A Glass Rose And A New Recruit


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Scene Title A Glass Rose And A New Recruit
Synopsis Kaylee brings in Grim to introduce him to Adam with hopes that her newest find will be a good match for the League. Grim shows proof of his ability and is welcomed into the group.
Date August 14, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Ambient lighting blankets the establishment in a soft luminescence, glowing in tones of appealing orange from the front face of the bar and low hanging light fixtures overhead. Old style brick walls given the pub an appealing depth, reflecting the tone of lights in a more amber hue down upon the lengths of the polished, wooden floors. The bar counter of lacquered dark wood stretches along the northern wall, the forefront for shelves of numerous liquors and the substantially sized LCD televisions spaced liberally behind it. The screens flicker with the latest games and news as the labeled spirit bottles wink from lighted shelves with a beckon of their own. Barstools and high tables welcome tipsy patrons to their support, scattered with throughout the barroom with a few wedge into the darker, quieter, and more secretive recesses. Over the bar are a few banners of sports teams, most notably one of English football club Manchester United.

The thick wooden door to the west is fitted with a single neon sign sponsored by one of the brews on tap, glowing in the door's center window to shed its light onto the sidewalk outside and summoning in new customers when the bar is open for business.

It's early in the evening and Adam's taken up residence in his usual corner table. He's quietly going over what looks like number sheets. Michael is nowhere to be found right now, though he might be in back doing something. Currently, Adam doesn't appear to be paying much attention to the room. Instead, he just lets a glass of water cover a part of the table with condensation.

Ash is sitting in the pub, though not at the same table as Adam. Ash is sitting at a booth with a couple of plates of food in front of him, the man steadily demolishing the first, which is fries and a burger. He's got a tall glass of stout in front of him as well, occasional sips taken from it as he eats. Every so often he glances over towards Adam and then around the pub, but most of his focus is on his food.

"Alright. Like I said. I want you to meet someone. My employer." Kaylee murmurs to Grim as they step through the door of Biddy's. It's been a rather long day as the blond has spent most of the day feeling like she had a bad hangover. Even now she sports a pair of wrap around glasses, to help shade her eyes from harsh light. She still has a light headache. "I promise not to let him kill you." She teases softly as she looks around to see if Adam is there tonight.

The man is quickly spotted and she moves in that direction, though Ash isn't missed. She raises a hand to the man and calls out, "Evening Ash." Before finding her way to Adam's table Grim in tow. "Adam…" she offers softly with a bright smile. Pulling off the sunglasses, she closes then against the brighter light for a moment. "I brought by a friend. He…ah… helped me out last night. This is Seth," she suddenly looks like a kid who's hand was found in the cookie jar. " I got stuck out after curfew."

"A'right. A'right." Grim says as he leans forward head of Kaylee and opens the door for her, allowing her in before him and continues on, his heavily treaded boots thumping against the floor with each step in a muted fashion. "Kill me? The hell do you work for? Charlie Manson?" he asks a little more quietly as they continue on through the bar. He casts a glance towards the bar, almost seeming tempted to stop and order a drink but he follows the blonde on back until he sees the young woman make the transformation to little girl and raises his brow before turning to look at Adam. Raising his brows in interest, he reaches forward with his hand offering to shake. "Grimalkin. Seth Grimalkin." he clarifies Kaylee's introduction.

Adam didn't look like he was particularly expecting anyone. So when he is approached by Kaylee, he lifts a brow. And then she brings in the odd man and tells him she was caught out after curfew, he scowls a bit. "Sit down." he says to Kaylee. It's meant in obvious admonishment. Then he turns to this Seth person. When a hand is offered, he reaches out and grasps the man's hand firmly. His handshake isn't going to break anyone's bones, but it's still the grip of a man practiced with using his hands. "Hello Mr. Grimalkin." he says, "Thank you for helping Kaylee out, she can…get herself in all kinds of trouble."

