A Life Less Ordinary


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Scene Title A Life Less Ordinary
Synopsis Quinn comes looking for Magnes, and ends up spending some time with Elaine
Date June 17, 2010

Gun Hill: Magnes' Apartment

It’d only been a day since she’d last been at Gun Hill, and Quinn was beginning to think that she should take Colette up on her offer to move in just by simple fact that it would save her a ton of money on gasoline for her scooter. In fact, Quinn showing up unannounced at Gun Hill was beginning to look like some sort of cliché. Moving in would fix that too. Scooter puttering to a stop, it is set in its usual spot and chained in place, Quinn bounding into the building with a whistle.

This time, she was here to find Magnes, mostly for the purpose of impromptu practice and to ask him a few things. And hopefully, unlike the other recent times she’d come looking for people, he was actually here. She would find out momentarily, however, as she finds herself before his door, knocking loudly over the sound of her headphones.

What? A knock at the door? Hopefully it wasn't another one of Magnes' weird stalkers in shadow forms or other strange visitors. Elaine hurries over to the door, opening it quickly.. only to find Quinn. She beams, cheerfully. "Oh, hey! Quinn! Nice to see you!"

She’s more surprised than she really should be when Elaine opens the door, but her momentary look of surprise quickly morphs into a smile. “Oh, hey Elaine. Sorry t’ just…” She pauses, peering past Elaine and into the apartment, “Just show up. I was wonderin’ if Magnes was around?” She doesn’t see or hear him, and Elaine isn’t in costume. Things aren’t looking good. Well, some things.

"Ach.. he's not. He's out, m'afraid. But I'm here.. and it's totally fine if you ever just wanna stop in." Elaine peers back inside, moving out of the doorway. "Want to come in anyways? I dunno when he'll be back."

Quinn wrinkles her nose and moves her hands to her hips, looking thoughtful. “Sure, why not. We’re due to hang out, you know.” She smiles at Elaine as she steps past her, hands slipping into her pocket. “What’re you up to today?”

"That's true. We don't hang out enough." Elaine moves over towards the couch to sit, but then she pauses. "Do you want something to eat or drink? I think Magnes might've made some cookies the other day, if he didn't polish them all off…"

Plopping down on the couch with a whump, Quinn turns her gaze back to Elaine and smiles. “Oh, we hang out plenty. We’ve just never hung out without Magnes or Sable.” She leans back into the couch, for a moment wondering if there’s a reason for that, but dismissing it readily. “And wait a tick, Magnes made cookies?” She sounds genuinely shocked by this.

"Didn't you know he cooks like, everything? He's a /great/ cook. You should try his pie. He's fantastic." Elaine grins. "You should come over for dinner sometime. We can all have a dinner party and some drinks and stuff. It'll be fun." She laughs. "And we won't act /too/ snobby." She disappears into the kitchen for a moment to fetch the cookies and some milk for the two of them.

“He cooks?” The shocks continue. “I’ve had trouble finding a girl who can cook well lately, much less knowing any guys. You’ve got one in a million there.” The invitation for dinner makes her sit forward. “Actually, you know, that makes me think of one of the things I wanted to ask him about.” She turns so that she’s facing back to the kitchen, raiding her voice so that she can be heard over a bit of clatter and distance. “I got an invitation to move in yesterday.”

"What, you mean like, in Gun Hill?" Elaine asks, bringing in the pile of cookies on a plate and two glasses of milk. "Cause.. if so, I absolutely think you should, cause it'd be tons of fun. Plus we want you around. I mean, I know I do and if anyone protests I'll make sure my fist does the convincing for 'em." She grins, then flops on the couch.

Quinn begins to reach for one of the cookies, at first offering a nod, and then bursting into giggles, a hand over her mouth. “Oh… I’m sorry, Elaine.” Still snickering. “I just pictured that was all. You don’t seem like th’ type.” Laughter subsiding, she nods again. “To Gun Hill, yeah. It’d certainly save me gas, and I’d love to be closer to everyone. But… I’m not entirely sure.”

