A Good Samaritan


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Scene Title A Good Samaritan
Synopsis While in the ER after a Humanis First incident, Tess asks for the one cop she knows and likes.
Date December 8, 2010

St. Luke's

It's been just a little while since Tess got to the ER of St. Luke's. She's been separated from the Humanis First goon and Koshka, and she managed to get someone to call Christine and ask her to come down. If she's going to deal with a cop, it may as well be a cop that she knows and likes, as much as a single meeting can mean knowing and liking, anyway.

She's being treated now for the spraypaint that was sprayed in her face and that she inhaled, and she's looking grumpy, pale, and a little shakey. "I'm tellin' you. I need somethin' sweet. Candy. Soda. Gum for Christ's sake. I dropped my jelly beans so I can't munch on those."

The call to Christine came in just a few minutes before she was due to clock out and go home. So, luckily, she doesn't have to change back into her uniform since she's already wearing it! Dragging her partner along, with the promise of overtime (which of course she can't actually promise), they take their squad car over to St. Luke's. While her partner stays inside the car, which is parked near the hospital, Christine makes her way into the ER and aproaches the desk. "Hi, I got a call about one of your patients. Tess Winslow?"

Christine is directed towards the grumbly Tess. And the moment Tess spots Christine she brightens. "Hey! Can you tell these idiots that I need somethin' sweet? I got all gluey and everytime it happens I feel all horrible until I get some sugar in me. No idea why, but can ya? Pretty please? Then can you tell me how in the hell I can make that jackass Humanis First guy pay for my camera?" she asks, rapid fire, even if her voice isn't quite as steady and firm as normal.

Luckily for Tess, in many ways, that Christine is a cop. She's got practice dealing with multiple questions being shot at her at one time. That, and she can get the woman something sugary…possibly. Christine looks over at the nurse with a raised eyebrow. "Ma'am, would you possibly mind? I don't want to inconvenience you any, but something like candy, maybe a chocolate bar, might be of help. Thank you." She gives the woman a little smile before turning her attention back to Tess. "Humanis First?" She takes out her notepad and pen, opening the pad up to a free page. "Can you tell me what happened?"

"Damn straight I can," Tess says, watching the nurse until she goes off to get candy. "Was out walkin'. I'd picked up some jelly beans, 'cause, yeah, sugar cravings lately. Saw these guys start trashin' Oh So Sweet, and I like that place, so…I ran over and jumped on the back of one of the guys. Got glued to him, which sucked. Some of the guys sprayed me in the face, which, yeah, you can tell. At least I like red. But then the douche fell and my camera got totally fuckin' smashed. My only camera. I about cried!"

Christine takes a couple notes as Tess speaks, nodding along to the what she says. "Well, did you get a good look at what any of them looked like? Height, weight, hair colour, anything like that?" She asks. "Was there anything else that particularly jumped out at you? Anything they said, any distinctive markings or anything of the like?"

"Hell, one of 'em is here. I told ya, got glued to him. They had to cut us apart. Sure they've got him handcuffed somewhere. But other than him…" Tess looks sheepish and shakes her head. "No, not really. Not for looks. But they did call us freaks and freak sympathizers. Then there was the spraypaintin' which pretty much clinched it, who they were."

It's not long before the nurse is back with a Snickers, holding it out for Tess. Christine gives the nurse a little nod of thanks before looking back at Tess. "One of them is here? Okay. I'll try to talk with him. Though I can't make any promises about your camera, you understand. I know you're angry. I would be too, in your situation. I just can't make any promises, but perhaps…well, we'll see what we can do about your camera, though." She says with a little smile. "I do have a question though…how exactly did you become glued to the man?"

The bar is snatched out of the nurse's hand and Tess tears it open, taking a big bite. Eyes close as she savors that first bite. "Fank oo," she tells the nurse, uncaring that her mouth is full for that moment. when she swallows she shrugs at Christine. "My ability is glue. Or, well, adhesive secretion. Just manifested last month when I got shot. Haven't gotten control of it. I didn't even realize I was all gluey until I couldn't let go of him."

Christine taps her notepad lightly, looking down at it for a few moments. "I know this may seem strange and unrelated, but did any other police officer take your statement? If they did, and you want me on the case for you, I'll have to go talk to them." She says with a little smile. Standard procedure, right? "When it comes to matters of Humanis First and people with abilities, such as yourself, things can be very sensitive." Of course, that's pretty much the case with most investigations, but hey, that's the name of the game.

