A Little Bird Did Tell Me



Scene Title A Little Bird Did Tell Me
Synopsis Aude calls in a tip
Date July 19, 2009

NYPD Headquarters - Outside in a squad car

She had a handful of sim cards, plucked up from pawn shops and cheap phones. One of them was plucked up, the cheapie phone pried open and the new sim card inserted.

Aude dialed the number she knew as she sat in her police car and getting ready to go on her beat.

It was after the third ring that someone picked up. "This is Tink" Aude's eyes look to the doors of the precinct and the not so subtle moving of people out of the building little by little.

"Jig is up. They're waiting. You need to do something else"

She'd pulled beat duty today, and on purpose. She didn't want to chance getting the desk near the evo's section of the precinct. Her seat belt is pulled out, fastened into place as something is said back to her. "I dunno. Detective Daubrey beeline'd in while I was getting ready and after that.. Everything's gotten really busy"

Another murmur over the phone and Aude hangs up. Keys in the ignition, the engine flares to life as she tucks the phone away and her partner gets in.

"Ansel says that something's up, they're getting folks out of the building, some kinda pipe leak" Preston shakes his head, taking off his hat.

"Pipe leak? Wow, shitty timing for them. At least we'll be out driving. Hope it's a quiet night. Don't think we'll get much backup" Aude switches the car into gear and pulls out while her partner calls in that they're heading out.

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