Elaine grins. "Actually, if that were the scenario, I'd probably hurt my fist. I don't think I've ever really punched anyone. Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually quite a wuss. I just like to pretend I'm a badass sometimes." She reaches for a cookie, nibbling on it. "So what are your qualms about moving, then?"

“Well, its nice t’ know you’d stick up for me either way.” Quinn reaches over and takes one of the cookies, chomping down into it. “Well, I dunno. There’s a few things.” She speaks between bites. “I have my lease, even though Colette said not to worry about rent for a bit, which is still kinda weird.” Quinn’s otherwise happy demeanor seems to take a down turn, shaking her head. “And there’s a few personal things.” A pause, and quirking of her lips. “And don’t tell anyone this, but they’re with… Sable.”

Quinn exhales sharply, before letting a half smile return to her face. “Well, I think it’s no secret that I kinda… like Sable. But we came to terms the other day, t’ be friends, cause I’m in the band and she has someone she has her eye on, or… something. I just worry it’d be a little… hard or awkward if I move in too fast, cause it takes an effort for both ‘a us.” A pause, and Quinn looks back at Elaine with her head tilted. “You know? Or am I being silly?”

"No, I don't think that's silly.. I can see that." Elaine comments, pursing her lips. "Well, I mean, you've only /just/ decided to be just friends. So.. y'know, it might seem weird. If Sable weren't Sable, she might think you moved to be close to her even though you're on the 'just friends' level. But Sable's smarter than that. She won't think that, but yeah, might still be awkward. But.. honestly, s'long as you don't make it seem like it'll be awkward, it won't. People always go off of other people's reactions. Like.. y'know, if suddenly I started being awkward with you right now, it might make you awkward and you might think of things. But if I were feeling awkward, but acted like I was just fine and dandy, you wouldn't necessarily feel awkward cause you'd think I was just fine so there should be no reason to be awkward." Cookienom, then continuation. "So really, so long as you don't act like its weird, and you act casual and don't do anything awkward, it should be fine."

“Well, I mean… I also don’t want to risk not getitn’ over her…” She trails off after a minute, and then shakers her head. Looking thoughtful for a moment, she leans back again on the couch. “You know, you’re right.” Her smile returns to full girth, looking over at Elaine with a nod. A few bites of a cookie follow. She quirks her lips again, but doesn’t let the smile fade. “It’ll be kinda weird, I guess, but no reason to let it black out th’ sunshine and what not.” She pats Elaine on the shoulder, nodding. “Thanks.’

"No problem. S'what I'm here for. I like talking to people about stuff. And just plain talking. Y'know, I'm surprised people don't tell me to shut up more." Elaine says, glancing over to Quinn as she nibbles on her own cookie. "You'll get over her. You just need s'more cute chicks in your life."

“Well, I can think of a few, but they’re all taken.” She grins – she means more than Elaine, she just happens to be in the room at the moment. “Maybe I’ll meet someone at th’ date auction.” She sits up a bit, taking another cookie. “I’ll have t’ talk to people who run m’ building, see what I can do about the lease. But you’re paintin’ a real good picture for why I should come on in.” Chomp! “An’ it’ll make band practices and- hanging out with Colette easier.”

"Ooh, yes! I bet you'll meet someone. I bet there'll be a lot of cute single people…" Elaine grins. "That'll be the perfect opportunity. Make sure you look /irresistible/." She sips at her milk, washing the last of a cookie down. "But yeah, it'll be easier. /And/ you can come chill with me. I'll come over, so I don't look like such a shut-in by hanging around the apartment here all the time."

“Well, I have to. I’m DJing and hostin’ a raffle.” She grins, and then nods. “You’ll jsut be a shut-in in someone else’s flat. It’s totally different.” Now she laughs, and loudly. “You should be in th’ auction too. Sable is, surely you can talk Magnes into lettin’ you do it. It’s for charity!” Man, Melissa better owe her for this.

Elaine /grins/. "Charity's a good cause, but I'd probably do it just to see who'd bid on me. Plus, might make Magnes jealous. And oddly, I think that'd be kinda fun." She laughs. "I'm a bad person for wanting that. Hell, I'd be pissed if he made me jealous.. but, y'know, even if he did this thing? I think I'd be okay. I'm feelin' a little better about him coming back to me and stuff. Not too worried he'll go find some other chick."

