A Little Awkward


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Scene Title A Little Awkward
Synopsis Quinn and Elaine talk the morning after.
Date July 02, 2010

Gun Hill: Quinn's Flat

Sunlight. That was always good at rousing Robyn Quinn for a deep sleep. “Mmm…” she intones as her mind slowly starts to awaken, shifting, feeling her cool sheets on her bare skin. A wide smile is on her face as she stretches, yawning – and her foot hits skin, prompting her eyes open, head drifting over next to her to find a mess of red hair.

Oh, right. She hadn’t forgotten, it just took her brain a second to reregister the events of the night before. Another blink, and she sits up with a bit of a start. Oh, that’s right. The night before.

This is why she doesn’t drink very often.

A sight escapes her lips, exhaling as she slides back down, smiling. Granted, it had been a wonderful night, but… yeah. Stretching again, she props herself up a bit, sheets falling down to her waist as she eyes Elaine. “Hey. You awake?” she inquires softly, not wanting to rouse her if she isn’t.

"Mmmhm." Elaine comments, turning to face Quinn as she notices that the other woman's awake. "Bit of a headache, but I think that's cause I haven't had any water." She takes a long moment to study the other woman. "You alright? You had quite a few more than me."

That’s right. She did. It’s almost as if those words trigger recognition of her head throbbing. She grimaces and groans. “I’ll be fine. It’s no worse than the headache I get sometimes after doin’ too much with lights…” she remarks as she reaches up and rubs a temple. After a moment, she wrinkles her nose. “I should probably ask you the same thing.” She doesn’t specify what, but she is sure Elaine knows what she means.

Elaine glances over to Quinn, giving a small nod. "I'm just fine. Really, the headache's the only thing bugging me this morning." There's a warm smile. "But I'll be fine once I get some water."

“I- Let me. I could use some too,” she remarks, and slowly, she slides out of bed. A weary, but happy, look is painted across her face, rubbing it as she just claims out of bed, making no real attempt to grab clothes or anything. Either she’s too tired, or she’s beyond caring at the moment. A minute after she disappears from sight, the fridge can be heard opening and then, somewhat muffled, a comment.

“So…” Okay, not much of a comment.

"So…?" Elaine questions, peering towards the kitchen as she shifts to sit up a bit. "Is… this the part where we have to talk about this and it gets awkward or something? Cause, you know, I'm fine and your fine and I don't think it's really that awkward, all things considered."

There’s a thud as the fridge closes, and Quinn reenters the room with two bottles of water in hand. Sliding back under the sheets, she props her pillows up so she can sit straight, and slides close to Elaine, running a hand through her hair before offering over the bottle. “Just don’t get it everywhere,” she warns, shaking the bottle. “I… it’s a little awkward. But I think it’d be weird if it wasn’t.” She laughs, and shrugs. “But yeah. I’m fine. I was just making sure you were too.”

Elaine takes the bottle, opening it carefully to take a long drink of it. "Thanks." She offers before she shifts to sit closer, taking a moment to look at Quinn seriously. "No, I promise you I'm just fine with it. And I don't want it to be awkward. Last night was… definitely not regrettable. I'd lean more towards the wonderful side. Even if it did take you a bit of drinking to relax. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, simply because of all the flirting between us for so long." She grins after a moment. "You really do need some practice with the initiating. Can't let girls intimidate you like that." She giggles.

She blushes, having no real capacity to fight it this early in the morning, and it’s painfully obvious. “I flirt with everyone I find cute, mostly in good fun,” she notes, with a pointed finger. She takes a moment to open her bottle, taking a long sip. “You, though… I know exactly why it didn’t happen. If I’d know the opportunity existed, I…” she reaches back and scratches her neck. “Well, no, I can’t really say I would have done something sooner.” She chuckles, somewhat ruefully. A glance over at Elaine moves closer, and Quinn reaches over and slides an arm across the other woman’s back. “I don’t find girls intimidating. I took t’ you and Sable real easy. I just…” She scratches the side of her cheek, head tilting. “I dunno. Sable came to me, and we just kind of met. For as sociable as I am, I’m just not used t’ approaching people for things like that.” She pauses, and laughs. “I am having this discussion far too often lately. At least this time, it’s in bed with a cute girl,” she says, winking at Elaine. It just doesn’t stop.

By the end of next week, Quinn was going to be able to start her own advice column at this rate. Or have written to one, one of the two. “It’s- not really preference, although I do like havin’ someone come for me. It’s just… I don’t really have much experience otherwise,” Quinn confesses with a motion of her bottle holding hand. “I mean, I… back when I first tried dating, I kinda ended up pursuing my then-boyfriend’s sister, but that was high school. Everythin’ else’s been the other way around, and I’ve been… I guess fairly content with that.” Quinn’s arm slips a bit down Elaine, pulling her even closer.

Elaine is content to be tugged closer, giving a chuckle at that. "Bet your boyfriend wasn't too happy about that. But I dunno… I kinda agree. It's nice to be pursued. Something about it that just… it gets me. It's like.. they're so into you that they want to put that extra effort in to chase you down." There's a warm smile. "Kinda sexy if you ask me."

“I don’t know that he ever knew, honestly,” Quinn remarks with a mock frown. “I never had the heart to tell him, but we remained friends after we broke up. It was… kinda convenient,” she continues, laughing. “See, you get it! Maybe I should have tried harder,” Quinn remarks, a smirk as a hand returns to her chin. Her arm eventually finds itself wrapped round Elaine’s stomach, Quinn pulling herself just a big closer if allowed, so that her hand can rest square on Elaine’s tummy. “So, I’m in no rush t’ get up, I guess. But, do you have anythin’ to do this morning?”

