A Head On A Pike



Scene Title A Head On A Pike
Synopsis Keira makes a very clear statement.
Date May 9, 2018

Memorial Wall


At the edge of the boardwalk, a small woman stands, one gloved hand in the pocket of her leather jacket — the other hand holds a cigarette that she puffs on as she quietly watches the scene unfold before her, eyes hooded.

It’s late, and nobody is around — the candles have long since blown out, and most people within the Safe Zone are safe in their beds. Not Keira and a few of her thugs, though — there’s work to be done. The tiny shapeshifter watches in silence, smoke billowing from her mouth, as the four large men, submerged waist deep in the marshy waters of Ferrymen’s Bay, work in unison, alternately sawing and taking a welding torch to the neck of the heavy metal statue that sticks halfway out of the mud. They’ve been at this for nearly an hour, and they’re finally coming to a finish.

There’s a hushed whoop of joy as the head of Emile Danko snaps off of the rest of the statue, splashing into the water below. After the initial moment of jubilation, the men fetch the statue out of the water, carrying it to the boardwalk and setting it before Keira as one would set an offering before their ruler.

The blue-eyed woman appraises the statue with a smug smirk on her face, leaning forward to put the cigarette out on the statue’s right eye with a sizzle. “Good job, boys,” she praises the muddy, soaking wet men. “You earned the bonus that’s comin’ your way. Let’s get this into the shop for some…improvements.” One of the men nods, and all four of them lift the head once more, carrying it toward the boat that waits for them down the shore a ways, with Keira on their heels.

The Rookery

Early Morning

The crowds are starting to gather at the Rookery today, hushed murmurs of shock, awe, anger, laughter and a variety of other emotions filling the air in the center of the market as they all look on at the new spectacle.

Someone took a twelve-foot-long metal pole with the end tapered down into a spike, drilled a hole in the top of the hollow metal head of the statue of Emile Danko, and mounted it upon the pole. That’s not the only “improvement” made, however — a hole has been drilled in the forehead, and the back looks like it was blown outward by a bullet. The eyes and mouth have also been drilled out, and a rather large and floppy purple double-ended dildo has been shoved within the statue’s mouth, bobbing comically in the air of the marketplace. And the entire thing has been sprayed in spray paint, white coming from the mouth, red coming from the eyes, forehead, and the back of the statue’s head.

There’s no hint as to who did this — a few masked men came in the middle of the night and put it up, then ran off as quickly as they came in. Nobody has dared to take it down yet, and it’s seeming pretty unlikely that anyone will any time soon.

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