A Good Word For It


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Scene Title A Good Word For It
Synopsis Two friends meet up after Christmas, and discuss how things are complicated.
Date December 28, 2010

A Cheap Hotel Room

Being squirreled away from the Ferrymen isn't much different then when Kaylee Thatcher was gone for five years. Only difference is the daily visits of Valerie popping in to talk to her and tell her still no word on the DNA, she's cut off from the rest. The telepath is in her room a lot of the time, relaxing in the ratty chair that came with the room, socked feet propped on the bed and a book in her lap.

This is how she passes most of her time, a stack of books on the dresser says shes' been doing a lot of reading.

Of course, at the moment she's waiting for a visitor. It was a surprise when Quinn had called her, Kaylee had been more then happy to invite the girl over. Thrilled actually for some company.

The knock at the door makes her jump a bit, even though she was expecting it. The book is closed with a snap and set to the side so that she can hurry on to the door. Blonde hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail of curls. Her clothing simple with a blue sweatshirt with NYU on it and a pair of worn blue jeans. When the door is opened, Kaylee gives the woman on the other side a bright smile. "Hey!" Kaylee's tone is just as bright, taking a few steps back to let her in.

"Excuse the place, but being low on the funds, I can't exactly afford the Ritz."

A somewhat tired smile is what Robyn Quinn offers in return to Kaylee as the door is opened. She hasn't really seen the telepath in over a month now, and with Christmas having come and gone, and QUinn having seen many of the people she considers friends, it seemed like as good a time as ever to track her down and at least say hello.

…And deliver a Christmas present, of course!

Quinn si dressed as she always is lately - in lots of block. Her long, black button up coat sits over a black, frilly looking shirt, with a long gray skirt and black stocks to match. Even her hair fits the theme, cut short and dyed black in a stark contrast to the last time Kaylee saw her. The present, a wrapped red box, is held close as she steps in, looking around the room.

"Still looks better than my old place," she comments dryly, letting out a bit of a laugh afterwards. "I think I'd take this over my old shitty studio apartment in Brooklyn." She says that, but she really misses that place. "You shoulda said somethin' t' me. You could've come stay with me an' Elaine…" She lets that drift for a moment, before she suddenly spins to face Kaylee, her smile wider. "Oh! Right. Merry late Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas to you too. And I appreciate the offer, but it's a bit too risky yet, but Raith is suppose to get back to me." Kaylee comments lightly, if exasperated sigh. "I realized a little too late that I was in the middle of an Institute factory, so… precautions and all." The door is firmly shut behind her and lock applied just so she can relax a little.

"As much as I was assured I was safe, I can't risk being followed back to Ferry places." Kaylee gives a little shrug and a resigned look. "Miss Joseph tho, missing all the holidays with him." The smile falters just a little and she motions the girl to sit. "You really didn't have to get me anything. I wish I had something in return," she adds the last looking genuinely apologetic.

The mention of the Institue earns a furrowed brow and a wrinkled nose from Quinn, and something along the lines of "god damned Institute" is muttered. A sigh follows, and Quinn's smile returns. "That's a shame. No one should have t' spend the holidays away from people they love." She looks down at her hands, flexing fingers. "Just remember, if you want t' see someone an' don't mind bein' blind for a bit…" She grins as she looks back up at Kaylee, taking her seat with the present set next to her.
"I feel kinda bad. I meant t' put out an invitation t' you to the party I had the other night, but I guess it wouldn't have worked out anyway." She waves a hand dismissively at the blonde, shrugging. "No worries. Been a while since we hung out at all, so that's good enough for me, you know? I hope things have been good for you the past month. Considering… you know." That the last time they saw each other, Kaylee was taking care of a young child and still recovering from a knife wound to her side.

"Considering everything has been crazy and busy since the 8th?" It's supplied without a hitch and with understanding. Kaylee can't help but grin. "And trust me, I thought about that or even Kendell, but… I might have a tracker on me. God knows the place was crawling with little robots." There is a slight wrinkling of her nose, before she sighs out, "No. Better to sit tight and wait for S.A. to clear me. The risk and wait is hopefully worth it, if it gives me a clue on who I'm related too."

She moves to sit on the edge of the chair with hands resting on her knees, Kaylee's eyes go to the package curiously. "I am glad for the company though."

Quinn laughs, giving a few quick and shallow nods. "Well, yeah. I'm glad to see you up and about after everything that happened. I know you were at the wake, but I didn't really get teh chance t' say hi. It was…" She sighs, shaking her head. "Dee an' I were there t' remember Else, an' then teh convoy came back, an' it was jsut craziness." But she shrugs a bit, more than a bit eager to go ahead and move on from that. "I'll have t' stop back by after I get back from Canada, then. I mean, no one should have t' be alone. Particularly not right now." THis, apprently, despite the warning that she may be being tracked. "I really hope none a' those, uh… robots," she says sounding a little disbelieving, "followed you. That kinda stuff is creepy as hell."