Ash lifts his eyes towards Kaylee, offering her a greasy fingered wave before his hands go back to his food, though his attention has very well shifted towards the man that's come in with Kaylee. It takes a few moments, but Ash picks up his two plates, and his stout and begins to make his way over towards Adam's table, balancing his food and more importantly the beer as he walks.

With a heavy sigh and a roll of her eyes, Kaylee drops into a seat next to Adam, she leans over turning her head away from Grim and murmurs softly for only the British man's ears. "Evolved.. possibly Pryo.. Bounty hunter of sorts." she then gives him chaste daughterly peck on the cheek before leaning away. "I am sorry Adam. I had this thing I was doing.. and it got late. I was on foot…." She trails off and sighs. She leans away from him so that she can pull a chair out for Grim. "Don't be afraid to order something I owe you." she offers brightly.

Seth has a good hand on him too when he clasps with the other man and gives a subtle pump of the arm, "My pleasure. Hard times for everyone these days. Can't be too careful." he says with a nod, watching Kaylee take a seat. He looks over, noticing that Ash will apparently be joining them though he turns to see the chair Kaylee pulls over for him. Seating himself at the table, he simply folds his hands on the table top for the time being. "I'm good for now, thanks." he responds to her offer.

Adam nods a bit as he drums his fingertips along the bar. He gives Kaylee a sidelong glance as if to indicate she's in a bit of trouble. Then turns back towards Seth for a moment, "So." he says, "What do you do, Mr. Grimalkin?" he asks. "I hope you don't mind if I care to get to know Kaylee's savior a bit more. I mean, certainly if there's somewhere you have to be.." he trails off. Upon Ash's move to the table he arches a brow but points to a chair all the same.

Ash offers Adam a grin as he invites himself to the table. When Adam points to a chair he offers him a nod, but his mouth is still full so no words, he just sets his food aand drink down at the chair and plops his heavy frame down into it, digging right back in as he listens to the conversation going on.

One thing Kaylee can pull off its the innocent look, which is flashes at Adam when he glares her way. "It wasn't a completely bad thing I don't think." Then she lets Adam and Grim talk, turning her attention to Ash. The man, who is practically a brother to her gets a bright smile as he joins them. Of course just like a pesky sister she leans across to snag a few fries from Ash's plate. She then slumps in the chair a bit, and watches.

"No, no. No place to be for…" Seth lifts his arm and reveals his wrist watch from the cuff of his coat and then shrugs. "Another two hours." he advises before he leans forward a little, getting a bit more comfortable as he shifts in the chair. "Well, I studied law for a while. Actually got my degree and passed the New York bar but, I guess you could say I just got disenchanted with the whole system. So now I do some freelance document serving for the courts serving papers to dead beat fathers and wife-beater husbands. And when the rent comes due I will usually take a bail case from some of the agencies around town." he explains reasonably. "And you? If you don't mind my asking."

Adam ahs a bit as he listens to Seth talk a bit. "I'm not sure it's quite as interesting as you describe. More like a little of this, a little of that. A lot of investments, if you will." he pauses for a moment and glances about the table, then turns back to Grim, "However, according to Kaylee you have.." he pauses thoughtfully, "Talents which seem to exceed paper serving and bail jumpers."

Ash mumbles at Kaylee, his mouth full and himself unable to speak like that. He glowers at her before he picks up a frie and simply bounces it off her forehead, a smirk making it's way onto his features as he turns back to his burger to begin eating it, his eyes lifting to Grim and Adam as they talk.

Her head ducks down a bit as Adam mentions Kaylee, glancing at Grim out of the corner of her eye, her smile sly. When the fry hits her, she looks at Ash and makes a little face at him, plucks the fry off her lap and takes a bite giving him a challenging look. It seems to say, 'whatcha gonna do about it?' But then she remembers herself and glances between the two talking men.

Seth seems to nod his understanding and accepts it readily enough even though he obviously does not get the full story. "I understand that. I've known quite a few people that like to keep their business lives just as private as their personal… lives…" his talking slows a little as he looks between Ash and Kayle and arches an eyebrow in response, perhaps a silent look of reproval. His gaze returns to Adam though as mention of his 'talents' are brought up. "And you are wanting demonstration, an explanation, or both?" he asks, cocking his head to the side.

