A Glimpse Of The Web, Part II



Scene Title A Glimpse of the Web, Part II
Synopsis In disguises no one knows, hides the face, lies the snake.
Date December 25, 2018

«This is… attempt number 18.»

«Power it up.»

«Okay. Okay.»

«Ok, the coils are holding.»

«Ok, flip the secondary.»

«Look! Look! Bring the camera over! Oh my god look!»

«Oh my god, oh my god. The bottle’s gone!»

«Look! Look the microscope is missing! Oh my god!»

«I think— I think we’re— I think we did it. That’s gotta be last week!»

«That’s the last of it. I’ve boxed up the parts, we’ll have them shipped to Langley in the morning.»

« — ink we’re looking at? What are we looking at?»

«Jesus Christ, what is this?»

«Turn it!»

«We can see who they’re talking to!»

«No, no we shouldn’t move it!»

«We really shouldn’t.»

In my eyes, indisposed

"Ray, what the hell is going on?"

In disguises no one knows

Karen takes a step forward, eyes wide, "what— what on earth are you doing here?" She oves in front of her daughter, and the spectacled man takes a step forward to Karen Thatcher and rests a hand on her shoulder, squeezing once firmly.

Hides the face, lies the snake

"I need you to leave Massachusetts right now, you have to be out of the city by five this afternoon." The demand makes Karen stare with a gaping quality, head shaking from side to side slowly. "I'm sorry— Karen— I'm so sorry but I just— I can't explain right now." Flipping open his briefcase, Ray pulls out a white envelope and offers it out to the blonde. "Take this, take our daughter, and go to New York."

The sun in my disgrace

She swats the envelope out of his hand, knocking it to the floor. "What the fuck is going on?" She demands, blue eyes wide and furious. "You just— You can just keep jumping into her life like this and— " Tears well up in her eyes, "For God's sake Ray wh— " she's almost on the verge of breaking down in the kitchen in front of her daughter, "For fuck's sake Ray!" The shout causes little Kaylee to come to a halt, immediately beginning to noisily cry.

Boiling heat, summer stench

"Please you have to listen to me just get out of the State. Go to New York, start over, make sure Kaylee gets into a good school." Ray crouches down, picking up the envelope again before holding it out towards her. "You won't ever have to see me again, I promise."

//'Neath the black the sky looks dead/

"Take a bite, the fruit is sweet." Kaylee's words should send off alarms in his head. She had talked to him about her nightmares before, while holding a book.

Call my name through the cream

The place has a good echo. But there's nothing around for it to echo on. As her fingers trail along his shirt, and she moves in closer, his head tilts a bit, fingers wrapping around the apple. Corbin can't help but start to move away after her lips touch his cheek, stepping back and taking the apple with him. "Hey, this— " Wrong. But right and perfect. But also not right and not perfect. While he flirted with asking her out, he hadn't actually been too serious about it.

And I'll hear you scream again

And she admitted to being hopelessly in love with someone else she couldn't have. He probably shouldn't remember this right now, but he does. "This apple isn't for me— you weren't expecting me to be here. I think the apple was supposed to be for someone else." He glances back behind him, toward the blurry edges of the garden, trying to spot someone else who might be there. "Maybe he's late?"

Black hole sun

There is a soft hiss from the young woman as he steps away, "N… no… It's for you." Kaylee stumbles over the words, though the hiss is still there in the back ground. Her eyes are on the apple, watching it intently. He might see it then, the softly glow of red in the shadow of her hair. "Just…. take a bite." Stay here with me. The last seems to float past like a whisper on the wind. Help me.

Won't you come

"Yesss… eat… it would only take a bite. Ssshe would be yoursss."

And wash away the rain

The words a thick and silky, like rich chocolate on the tongue….. Oh so tempting. They draw on the person emotions. A small black head with blood red eyes, slides out from under blonde strands.

Black hole sun

"Jussst a bite."

Won't you come

“You’re a telepath,” Sibyl says. “You can get into people’s heads and make them do things they don’t want to. But you can help people, too, can’t you?” She asks. “If there’s something wrong with them on the inside, you can fix it?”

Won't you come (won't you come)

Kaylee nods slowly, “Though I don’t make a habit of doing things like that.” She can count on one hand that she’s done that, at least in the way that the teen witnessed.

