A Little Closer To The Goal


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Scene Title A Little Closer To The Goal
Synopsis Jessica comes for a touch up for some elisabeth inflicted boo boo's and to press Abby for information.
Date January 13, 2009

Outside Abby, Teo's and Alexander's apartment.

The putt putt of the scooter, familiar at this time of the night is coming down the street. Geared for the long drive home, Abby's at the end of her journey, finished work and looking forward to a warm apartment. Oblivious to might be waiting for her.

It's Niki. Or at least, looks like Niki. She's all in black; black jeans, black boots, black sweater. As she sees the scooter pull up, she steps out from the darkness, motioning Abby over with a wave.

Niki's out? This time of the night, and waiting in the shadows. Abby parks the scooter quickly, cautious. It could be Niki but it could also be jessica, and that's someone to be careful of. "Niki?" The blonde asks, keys to the scooter taken out of the ignition, put in her pocket, the visor to the helmet flipped up do she can better see the woman as she hurries through the snow. "What are you doing here?"

The reply is fairly quiet. "I need your help. I need healing." It's fairly terse, but she looks back to Abby, knowing her predilection for helping those in need.

"Jessica?" Abby whispers quietly, coming to a stop in front of the woman. "Yes, I can do that. What happened?" The blondes frowning, trying to get her glove off. 'Where are you hurt?" Not occurring to her that it's the woman's ears that are the issue.

Jessica shows no signs of having understood Abby. She reaches up and touches her own ears lightly. "I can't hear." she states, matter-of-factly.

"Heavens" So everything she spoke.. Abby frowns, before she reaches over with both hands, reaching up as well to lay her hands gently onto either side of the woman's ears, cupping them. The prayer spoken is quiet, her lips moving in front of the Company agent. The healing kicks in, moments after she finishes the prayer, and what Jessica would have felt that very first time, if there had been something cure, is felt now. Warmth, light tingling, suffusing the agent.

She relaxes some, at the warmth and tingling, as burst eardrums begin to mend, and she feels the sense of her balance returning. MUCH, much better.

It's a small injury, but sometimes the small ones throw you off. But soon enough Abby's pulling her hands away from the blonde and putting her gloves back on. "Better?" the R fading into a H at some point thanks to her accent. "You going to be okay?"

Jessica moves a bit, testing her balance, and then she nods. "Looks that way." There's even a faint smile. "You do good work. Thanks." she says.

"Not all me" Abby murmurs. "Anything else, or am I free to go upstairs? How'd… you know where I live?" Abby frowns, the though flickering across her face." The chin strap of her helmet is unsnapped, and peeled off her head.

Jessica smiles a little. "Strange and mysterious ways." She says. "I need to know if you know anything about a man named Sergei, Abby."

"Why?" Abby questions "Sergei?" She carefully speaks each word, eye to eye with the blonde.

Jessica says "Because I need to find him. Do you know him, Abby?" She looks back to the other blonde, examining closely.

"How'd you get that name Jessica?" Abby's jaw is tight, and it's no surprise that she turns, going to her scooter. Not to ride off on it. Jessica'd have her snapped in half before she had the key in the ignition. Just to put the helmet down.

Jessica looks back. "It's enough that I have it. And you can give me that one, or I can go upstairs and talk to your roommates instead, Abby." It's again said matter-of-factly. "I need information, and I'm going to get it, one way or the other."

"Then you can answer me why Jessica. Why do you want to know who Sergei is?" It's asked politely, she's never been known to askything impolitely. "Please"

Jessica replies "Because I need to talk to Phoenix. And I'd rather not break your roommates Teo and Alex to get what I need. But if you won't give me someone else, I'm going inside and do what I have to."

"He's a Russian, wears a scarf all the time. Very protective of phoenix. If you need to talk to phoenix…" Abby sucks her lower lip it. "Why does everyone use me?" She sits down, feet on the curb, sitting down on the bike. 'There's Eli…sabeth"

Jessica's smile is more a smirk. "Elisabeth was somewhat less than forthcoming with information. Well, with much information. You'll probably want to go see her after a good night's sleep."

"What did you do to Elisabeth?!" It's not yelled, but there's surprise in the southern belle's voice even as she stands up from the scooter. She's already planning how to find out where the blonde cop is. "How bad?"

Jessica looks back. "She's alive." Though that's more the result of luck on her part than a lack of willingness on Jessica's to kill her. "Beyond that, no promises. Where do I find Sergei, Abby?"

"I don't know. I don't know where you can find him and frankly I don't have a number for him, but I can give you the number of another, and you can talk to him." Abigail offers to Jessica.