Adam mms, "That depends. I feel that perhaps Kaylee did not tell you much before you got here, Mr. Grimalkin." he says, "But perhaps she insinuated that I am someone who has a knack for hiring talent." he spreads his hands a bit, "The question would then be, are you looking for work? If so, then I would want both. If you're just looking to be friendly, an explanation would suffice." he pauses, "Then we would need to talk about any other qualifications you might have. So you see, Mr. Grimalkin, it entirely depends on what it is you're looking to achieve here."

Ash glances over to Seth at his look and Ash arches a brow at the man. He picks up his napkin and wipes his fingers and mouth before washing his mouthful of food down with the stout. He stares over at Seth, as if challenging him to make a comment after his little look. Then he looks back over to Kaylee with a smirk before he shrugs his shoulders and reaches out to lightly slug her in the shoulder, then goes back to his food.

Kaylee actually for once, looks embarrassed when Grim gives her that look, her cheeks color a bit. Has hell frozen over? The light punch on her arm, makes her rock to the side a bit. As she straightens she twists around and slugs him back a bit harder. Hey he can take it. She glares at Ash, but with a little smirk. "Don't make me… make you… hit yourself." she murmurs to Ash, brows lifting to give him a matter of fact look. She climbs to her feet. "Anyone need anything. I'm grabbing a soda and hunt down some aspirin.." she glances at Adam. "I — over extended myself last night." Something makes Kaylee give Grim a surprised look and she blushes, slidling out from her seat to head for the bar.

Seeming not to give Ash too terribly much thought after that look of reproval is given, Grim seems to block out the antics of Kaylee and Ash as he concentrates on Adam for the time being. "I'd like to say that I wasn't looking for more money, but I could certainly use it and I am fully accustomed to work. Good work mentality too, I've been told. My boss tells me to do something, and I accomplish my goal, with extreme prejudice. Not too many questions asked…" he says as Kaylee rises from her seat, he looks over his shoulder, "Black Velvet, if you please? Pebbles, not rocks." he clarifies and then looks back at Adam and nods towards the man's water glass. "If I may?" he asks.

Ash looks over at Kaylee at her blushing and embarrassment. OH yes, that catches Ash's attention, and no, he can't pass up the chance to tease her. "Awwww… does our little Kaylee have another crush?" He grins cheekily at her as he pops a frie into his mouth, his eyes dancing with mischief. "I thought you didn't drink Kaylee.." he murmurs, his eyebrows knotting together in very real concern. The man treats her much like a little sister. He turns back to his food, his face a bit worried now about the girl.

Adam listens to Grim's explanations, but there seems to be something on his mind when Grim talks about extreme prejudice. Whatever it is he's thinking, he tucks it away into his mind for now and then says, "Please, go ahead." at Ash's teasing, he looks over with his own reproachful look, "Not while we're conducting business." he says.

Her hand lifts and Kaylee points at Ash, giving him a warning look, her cheek flushes. For a moment she's sorely tempted to do as she says she will. Instead, Ash gets a tinny, Your on my shit list, buddy. in his head. She gives Adam an apologetic look, hand dropping, and murmurs "Sorry Adam. And I don't drink, Ash. I'm getting a soda. I don't want to end up in the hospital." She turns on her heels and moves to get her's and Grim's drinks.

Noticing that tick Adam gets at his phrasing, he chuckles and shakes his head. "Sorry. Between my father having been a military man in his early life and me listening to those soldiers they got over at the courthouse and marching all over the city from time to time, I pick up and use that movie-talk." he explains with a shrug and a roll of his eyes as he reaches across the table to pick up Adam's glass of water and places it in his palm. Grim barely twitches his hand before it is encased in a gentle flowing corona of blue flame that tickles against the glass and it climbs upwards over the glass like a gently trickling of water until it flows into the glass. The water immediately begins to boil and a second later there is just a puff of steam that floats in the air and the glass is empty. Grim seems to be concentrating harder now and the glass actually begins to wilt and finally melt into a pool of molten glass in his hand. Pouring it onto the table, he moves his palm to cover it, the blue flame still coursing over his hand. Lifting his hand as the flame gutters and dies away, what is left on the table is quite an ornate-looking glass rose complete with stem and a few petals right in front of where Kaylee was seated. With a sigh, Grim leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. "Sorry… I'll pay for the glass…"

