A Girl's Night In


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Scene Title A Girl's Night In
Synopsis Melissa gets two of her friends together for a night in.
Date July 17, 2010

Little Green House

Some people have enough friends that they don't really make a huge effort to get to know each one, or to socialize much. Some people just don't care because they're anti-social. Melissa Pierce, however, is not one of those people. She likes each of her friends, and loves socializing, which is why she's called up Daphne and invited her over. Even offered food, chocolate and the possibility of drunken antics. How could anyone pass that up?

Daphne isn't the only one being dragged out. She's wheedled and cajoled Ling, trying to get her downstairs to join in the fun, even going so far as to promise no unfunny movies this time. Or bad Chinese. Which is what Mel is doing when Daphne arrives, dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt, with her hair pulled back into a pony-tail. "C'mon ling! It'll be fun!"

A girl's night in — Corbin was surprised when Daphne said she was going to hang out with Melissa. Usually when she leaves she doesn't say where she's going. The less he knows of her work activities, the better, after all. Who knows what kind of mind-reading coworkers he has? She never talks about her jobs or gigs, but always has money when she needs it, which means whatever she does is paying. He has an idea of what she does, she's sure, but they never discussed it in specifics.

There are so many things they haven't discussed in specifics.

She also stopped off at her own apartment to check the mail, and this is what's on her mind.

"I have jury duty, can you believe it? Me? Jury duty. Who gets jury duty! What can I say that will get me out of it?"

At the top of the steps, Ling’s arms are crossed, eyes narrowed as she looks downwards, dressed in a manner that could be bessed described as “business casual” with black slacks and black button up shirt. “I believe that we have different definitions of fun, Melissa,” she remarks flatly, rolling her eyes. A moment of silence before she sighs, and starts down towards the ground floor. “I also believe you won’t stop until I decide to join you for a bit. Though I am still unclear as to what you have in mind, exactly. The new voice she hears as she approaches the foot of the stairs prompts the arching of a brow.

“That depends on the nature of the case,” she remarks as she steps down, slowly moving into view.

Hearing Daphne, Melissa glances over and grins. "I think Ling is right. I really don't know though. I've never had jury duty, and I hope to god never to." She tilts her head towards Ling. "Speaking of…this is Ling. Ling, this is Daphne." She grins back at the asian woman. "And just a girl's night sorta thing, dear. Nothing bad, promise. Just three chicks, food, chocolate, maybe some booze and movies. Normal stuff."

Daphne looks a little skeptical, too, never really having any friends to have girls nights, but she smiles at Ling, tilting her platinum-dreadlocked head as she surveys the new acquaintance. "Nice to meet you," she says, offering her hand. "You guys roommates?" she asks, stepping into the house and proper and shutting the door behind her.

Ling eyes Daphne for a moment, not exactly what to make of this new person. Still, she has no desire to be so rude to Melissa’s guest, so she extends her hand to meet Daphne’s, giving an atypically strong and firm handshake – not vicelike, but certainly stronger than one might expect from her. “Of a manner,” she remarks, a glance over to Melissa. “At least until my… situation improves.”

With that, she moves past Daphne, following after Melissa. “Chocolate?” She actually sounds pleased at this offering, for once. “I trust our selection of movie will be… better than the last time you insisted I watch something of your choosing.”

Since Ling answered Daphne, Melissa simply looks sadly at her sort of roommate. "Now Ling, I saw you smile during Blazing Saddles. Everyone smiles during it. It's infectious. Just be glad I didn't pick History of the World Part One, with the whole 'yes' song." Then she loses that sadness and grins. "Yes, chocolate. I picked up…brownies. And ice cream. Can't have a girl's night without chocolate and ice cream!" she says, trying to herd the other two towards the couch.

