A Little Late


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Scene Title A Little Late
Synopsis Jaiden comes to fill in Ryans about his daughter and gets some troubling news in return.
Date November 27, 2010

Pollepel Island

While the Special Activities office is pretty bare of much, normally just a pair of chairs and a Coleman lantern, but Ryans has managed to get his hands on a card table for the room. It creaks and groans when bumped or leaned on, but it seems to hold up. The room isn't much of an office beyond that since nothing can really can be left there. It's just a place for two old men to hang out, discuss important things. More importantly, if someone needs one of them, they just go there.

Having come back from a foot patrol, Benjamin's cheeks and nose are red from the cold, he'd like nothing more the get warm. However, before he can do that, he feels the need to clean his rifle. The AK-47 is in pieces on the table, his chair pulled over close so that he can sit while he runs a brush through the barrel.

His expression is unreadable, though his brows are furrowed just below the beanie that is pulled low on his head. The co-head of Special Operations is lost in thought at the moment, but what about is anyone's guess.

Jaiden, on the other hand, has spent the day on the water, heading up to Polypiel island on his borrowed bass boat. If stopped, he has papers, fishing rods, and even a live well with a pair of bored-looking bass swimming around in it, but with his abilities, getting past any patrols is rather easy. The rest of the boat, as usual, is packed full of things the folks on the island may need - food, blankets, clothes, medicines, and ammunition. He's not as timely as Smedley, but his travels give another source of things for the little Ferry enclave.

After docking and unloading, Jaiden asks a few questions to find where Ryans has run off to. There's something that needs to be said between them, for Delia's sake, and a few things to be passed - a couple of boxes of 7.62mmx39mm ammunition and some slugs for Huruma's shotgun. A bag over his shoulder, Jaiden makes his way to the Special Activities office and, instead of barging in, gives a soft, but firm, knock, waiting to be allowed entry.

"Enter." Comes the gruff response, from the older man. When Jaiden enters the office, Ryans has stopped what he's doing, watching to see who steps in. There is a slight upward tick of his brow before turning back to his task, oil damp rag working again.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Mortlock." His tone is flat and lacking in any emotions, but then that isn't any different then normal for Brenjamin Ryans. "If you are here to tell me that my daughter is in a coma and that you took her off the island to get her cared for, then your too late." It's hard to tell if there is anger there, or if he's just resigned to the fact.

At the barked invitation, Jaiden steps in and closes the door behind him. The bag of ammunition is put next to the door to be worried with after he's left. "Not exactly the reason I was coming to visit, Mr. Ryans, but yes, it's partially due to Delia and her current situation, being in a coma and all. May I sit?"

Jaiden approaches the table, glancing over the disassembled AK-47 before looking to Ryans, making sure he has the man's attention before speaking. "The reason Delia is in a coma is because of her dream power. She was off exploring someone's head, here, on the island, and got….I don't know the terminology. Severed from her body. Lost. Something like that. Well…She's starting to pop in and out of people's dreams. I've seen her and spoken to her, and I know Elisabeth's seen her. We're trying to get her to make her way back here, to the island, where she can get into someone's head and then Lucille can keep 'em asleep in order to get her back to her body…"

Big tumble of words, there.

Again the old man pauses in his work, glancing at his daughters boyfriend. A hand waves him to sit after a long moment of studying the mechanic, possibly in an attempt to make him a touch nervous. "She's been to see Lynette too." He offers up, setting the barrel of the rifle down and settling his back against the chair. The news of Delia's adventures doesn't seem to be new either.

Then he delivers something Jaiden, might not know. "The institute is also seeking her. Or at least one of their agents. A dreamwalker, though Lynette seems to think that he's trying to help Delia, not hurt her." Something in his tone, tells Jaiden he isn't convinced of that.

Jaiden sits after a moment. "Wonderful…" Jaiden lets out a sigh, running a hand through his hair in frustration. "When I spoke with her, she was telling about riddles and wars and the things she had witnessed in dreams. Seeking a shadow monster to help someone with a puzzle, for example. It was like the worst of a video game quest system all mashed up into one big pile."

He crosses one leg over the other - a comfortable position, considering the chair he's sitting in and the company he's keeping presently. "And now we've got the institute looking for her too? As if this wasn't complicated enough."

"Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can really do from this point." Ryans states blandly, eyes on the pieced apart weapon then the younger man. "Unless we can get a hold of and convince Hokuto to help, to give us some idea of what to do."

He glances at Jaiden then, brows furrowing a little. "How do you plan to get her to the island and keep her there? There is no real way of knowing who's dreams she's slipped into." Ryans' brow lifts a little in curiosity.

"With Delia and the dream, distance really isn't a problem for her. She's in one part of the city one night and then fifty blocks away the next, so her getting here won't be the problem. And Hokuto is helping, from what I can understand. She could end this with a clap of her hands, but she's not. She's making Delia learn her lesson. Making her sink or swim. She was actually how I was planning to figure that out…" Jaiden glances to the AK-47, then to Ryans. "If we can get Hokuto to tell us when she's here and where she is, it'd be a simple affair to get Lucille to keep that person asleep long enough for us to bring them to Delia."

"Alright…" The word is grunted out with a nod. "Keep me informed." There isn't much more that he can do at this point. As much as he hates leaving Delia's situation in the hands of other, he has to trust that Jaiden has her best interests in mind. "If I have a favor to ask…"

Ben leans forward to pick up the barrel again, the brush being worked into it again. "Should you see Hokuto again, let her know I would like to talk to her?" He glances at Jaiden to make sure the young man will do this for him.

"Of course." Jaiden replies as he gets to his feet. Ryans probably feels a little like Jaiden does right now. Completely helpless and unable to act except at the urging or the whim of another. "I don't know if she'll come, but if I see her, I'll tell her. For a ghost, she's pretty fickle."

"It's all I can do is ask her to come talk to me," he says with a shrug. "I watched her grow, just like my own girls. Her daddy and I were friends within the Company." Ryans gives him a rueful smile. "I'm hoping history will bring her to me to talk."

With a sigh, Benjamin looks at the barrel in his hands again, "Can only try." The ex-agent then starts to pull the parts close, fitting them into place. "You take care of my daughter…" there is a pause and he adds, "…and yourself."

"Will do, Mr. Ryans. I'll be making a trip back up here in a day or two. If you need anything, find me before I head out or tell Eileen and I'll do my best to get it for you." Jaiden gets to his feet and salutes - a fairly snappy one, too. "See you later, Mr. Ryans." And with that, he departs.

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