Ash glances over to Adam and nods his head to the man's statement. His eyes lift towards Kaylee for a moment before he goes back to eating his food. He continues eating, even with the show going on with the glass. He eyes the final product once before he goes back to eating with a slight grunt. "Useful." He mutters in Adam's direction.

Adam reaches over for the glass rose. He picks it up in his hand and turns it over this way and that way with an arched brow. He considers this for a few moments before he sets it down carefully. He looks up at Grim and considers him quietly. "Now, an explanation?" he questions. After that, he adds, "And, being from a military family…do you have a military background?"

"I can't explain the mechanics of it but the fire you saw is… tiny compared to what I first produced. The first time I lit my hand on fire, I kind of panicked and scorched an alleyway…" Grim says, not seeming very proud of this fact but he continues on. "I can get it pretty big, get it hot enough to burn up most stuff. Metal is a little trickier. Not sure about that yet. But stone I can usually blast through. As for the little thing with the rose there… only small things. Reconstructing what I burn up is a lot harder, but so long as it is actually on fire, I can usually make it whole again." he says as he leans forward once more and folds his hands on the table. As he finishes speaking though, the rose begins to disintegrate and turn to dust though very slowly. "Oh yeah… Sometimes that happens too…" To the next question though, he shakes his head. "Dad only served a minimum term with the coasties. Looked great on the application for when he took over his father's business and me, no. Never got the same bug my father did."

Finally, the blond telepath makes her way back to the table, a drink held in each hand. Grim gets his drink and then she settles back into her chair, glancing at Adam in time to see the rose crumble. A brow arches and she glances at Grim as she catches his explanation. "Neat trick." She comments lightly, before taking a sip of her coke.

Adam considers the rose quietly for a few moments and leans forward, spreading the dust with his fingertips, "Impressive." he says for a few moments. He leans back for some moments and considers Grim quietly, he asks, "Have you ever fired a gun before, Mr. Grimalkin?"

Ash finishes off his first plate of food before putting the second on top of it. The second is a steak and onion rings. He begins to eat, digging right in, the large man's eyes flickering around the table slowly. He reaches out though, his finger seeking to touch the pile of ashes left behind. "How often can you do this?" He asks curiously, his voice all business.

Leaning back in his chair, Grim, pulls the right side of his coat aside to reveal the a firearm in the shoulder harness. "Registered bail bondsmen are allowed one concealed carry. No schools, government buildings, or convenience stores." The gun barrel on the revolver might be short but the bore is large. The kind of gun someone carries when they are looking to not just stop someone in their tracks, but turn their head's into a canoe. Definitely not standard issue for anybody. He closes his coat and then turns to look at Ash. "The fire is nothing hard. Burning a person I guess would be easy. Burning harder stuff like wood, plastics, ceramics, a little harder. Metal… probably too hard."

Kaylee continues to watch the interaction quietly. She settles back in her chair, pulling a foot up to rest on the edge of her seat, an arm wrapping around her knee. She reaches out as well to brush at the ashes, before picking up her glass again for a sip. "Pretty cool, Grim." She comments flashing him a bright smile. She glances at Adam to see if she can read his face, biting her lip a bit.

Adam nods a bit as he considers Grim gently. His lips purse a moment, "Well, Mr. Grimalkin, I can certainly find some work for you." he says, "But it does blur the lines of morality a bit." his eyes squint a moment at the gentleman before he says, "You would likely also have to quit your current jobs. On the other hand, you would be well compensated." he spreads his hands a bit again, "Now, in all fairness, I'm not sure how much I trust you yet, but I'm sure we can build that sort of relationship over time." it seems clear he's indicated Grim would be watched very closely. "Of course, we can also just be friends. What would you prefer Mr. Grimalkin?"