If one could draw up Daphne's antithesis, it might just be Ling. Daphne arches a brow, but smirks. "Blazing Saddles is a great movie," she agrees. "And I get ya. I guess I was kind of Melissa's roommate myself, for a bit." She doesn't know that Melissa is no longer Ferry, and assumes that Ling is someone the Ferry is protecting, obviously. "Hey, that Alex guy from the ice cream truck is making me special shoes," she tells Melissa, randomly, before changing the subject again, and asking Ling, "Have you had jury duty? I could just… pretend not to have gotten the summons, right?"

Brownies. Though she tries to show it, Melissa has found one of Ling’s few indulgences – her mother used to make them fairly often, and it’s been quite some time since he had good ones. She is slow to move towards the couch, hands in pockets as her gaze lingers on Daphne. “I believe that actually sounds close to my definition of fun,” she admits with a glance to Melissa. Close. Still not perfect.

At Daphne’s question, she pauses and turns back to the other woman, an eyebrow arched. “I have had summons a handful of times. But I have never served. It’s simply a matter of knowing what to say when the jury screening process begins. If you’re past that… I’m afraid I don’t know how to help you.”

Melissa beams at Daphne, then frowns a little. "Ice cream…Oh! That's the guy you were talking about before? Weird guy," she says, slipping into the kitchen to grab said brownies and ice cream…and three spoons. Perhaps she's lazy and just doesn't wanna do dishes afterwards? When she returns, she flops down onto the couch, setting the goodies on the coffee table, then grabbing a brownie for herself.

"I think it's like…if it's a case about a woman killing her husband, and you're a man-hater, you get out of jury duty. Or you just hate whatever it is, or love it, depending. I don't know. Good luck getting out of it though." She grins at Ling. "I'm starting to figure you out!" she says, sounding pleased with herself.

"I hate or love everything," Daphne says brightly, moving into the living room and perching on the far end of the sofa, as if not quite sure how to hang out with friends. "So I guess that works, right? But shit, you know, I'm not Registered, and so like, if it's a case about that, I am not about to admit anything— what if they have negators in the courts to make sure people don't freak out or something?" There simply aren't that many negators in the world, but it would be a good job, a bailiff who could negate people. "Shit."

“As I said, it will largely depend on the nature of the case. You might yet be able to work a way out, but the real thing is a far cry from what they present on TV and in movies. It is not always so simple.” Ling raises a finger, as if the emphasis this point, before her arms across. Her gaze turns to Melissa next, eyes narrowed once more. “I was not aware I was a puzzle that needed figuring out.”

Melissa laughs at Daphne's bright comment and she nods. "There ya go. And I seriously doubt they've got a negator sitting in the courtroom hon. Well, not in an official capacity anyway." Eyes slide over to Ling and she shakes her head. "You're not. Well, not exactly. But everyone has quirks, likes and dislikes, and it takes time to figure them out. I'm just happy I'm learning some of yours. It'll make it easier for us to get along."

"Thanks. I'll try to keep that in mind," Daphne murmurs to Ling, the balls of her feet lightly bouncing. She's had a few too many Red Bulls and not enough running this evening. "What movie are we watching?" she asks, glancing on the coffee table to see if there are any red and white envelopes or blue and yellow DVD cases to choose from. "I totally refuse to watch anything with snow in it, by the way. Even if it's a bizillion degrees out. I'm still boycotting snow on general principle. Kapiche?"

“I believe most of the Eastern seaboard will join you in such a protest,” Ling remarks dryly as she finds her way to the couch, plopping down, waiting. “I am curious as well,” Ling says, hands folding in her lap, gave moving back up to Melissa. “So long as it’s nothing so pointless as Blazing Saddles, I think I’ll be content to watch.” Or at least pretend to be content to watch while eating brownies. After a moment, she slowly looks back to Daphne. “As for a negator, it would certainly be a wise move. However, openly employed Evolved, particularly in something such as the court system, is still a hairy subject at best.” She forms a bit of a smirk, a rare sight. “I would worry more about mind reading lawyers.”

There's a slight shudder and Melissa nods to Daphne. "I'm definitely with you there. I thought the snow was great when I first got here, since we don't have much in Georgia, but god I was so sick of it by the time it melted. And you can pick a movie, Daph, they're all over there," she says, pointing to some of those large CD cases that hold four discs per sheet. And they're all packed full with a large variety of movies.

