A House Of Cards



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Scene Title A House of Cards
Synopsis When the footage from the Moab Federal Penitentiary breakout is released to the public, Arthur Petrelli's world comes crashing down around him.
Date September 12, 2015

Pinehearst Tower

New York, NY

The delicately stacked house of cards…

«The shocking video that you're seeing comes from an anonymous source within the NYPD, alleging flagrant human rights violations within a secret prison located in Moab Utah.»

…tumbles down.

«Sources within the Justice Department have told us that while the video's authenticity has not been verified, the Moab Federal Penitentiary is an extant penitentiary located at the alleged site of the massacre.»

Seated behind his desk, hands folded in front of his mouth and forehead creased with lines of worry, Arthur Petrelli is only partly paying attention to the news on the television mounted on the wall across from where he sits. Every movement he takes has a languid quality, from the slow blink of his eyes to the way in which he draws a hand down his mouth. A lit cigarette smolders in an ash tray beside him, joined by the snubbed out butts of a dozen others.

«We spoke with White House Press Secretary Tracy Strauss shortly after the allegations hit, and she indicated that President Mitchell will issue a statement once all of the facts have been examined.»

Reaching down to the intercom at his desk, Arthur presses a call button. "Dirk," he says with fleeting patience, "when is Miss Quinn's press conference scheduled for?" There's a moment of silence on the other end, then another, and Arthur presses the button again. "Mister Dickson," he clearly enunciates. "I need Robyn Quinn's press schedule." No one responds.

«Miss Strauss gave no indication on precisely when President Mitchell would address the allegations of government involvement in the cover-up of the prison's existance. We are joined now, live, by New York Senator Jennifer Chesterfield to discuss these revelations. Thank you for coming, senator.»

Cursing under his breath, Arthur rises from his chair fast enough to send it rocketing back to bump against the window behind him. He stalks over to his office door and throws it open, finding the reception desk by the penthouse elevators empty, computer on and monitors still active. He looks around, brows furrowed, then spots one of the executive office assistants packing her purse. "Coleen," Arthur throws her name like a dart, getting her to look up sharply, "where the hell is Dirk?" Four televisions are on in the reception office, each showing the same cable news channel.

«And thank you for having me, Elijah. What we're seeing play out on the public arena today is what I have been warning the American People about since our government first crawled into bed with the Pinehearst Corporation. The quick fixes and fast solutions to global problems presented by Arthur Petrelli were smoke and mirrors, like a carnival huckster selling a magic trick.»

"Dirk…" Colleen glances to the desk, sliding her purse over her shoulder. "Dirk quit, Mr. Petrelli." She says as she backs toward the elevator in the middle of her shift. Arthur's jaw unsteadies, brows lower, and hs jaw clenches tightly. She can feel the tremor rumbling through the floor, and Colleen decides not to take the elevator, instead running for the stairs when Arthur telekinetically tears two of the televisions off of the wall and smashes them into the reception desk.

«Senator Chesterfield, what are your thoughts on the shocking allegations that the CIA took part in this illegal detention of Evolved humans at the personal behest of Arthur Petrelli and the Pinehearst Company?»

Slowly, Arthur turns toward the televisions that remain, eyes wide and hands trembling with rage.

«I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not. What shocks me most are the allegations that Pinehearst was performing illegal genetic experimentation on unwilling prisoners at the Moab Federal Penitentiary. I'd like to ask CIA director Donald Kenner what he thinks about this, but he refuses to answer my ca— »

In a seething fit of rage, Arthur rips the last two televisions off of the wall and smashes them down at his feet, unleashing a primal scream that causes the walls to crack from floor to ceiling. Shoulders heaving and face red, Arthur turns to the sound of Jennifer's voice coming from his office, and exhales a shuddering, rage-filled breath.

No amount of rage could undo this damage.

But it might make him feel better.

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