There's a shake of her head. "Not really, just wait for Magnes to come back. I wasn't sure what time he'd get in so I left him a note saying I was probably out with you somewhere and he should call me if he got home and saw the message." Elaine lets Quinn move closer, reaching to rest a hand gently atop Quinn's. "So I just have to wait for a call to know if he's okay."

“Mm, okay. Obviously, you’re welcome t’ hang around here,” she remarks with a warm smile, clearly more relaxed then she had been the previous night. “I- we- should probably get dressed before too long, maybe.” She chuckles, and shrugs. When Elaine’s hand rests on hers, almost automatically, her hand shifts, letting their fingers intertwine – she doesn’t even seem to notice it’s happened. “I don’t have anythin’ to do tonight until work. So we can hang around and watch Doctor Who. Or whatever.”

Their twined fingers cause a small smile. Elaine glances over. "Sure. I don't mind hanging around with you. Plus I dunno when Magnes will call, so… I'd rather be here with you than sitting around waiting for him over there."

“Great. I guess eventually, I’ll motivate m’self to make something for breakfast. Not that there’s much besides microwave sausage and cereal. I think I have some toaster pancakes left.” She pointing out fingers on her hand as she lists things off, but three is as far as she gets. Another long gulp of water is had, and the now empty bottle is tossed to the side, to be retrieved… some other time.

“Oh, there might be some bacon too. Any preference? I mean, it’s all pre cooked.” She shrugs, glancing over at Elaine with a smile. And then a pause. “You know, did you ever talk to Ygraine?”

Taking a long swig of her water bottle, Elaine suddenly sits up straighter. "Oh. Shit." Her gaze flickers back to Quinn. "Don't hate me or anything, but I gotta leave you for another woman. I rescheduled on Ygraine cause of talking with Magnes and stuff yesterday and I'm supposed to meet her today." She frowns just slightly. "I hate feeling like I'm running off on you."

Quinn laughs, shaking a head and hand. “It’s fine. I’d certainly understand if you wanted to run off with Ygarine. You guys seemed like two peas in a pod already the other week.” Quinn chuckles, and shrugs. “So don’t worry about. You’re free t’ come back if Magnes isn’t around when you get back, though.” A brief pause, and a grin. “And this time, I promise I’ll be more ladylike.”

Elaine laughs, shaking her head a bit. "Ygraine's great. Seriously one of the smartest people I've met and she's got great advice. Thanks to you and her the conversation with Magnes went well, so… I've got a lot owed to the both of you." She leans in, planting a light kiss on Quinn before pulling back. "Thank you. For everything. And I promise if Magnes isn't around I'll come keep you company til you gotta work." She reluctantly crawls out of bed, peering around as she tries to find all of her articles of clothing.

“Your shirt and bra’s still out in the common room,” Quinn notes, her blush deepening just the slightest bit when Elaine kisses her, and a sheepish smile paints her face afterwards. “I was serious about breakfast, if you want t’ come back while you wait for Ygraine. There’s another reluctant from Quinn before she slides out of bed, retrieving pants and another shirt.

"That's right." Elaine comments, moving towards the other room to grab her clothes before she pulls her clothes on. "I will if there's time. I might be cutting it close, though. I don't quite remember what time she's coming to get me and I should probably jump in the shower before I go."

Quinn follows after Elaine with her hands in her pockets, only offering a shrug. “No obligation or anything, you know,” she says with a smirk. If you don’t have time, that’s understandable.” She nods, and shifts a bit. She’s showing the awkwardness she still has, despite how hard she’s trying otherwise. “We will have t’ get together, though… I think your date requirement may be filled,” she continues, blushing a bit as she speaks. “Maybe. We still haven’t really done something dateish. Though I’d feel bad about beating Magnes to the punch.” With a quiet chuckle, she smirks, looking back to Elaine. “But yeah, sometime soon. I definitely have some embarrassing questions now.” And there’s that teasing, wolfish smile again.

Elaine grins looking back over towards Quinn. "Well, if you say the requirement's over, it can be, but I'm still gonna make you go do something fun with me." She winks. "But I'll let Magnes take me out before we do something special. Wouldn't do to have him be jealous." She laughs. "Not that he would be, but…" She looks back over, taking a step forward to steal one last kiss before she goes.

“I… think we just did something fun,” Quinn says with a decidedly sheepish laugh. “But, hey, if you don’t want it t’ be over, that’s fine by-“ Quinn hadn’t been fully paying attention, so Elaine’s kiss catches her off guard again. Hands move briefly to her side, and when they pull apart Quinn is beet red and scratching the back of her neck. “Yeah.” She doesn’t bother to finish what she was saying, instead she just shrugs. “Thanks, Elaine for, um… a really nice night.” She’s quiet when she speaks, and then she smiles at her. “But, go on, go! Don’t let me you keep you.”

Elaine blushes a little, grinning at Quinn's reaction. "Alright, alright, I'm going." she peers back at the other woman. "Thanks. And I promise I'll see you soon." She states before she moves to quickly dart out the door and head back towards the apartment she shares with Magnes.

The door closed behind Elaine, Quinn turns and leans her back against it, sighing. A hand moves to her temple and rubs, despite the smile on her face. “This is going to be hard to explain…”

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