She grins at Ling and nods. "Yeah, probably. And that would suck. Personally I hate telepaths. I mean, sure, they all say that they won't poke around in your mind because it's rude, but how would we know? They probably just do it anyway."

"Mindreading lawyers," Daphne repeats, the thought never occurring to her. "Great, so like, you're on oath and all and they can shout you out for being a perjurer? Man, that blows. I don't even know, do they allow abilities like that for evidence or is that too circumstantial? Not really up on my legal mumbojumbo, I try just not to get caught."

She frowns and picks up the movies, flipping through them, before glancing at Ling. "I have a particular fear of negation, actually," she explains, before pulling Shutter Island from the stack and handing it to Melissa. "It's probably the worst possible power in my book, even if I'm a fan of the only one I actually know."

“I’m afraid I’m not clear on how the law treats Evolved in a courtroom capacity. It’s thankfully something I have never had to deal with. In some cases, I suspect the law as most people know it just does not apply.” Eyes slide in an attempt at a furtive glance over at Melissa, lingering only briefly.

Eyeing movies Daphne has pulled out, Ling’s face looks decidedly stoic. “And what kind film has been chosen for tonight?” she inquires, watching as it’s passed from Daphne to Melissa. She’s hoping it’s something more… subdued. Somehow, she doubts she’s going to receive that luxury.

Melissa considers for a moment, then shakes her head. "I don't think that it would be considered legal evidence. One, a telepath could simply lie about what they read in a person's mind, so it's still one person's word against another. Two…the law is still frightened to death of us." She shrugs and draws her legs up so she's cross-legged on the couch, munching on the brownie. "I don't blame you on the negation thing. Been negated before. I hate it."

"Good point," Daphne says, regarding the legal ramifications of "Evo" evidence. She gives a wry smile at the mention of Melissa hating being negated. "It's a special kind of bummer for me." To Ling, she adds, "Shutter Island — I heard it's good but I don't go to a lot of movies." That would require sitting still longer than she usually likes, but then, the heat doesn't make running around town sound very inviting. "That okay? You can pick if you don't want to watch that one. I'm not picky." At least about movies, she's not.

“Mmm.” Ling only offers that sound, albeit in agreement, on the topic of negation. While she had never actually met a negator, at least not knowing, the gas had done a well enough job of giving her an idea of what it must be like. At Daphne’s comment, Ling gives a dismissive wave of her hand. “I was merely curious. It’s not something I have seen, I am willing to see how it goes.”

Melissa perks. "Shutter Island? Oh, that's a good one. Nice and dark mystery. Good movie for darkness and ice cream." She peers at the ice cream, then the brownies consideringly. "And yeah, I can see how negation would be a pain in the ass for you, Daphne. It's not as huge a deal for me, but still sucks." She glances at Ling. "What kinda movies do you like anyway?"

Once the movie is put in, Daphne settles back and reaches for a brownie. Is it possible to have friends? Her eyes move from Melissa to Ling, waiting for the other's response as she muses at the normalcy of this little get-together, an abnormal event in her very unusual life. She kicks off her shoes and curls her feet up beneath her, willing herself to stop and enjoy a quiet moment, even if she doesn't know Ling enough to trust her — she trusts Melissa, so that should be enough.

“I do not watch very many movies,” Ling remarks, a sidelong glance offered over to Melissa. “But when I do, they tend to be… more realistic dramas. Mysteries. Things grounded at least somewhat firmly in reality.” Another wave of her hand. “Occasionally, something a bit more… fantastical or unusual. Have you ever seen Identity?” While Ling doesn’t look as casual as Daphne, reaching for a brownie proves that she certainly looks comfortable. “If you have not, I would recommend it. Though it’s twist can be figured out in the opening credits if you are… observant.”

