A Girl


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Scene Title A Girl
Synopsis After a long day at work, Ariel and Colby catch up with each other.
Date July 9, 2009

The Apartment of Colby and Ariel Martinez

Colby steps into the familiar warmth of the pleasant apartment home, taking a moment to look over the tiny dining area before nudging shut the door. "Ariel?" She tunes her ears towards the hope that her wife will call back out to her, rather than have been caught up late yet again at work, as she strips off her jacket and tucks her sidearm into a small lockable drawer in the small stand beside the door.

Ariel had only arrived home perhaps half an hour before Colby, and she went about straightening a few things, trying to tidy up just a little. They are both rarely there enough to make large messes, but clutter can accumulate and she refuses to let that happen. She really wasn't expecting Colby until far later, so when she hears the door close and her love's voice, she gives a small squeal and hurries out to wrap Colby in a big warm hug and to give her a loving kiss. "You're home." She gives a playful swat to the shoulder as she keep her hug on her wife. "You didn't call first." she playfully chides.

Colby's features turn up in the lines of a soft smile as that little squeak of joy reaches her ears. She wraps her arms around the small of Ariel's waist, giving a playful grunt as she is swatted. "I wanted to surprise you," she replies, leaning in to kiss the tip of her lover's nose. She lifts one hand from the small of Ariel's back, combing her fingers through the ends of her wife's soft locks. "That's the last time I try to do something nice," she teases with a sly grin before stealing a quick, chaste kiss from her lips. "How was your day?"

Pulling away from her lover, Ariel smiles to Colby. "Oh, it was rather interesting. My usual patients for a Thurday, not that I can tell you much more than that." she adds. She never truly talks about her patients at home, preferring to make vague reference rather than break her word of confidentiality. She reaches for Colby's hand and tugs her into the kitchen where she has something she's put into the oven. She tends to premake food that can be popped into the oven when she gets home, even if she does end up eating alone quite a few nights of the week. She never holds it again Colby, because she understands her spouse's job, just as Colby is understanding of late night panic calls from her patients. "How about yours?" She leans down to open the oven door to check on the food.

Colby nods, revealing a world of understanding in so simple a gesture. "Things are crazy down there," the undercover replies as she follows her love into the kitchen, smile breaking into the more charming likes of a grateful grin at the aroma of food. The scent is enough to encourage her to leave out the details and leave work were it belongs - it already took up too much time in their lives as it is. "What's cookin'?" She says with a playful waggle of her brows before smoothing her hands back over her hair and fixing the dark locks into a lazy ponytail at the back of her head. She rests a hand gently at Ariel's hip then, leaning around her to try and nosily get a peek at the contents of the oven.

Ariel pushes the door closed, standing up straight and twirl around to face her love. "You'll see. Besides, you haven't figured out what I'm making by scent yet?" she teases and leans in to place a soft kiss on Colby's lips. She leans against the counter and places her hand over Colby's on her hip, and reaches with her other hand to place Colby's other hand on her other hip and hold it there as she gazes up into her eyes. "I missed you today, Colby Dolores Martinez." She says softy, eyelashes fluttering closed as she suddenly feels self-conscious before the one she loves.

Colby paints on a puppy-worthy frown as the oven door shuts. The expression is short lived, however, as the undercover's hands are supported and lead to the shelf of Ariel's hip. That Latina steps forward, closing the last breath's distance between them and allowing her fingers to work in a soft, massaging little ripple where they fall along the lines of her wife's body. "I missed you to, mi amor." She frees on hand from its place, having exchanged it from the warmth of her body instead, and cups Ariel's little chin in the cusp of her digits. She takes advantage of her lover's closed eyes, turning her attentions over the familiar features as if she were looking upon that countenance as she had the first time Ariel stepped from the car and into Colby's life. She chuckles sweetly at the recollection. "I don't know what I would do without you."

She remembers that moment so well. There's no feeling like it in the world, that moment their eyes met. It may not have been love at first sight, but it was as close to it as you could possibly get. Feeling her lover's fingers on her chin, eyelids slowly rise as Ariel gazes into those brown eyes of her wife. "I'm so glad I found you." she whispers softly, before she smiles brightly. "I did get you something special today, direct from Mrs. Hadley's." Her eyes move past Colby to the bag neatly placed on the counter. "She said to tell you hello, and that you should behave yourself. Is there something I should know?" her eyes twinkle mischieviously.

Colby's smiles could warm the coldest oceans, its depths writ across the life her and Ariel have built together, as she hears those words from her wife's lips. She sighs, a sweet sound of pleasant contentedness, and finally pulls her gaze with some obvious reluctance, away from Ariel and to the bag of goodies on the counter. "Sneaky sneaky," she teases, looking back to Ariel. "Well, if you don't know by now, perhaps you never will. I'm sure what she meant is not to do something like this…" She tips her head to the side, tucking her visage forward into the soft crescent where Ariel's slender neck meets her shoulder. Her lips tickle and nibble, making a playful series of grunts and gobbling noises. "Gnom gnom gnom."

Ariel gasps and immediately turns her head to the side, trying to unsuccessfully block the neck attack of her spouse as she giggles and tries to push her away. After a few moments she wiggles free and moves from the kitchen! "So mean!" she huffs, feigning put out with her hands on her hips. She can't hold it though as her lips slowly turn up into a grin as she giggles, moving back to Colby and wrapping her arms around the woman's neck and gazing up with a genuine smile. "Have you heard anything more from the adoption agency?" she asks.

"What? Aren't you going to feed me?" Colby calls as Ariel slips out of her grips, making playful groping hands at the empty air after her wife. She chortles and straightens up as the beauty returns to her, though, laying her hands gently on Ariel's lower back as she offers a simple nod. "They're going to run some background checks and the like before scheduling a visit to come check out the abode. They should call us some time next week to set up an appointment. Have you given any thought to adopting a boy or girl?" She inquires, leaning her head back and popping up a dark brow inquisitively.

Her pink tongue slips out and briefly touches her upper lip as she considers the question. It's actually something she's been considering quite a bit and being a therapist, it comes naturally for her to analyze things like this. Ariel meets her lover's gaze and smiles. "I think a girl would be best. With our situation, I think things would be more comfortable. Not that we couldn't love a boy as much as a girl, but the psychaitrist in me insists that a boy needs a male influence in his life more than a girl does. If that makes any kind of sense."

Colby offers a simple nod, allowing the slight gesture to continue as long as Ariel uses to support her decision. "I agree," she offers plainly, a note of that strong aura about her coming back, as if already eager to protect the child they've yet to adopt. "Would be fair to a boy. See, all this thoughtfulness in you - you'll make a great mom," she offers, that charmingly sweet expression breaking across her tan features once again.

There was a slight bit of worry in the counseler, knowing her lover was quite the tomboy. She smiles and leans up and gives her a kiss, which times quite nicely with the timer that begins to buzz over the stove. Ariel brushes her nose against Colby's and murmurs softly. "I love you."

Colby wrinkles her nose at the nuzzling, only to free Ariel. She leans back against the wall, watching her wife work at preparing supper, thinking on the matter of there child-to-be, and marveling at their life together as a whole. With another of those contented sighs, the uncover pushes off the wall and snags the plates from the cabinet. "Te amo mucho," she offers softly.

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