A Home Is Your Castle


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Scene Title A Home Is Your Castle
Synopsis A date turns into an offer.
Date July 4, 2010

Central Park - Belvedere Castle

There's a lot to see in New York City. So, given that Nadira has not seen it all, she's taking the opportunity to do two things she's already fond of doing: visiting somewhere new, and spending some time with Katherine. She chose the castle not because of the interesting exhibits on the inside, but because of the castle itself. It looked interesting and even if it wasn't a real castle, it was the closest to one Nadira had ever seen in person. She waits outside for Kat, eyes taking in the building's size and shape with curiousity.

"Fit for a princess, wouldn't you say?" Katherine walks up behind the castle-gazing Nadira. He walks up and leans over her shoulder from behind and places a kiss on her cheek. "It's been a very long time since I've been here. Not much for the tourist thing, but I'll not complain about spending time with you." Katherine's Sunday, Independence Day, has been rather mellow. No training, no range, no nothing. Of course, she spent most of the day looking forward to the date tonight, as she sidles up to Nadira and takes her hand. "Shall we go in?"

Nadira smiles warmly at the familiar voice, looking back over. She moves to wrap an arm lightly around Kat's waist, glancing back towards the castle. "It may be touristy, but that's not quite why I came. More to admire than to play with exhibits." She peers at the castle, then at Kat. "Maybe more to admire the scenery." Is that a roundabout compliment? The castle is looked at again as her hand slides down into Katherine's. "We can always just walk through it briefly and then admire the rest of the park. It's nice out."

Interlocking her fingers with Nadira's, Katherine nods. "I'm fine either way, to be honest. The compliment is appreciated, though Kat isn't really the blushing type. Never really has been. She leads her inside, pays the admission fee and inside they go. "Have you taken in many of the others sights of the city yet?" she asks as she gets her second look inside the castle. "I think for those who live here, sometimes the novelty of places like this wear off."

"The novelty of any place wears off on people. I believe people lose a grip on not only the beauty of their surroundings but also take them for granted." Nadira takes a bit of time to wander, her eyes mostly on the architecture of the building, not the exhibits themselves. "I've been to a few, but mostly been getting a feel for the streets. I like to know my home, but knowing the things people travel for miles around to see is also something that tells who a city is."

Honestly, Katherine hasn't been much for that sort of thing. She has a respect for nature and it's beauty, as well as the potential dangers it possesses, but thinks like these, man made, while fascinating, just do not measure up. As they work their way up to highers levels inside the castle, Katherine casually changes the subject, "I know you're new here, and I probably should have asked before now, but you have a place to stay in town, don't you?" She does take it for granted that those here, do have places to live. It wasn't that long ago that she, herself, was homeless.

Nadira glances back to Katherine, offering her a small smile. "I've got a hotel I'm staying at, for the moment, but I'm still looking for an apartment. Haven't entirely decided where exactly to settle down at."

Katherine is silent for a moment as she stops in front of a painting of a man and his family. The family of the castle, painted perfectly by an artists. Who can really know what went on here, but this painting makes it seem as if they hadn't a care in the world. She finally gives Nadira's hand a squeeze and turns to her. "I have an apartment. I am holding the lease on it, though I don't really live there. It's kind of a getaway place for me when I need to get away from the base."

"You're more than welcome to use the place. You just keep it clean and until you find work, I'll keep the rent up. When you find a job, you can pay half. It must be expensive to live in a hotel."

There's a sudden grin from Nadira as she looks at Katherine. "No worries about money. I actually landed a job, just like I told you I would. Full-fledged bartender and all. Went in for the paperwork signing yesterday." She looks at her for a moment. "You're wonderful for even offering, but if I were to take it, I wouldn't want you to hesitate to come by whenever you needed a break. I couldn't take away something that sounds like it was a welcome relief from time to time."