Melissa shakes her head. "I don't think I've seen that one, but if you like mysteries, you'll love Shutter Island. It's about a mystery in a mental institution that takes up a whole island. It's seriously awesome. And DiCaprio is shockingly good in it too," she says, stretching her legs out to rest her feet on the table. Then she grins impishly at both of them. "So. Either of you got a guy? Tell me you do, and it's a happy relationship so I can live vicariously through you." Because all girl nights have to have talk about guys, right?

"Sounds interesting. I wonder if I'd figure it out. I mean, I kinda register stuff fast, on account of being used to going fast," Daphne tells Ling. "But not necessarily mysteries, because that's not just … registering, but you know, thought." She's not stupid, but she's not Sherlock either.

Her dark eyes move to Melissa, and her lips screw to one side for a moment as she considers the question. Corbin and she — they never really discussed how public of a relationship theirs is. Teo knew they had been dating, surely, from the hurt way she acted in the car when he brought her to the Den, but had he told Melissa? And she had gone with Corbin before joining the others at the Garden, the night of the raid. "I'm actually… uh, seeing Corbin. Again. We … made up," she offers, a little shyly, very new and very bad at the girls night thing. Her tentativeness doesn't give a lot of confidence as to how happy the relationship is, of course.

Ling’s response to this question – one she typically finds both somewhat invasive and rather silly – is an amused scoff, accompanied with a shake of her head, “No time or place for such ridiculous things,” she remarks with a markedly cynical tone. A wave of her hand towards Melissa and Daphne, and she bites into a brownie.“If you are happy with such things, that is you business. I… am not one meant for them, however.”

Corbin?" Melissa's brow furrows slightly as she tries to put a face with the name. After a minute she shrugs slightly then grins. "Glad you two made up. I hope he apologized though. Men can be so damn difficult." A glance to Ling, and her expression goes amused. "Not big on relationships, huh? Too interested in business for pleasure?"

"He didn't really do anything bad, he just didn't handle it well. But he had other stuff going on and you know me. Any excuse to run away, right?" Daphne says wryly, before biting into the brownie, chewing slowly. Apparently she slows down for chocolate, at least. Some things are meant to be savored. "What kinda business?" she asks Ling curiously.

This is typically the type of prodding Ling likes to avoid, shifting her posture so that she’s staring straight ahead, stoic expression worn on her face. “I know you’ve paid attention well enough to know the answer to that question, Melissa,” she says simply, leaning back a bit in the couch. The fact that half of her brownie is already almost half gone surprises even her.

Swallowing before speaking again, she looks back over to Daphne with cautious eyes. “Business,” she intones at first, letting her emphasis sit before she elaborates. “The kind that used to place me in marketing meetings, boardrooms, and stockholder meetings. For a few companies over the last decade.” Or, well, part of the last decade.

"You do like running," Melissa says, grinning at Daphne and nodding. She considers Ling for a moment, t hen nods. "You're right," she agrees, then she smiles. "You know what though? Brownies are most definitely pleasure."

Ling is definitely Daphne's antithesis. The speedster can't imagine sitting still in a boardroom or a stockholder meeting. The mere thought of jury duty is making her consider fleeing for Canada. At least it'd be cool there. Maybe South America or Australia — it's winter there! "I see. Oh, look, feature presentation." The DVD has finally made its way through the various previews it won't let the viewer skip. "Melissa, if we keep doing chocolate and movies, I'm so going to get fat and blame you."

Daphne’s quick jump from the topic of her former line of work to the movie brings a smile of amusement to the Chinese woman’s face. She chuckles at the further comment, shaking her head. “With how much you talk of running, I highly doubt you’ll have such a problem,” she remarks somewhat callously, before focusing her attention forward.

Melissa snorts softly at Daphne, then grins and nods to Ling. "With as much running around as you do? Impossible. Besides, I'm a movie addict and don't run nearly as much, and look at me. Nice and trim." She laughs then and picks up the ice cream and a spoon. "And now ladies…we enjoy the movie and way too many calories for one woman to eat in a sitting!" she says, before digging in.

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