Attention turns to the package after a moment of watching Kaylee look at it, and she smiles as she motions at it. "Go on. Open it! I hope you like it, I honestly wasn't sure what t' get."

"I hope not." Fingers starts to quest along the edge of the paper, as Kaylee doesn't have to be told twice. "He's Institute, but he also might be my brother… Along with another guy, you know a Richard Cardinal? To say the least, my life has been a bit surreal." She widens her eyes briefly at Quinn before glancing down at the package as the paper comes loose. "DNA will tell us the truth of it all — Oh my god."

That last is whispered out loud, fingers hovering over a lovely little marble music box nestled in a black box. There is a bit of a hesitation before she gently lifts the lid, only to be rewarded with the tinkling sound of Green Sleeves. "Oh… I have always loved that song. It was one of the few song my granddaddy could play on the guitar." She murmurs, head tilting a little as she lifts it to hear it better. "Brings back memories."

When she looks at it, brows lift a little. "What's the CD?" Kaylee asks softly, glancing up at the other woman.

Momentarily, most of what Kaylee says before the recognition of the present is left aside as Quinn beams. "Honestly, I wasn't sure what t' get," she admits a bit sheepishly, "But I was looking for some records for Sable - like, real vinyl records - an' I saw it an' thought you might like it, for some reason." It wasn't very expensive either - really good condition for something she picked up at Goodwill, and she'd taken it to someone to make sure it was in full working order. But she leaves that much aside for the moment."I'm glad you like it."

Leaning forward a bit, Quinn points down at the box. "It has two compartments, I think it's like a jewellery box or somethin' like that." She shrugs a bit before motioning to the CD, grinning. "I… do you watch The Advocate at all?" She looks up with an inquiring face, before leaning back again. "I dunno if you knew or not, but… I've been workin' on a CD for the last several months, an' barrin' any shenanigans, it should be out next month. That's a buncha stuff that isn't on it." She smiles wide, giving another nod.

Which falters after a moment, her eyes widening a bit. "I- Yeah, I've met Richard a few times. Mostly through Magnes. I'd say he's kinda a dick, but I figure Magnes can bring that out in anyone. He's been nice enough the other times I've seen him." She slouches a it, scratching her cheek. "That all sounds very… complicated." Understatement much?

"Complicated is about as good a word as any…" Kaylee sounds amused, looking at the CD, curiously. "This is you? That's fantastic!" He turns it over in her hand before putting it back. "This is… this is great. I — I just wish I had something for you." It seems to give the telepath some heartache that she doesn't. Even so she lifts off her seats so she can offer the other woman a hug in thanks. "I'll make it up to you somehow."

The smile starts to fade a little at a thought. "Do… do you see Lydia much anymore? Still working at the bookstore?" Kaylee looks a little uncomfortable as she asks the question, shifting in her seat a bit. The gift is held in both hands still and admired, even as the subject shifts.

"There's no need t' worry about it," Quinn replies, laughing into the hug. "I like t' get people things. It's even better when they actually like it!" She giggles a bit, shaking her head. "No need t' make it up, though. The thought counts more than anything." And she's not jsut saying that, she means it.

The subject of Lydia gets a bit of a sad look, Quinn looking down a bit. "Yeah, I still see her. When everything kept you and Delia form bei' able t' keep bein' around, I tried t' make sure I stuck around, it seemed like Lydia really appreciated havin' people around. Plus, I mean, it's a fun place t' work." She sighs a bit, rolling her neck. "But I got offered a job at the place that does The Advocate, an' the terms of my contract keep me from working there for a bit. Technically, at least. I'm still going t' go by there when I can, if I keep my ID I should be able t' get on Roosevelt Island fine unless Lydia reports that I stopped working there for the next month."

"I can't decide whether to risk going there or not." The telepath says settling on the chair again. "I miss being around her… even if it's been awhile, but…" Brows furrow a little and she gets to her feet slowly. "You remember all the time traveling? We were stopping another group from changing the pasted and killing people?"

It's a subject that Joseph hasn't really wanted to talk about, maybe for her sake, but a part of her needs to talk about it. "They people that threw me into the past and tried to kill me when y'all came back to get me?" Kaylee shakes her head slowly, looking really sad as she says, "I think she was possibly in line with them. It's why I haven't gone back to see her, yet."