"Not yet. But I wasn't the only one there. There was a couple, I know, I threw a jelly bean at him, and the girl who fell on me and glued herself to me. She's gotta be around here somewhere too," Tess explains with a shrug, still munching on the candy, bite by big bite. "Besides, I'm not ashamed of bein' evolved. I registered as soon as it was mandatory, even before I manifested."

Christine shakes her head. "Of course not. Certainly nothing wrong with being evolved. But Humanis First thinks there is something wrong with it. That's why we have to be careful, you understand? Just gotta make sure everything is order so we can figure everything out. I just want to make sure that you're okay." She says softly. "Now…this girl you said got glued to you, do you know what she looked like?"

"Oh I know they do. I was yellin' at 'em the whole time I was hangin' on. And uh…Yeah," Tess says, before describing Koshka. "And I'm alright, I guess. Breathed in some of the spray paint, got some in my eyes, and prolly gonna have some bumps'n bruises, but I'm alright."

Christine takes down some of the notes about Koshka. "And you said this girl is probably around here somewhere too?" She smiles. "Okay, I'm going to see what all I can do for ya here to make you comfortable. And then I'm gonna see about your camera. Did you have actual film in your camera or was it a memory card sorta thing?"

"Well we were all brought in, so I don't see why they'd let her go without someone takin' her statement," Tess says with one more shrug. "And it was a digital. I didn't think to check the memory card…Hope they didn't trash it since it was…yanno…trashed."

Christine smiles and nods. "Alright. That's good. I'm sure someone is taking her statement." She says softly. "And the camera…they probably didn't get rid of it. If it was part of the crime scene, then it's most likely in evidence. They may want to check what's on memory card, see if you may have accidentally taken any pictures of what went on there. Standard stuff, really."

"Well it was in my pocket the whole time, and off, so I can guarantee that it didn't take any shots. And if it did, somehow, it'd only be my pocket," Tess says with a grin, balling up the candy wrapper, looking like she's feeling a bit better. "But hey, check away."

Christine smiles and nods. "Okay. Good to know. You know some of these coppers, they just wanna check everything out, leave no stone unturned. All that. I can be the same way sometimes. Which actually works out, really, you know? Sometimes you get something you would have missed otherwise. There's always a story to be found."

"Hey, I've got nothin' to hide. They can check the camera all they want. And me? Hell, I was the good Samaritan!" Tess says with another grin. "Not that I really helped much, but maybe we kept 'em from doin' as much damage as they wanted. Who knows?"

Christine nods a little. "Just…maybe…next time you feel like being a good Samaritan like that, give me a call, okay? Or the cops in general. I ain't saying I'm not commending you for doing the right thing, but I wouldn't want to see you more hurt than you were. It could have been worse." She says softly. "I just want to make sure that you don't get hurt."

"Yeah, I know, that would've been smart, but I heard the glass crash and all, and I just reacted. But hey, I didn't get shot today! I consider this a total glass half full day," Tess says brightly.

Christine shakes her head. "I ain't gonna give ya the the more long winded speech about how it could've been worse. But I just want ya to be careful. It's a nasty city out there. Just watch yourself." She says kindly. "So, you think you're gonna be alright? The spray paint not gonna have long term affects or anything like that?"

"Oh, trust me, I don't need it," Tess assures her, glancing towards the exit briefly. "I've got a couple of friends who are gonna lecture me plenty enough for you'n five more just like ya." She looks back and grins. "But yeah, I'll be alright. I'm too stubborn to suffer for this."

Christine chuckles. "Just watch yourself. I don't wanna find myself in the hospital again. And if I do…you better have glued a few more of them to you." She with a little wink. "Okay, I'm gonna go check on the evidence. You watch yourself, and get some rest. You've had a rough night."

"Trust me, I hate hospitals. First my mom, now me?" Tess shakes her head, her expression serious. "I never wanna see the inside of one of these places again. But yeah, evidence is good. And I'm totally buyin' you and your partner a dozen donuts. Promise."

Christine laughs and shakes her head. "Really, the last thing Officer Kirkland needs is more donuts. Seriously. Thank you, though. That's a generous offer." She smiles. "You have a restful night now, you hear? And don't let those friends lecture you too much, okay?"

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