Ash nods his head slowly to Grim's answer before he arches a brow at the man. "But you didn't answer the question. How often can you do this? That way we know just how reliable your power is and how often we can make use of it." He pops a piece of steak into his mouth, chewing as he waits for a reply, though his eyes flicker over to his boss and co worker, then back to Grim, seeing how the man answers Adam's question, he looks quite curious too, even pausing in his chewing.

"I'm really not a stranger to blurring the moral line these days. The lines seem to be getting grayer by the day." Grim spreads his hands a little and gives a soft shrug, actually pausing to take a moment and bows his head in thought, jaw shifting a bit. "I like smacking child-abusers and wife-beaters around. Like the thrill of slamming someone down on the concrete so hard that when they close their eyes, they see me coming after them." he says quietly and then looks up at Adam. "You find me a job that pays better than I currently get paid and I still get to see those looks on people's faces, I'd say you got yourself a full-time employee and I'll start de-registering myself as a bounty hunter tomorrow." - Then looking over at Ash, he takes just a moment more before he gives a another shrug. "Honestly, I haven't really had to chance to go on a fiery rampage of /death/ lately or really felt the urge to go out to the middle of nowhere and torch things. So I have no idea how long I can keep it up for. If you put a gun to my head and ask me, the best answer I can give you is, 'for a while'."

The blond sits up a bit straighter at Grim's words and she flashes Adam a bright smile. "What do you think Adam?" she asks just as brightly, taking a slow sip of her drink watching her employer. Course, it probably doesn't help Grim that Kaylee wants him in. Her track record with men isn't all that great, but hey…. there is an exception to every rule!

Adam leans back in his seat. He looks at Grim with a doubtful look for a few moments. He doesn't turn when Kaylee asks her question, but instead says to Grim, "Alright, Mr. Grimalkin, we'll try this on a trial basis." he says. "And yes, I'll pay you triple whatever you're making now." he says, "And more if you turn out to be as useful as you seem like you could be." He nods in Ash's direction, "This is Mr. Williams. For now, I would like you stick close to him, or rather I'd like you to stick close to each other. Think of him as your mentor…for now. No offense meant to you, but everyone needs a training period, yes?"

Ash gives a slow nod of his head to the explanation about how long Grim can go. "We'll have to test you then, that way we know." He turns towards Adam then. "It'll be useful once we find out his limits." He turns his eyes back to his steak then and resumes his eating, consuming the meat rapidly, the odd onion ring tossed into his mouth from time to time. He glances over to Kaylee and shakes his head, an amused smile flickering over his lips. Then Adam names him the man's trainer/babysitter and Ash turns and arches a brow at Adam, but the man doesn't argue. he simply goes back to his food.

"Aaaand… would you prefer him returned to you original recipe or extra crispy?" Grim remarks to Adam, frowning for the first time through this whole conversation. "Just like I respect the fact that there are simply things you do not wish me to know about you, I too like to keep certain aspects of my life, nothing that has anything to do with you and yours, kept to myself. Now if we are talking… partners, say, where at the end of the day we shake hands and go our separate ways, I can live with that. But actually /live/ with /that/? Afraid my carpets are just a little too pretty for him and I'd be feint to see the way he keeps house."

She can't stop it, there is a little snerk of sound from the telepath. Her hand comes up quickly to cover her mouth to stop her self from laughing out loud. Her shoulders shake a bit with the withheld giggles. And it takes her a moment to get her composure back. Her eyes flicker over to Ash as she catches his thoughts. Her hand pulls away from her mouth so that she can offer a.. "Sorry Ash…" There is a little burst of giggles, "But in his defense.. His place is immaculate. Put my grandmother to shame."

Adam arches a brow at Grim and says, "Mr. Grimaldi, we don't all live in a compound together." he says, "We have our own homes and apartments, this isn't a cult. You would be more comfortable with the idea of partners? Fine, but Mr. Williams is in charge. I want him to get to know you, I want him to test you and eventually, I want him to tell me if you are trustworthy." he pauses, "But, with those stipulations." he offers his hand, "Welcome to the organization." he pauses, "Checks are issued on Friday." he smiles, apparently that's a joke.