Quinn's brow furrows again, Quinn looking a bit off to the side. "NOt like I could forget. Hiro said you got… int' trouble because of the mess Magnes caused when we went t' Egypt. I'm… sorry about that. I was supposed t' keep him in line more an' I totally sucked at it." She lets out a bit of a sigh, grimacing. "I probably don't need t' apologise, but… on both our parts, I really think I do. So I'm sorry."

With that, a hand moves to her chin thoughtfully. "Lydia's… never directly said anythin' t' me about it before. If she was inovlved, I dunno if she knows I was. But… you remember the speedster who was there in… what was it, 1890? THe one who wasn't Daphne?" Quinn grows quiet for a moment, giving Kaylee a second to remember. "I'd seen him before then. He'd come by Ichihara, signed a baseball card an' got Lydia really emotional, an' I know Melissa knew him. He's… been around Ichihara lately, though not a word a' what happened's come up. Lydia got married on teh eighth. I think t' him."

Quinn's brow furrows again, Quinn looking a bit off to the side. "NOt like I could forget. Hiro said you got… int' trouble because of the mess Magnes caused when we went t' Egypt. I'm… sorry about that. I was supposed t' keep him in line more an' I totally sucked at it." She lets out a bit of a sigh, grimacing. "I probably don't need t' apologise, but… on both our parts, I really think I do. So I'm sorry."

With that, a hand moves to her chin thoughtfully. "Lydia's… never directly said anythin' t' me about it. If she was involved, she's never really said anything about it. But… you remember the speedster who was there in… what was it, 1890? THe one who wasn't Daphne?" Quinn grows quiet for a moment, giving Kaylee a second to remember. "I'd seen him before then. He'd come by Ichihara, signed a baseball card an' got Lydia really emotional, an' I know Melissa knew him. He's… been around Ichihara lately, though not a word a' what happened's come up. Lydia got married on teh eighth, t' him. I think he told Lydia all about it, but… no one's really talked about it since. Kinda one of those… things. That people don't talk about."

"Honestly, I don't know if what happened with y'all in Egypt was the cause. I had been helping Hiro out for sometime before that. First time I helped him, I about died with a bullet through my neck." The music box is clutched close as she stands from her seat, taking it with her to the dresser. "Anyhow, I haven't even told Joseph what happened when I went back to Egypt with Hiro… but…" She trails off as she set the box there, so she can open one of the drawers.

"I was on the roof of a building waiting for Hiro, when it started to shift and sink. The roof split and I was telekineticly pulled through." Kaylee turns towards Quinn, mostly one side. Fingers reach down to catch the end of her sweater and lift the one side to expose a long pale raised scar down the length of her side, the pink scar of the knife wound not far from it. "Got that when I got dropped to the floor, got really sick from it too." The sweater drops again.

"Anyhow, This guy could move the earth and before he went to pull the building down on me he told me he'd give my regards to Lydia." A small manila envelope is pulled out of the drawer. "If she knows then… I guess she doesn't need this." Taking a step back toward Quinn she opens the envelope and lets the knife slide from it into her palm, looking closely her eyes are shiny with tears. There is a hint of a letter within the envelope too. "I was going to give this to her and my letter of resignation, but… I can't risk the speedster trying to finish what he started."

"Samuel Sullivan," Quinn grumbles with a shake of her head. "Hiro… told us some of what happened. That you'd been cleaning up in Egypt when he'd attacked. That was the name he used." SHe winces at the sight of the scar, almsot diverting her eyes from it. It looks like it hurt quite a bit! "I don't know if JOseph told, or if anyone said anythin', but we weren't jsut sent t' get you. He sent another group - one Richard was in, an' I think Sable went too - t' stop Samuel. I never heard what… happened, exactly, but I assume there were successful."

Once more, Quinn leans forward, placing a hand on Kaylee's arm. "I don't blame you, for wantin' t' resign an' all that. But… if you can, I'd at least talk t' Lydia. Away from Ichihara. I'll even come if yuo want." Rising up from her seat, she eyes Kaylee and the few tears she's produced. The blonde is drawn into another hug, and Quinn sighs. "Edgar… I dunno. He's quiet. An' Lydia… seems really unsure of herself right now. But I can certainly yake it t' her, if you'd rather. Anythin' I can do t' help."

The knife in held in a way to keep either of them from being poked by it when Quinn hugs her, the other arm going around her. "I know I should, but… can't blame me for being scared." Kaylee gives a sad little laugh, not a lick of humor in it. "Not to mention Joseph might get a little cross with me if I risk it." She's taken so many risks as it is, visiting a person associated with the man who tired and almost succeeded in killing her might be pushing things. "I'm already figuring that he's gonna have a few words on this Institute thing."