Her eyes widen as she hears the news of a new job. "That's great! Congratulations!" She turns to hug her date and gives her a kiss. "I'm happy for you." She smiles, turning to lead you off to the next exhibit, "Well, you're still welcome to it. And it would still be mine, so I wouldn't hesitate to use it if I needed it. You'd just have to share it when I do." Katherine turns to her as she reaches the next stop and asks, "So, tell me about this job?"

As she's led off towards another exhibit, Nadira smiles. "I'd still feel like I'm imposing. But I will make you a deal… I'll settle there and pay you for half for as long as I'm there, but I'll look for my own place in the meanwhile. I'll stay until I find somewhere I really like." She squeezes her hand. "You're looking at the new bartender for Tantalus. Not sure if you've heard of it… it's a club, kind of dark, goth-themed. Just got a darker flavor to it, really."

Katherine tilts her head as she listens to the explanation of the job and smiles, shaking her head. "Sounds like an interesting place to work. I may have to drop in and see you in action sometime. If you wouldn't mind." The tour is slowly wrapping up as they are heading down the backside of the building back towards the lobby. "Unfortunately, I can't invite you to see me work." She doesn't talk about her job much, only because she doesn't want to give the wrong impression. "But I can only imagine you, dressed in black, mixing up drinks would be a sight to see." Katherine leads her out of the castle and back onto the sidewalk in front.

Nadira glances at the exhibits slowly as they head towards the lobby once more. "It's alright. Your work sounds dangerous and I don't think either of us would like me caught in the middle of something like that." She laughs. "But I'd love for you to come see me. I'll buy you a drink. Don't know if you're much for dancing." She pauses. "I look good in black, but red's more my color. I might see about putting a hint of it in what I wear there."

"Well, it can be dangerous, especially if you don't know what you're doing. But, it's all starting to come back to be now." More of the way she reacts to situations as opposed to anything memory related. It's all instinctual. "Make sure you let me know when you work and what hours and I'll come by. Maybe I'll find someone cute to dance with." No, Katherine isn't much for dancing, which may be something that Nadira will find out first hand one day. "As for the apartment, you've got a deal. If I decide to come home for some R and R, I'll give you some fair warning."

Nadira nods. "It'll be in the evenings, but I'll be sure to make sure you know." There's a bit of a chuckle. "I don't need much privacy, so don't worry about dropping in frequently." She smiles, squeezing her hand. "The offer is really appreciated. I hadn't expected such kindness."

Katherine is looking for a cab to hail. "If you've nothing to do tonight, I can take you there now and get you a key and you can move in tomorrow, if you'd like. I'll have to back early in the morning, but you're more than welcome to come take a look." She smiles over at Nadira as one begins to pull up. "Or we can go find something else to do if you want to stay out later."

"Heading over there is fine. I'd like to take a look, and it'd be nice to move some things in tomorrow." Nadira also peers around for a cab. "I'm fine with heading back. It was nice just walking about." There's a long pause. "Kat, I think it should only be fair to warn you that there's a lot of layers to me… unlike you, I'm not open about everything, and I'm no angel. I just feel like I should warn you in advance in case you'd like to go running off afraid of me."

The door of the cab is opened and Kat lets Nadira get in before she climbs in after. She gives the address for Summer Meadows and the driver soon is heading in that direction. The confession comes and Katherine nods her head. "It's fine. Honestly, I have no ideas what sort of secrets I may have. I think that's why I've chosen to be honest. Because I have no clue what I may have done before." She leans over and presses a kiss to Nadira's lips, slowly pulling back. "Whatever it is, maybe in time you'll learn to confide in me, no matter that it is." She turns in her seat towards her and smiles. "Until then, let's just enjoy what we have together. Deal?"

Leaning back against the seat, Nadira nods, glancing towards the front of the cab. "I suppose that sounds like a fair deal." She shifts, moving to slide an arm gently around Kat. "Don't say I didn't warn you, though." She grins, a little wolfishly.

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