Leaning back and putting her hands behind her head, elbows poking out (and one almost into Elaine’s head), Quinn scoffs. “From what I’ve heard, I think you owe him a little jealousness. Or should. But really, I don’t know a lot about Magnes’ past-“ And after the visit from that shadow the other day, Quinn was kinda sure that none of them really did – “But I can tell he’s a decent guy. ‘Sides, if he runs off after the other night, I’ll kick ‘is arse myself.” She leans forward, shaking a fist tauntingly in the air.

Elaine laughs, reaching for another cookie. "Well, good, nice to know someone's got my back. Sable's already offered to keep him in check if he ever ends up hurting me somehow. Makes me feel better. It's kinda a nice feeling, knowing someone's got my back.." She looks to Quinn. "In any case.. yeah, I suppose he does deserve a bit of jealousy. Though, if some chick ends up winning my date, I think he might not get jealous as much as he might get a nosebleed."

Quinn snickers, shaking her head. “Unless there’s… some sort of forewarning, I doubt that’ll happen. Sable was worried about the opposite happening, of course. I’m just… going to with the flow. Set th’ boundaries if needed and such.” She runs both her hands through her hair, and lets them come to rest in her lap. “Besides, with me an’ Sable around, I’ll be surprised if he hasn’t gotten a nosebleed yet.” She leans forward, taking another cookie. “If some chick does get you, though, I’m sure Magnes’ll ask for the tape.” A wink, of course.

"Y'know, I keep watching for it, but I don't think we're blatant enough t'kill his brain like that." Elaine grins. "I really, really, want to see what his reaction would be. That bad of me? I'm sure Magnes'd definitely want the tape. Wouldn't be surprised if he somehow snuck along to make sure nothing naughty happened."

“Make sure nothing naughty happens? You have more faith in him than I do!” There’s a distinct sense of mirth and teasing to her voice. “In all seriousness, I think he’d care much because he knows you’re his. And because you haven’t let us get to you.” Us being her and Sable, of course. “I… won’t lie though, I’d love to see how he’d react too.”

"Well, who knows. Maybe we'll get the opportunity to make him really awkward. I'd love to see how he deals with that sort of thing." Elaine chuckles. "I wager he might be too stunned to say anything at first."

A mischievous grin grows on Quinn’s face, gaze lingering for a moment before she turns to look forward. “I’m glad things are good between you an’ Magnes, though. Better that one of us have luck than none of us.” It’s a sudden more serious turn, but you can only make jokes about getting with someone’s girlfriend for so long before someone feels awkward. Or something happens. Neither was optimal at the moment. “He’s a bit mazed, I’ll never understand how you put up with the costumes.”

"He likes 'em. I think they'll be fun going to a convention, but.. just ordinarily.. I feel like he never got to play with Barbies as a kid and he's making up for it." Elaine laughs. "He makes clothes, dresses whomever he can up in costumes, cooks fantastically… if I wasn't /sure/ he was into chicks, I might think he was otherwise inclined." She does nod, though, after a moment. "I'm glad too. I got really lucky circumstances happened the way they did. Saved m'whole life, really. I owe him a lot. And I am happy, so that's good too."

A chuckle and Quinn leans back, stretching and arm across the back of the sofa. “Well, you never do know where he goes all day.” Okay, maybe a little more teasing is fine. “I imagine so, if only cause’a the blizzard and all.”

"Well, see, he's really a pimp and he's out the collecting money from his bitches all day." Elaine teases, then shakes her head. "He's apparently an intern to the chick who does all the PR for the President. Wild, huh? Guess he's more important than I thought. He's no Clark Kent or Peter Parker.. I mean, for a secret identity, he's kinda.. well, doing a 'lesser' job in a really big sort of place.."

Quinn’s eyes widen and she tilts her head, just staring at Elaine for a few moments. “You’re kidding,” she finally states flatly. “Cause, I mean… Jesus, Magnes works in PR? And no one else things that’s a disaster waiting to happen?” She laughs again, shaking her head. “Seriously, that’s awesome. I never would have guessed, though.”