"Not sure what to do," Kaylee murmurs pulling away finally and sliding the knife back into the envelope. Tears are brushed from her eyes with a sigh. "Maybe you can talk to her. Give her this, maybe. Not pretty much says that I don't hold it against her, but that I don't know if I feel comfortable working there."

"I don't blame you at all," Quinn murmers, shaking her head. "I- was really nervous the first time I saw him at Ichihara, I almost left." Her eyes close for a moment as she steps back, settling back into her seat. "I have t' go see her when I get back from Canada, t' let her know what's up for teh next month. An' donate to the store, the blackades to Roosevelt have really hurt it. THe knife is watched as it reenters the envelope, her head tilting. "If you want me to I will, but if you don't want Edgar t' know anything about whta you're up to, maybe it's best not to. I can always pass on the ltter, though." She shrugs a bit, looking back at Kaylee. "I think we're all having a hard enough time right now. You, Joseph, Lydia…" Quinn doesn't name herself. She… actually isn't too bad off at the moment, compared to most everyone else she knows. "If you're not comfortable, no need t' make things worse, you know?"

There is a slow nod of her head and a nervous smile. "Maybe your right about the knife… not sure why I kept it other than giving it to Lydia." Which was probably a bitchy thing on her part, when she made the choice. Kaylee goes quiet with thought, blue eyes on the envelope. Finally, after a few moments she pulls the letter out and offers it to Quinn. "If you would be so kind, it's appreciated.

"I just… I need time still, I think. Maybe a little longer and some assurances and I may finally visit. I'm probably giving Joseph enough white hairs with all this other stuff." There is a tight lipped smile as she says, "This way at least she'll still know I'm alive and I'm sure she'll understand why I can't go back." It leaves the telepath jobless, but living on the island keeps her busy enough.

"I wouldn't mind at all," Quinn replies with a bit more happier tone. She takes a moment while Kaylee speaks to slip the note into her bag. quirking an eye at the next mention of JOseph. "Well, maybe if you talk t' him about it ahead a' time it'll go over a bit better." She shrugs a bit, tapping a finger on her cheek. "I don't really know Joseph that well, unfortunately. I kind of wish I did. He's a wonderfully nice man, from what I've seen. Maybe next time I'm around, I'll have to see if he's doing any small Sunday services. A glance is given over towards the door, before Quinn rises up from her seat. "How do you feel about gettin' somethin' t' eat? My treat."

When Quinn stands, Kaylee does again as well. "Well, I'm hoping he will be doing Sunday sermons again." There is a slightly mischievous… or is that smug tilt to her smile. "I gave him every reason too, when I sent him his bible. He left it at Gun Hill during the riots. Kendell and I went in and got it." The envelope with the knife is slid back into the drawer with little ceremony. "Also gave him an big old antique cross to hang on the wall when he does. Faith does wonders for the soul, especially in desperate times."

She glances at the door even as the drawer clicks shut. "And food sounds great," is added with a brighter smile from the telepath. "Especially, since it's an opportunity to get out and stretch my legs for a bit." Not that she's stuck there, but not much else to keep her busy. "You can tell me about this trip your gonna take and I… I dunno… the 1880's were kinda boring."

"Oooh." Quinn sounds rather intrested by this fact. "That's really awesome of you, risking like that to get that back. I haven't been t' church in too long. I really should go to one of his services if I'm around the enxt time he has one." She lets out a bit of a sigh, gathering up her bag. "I miss Gun Hill. I wish I'd been there t' help. But at the same time… I'm glad I wasn't. Plus, living under a studio I can use free of charge has been fantastic." She laughs a bit, shaking her head.

"Boring to you, maybe," Quinn notes with a smile as she turns and starts walking. "Under different circumstances, I wouldn't mind seein' what things were like back then. It's always seemed kinda interestin' t' me. Though I'd… have t' be even more private, but I think I could manage it." She chuckles again, shrugging. "As for me? I'm going up t' Toronto with Ygraine for New Years."

"Ooo…" Kaylee gets a scandalous look as she moves to the door, pulling her coat out of the closet. The mirrored door rattles on a bent track. "I do wish I could do something like that with Joseph, but… it's looking like I'm gonna be here for New Years, just like Christmas." She glances into the room. "Heck, the room isn't fancy and I'd be happy to just have him here with me for it. It's been such… a long year that it seems appropriate for he and I to ring in the new one together."

The coat is pulled on and she opens the door for the other woman, "Out there, no place you just be together without being interrupted and all." A finger taps on the edge of the door. "I should send him a message."

There is a tick, before Kaylee declares, "Food first."

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