. how were things before you left? How was Sami?"

"Sami was…" Scared, unhappy, worried, confused. Nothing Koshka can really relay but to shrug and direct her own worried look at Brian. "She was really strong. It's been hard but… I helped Eric keep the little kids busy so she had less to worry about. I tried to be adult about things so I could help out more, too." A twist of her mouth shows her understanding of how well that turned out.

Taking her next turn, the dice ar rolled. Koshka, visiting jail, is allowed to move on and picks up the electric company. "I tried to find the fishermen the day after Sami told me you were gone. I went to a courier, and I know she delivered it. I think all the boats have sailed 'cause I didn't hear anything from them."

A sad smile is given, but Brian nods confidently. "She is strong. Even if she thinks she isn't." He smiles gently before looking over Koshka. "You're a good help Koshka. We're lucky to have you. Really." He gives a gentle smile, leaning forward some. four fingerd hand going to rest over the back of her hand briefly. "Really."

He tilts his head around, before shaking it a little."I've searched the house, Koshka. You can talk openly here. Who was it?" He asks casually enough. Glancing down, Brian reaches to pick up the kiwi. Instead of pushing it down the line he goes to manhandle it open taking a delicate bite before replacing his piece/snack down on the board. Rolling again he jumps ahead of Koshka. "Hyaaa haaa~" But then a sympathetic smile is meted out to her. "When we got out of here. Six flags. I swear. Or.. where was it you wanted to go?"

"She's really strong, and she'll be the best mom ever." Koshka allows for a small grin, a little on the sad side. "I'm not much of a help, just lots of trouble. I think I'm helping, and it all gets messed up." She picks up the dice, but instead of tossing them, just rolls them between her fingers.

"Six Flags," the girl says with a nod. "That's where. If we get out of here." The dice are tossed and her shot glass moved just behind the mauled kiwi. "I went to Ygraine. I could've called Sable I guess. I think I had her number. But I told her you were gone and she sent a message to someone."

"We'll get out of here." Brian silently promises. Going to pluck his kiwi back up once more. More of the delicious fruit is mushed from the skin into his mouth. The desecrated kiwi skin is then replaced on the board. He gives a sad but hopeful smile to his unofficial ward. "We always get out of things like this Kosh." He shakes his head. "We have to, you know, to get ready for the next shitty thing that will happen." He grins a little before looking down quietly at the game board. "We could save this for tomorrow. Go get your sleeping bag all ready. Do you want to sleep in my room or out here? You can have the mattress if you want, but honestly the air mattress is just as good."

Going to push on his legs, to stand up straight. His hand goes out to offer Koshka help up. "You did what you know how to do Kosh. You're young this is how we learn. It's not fair for you, because you have to learn a lot faster than you would normally have to. But you'll learn. And you'll help keep your brothers and sisters safe." The Lighthouse kids. A soft smile is granted down to her.

"Yeah," Koshka agrees after a moment. They'll get out. Hopefully. She tries to return the smile, failing somewhat. Then she takes the hand up and stands to make ready for sleeping. "I can sleep out here." She's learned she can sleep pretty much anywhere, and with any amount of bedding, or lack there of. She turns to find the sleeping bag, to pull it out and claim a place on the floor.

"And Brian." Koshka turns and looks toward her guardian. "Thanks for watching out for me. —Sorry I kind've screwed up again, though."

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