A Girls' Day


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Scene Title A Girls' Day
Synopsis It's a day at the spa! Time to relax! …and plot the downfall of Audrey's favorite villain. Of course.
Date March 27, 2011

A Fancy Spa

"I have paid four hundred dollars alone, just for someone put put cucumber slices on my face Jane"

This is the real Jane. Audrey made damn sure of it when her friend called and then decided that the two of them needed a spa day. In lieu of raquetball. It involved an at home evo test and Janes finger and a gun pointed at her until the test had proven blue.


"Cucumbers" Of which, two are covering audrey's eye's, surrounded by a sea of seafoam green colored substance that had been brushed onto her face while she lay reclined in a chair that she though resembled that of her dentist. At least they have expensive slippers and bathrobs around them, and headbands keeping hair off their faces and soon, there would be massages and pedicures. The whole works. Her wallet would be slightly cringing.

Jane was quite willing to jump through the hoops for her friend's piece of mind, although there were comments to the tune of this is still better than most of my dates to tease her, too, because who can resist? Not Jane. But laying there on the chair in a comfy robe, she smirks at the other woman's complaint. "Yeah, well, your eyes need their veggies."

She reaches a hand up to lift one of her own slices and looks over at Audrey. "I can't believe that even you wouldn't think this was relaxing. Come on, you can admit it. It's just me here!"
Corners of lips turn down, down, down, before there is a reluctant nod. So very tiny, almost imperceptible till after she too has lifted her cucumbers to ensure that no, outside of the panpipe music and tinkling waterfall fixture in the palmy oasis that is their relaxation room, they are indeed alone.

"Long as no serial killers come bursting through the door or terrorist with knives to their thigh try to stab me"
Audrey has partially disconnected.

"I checked, this is a terrorist-free spa," Jane says as she smiles an ever so satisfied smile and leans back, letting the slice drop back into place. "Although, maybe I should tell you what's strapped to my thigh, huh? Don't worry, I promise it's only for emergencies."

'Are there even such things? That explains the price" How much WOULD a person pay for a terrorist free zone? Audrey peers at her cucumber, peers at Jane, then cucumber against before bringing it to her lips and nibbling. But she doesn't like the taste and it soon finds it's way back up to her eyes and she lays back again.

"So, tell me again what happened when the agents showed up at your place?"

"Well, they were surprised I didn't need the ambulance. And they verified it was me, too, while I tried to explain that I was experiencing a fucking terrible hangover from St. Patrick's and that they weren't making it any better. That seemed to help clear their doubts." Jane lifts her cucumber up again, which only goes to show, maybe it isn't very effective when you go with a friend. "You really thought I'd be into ballet?" …says the woman currently dragging her out to a spa.

"Hey! You promised me beer and wings in a seedy Irish pub afterward. I'm still holding you to that. You may not have been the one who promised me, but Jane Pak, Promised me beer and wings if I came to some fancy gala with her" Okay, she can't take the cucumbers and they are peeled off, tossed to the side.

"Hell, Hanson, it isn't like you have to talk me into going out drinking," Jane says with a chuckle. "And don't worry, no more fancy galas from me. You can take that as a promise, just in case." She tosses her slices, too, and turns onto her side, propping her head up by an elbow.

"So I guess he did a pretty good me, huh? Makes you wonder who he's been, to be watching that close. I mean, if he can be me, he can be anybody."

"He sat in my office once, pretending to be spurling. It's a hobby with him it seems" Impersonating people. Flaunting how close he can get to Audrey. "He must have been planning it. Taking your phone, buying the tickets, planning your outfit. Do you really have a houndstooth tie? "

"Yeah. I was sure I'd left it at some bar that night. Hell, I was drunk enough for anything." Of her phone. Jane grins, though, at the last question, "Hell yeah, I do. I save it for special occasions. It's my best tie!"

Maybe Audrey needs to let Jane take a crack at her wardrobe. Maybe let Jane pick out a few things for her to wear. Scare cooper. In fact, if Cooper came in here right now he'd be scared. "I came out of anesthesia, let me tell you, I was glad to hear that you were just hungover."

