A Good Sort


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Scene Title A Good Sort
Synopsis Two teachers discuss recent events in the Hub.
Date November 28, 2011

The Hub

Afternoon lessons are always the hardest to get through. Particularly lately, it's just so easy to get distracted with everything going on - as if staying awake wasn't hard enough, now you have children and adults alike even more duistracted than usual by the new disruptions that have popped up in the Hub over the past month. Today, mercifully, there seemed to be little going on in earshot of where the few children of the Hub are taught - no mysterious new arrivals appearing, no talk of Vanguard, and most important…

No upset sisters raving about snipers and how utterly fucked everyone is.

As teaching for the day wraps up, the door back to the storage area adjacent to the class room opens, a weary looking woman with short hair peering in, before pushing the door open fully and stepping in. With a deep sigh, she settles her eyes on to one of the chairs, and immediately flops down in it as hard as she can - it's amazing it doesn't break as she lands in it.

For so few children, this job only gets more stressful every day.

Keeping the kids positive and focused and attentive in a normal classroom was one thing, here it was much more difficult and much more draining. An equally tired redhead makes her way over to a nearby chair, but she alights on it with a lot more grace. She's silent for a very long moment, letting the quiet linger in the air. Quiet was hard to find these days, so Elaine wasn't planning on going without a little of it before speaking.

"What a day."

The other woman lets out a small laugh and a sigh. "This," she starts, a hand reaching up to straighten her short hair a bit, "is exactly the kind of day spas were made for." Or maybe just a warm bath - but reminicing about what they don't have anymore is never a terribly good idea.

"Was everyone at least awake f'r you t'day?" She looks over at Elaine for a moment, tapping a finger on the arm of her chair. "Think everyone's been stayin' up too late 'cause a' all the excitement lately. 'Course, I say that, but one a' the kids decided t' remind me m' sister went all madhouse in the commons the other day."

She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Ms. Elspeth! Ms. Elspeth! What was Aislinn yellin' all about the other day!" Imitating one of the children is done in the kindest way she can, but Elspeth can't help but stiffle a chuckle afterwards. "Oh, please tell me your day was better, Elaine."

"Well, they weren't terrible. Although they weren't all angels either. Wouldn't sit still, wouldn't focus, asking all kinds of questions about the newcomers. I was starting to consider making shit up just to get them to quiet down."

Elaine pauses, chuckling lightly. "I'd have done it but I don't want them believing every word out of my mouth is a lie. Got them to quiet down with a story though. I let them take turns making one up. They tend to like that. Settles them down. Goodness, I could use that spa right now though."

Elspeth's smile widens, snapping a finger at Elaine. "Right on! That sounds like a great idea, I'll have t' remember that for next time everyone's gettin' restless." Reaching into the pocket the loose, long sleeved button up shirt she wears, she produces a small phamplet with - what looks like a colourful, but hand drawn picture of a baby on the front.

"God, one a' them had one of these! Have you see these things? I dunno who put 'em out, but I can't decide if they're tryin' t' be funny or not!" She smirks, offering the phamplet towards Elaine. "One a' them asked what it was about. One a' the older kids helped bail me out, though." A feigned sigh of relief, and a dramatic wip of her brown, before she leans back in her seat, staring up at the ceiling.

"Everyone seems a bit more on edge than usual lately, yeah? That's not just me?"

Elaine takes the pamphlet, flipping through it as she makes a face. "Gah, how'd they get their hands on this? I mean… I hope they're trying to be funny." She shakes her head. "But no, it's not just you. It started with the newcomers, but I don't think they really mean any harm. At least Liz doesn't. She seems nice, helpful enough. I haven't met the other yet, but he sounds like he could use a round of interactive storytelling himself." She chuckles lightly. "Or maybe more he is the interactive story."

"I haven't met eitehr a' them," Elspeth admits, watching as Elaine flips through the pamphlet. She sits up a bit, motionign to it. "Right?! They at least need t' make sure they're leavin' these in better palces. Maybe leave 'em over near K-Mart. He'd love that, don't t' think?" She snickers a bit at that, before furrowing her brow at Elaine. "I don't- is he an' actor or somethin'? Havne't really had many a' those down here, that would be neat! Maybe he's one a' those dreadful college improv folks."

