A Lack of Symbolism


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Scene Title A Lack of Symbolism
Synopsis Aude's mind works in black and white, Tamara's in every shade of gray. Makes for considerable difficulty in communication at times.
Date June 20, 2009

The Sphere, Battery Park, Financial District

Day after. Suspension while they do the necessary investigations, she sees the necessary police shrinks. Aude's out jogging, venting her anger and frustration at the occurrence of the day before. It's overcast, gloomy, fits the petite officer's mood. God Damned Evo's. Coming in to register and throwing fits in her precinct on her shift while she's having to be nice and take care of them. Through Battery Park she runs till she comes to the memorial for the World Trade Center, its chain link fencing that surrounds it barring others from going up and touching. Aude chooses to pause there, bent over and wrapping her hands around her calf, getting some exercises in while she takes a rest. A half filled water bottle resting at her feet.

There's something about Aude's expression that keeps even the curious from looking at her too closely; she is a woman who is decidedly not in the best of moods, and as a result most of the others who have come to visit the Sphere contemplate its dented, pitted, scarred bronze surface from well away. Tamara is, of course, the exception to this rule; the wayward teen, dressed in a plum-colored tanktop and black knee-length shorts, her blond hair tousled from a day spent outdoors, has no qualms about walking up to the chain link fence some short distance away from Aude. Just far enough that she's out of arm's reach, not likely to be considered as intruding upon personal space. The sybil folds her arms across the top of the barrier, gaze turned towards the sculpture. "Do you see the dead," Tamara inquires conversationally of the complete stranger, "or do you see the hope?"

Why are people talking to her? Are they not getting the clue? Aude looks over towards Tamara, ready to snap off the talker's head. Until she see's that is… a homeless girl? Maybe, possibly. From her upside down position, which is admittedly odd, she just looks at her, then away. "I see a pile of metal." Not one of the options that was given to her. "You?"

The seeress smiles softly. "You paint the world in black and white," she remarks. "There's lots of those colors. It made everything stark and crisp, like when the park was covered with winter frost. Snow was pretty," Tamara adds. "Sometimes I wish it would snow more often." Somewhere in the midst of those meandering remarks, she appears to have lost Aude's query.

"I like winter better. Summer heat, makes people crazy. Brings out the crazies. Winter, people stay in their homes and don't go out cause it's too cold." Up she goes, the NYPD on her shirt visible before Aude's leaning over against, stretching the other leg. "Things are black or white. There's no in between."

To that statement, the sybil shakes her head, chuckling softly. "No," she disagrees, however mildly. Reaching up to shove tangled hair back out of her face, Tamara regards Aude with a rueful smile. But the conversation shifts, as the seeress' thoughts take a different turn. "I like it warm, too. You can stay out in the park all day and see the people. It's easier to see them there."

That gives the darker-skinned woman pause. "You often stay in the park all day? Or you got a place to go to?" Maybe it's the fact that she did kill something. Not someone, something. Aude's feeling a bit guilty. Smidge guilty. The older woman unfolds and starts to work her arms.

"It's fun!" Tamara assures the officer, straightening away from the fence and turning to face her. "People come to play, and their dogs, and then I can talk to them." The people, the dogs; there seem to be wires getting crossed here. But the girl, however loopy she may be, grins cheerfully at Aude. "There's lots of places. It's a big city."

"You spend the nights in the park? Got a place to stay?" She doesn't look too much like a street kid, just like some teenager who, from the sounds of it, is just.. touched? Maybe. Brown doe eyes, they throw people off allll the time, regard the other girl as she picks up her water bottle to uncap it. "You get enough food?"

Tamara looks obliquely at Aude, face half-hidden by the hair that falls over her shoulder and clings to her cheek. "Don't worry about what you can't fix. You didn't much want to, anyway." The girl smiles softly, a tinge of both apology and rueful acceptance coloring the expression. "Careful. You might just find gray bleeding in."

"And why wouldn't I want to help you?" Oh, Aude doesn't much like that, being told what she does and does not want to do. Unless it's her boss. "I don't think you need to worry about my gray, but you need to start making sense girly." One last squeeze of the water bottle and it's empty.

The smile fades at Aude's remark about 'not making sense', replaced by a furrow of the girl's brow. "I'm sorry," she replies regretfully. "The pieces didn't fit well." Tamara tilts her head, considering the water bottle. "Now what're you going to do?"

"Take it home, re-use it. It's still useful. Why, you want it to turn in for its 2 cents?" The NYPD officer waggles it for her to take if she wants it. "What do people call you? Park girl? Ye of the wandering words?" rain man? The last obviously goes unsaid. Aude's still trying to make heads or tails of the girl.

"Thought you might want to refill it," Tamara replies absently. "There's a— well, you saw." And that, apparently, is that for the subject. She tilts her head, considers Aude, then giggles as she offers a selection of monikers. "They called me lots of things," she informs the officer. It's okay. I know when it's me and when it's the mirror."

Well, yeah, Aude would refill it if the woman didn't want it. It's just a bottle. Said bottle is switched from hand to the other, then back again. She quirks her head to the side though at the comment of the mirrors. "When it's you, or the mirror. What's the mirror miss?" Really, she's not in the mood for crazy girl wandering around parks, but her or the mirror.

"Complicated question," Tamara replies, carefully enunciating every syllable of the word that shouldn't be as difficult as it is. "Or maybe it's the answer. And you have more jogging; there's lots of day left." She smiles at Aude once more, and that seems to signify farewell as the girl turns away.

Aude just stands there, water bottle crumpling a little in her hand. When it's her and it's the mirror. Aude keeps running that over her mind. Maybe it's the rambling of some slightly touched street kid? Aude shakes her head and turns away as well, picking up the pace to start running again. It's a few steps though that she stops and turns around again to watch the other girl walk away. Mirror. Slender brows furrow again, forehead creasing. "Crazy kids." She heads off for real this time, stopping only to refill the bottle at a fountain.

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