Ash puts down his knife and fork and turns his eyes towards Grim, irritation plain in them. "Okay, I haven't insulted you bud. Why do you feel the need to insult me? What did I do to you to make you feel that was a necessary step?" He shakes his head and picks up his plate, looking to Adam. "I'll be back at my table." He grabs up his stout and moves off towards the other table he was sititng at, plopping down into the booth. Easier to leave a situation than antagonize it further. It's obvious that he's pissed, but he's trying to show Adam respect by not making a scene. Not a word is given to Kaylee and her laughing, not even a glance as he goes back to his eating, his motions stiff now.

"Grimalkin." Grim corrects Adam. "Grimaldi is a pizza joint in Jersey." How he knows? Good pizza is hard to find these days. Sometimes you just have to see the light at the end of the tunnel to get it. "At any rate, good to be aboard." he says before reaching forward to once again shake Adam's hand. He turns his head and gives a smile to Kaylee but blinks when Ash places his knife and fork down on the plate, seeming to listen intently as the man says his piece and then watches him return to his table. Pausing for a minute, he nods slowly and turns back to Adam and Kaylee, reaching into his coat pocket to retrieve his wallet, pulling a few bills from within and places them on the table. "That should cover his meal and drinks. The glass I broke though… hmmm…" he places his hand over the pile of dust on the table and the flame overtakes his hand again. Slowly lifting his hand up from the table, the glass he broke reforms and is left sitting in on the table as if it had never been broken, complete with original scratches and dings. Getting up from his chair once the fire on his hand goes out, he gives a respectful not to Adam and winks at Kaylee. "Pick you up later for the 9 o'clock showing?" he asks.

Kaylee turns a smile to Grim and gives him a wink. "Welcome into the group, Grim. I'm sure you'll do just fine." She peers at Ash's back but doesn't say anything, except to Grim. "I would say Ash's bark is worse then his bite, but the man is a freakin' maniac in a brawl." she can say that honestly, "So I wouldn't piss him off too much. Would be nice to keep you around for awhile." The question he asks, gets a shy smile and she glances over at Adam. "I, uh — I'll call you, Grim. If I can, you make sure to have a movie picked out just in case." She says a touch hesitant, looking back at the newest member of Adam's team.

As Ash gets off and moves to his old table, Adam frowns. He turns to Grim, "Apologies, just a slip of the tongue. On the other hand, you're going to be working with Mr. Williams. Perhaps an apology of good faith would be in order? Just to break the ice, hmm?" he turns back towards the glass reformed from the ash and then really gives Grim a look. It's a untrusting look and then he says, "Again, very impressive. Unfortunately, I think Kaylee will be busy tonight. I would want to make sure she doesn't miss another curfew again."

Ash sits at his table, his back stiff. He leans his head over a bit, keeping to himself for the moment. The stout is finished off finally with a long drink. The steak is finished and he pulls out some money, leaving a tip for the waitress that was tending him before hand and he looks over to Adam, offering the man a slow nod of respect as he rises from his spot and makes his way towards the door. He's got a sad look on his face, suggesting he's thinking of.. recent… events. He moves on out the door, offering a wave to an employee or two around the pub.

Giving a soft resigned sigh, Kaylee rolls her eyes to the ceiling, but then gives Adam a smile. "Yes, sir. Double shift tonight?" She asks, her tone a touch bland as if waiting to hear the affirmative for that. She lifts her hand to wiggle her fingers in farewell to Grim. "Well, I'll call you at least," her tone apologetic.

"Perhaps you're ri-…" Grim says as he turns to look at Ash as he gets up from the table, pays quickly enough and makes for the door. "Well, it is not the last time I will see him, is it? Try not to keep Kaylee too busy. Tomorrow night is an excellent night to go swing dancing…" he bows his head to Adam respectfully and lean leans over and kisses Kaylee on the cheek before he turns to go, heading out the door to the street, his drink untouched.

