A Grim Reminder


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Scene Title A Grim Reminder
Synopsis Carrie and Corbin report the Grim situation to Len.
Date September 1, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

Len Denton is doing a little preparing for some stuff. He's been keeping mostly to himself as of late, as far as things going on around the Company. In fact, very unLen-ish, his door is currently closed. He didn't tell Kayla that he couldn't be disturbed, but it's definitely odd that his door is closed in the first place. He typing stuff into his computer. In fact, he seems to be looking for a tattoo artist. Someone with a good reputation. His big screen television is off, and with the exception of the clacking of his keyboard, the room is fairly quiet.

With Agent Denton's door always, Carrie is surprised to see it shut. This thing she needs to tell her boss has her a bit wound up. So she knocks, but doesn't wait too long before stepping into the office, a set of photos held together in a rubber band, drop on Len's desk. The top picture is a familiar British man the Company wants really bad. She doesn't say a word until she drops into an available chair, and then she sounds a bit irritated, "So… seems our rogue isn't as rogue as we thought. I'm getting kind of tired of being the one to find these people. First Kailin, then Minae.. now Grim. Seriously, what the hell…?" Obviously, she thinks Len knows something. "Oh.. those are courtesy of Grim."

A few steps behind the woman, Corbin isn't carrying anything, it would seem. Except perhaps an odd perpetual smile. "If you do think we need to take him in by force, we're going to need a hell of a lot more than the two of us, too," he admits immediately. "But with information like what we got, it might be best to see what happens."

As his door is opened, he glances up and it's fair to assume Len was not expecting company. Whatever paperwork is on his desk, he slides something else over the top of it, just before Carrie tosses down some photos. He gives her a glance, then eyes Corbin before he turns his nose down towards the offering. "How come Grim's not in custody, did you say?" he asks as he begins to look through the photographs. The photo top photo does indeed gain Len's attention. Unfortunate for Monroe, someone has surpassed him when it comes to who Len wants to deal with the harshest.

Glancing over at Corbin, Carrie nods a bit. "He had an illusion waiting for us when we got there." She sighs, reaching back to pull the scrunchie out of her hair, letting her straight black hair fall around her shoulders. "If he was nearby, we wouldn't know what he looked like." She points at the photos. "Seems while on vacation the wayward Agent found Adam Monroe and his gang. Infiltrated it. Says that's he knows of in the gang." The quality isn't great great and at odd angles meaning they were taken in secret, a button cam maybe. "Says they have a telepath too. Hence, I'm guessing, why he hasn't contacted us." She glances at Corbin, before continuing. "We found him in an airport. He said the whole lot of them were going on a field trip." She gives Len a straight forward look. "Begs the question, what the hell is Monroe doing?"

"If you want to know so badly, go find out. The both of you. If you need backup, take someone with you. But, Adam Monroe is a killer, so I highly recommend perhaps finding out exactly what it is he is up to before you try and take him down." Len scoops up the photos and hands them back to Carrie. Preoccupied a little? "Grim's not working for me, so if he's working for us, it's coming from higher than I, and I am out of the loop. Take what he says with a grain of salt. You also might get with Sawyer, as she also has a contact inside the organization who may or may not be able to verify what Grim is saying. Be careful." Read: Don't get yourself killed.

"I haven't known Grim to lie to me yet," Carrie says a bit defensively, but then she sighs. "I'll get a hold of Sawyer see what she says as well." She rubs her forehead, like she's soothing a headache, and then reaches to take the photos. "If it's true… I think we need to back off a bit and let Grim dig, see what he can find. He asked we back off a bit anyhow." Pressing her lips together in a look of disaproval she says, "I need to find that damn phone."

"It's possible he's doing all of this on his own, but either way we're going to need more than us if you want him taken in. The only way we'll catch him is if we catch him completely off guard, and he's more likely to turn our own senses against us than we are to get the jump on him," Corbin says, glancing down at his leg. "He latched a dinosaur onto my pant leg before I could even blink. It actually felt like it was clawing and biting at me, too. I knew it wasn't there, and it didn't matter. I'm just saying you're setting us up to be incredibly out gunned. And while following him, once we narrow down where he went, is possible for some agents, it isn't for me. I have a job outside this place, and I'm pretty sure you don't want me to lose that."

"Look, I have to look out for the best interest of this organization. Grim disappeared off the radar and with no explanation has shown up with Adam Monroe. I cannot possibly take anything away from that except that he's jumped ship. I'm not saying rush in there and gangrush them. Be smart about it. But for crying out loud, don't believe him just because he used to be trustworthy." Len looks from one to the other. "Find a way to bring them down. Come up with a plan, then come back and talk to me. I'm not considering Grim a friendly unless I talk to him myself. Clear?"

Carrie sighs, she doesn't look overly happy about it, but she does say, "Yeah… clear." She climbs to her feet, tucking the photos away. "I'll get that phone and I'll drop here. You can call and talk to you himself." She glances at Corbin and gives him a bit of a smirk. "Ready to go see some large Squirrels? Tomorrow we're going cellphone hunting." She nods her head to Len, "Denton… I'm done you.. need me for something else?"

"Of course, I don't know if we can trust him, no matter what info he came back with," Corbin admits, looking back down at the pictures. There's an apologetic glance at Carrie, but he seems to be telling the truth of his thoughts on the matter. Talk of the squirrels makes him grimace. "Yeah, let's go see those squirrels. They can't be worse than dinosaurs."

"Nothing else. Just keep me posted. You may have to do it through secure email, but I want to be kept in the loop." With that, Len seems to be done with them. It's a more serious Len than most see around The Company, but then it appears he needs to be these days.

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