Stuttering, cold and damp

Stepping around to settle into the other chair, Kaylee considers the question. Taking a deep breath she admits, when it comes to being able to help; “It depends.” Hands fold and rest on her lap. “I have helped a lot of people over the years, in various situations. Still, there are things outside of my… skill set.” However, she does offer Sibyl a gentle smile, “However, I’m always willing to try.” There is a brief pause before she asks, “An odd question. Why?”

Steal the warm wind tired friend

Sibyl knits her fingers together and stills her hands.

Times are gone for honest men

“I need your help,” she says, “but I also need to know I can trust you.” And it is, perhaps, difficult to trust someone she saw murder a man in cold blood. Her eyes search Kaylee’s face from beneath fair, feathery lashes.

And sometimes far too long for snakes

“There’s something wrong with me. I told someone, once, and now he’s gone. You have to promise you won’t go away, too.”

In my shoes, a walking sleep

The wind picks up outside, battering the windows with rain.

And my youth I pray to keep

As the figure follows Kam into the room, light rolls off bare shoulders and the deep, swooping neckline of the black dress that the stranger wears.

Heaven sent hell away

If they are a stranger. Barbara can’t be entirely sure based on their gloomy style of dress or the earrings winking at her from beneath the tousled cascade of hair as dark as the lingering shadows that obscure her face. Sensible heels make a sound like flinty pieces of stone cracking together. Their eyes, too, possess a strange hardness offset by a painted mouth, milk-pale skin, and feathery lashes.

No one sings like you anymore

Floral perfume hangs in the air and a smell like stale tobacco smoke clinging stubbornly to freshly washed skin. It's the scent that tips off the former Ferrymen council member rather than the voice.

Black hole sun

Some senses are stronger associated with memory than others. “Hello, Barbara,” the not-stranger says, tone clipped, cool, British.

Won't you come

The ghost of Eileen Ruskin emerges fully into the light and offers Kin a rueful smile. “I’ll partake if she won’t.”

And wash away the rain

"Of course," Barbara repeats, with the same respectful dip of her head. She isn't sure what to except - there were Council members to her knowledge unaccounted for, numerous Ferrymen and women both before, during, and after Pollepel who has never resurfaced and were long thought dead. And it could also be a pretender, someone looking to use Ferry ties to their advantage, someone like Odessa Price or Susan Ball. "You have my utmost confidence that this will remain within this room until desired otherwise."

Black hole sun

Thus, with her expectations tempered, Barbara is slow to turn around when she years Kam making her return, another person with her. But for Barbara, there are immediately what one might normally consider warning signs - instead, they are echoes of something more familiar.

Won't you come

Eyes narrow slight, head canting just the slightest bit to the side. That the smell of the perfume, the clinging grasp of of something like cigarette smoke that a death grip on an ashtray. It takes a moment as the other comes fully into view, and at first Barbara is disbelieving.

Won't you come

It the voice, one not heard in many years, that seals it for her.

Black hole sun

"W-what-" Barbara does a lot to keep a cool, collected facade, but for a moment, at the sight of Eileen Ruskin, it falls away for just the barest of moments. At look at this woman who resembles the former councilwoman - and someone Barbara considered a friend - and then she turns back to Egami.

Won't you come

"I know you aren't in the business of jokes, President Egami, but-" A series of much harsher words cycles through her mind, rapid fire before she finally settles on something more more gentle than her initial ones, looking back to… Eileen?

And wash away the rain

"You know this can't be possible." Can it? Because that memory of Pollepel is not one easily forgotten.

Black hole sun

Slipping by Eileen as she makes her way to Barbara’s side, Kam gently rests a hand on the redhead’s shoulder and tilts her head to the side, offering the former Ferryman councilor a pleasant look.

Won't you come

“I've learned something in my life, Ms. Zimmerman, that may be of great truth here.” Kam looks over at Eileen. “We live in an age of miracles…”

Won't you come

“Where anything is possible.”

Black hole sun

Truman Medical Center

Kansas City, Missouri

December 25th

10:17 pm

Barbara Zimmerman's eyes flutter open slowly, a dull ache piercing the back of her skull. Rain is pattering on the windows of a darkened hospital room. As her eyes adjust to the darkness, she sees a vase of flowers sitting beside her bed, her cell phone and wallet next to it. There's an IV plugged into her hand, a plastic clip on one finger.

Outside the hospital windows, the clouds are backlit by green aurora lights.

Her reflection in the glass is muted, save for a pair of pale golden rings…

…slowly fading.

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