As soon as Grim turns to leave, Adam reaches over to the reformed glass and holds it, frowning. His eyes narrow and he's clearly thinking thoughts. Once Grim leaves, he glances at Kaylee a moment, then back at the glass and says, "Kaylee. You're to be careful. I trust neither Brian, nor this Seth fellow." there's not even a yet. He puts the glass down on the table and continues to stare at it. "I want you to learn what you can from both of them and give up little else, until I tell you otherwise." he looks up, "Do you understand?"

Kaylee watches Grim leave with a silly little smile on her face, but when Adam speaks up, her expression turns serious. "I haven't yet… I mean.. most they've gotten from me is I'm a telepath. They don't know the other things about me." Her eyes settle on the untouched glass and she licks her lips, "But yeah, sure Adam. I'll do that for you. See what I can get from them.. Don't give away anything. I swear I haven't told anything major.. I mean. I mentioned the business trip, but didn't give details." She rambles on a bit and then goes quiet for a moment. "I… uh… Ran into an old Level 5 buddy of yours. The guy from the bank robbery?" She watches his reaction as she says, "He made a really unusual request. Kinda silly really."

Adam appears extremely serious when he's talking about his distrust of Brian and Grim and for some reason, the glass is one of the focal parts of his problem. But he leans back, rubbing his eye with the back of his hand for a moment, "Bank robbery?" oh yeah, there was a bank robbery. Level 5….oh, Eric. He frowns thoughtfully, thinking back to the last time Doyle talked to him and his whole reformation business. "And what did he want?"

Reaching over, Kaylee plucks the glass up to examine it herself. "He asked the weirdest thing." she murmurs sounding rather, uncertain. "He said if I wanted to prove that you were as good a guy as I made you.. that I was to get him a vile of your blood." Looking up from the glass she kind of gazes off in the distance. "He said it would save a kid." She then gives a little shake of her head and looks at the glass again. "Dunno why. Not sure how and the hell a vial of your blood would save a kid." She looks over at Adam with that confused look. "Any ideas?"

Adam leans back for a moment as he considers this question. His lips purse gently and he replies, "My blood heals people." matter of factly. "Who was this child?" he question, "Was he telling the truth?" he looks to Kaylee as if to support the claim or not, "Or was it a ruse?"

There is no way to hide the shock on her face. "Really? Damn Adam," she sounds impressed., "Unkillable and then this?" She sets the glass slowly on the table as she thinks back to the conversation. "He was talking about something at a hospital.. ah.." Kaylee's eyes squint as she tries to recall. "Some guy named Jasper. Jason… " Yes, she's using his cover name, "..promised the guy to help heal his kid?" A small smile touches her lips, "I can tell you where to find Jason.. Then maybe you can run into him yourself and ask?"

Adam considers this, he's quiet. "Yes, let's do it that way." he says, "That way, I can find out if he's just trying to sell my blood or if he really is playing hero. I don't like being used." he says to Kaylee, "But, I suppose if there's a child involved…" he trails off and shrugs his shoulder, "So where can he be found?"

Kaylee grins, "Well, he told me if I could get the vial that he frequents Central Park. it's a field there. I can show you. He told me to bring the vial there." She gives a shrug of her shoulders and then grins. "He was pretty insistent that you were not a nice guy and I shouldn't trust you." She makes it sound like a rather silly suggestion.

Adam reaches over and strokes Kaylee's cheek and says, "You're still on double shifts." then stands up and takes the work papers with him, "Don't forget. Be careful of Brian and Grim. They're both hiding things. And I aim to find out what they are."

Any smile Kaylee has, falls away at that little announcement and she sighs. "Yes, sir. I suppose I deserve that." She knew it was coming, but still doesn't make it any better. "When I have more information on what I was doing that night. I'll lay out what I was doing." She offers him a small smile. "And I'll see what Brian and Grim let slip.. I'm already getting — cozy with Grim." That little mischievous smile returns and she reaches over to pick up the glass again. "Take care, Adam."

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