Jessica frowns. "I'm sorry, then, Abby. You don't leave me a whole lot of choices. Who's this person?"

"You've talked to him Before Jessica. You have his number already" This now, not so politely pointed out by Abby. They turn on you. They'll all turn on you. "Why are you doing this?"

Jessica takes a step…one single step…towards Abby. "Not in the mood for games tonight, Abby. Who? And because there's a problem that needs solving. And I don't have the information I need."

"I told you. You've already spoken to him before. You have his name. You took me from him that first time Jessica. Or do you forget the man on the phone?" Abby gets a little brave, snapping out the words to the blonde. "Or did you delete the number, the moment you turned me out in the middle of the crack den and forget it?"

Jessica replies "I was trying to avoid dragging your roommates into this, Abby. But you're leaving me little choice." She takes out a cell phone. "Don't go anywhere."

"you'd snap my neck before I could" is the smarmy reply back.

Jessica tries one number. Then another. "No answers. Try again, Abby. And I won't snap your neck unless you give me a very good reason to." Abby's one of the few people in this world Jessica WOULDN'T kill without good cause.

Abby chews on her upper lip, debating internally what the hell to do. Give her Teo's new number, obviously it's new, either that of the blonde's getting voice mail. She hunkers down, quiet, eying Jessica.

Jessica looks annoyed. "Another name, Abby. Another number. Don't make me hurt you to get this; I don't want to."
'Afraid I won't heal you again Jessica? That I'll tell Niki about you? Go to the company and tell them what you did to me? I really remember you saying that you'd get in a lot of trouble for what you did. Whats so important that you need this. Tell me. I'm not a gatekeeper, but I can give you that name"

Jessica sighs. It's a tired sigh. She moves, quick, with the skill of a trained combatant, to grab for Abby's arm. "Abby, I don't want to do this." She repeats. "But I will. Give me the name. Who speaks for Phoenix?"

Abby tries to bolt of course, but doesn't get far. Little bit, but not too far. "It's not Sergei. Sergei's just a guard. I don't' know who to give you, it's not like I have them all on a platter and go "gee who am I going to give up to the company person today? Who should I feed Sylar today. If you don't tell me why you want them, I can't point you to who can help you Jessica!"

Jessica replies "I just told you what I wanted. Who speaks for Phoenix?" She moves to put the thumb of her other hand, thumbnail first, onto Abby's shoulder. "Last chance."

'Who's the leader? Who's the person that outsiders go to first? Who deals with media? There's a lot of people who 'speak' for phoneix. That's why I ask WHO Jessica! There's people assigned to different duties, last I knew. They call me in when I'm needed, I get the passwords and I go where told. I'm on call for them, just like I am for everyone else I meet." Abby's tensed, eyes settled on Jessica, watching the woman ready to try and bolt if she starts putting more pressure on her arm. "I can't give you the right answer if you don't clarify"

Jessica hesitates. "Fine. Leader." Might as well cut to the chase. "Give me a name, Abby. Please."

"God forgive me. Teo. The man on the phone" Abby rattles off the digits she has for him, the last known good one which should work unless Teo's changed the number between the last time she met him and now.

Jessica nods. "Good. Much better. Thank you, Abby." She moves her thumb away. "Believe it or not, I don't want to hurt you. But this is important and I don't have time for games."

'Pardon me if I don't quite believe that" Abby yanks her arm back. "You hurt a fucking hair on his head…" She doesn't know what she'll do, but it's Teo.

Jessica replies "I will if I have to. And the reverse is true. You should know that by now, Abby. If people do as they're told, they don't get hurt."

"Teo wouldn't hurt a hair on my head. He's probably not home yet" She's giving that away for free, rubbing at her arm and snatching up her helmet, locking the scooter to a pole. "Your not welcome in my home Jessica. Niki is, but your not. If he's home, you can call up and ask permission like a normal human being. My home is sacred, my work is sacred and church is sacred. If the Vanguard can stick to that, then I expect you can stick to that. But touch him Jessica, so help me god, I will find the company, in a heartbeat and tell them what you did to me"

Jessica points out "I'm not the Vanguard. And I'll do what I have to do. And you won't call the Company." she says, rather steadfast in that belief. "Because then you'd be directly responsible for Niki's death, and you don't have it in you to kill an innocent."

'To protect Teo, you couldn't imagine what I would do Jessica' Abby answers back. She shakes her head, turning for the door to the apartment. "A person will do almost anything, to protect someone they love"

Jessica doesn't answer that for a moment, and then she agrees. "Yes. She will. Remember that." And with that, she turns, to start to walk away.

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