"I know, right? First you're surprised about his cooking, then there's his job." Elaine grins. "He's a true renaissance man, I guess. Little bit of everything. I think he's just kind of one of those people who surprises you. He's pretty good at surprises."

The key turns in the lock, and the door opens to Magnes wearing a long-sleeved black Superman shirt. He closes it behind him, heading over to Elaine to peck her on the lips, and nods to Quinn. He doesn't seem to be in the best mood. "You girls need anything?" he asks in a bit of an exhausted tone.

“Magnes!” Speak of the Devil, and he will appear, or so they say. “I was looking for you earlier, but none of that matters anymore.” She stands up, straightening her skirt and grinning. “Now, there’s just one thing I want to ask you-“ A dramatic pause, if unintentional, as Quinn dips back down and grabs one of few remaining cookies and holds it up. “Why didn’t you tell me you could cook?”

Elaine happily accepts the kiss, turning on the couch to look over at Magnes. "Hey.. you look kinda worn out. Y'alright? Something the matter?" She doesn't wanna stop all over Quinn's question, which is much more interesting, but she's got Girlfriend Concern.

"I'm fine, just having a little trouble saving the world is all." Magnes sits next to Elaine, laying his head on her shoulder. "If that shadow comes back, don't mind him, I actually called for him this time. And I didn't think you cared if I could cook?" he raises a brow, looking up at Quinn from his shoulder position. "I lived above and worked in a pizza shop for about two years. Mister Panucci taught me a lot."

“Don’t strain yourself, Superboy.” She thinks Superboy is who he was dressed up as the other day. “We need our band in good health an’ all.” She chomps down on the cookie in hand, falling back down to the sofa with a smile. She eats her cookie silently for a few bites, and then swallows with a loud gulp. “If that shadow shows up again, I’m tellin’ him what’s what unless he behaves,” Quinn remarks, feigning anger.

“And well, I can’t even make toast.” Which isn’t too far from the truth. “So, it’s always nice to learn that someone I know can cook.” She slips down the couch a bit, leaving the pair a bit more room. Another moment passes, and she takes another cookie, looing up at Magnes. “Not to distract from Elaine’s more important questions, I wanted t’ let you know- I might be movin’ in.” A beat. “To Gun Hill, that is. N-Not with you guys.”

Elaine slides her arms around Magnes, resting her head against his. "Okay. Well, it's nice to have the warnin' that he might stop by, at least." She pauses. "You should teach Quinn some of your Cooking-Fu, then, sometime, if she'll be living close, that is!"

"I don't know if I could handle both an Irish and a Scottish girl living with me, not that I'm not willing to try." Magnes leans up and pecks her on the lips again. "I'm gonna go take a nap. Welcome to the building, Quinn. And I'll teach you to cook if you want." He briefly places a hand on Elaine's head. "Join me when you're done."

Quinn chuckles, leaning forward and snatching up the last cookie. “Well, you’d only actually have to handle one of us. I’m just not sure I could handle it.” As Magnes gets up to make his way back to his room, Quinn sits up, and let’s her gaze follow him. “Feel better, Magnes! I’ll make sure I save a coo-“ Oh, wait, she’s eating the last cookie. Oops. “Uh, well, nevermind. Just hope you feel better.” And then she scoots over, leaning over to Elaine. “If you want to join him, I don’t mind.” It’s said in a whisper. “Or, we could sneak out and leave him wonderin’.” That’s said with a wink.

There's a bit of a laugh at Quinn's whisper. "Oh, now that's bad." Elaine comments, looking back over at the girl. "Can't quite decide. I'm not entirely sure how okay he is, given how worn out he seemed. You really think he's just tired?" Elaine moves to finish off her glass of milk.

Quinn peeks up over the sofa and back at Magnes’ room, wrinkling her nose. “He definitely seemed out of it. He didn’t even blink when I… I think that was right? Superboy? Isn’t that who he was dressed up like the other day?” She sits back down, peering at Elaine. “Magnes without a bunch of energy is kinda weird to see.”