Fingers tap on her chair, and she smiles. "Aislinn doesn't seem t' like 'em, for what little bit she told me she heard. Says Lynette ain't too fond a' them either." ANd Lynette seems like the kind of person, from her tone, that Elspeth would be inclined to agree with.

"Leaving these out where the kids can find them is a bit dangerous. We don't want them getting the wrong ideas…" Elaine can't help but grin at the suggestion of leaving the pamphlets by K-Mart. "Yeah, we might just have to do that. Could be entertaining at least."

"Ah, I don't think he's an actor but he's apparently a bit of a troublemaker. A troublemaker of the facepalm variety. I was going to see if I could keep him out of trouble somehow but I don't know exactly the sort of person he is, just what Liz joked about. But you're right. Lynette is very cautious, which is understandable, but Liz seems like a sweetheart."

Elaine, on the other hand, is inclined to believe the best in people.

"Leave 'em next to the moonshine," Elspeth says with a motion of her hand. "They'll get the most use that way!" She can't help but giggle, a hand moving to cover her mouth as she looks over at Elaine, smiling. But then, it's back to the new strangers, and Elspeth sits forward a bit.

"We don't need more trouble makers…" she says a bit more quietly. It's bad enough when people fight, an' then you have people like Ling goin' around talkin' about it's only a matter a' time." She wrinkles her nose at that. "But L-Liz, yeah? She seems nice, yeah? I heard she's takin' up music in Dessa's place."

There's a sad look on Elspeth's face, forlon as she looks over at a haphazard stack of books on the desk on the other side of the room. "That hurts. I'm gonna miss 'er. I know Ais an' her used to get int' spats all the time, but…"

She trails off, pulling her leg up into her chair. "What're you doin' after all a' this? Like, t'day."

"Yeah, if they're next to the moonshine clearly people will consider it." Elaine pauses. "I mean, they're funny but in a way they have a point. Not sure if a baby would survive so well but…" She offers a small smile to Elspeth. "I think he's mostly harmless. I think his stupid is the kind you laugh at, not scream over." She nods. "But Liz is teaching the kids music again. I miss Dessa too, but it's nice to hear them playing again. Makes people happy. Boosts morale and all that."

"What am I doing? Probably checking to see if any chores need done and maybe taking a nap. Yeah, nap sounds good. Why, did you want to hang out? Cause my plans are never set in stone. Can't be."

"Well, if you think he seems like a good sort." Then he's okay with her, at least for now. "Yeah… I dunno. Aislinn's been on edge lately, an' it'd be kinda nice t' be away from it for a night." As much as they ever can be, anyway. A small smile forms on her face, and she nods.

"Yeah. I heard the piano the other day… I don't think she saw me, but I watched her for a few. It was surreal." Slowly, she rises to her feet. "Come on. We can go see what we can give K-Mart for some a' that moonshine, leave 'im with one of the pamphlet, work on a lesson plan an' have a few drinks…" She offers a hand down to Elaine. "Sounds better than another night of Aislinn bitchin'. Love her more than anythin' left in this world, but lately…"

"Oh, I've no idea if he's the good sort. I just think he deserves a chance. Liz, on the other hand, seems kind but tough. Lynette is right to worry but I don't think she'll harm the kids. I can't imagine either of them harming the kids."

She chuckles lightly. "Well, that certainly sounds like a better time than taking a nap." She takes the offered hand and gets to her feet. "She bitches. Loudly. Can't blame you for wanting to get away for a bit."

"Ugh. I'll be sure to tell her- well, someone said that. Maybe…" She offers Elaine a smile, moving to get the door for her. "Maybe it'll get her t' calm down a bit. An' personally?" Elspeth rolls her shoulders, snagging the pamphlet back so she can look at it again and they can both laugh as they walk. "I think a nap sounds great. Can't really nap with other people though, so this is the next best thing." She nods, following behind the redhead.

"Someone. I'd rather not face her wrath." Elaine actually giggles as she makes her way out of the room, nodding her gratitude for Elspeth holding the door. "Naps are glorious things, but social they are not. And I think today we'll settle for social."

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