A Hankering For Some Candy


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Scene Title A Hankering For Some Candy
Synopsis Time to initiate newly crowned Agent Schuyler into the fold and send him after that big mouthed girl who was all over the news.
Date May 18, 2009

The Office of Len Denton

Sitting in his office, Len Denton is fiddling with a remote control. On the far wall, a large screen television has been set up — more than likely to watch the Texans and the Rockets when they play — but today he's found another amazing use for this device. It's called the news.

He has heard about the rookie Schuyler Prince. He decides to send a message to have him called in.

Still agitated by recent events, Len is reclined back in his chair, and feet propped up on his desk. He watches the news clip, then rewinds it and plays it again. The sequence he replays gets shorter and shorter with each rewind as he waits.
Schuyler has been trying to practice his gun fu, but of all the assignments he's been given, this is the least appealing. Basically, he'll stay at the range only as long as he must before moving on to other things. Walking about and people-watching has actually been much more enjoyable and he's been getting better at reading body-language since the assignment was first given to him.

It still doesn't really help when he's called into the boss' office…the boss he hasn't yet met.

There is a knock at the office door before Schuyler peers in, "Uh…you rang?" Oh, he should have come in as Lurch. Well, maybe once he sees if this guy would appreciate such humor. He tries to put some of his studies to the test as he looks at the other, trying to decode his mood from how his body is held.

Regardless of his state of mind, manners matter to the cowboy as he pauses the video and stands, offering his hand. "I am guessing I should call you Agent Prince now. Welcome aboard. I hope your training went well, and from I've been told you're ready to be put out into the field." He retakes his seat and points to the television as his large cowboy boots find the top of his desk again.

"What we have here is an anomaly, Agent Prince. One of these things is not like the others, as they used to say back in the day." He points to the TV as he rewinds the clip.

Schuyler moves in to shake the offered hand, "Agent? Should I have a number or something? Or drink martinis?" He flashes a brief grin, immediately put more at easy by the man's demeanor. "The training's still going, and…what?" His eyes widen briefly, "Yoy have? By who?" Wait, that's probably not what he should say. He quickly tries to backpedal and recover by offering, "Well, I guess that would be your call, sir…uh…Mr. Denton…" what should he call him?

As the television is indicated, he turns to watch the clip, ready to look for the anomolies…and hoping that it's something he can spot.

You say, "Agent Denton will be just fine. Let's see what we have here." When the clip starts a female is speaking. It's not a press conference, in fact, it doesn't look like she even knows she's being recorded.

"Evolved persons are not U.S. Citizens, they are not even human. There are people out there who can kills us by /thinking/ about it. These are the kinds of people you want to give military training and access to. People who should be locked up at best, killed to protect the majority at the worst. You are condemning the average American citizen with this bill!"

"People of America, I urge you to realize that the leaders in Washington are ready to stab you in the back in the worst way possible. Mark my words, soon there will be a powerful few in charge of the many. A few that no American hand had in electing. Do not let this Jezebel fool you into thinking that it can be solved by going to the people who proposed this bill! No, my fellow Americans, it is time to show all of America that Washington cannot do as it pleases, that America will not stand idle as it gives more power to those that would do anything they pleased with it."

"It is an atrocity that must be dealt with in the swiftest and loudest way possible. This vile woman is a supporter of those who would bring about the destruction of everything that every American stands for, send a message to those who think like her, show them that the American people will never tolerate anything that puts our nation in peril. A nation that is founded on fairness. Is it fair for us to be pushed to the back, for these? non-evolved? non-human? non-citizen things?! Its just the military now, tomorrow it could be politics. How long do you think an honest American politicians would last when their competition can read their minds?!"

Len turns and looks at Agent Prince. "Can you spot what is wrong with this picture, Agent?""

Schuyler watches the clip and frowns some, "Aside from the obvious scare tactics, I didn't see anything weird…well, maybe the fact that it sort of looked like it was a rant that was caught on tape." He then looks at the other, "Should I have? I mean, she seemed in earnest…even if I didn't like what she had to say." Glancing back at the television, he tries to see if there's anything else he can catch. "Nope…couldn't see what it was."

"Well, son, I reckon that's going to be your assignment. Find out what you can about little miss thing there on the TV and get me some information on her. Find out what she's doing and why she's stirring up a ruckus on national television." Len glances up at him. "Don't be all official about it. Use the resources we have here, but go out there like you were Schuyler Prince and be nosey. This isn't a high profile thing yet, I just want some preliminary information and to find out who she's hanging around with. Can you do that, Agent?"

Schuyler looks at the woman on the screen, "Ok, so no James Bond or Alias stuff. Got it." Shouldn't be too bad for a first assignment, right? Back to Denton, "I think I can do that. Do we even know this woman's name or anything? I mean, she mentioned someone named 'Jezebel'…not really a usual name unless it's not a real one." Which could prove difficult. "Do we know anything about either of them?"

Len shrugs. "I've got about a zillion burgers on the flame right now, Agent. I know all that you saw right there. Start with the news, and see if they got a name. Go online, or whatever it is they do nowadays and send up a report. If you think you can contact her without getting made — which is one of the reasons I picked you — you're new and not all broken in and acting all agent-like, then go ahead and approach. Get what you can. I expect real time reports. Things have been getting hairy around here. Understood?"

"Yes, sir…" Schuyler offers with a nod as he's told to do…whatever he can. "I'll see what I can find and send in reports as soon as I find…something." Or not. Can the news even give out that information to any Joe Schmo? "I take it I'm not supposed to be pulling out badges or anything…I'll see what I can do." Maybe the news stations can mention where they got the recording from? "You know, they make it all look a lot easier on TV." With that said, he moves back towards the office door.

He waves off the agent as he leaves. "Good luck. Be yourself." he turns his attention back to the TV and hits rewind over and over again, playing one particular soundbite.

"A nation that is founded on fairness. Is it fair for us to be pushed to the back, for these? non-evolved? non-human? non-citizen things?!"

"A nation that is founded on fairness. Is it fair for us to be pushed to the back, for these? non-evolved? non-human? non-citizen things?!"

"A nation that is founded on fairness. Is it fair for us to be pushed to the back, for these? non-evolved? non-human? non-citizen things?!"

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