"Yeah, it is pretty weird." Elaine chuckles. "Maybe I'd better let him sleep. If I go in there too soon he might wake up and /not/ sleep." She comments, looking back over at Quinn. "So.. I've been meaning to ask. I know Sable had one.. did you have one of those.. blackout things?"

Quinn grimaces, sighing. She hadn’t really talked about this much since it’d happened. “Yeah. Sable an’ I were headed up to the roof at the time, busted my head open somethin’ fierce. Sable broke her guitar.” She scoots forward a bit on the couch, eyes closed for a moment. “I’m still not exactly sure what was goin’ on in mine. There was a hallway, and fire. Some woman kept me from getting squashed, and I think I broke my arm.” She shrugs, turning to face Elaine. “I mean, I’ve heard talk that these things were, like, visions. I’m sure there’s some evolved than can do that, but taht’s just… crazy.”

"I thought it was kinda like a nightmare, y'know? Just a dream.. I'm sure it could be an ability. But.. some people are saying it's the future. What do you think about that?" Elaine frowns a little bit.

“I dunno about that. I’ve heard that, but I mean-“ She sits up, scratching the back of her head. “Almost the whole city? That’s just crazy. And if it’s the future, what the hell am I doing in a burning building. And I think Sable said she got a dog from someone?” She scoffs, shaking her head. “The movies make that kinda thing seem so much moredramatic.

"I dunno. But.. what if it isn't just a dream? What if some crazy see-the-future-ability chick went nuts and her powers kinda exploded and hit a bunch of us. Maybe not everyone, but.. I mean, it could have happened, right? Do you think there's anything to that? I'd kinda like it just to be a dream or nightmare type thing, personally." Elaine seems a bit nervous.

Arms fold across her chest, and Quinn shakes her head. “I mean, I guess these days anything is possible.” A smirk as she looks back at Elaine. “But I’d rather not break my arm, since that’d make playing right hard, so I’m hopin’ it’s nothing like that. I know the Internet seems to think it is, though.”

"Yeah, but half the time I'm not sure if the internet's correct or if they're just being asses.." Elaine rubs her neck a bit. "I mean, maybe I shouldn't worry about this too much, but if it /is/ the future… don't you feel like your obligated to try and figure it out?"

“I feel like I’m obliged to run like hell the moment I set foot in a building that looks anything like the one I was running through, If I can recognise it,” is Quinn’s quick reply, said with a chuckle at the end. “I dunno. That’s one of those tricky things. I mean…” She tilts her head, a bit of a frown on her face. “I work in a bookstore, so I get to read a lot of books. None of the ones with time travel and stuff about knowing the future really make messing with it sound like a good idea, you know? And man, the movies…”

"But what if you have to make sure that the future /does/ happen like that? Not necessarily stop it…" Elaine sighs. "I just… don't want the future to end up screwed up cause I'm not paying attention."

Quinn shrugs again, leaning back. “I dunno. Just don’t think about it? If it is the future and you don’t do anything about it, that’s how it’ll happen, right?” Quinn has no real idea, but that’s what makes the most sense to her.

Elaine shakes her head. "But what if I can't? What if.. what if I don't meet the right people and say the right things and it turns out differently?" She lets out a slow breath. "Maybe I'm just being paranoid.."

Quinn quirks an eyebrow. “What’d you see that you’re so set on makin’ sure happens, dear? I mean, most people I hear are upset with what they saw. Or ambivalent.”

Elaine wets her lips. "I stop someone from setting off a bomb."

It takes Quinn a moment to really process that, and once she does, she somewhat bolts upright, eyes trained on Elaine. “You what?” It’s practically shouted, entirely forgetting that Magnes was in the next room trying to take a nap. “I mean, holy shit.” Quinn’s expression speaks of absolute dumbfoundedness. “How’d you stop a bomb? I mean, not t’ be rude, but I couldn’t even imagine you hittin’ someone.” Now she speaks with a distinctly curious tone, eagerly awaiting an answer.

Elaine laughs at that. "Yeah, I'm not much for punchin' people in the face. But.. I'm some guy's hostage.. and I talk him out of it. I convince him that blowing up the bomb's a bad idea.. and he turns it off. He throws it away. He does the right thing and stops… but if I'm not friggin' there, for all I know, people die."