It's true, trips like these are a thing of legend where Audrey is concerned. "Well, I was glad to hear you weren't dying. So we're even," Jane says, shifting to lay on her back again. "You need to stop getting broke all to hell when I'm not there to punch somebody. You take all the fun out of it."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Next time I'm shooting a serial killer and find myself grappleing with his fuck buddy on the floor, I'll make sure to ask her to hold up so I can call my friend. She wants a threesome" Audrey shoots back, pressing a hand to her middle where black stitches march across her flesh still under the bathrobe.

"That's more like it." Jane grins, but it fades a bit as she glances over at Audrey. "I'd have to keep a teleporter on hand, for just such an occasion. Think they'd let me requisition one?"

"Knowing us, we'll just end up getting him killed and Sylar will have another ability on hand to play with. Bad enough he can turn fucking intangible and has bone.. things.. He went right through a guys shoulder and into Davingnon's thigh" Audrey shakes her head, crossing her arms.

"Sick of him getting the better of me Jane. There's three of him out there. Three and I can't seem to actually get my hands on a fucking one of them!'

"Yeah, he makes the whole thing pretty fucking unfair, I'll grant you that." Jane looks over at Audrey, shaking her head. "Look, it's simple. He's crazy. He has no rules. If he has morals at all, they're his own set. He has the privilege not to have his actions limited. You, however, have rules and sanity and morals. Maybe it's time to start thinking outside the box. Do something he wouldn't expect. Don't mention it to anyone, just in case. Might change up the game just enough."

Audrey. Outside the box.

She doesn't even know what to do about 'Gaston' and Nocturne Ziadie in the wake of the NSA telling her to drop the Aric Gibbs shit. Only out of the box, is the Sylar wall in her spare bedroom. Audrey is traditionally, by the book. Agressive, lets her mouth off a lot, but by the book. "Define, outside the box"

"You know the book? Take the book and throw it out the window. Sometimes you've got to bend the rules some to get the job done. Sometimes. He knows how you work by now, right? So next time… don't do what you'd do. Do what… Han Solo would do." Wisdom of the ages, right here. Jane seems pretty serious about it, though! "Being outside the box means a lot of thinking on your toes and using them to toe the line. But so long as you produce at the end, what's the harm?"

"I don't know how they run things in the DoEA, but if I bend that book just a littel too far Jane, my ass is on the line. Especially with this case" The perils of having a friend so vastly different, is that while it's great for brainstorming, sometimes the values that revolve around said brainstorms, don't mesh.

"Okay, if this was your case, what would you do first?:

"Steal a telepath, set a trap. Oo, or like that cutie in Harrison's unit, JJ? Psychometry, right? Grab him, follow Sylar's trail. He's at an advantage because he has enough of a power library to get the slip all the time, right? Well, so you go get a power library. Just don't make it obvious until it's time to lower the boom." Jane lifts a shoulder. "It's a whole new world. Old school policework is only going to get us so far, the world the way it is. I've always been a fan of fighting fire with fire." Which is why she was the military one. Big guns in that business.

"I'm the DHS. I have a list" Adurey tilt her head to one side. "You're right pak. He's got a much smaller list than me" There's a bit of a puffing of her modest chest beneath the bathrobe. "Remind me to grab you and Cooper and pour over which powers would be good to help us corral at least one" But then again, she had frontline before, and managed to get blinded and loose TWO of them.

But she had one of them, before the second did something.

"Exactly. We're supposed to be the big, bad government right now. Let's be that and get him where he belongs. At least one of him," Jane echoes Audrey there, chuckling a little. "I'm pretty sure we could brainstorm some good ideas. He's not unstoppable, we've just got to find his weak spot."

'Big bad Government" Audrey looks over at Jane, a big smile creeping over her face, bigger than most usually see on her face. "You're right Jane. We're the big bad government. We got the big bad guns and we have a list of people for this exact reason"

She looks away, looking up even as there's a knock on the door signalling that someone is about to enter.

"Time to play dirty pool with Sylar" If she has sunglasses on and were driving in a cadillac right now, the screen would pan back as her hair whips in the airflow and zooms off screen.

"He won't know what hit him"

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