“Well, I mean… just don’t do anything different from what you’d normally do, I guess?” Quinn shakes her head. “I guess it’s a hard thing to judge. Who even knows how this shit is supposed to work anymore? With any luck, though, it’s a moot point. And all of this was just some telepath playing a right mean trick on us all.”

"But if it's not a game?" Elaine shakes her head. "What then? I gotta get myself somewhere that I get taken hostage, so I can stop a bomb?" She frowns. "Me, of all people.."

Not a word comes from Quinn for a few moments, not even sure how to respond. But finally… “If it’s not, you just keep doing what you would anyway, and hope it brings you there. At this point, it feels like things might be kinda out of our hands.”

There's a glance back to the bedroom. "Think I should tell Magnes about it?" Elaine murmurs. "I mean, it.. kinda worries me, if I told him. Just cause I don't think he'd want me to get stuck in that kind of situation.. and he might get dumb and try to play hero and stop it himself and then…" She frowns.

Quinn also sits up, peering over the couch to the bedroom. “I… you know, I’m fond of the boy, that’s for sure.” She wrinkles her nose. “But I think that’s the quickest way to keep from doing what you’d normally do, you know? Magnes is definitely the to to get involved…”

"I don't know. I mean, if I somehow get kidnapped and stuck there, I'd imagine it's cause he was doing something else important, or he didn't know… so I'm not sure." Elaine frowns. "He's gonna worry, though, if I tell him."

“I dunno, then.” Quinn slinks down a bit. She doesn’t lay flat on the couch, but she’s certainly leaning back at an odd angle, back propped against the back of the sofa. “Just… do what your heart says.”

Elaine smiles. "I guess I'll figure it out eventually, huh?" She looks to Quinn. "Sorry to be such a downer.. guess I just needed an ear."

Quinn laughs, shaking her head. “No need t’ apologise. I’m always willing to listen.” She sits back up, sliding a bit closer to Elaine – and when in reach, she leans over and punches her playfully in the shoulder, as she is wont to do. “Just go with the flow, let what happens happen. There’s no real way to know… you know?”

Elaine grins slightly, glancing back over. "Yeah, I guess that's true.. I guess I just have to make a good decision and stick with it." She winks. "Thanks, Quinn. You're a good listener."

Quinn snorts in response, following it with a laugh. “If I wasn’t, I’d be a poor musician.” She grins, and turns back to Elaine. “But anythin’ I can do t’ help, just let me know.”

"Thanks.. and I think it'll be nice to have you around. Plus Magnes can teach you how to cook and then you can /really/ impress the ladies, hmm?" Elaine grins.

“It’s almost beginning to sound like this decision is made for me.” Quinn quips, pointing at Elaine. “Not that I mind, it’s nice to be wanted.” She grins impishly, leaning forward and propping her head on her fist, elbow o her leg. “And I’m certainly not going to turn anything like that down.”

"Ha! We can have all sorts of crazy fun. Magnes will have to be on his toes.." Elaine grins. "Maybe I should get in there. He might be awake and wondering why I'm still out here. Or maybe he's getting a video camera…"

“A camera for what might be a good question.” Quinn snickers, and slowly rises from the couch with a stretch and a yawn. “Mm, alright then. Go get ‘im, and make sure he enjoys the afternoon. He sounded like he needs it.” Quinn gives a sheepish grin aimed at Elaine. “And maybe I can find Colette. I think I forgot some of the books she gave me to look at the other day…”

A nod. "Right, have a good rest of your afternoon, Quinn. It was really nice hanging out with you. Means a lot to me." Elaine grins. "So yeah. We'll do it again sometime. With more cookies, for sure."

“Oh, absolutely!” Her hands move to her hips, and she gives a nod. “I’ll leave you t’ tend to him. And let him know I’ll need his help moving my piano, would you?” It really is becoming a foregone conclusion.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure Magnes does the manual labor.. it's easy for him anyways." Elaine nods. "I'll see you soon, Quinn."

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