A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody


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Scene Title A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody
Synopsis A night on the town to temper a night of reflection.
Date April 15, 2019

Safe Zone

The Songbird Motel isn’t the nicest place a pair of Hounds can stay, but it’s clean and it has character. There are far worse places they could rest their heads, and Rue has stayed in many of them. “Do you remember,” Rue asks her friend as she pulls up one thigh high stocking, “the way we used to party back in the day?” She tips slowly until she rolls onto her back on the bed, reaching to attach her garter belt to the lacy tops of her stockings.

“I kind of miss that,” she confides, looking over with her big blue eyes. “I haven’t been to a good party in ages. Not one that wasn’t a work function.” The last gala Rue went to was definitely a bust in the fun department. “We should get ourselves into some trouble for old times’ sake.” Her mouth curves into a sly smile as she regards Lucille from her upside-down vantage.

There's a laugh, "How could I forget? Every time boys would come up to you. They never knew what hit them." Back in those days when the two would dance like nobody's business, drink, the drugs. That life seemed so far away. Lucille is sitting at the small desk of the room, bare legs stretched out in front of her as coconut oil is rubbed over her pale limbs. "I miss it too." She admits softly.

Dressed in just one of her long black sleeveless shirts that covers down to her knees, there's a tilt of her head and her eyebrows raise, "Rumor are you saying what I think you're saying?" Lucille's tone is full of mischief and she grins while leaning forward. "I'm in." Reaching her arm out she goes to open her nearby bag and begins rifling through the clothes, no not that. Not that. "Sometimes it's hard to believe, we use to walk fucking runways."

Finding a gold shimmery halter top, the darker haired woman grins over her shoulder as she takes the black top off to slide the gold number on.

“I didn’t even like boys back then,” Rue reminds. Not that it had ever stopped her from being a flirt and a tease. Some expectations she just couldn’t help but live up to. “I heard there’s trouble to get into in Park Slope, but I don’t have deets yet. I’ll try to let you know when I hear.”

She watches her friend change clothes as she fastens her other garter. Once that’s settled, she pushes herself back up to sit, then slides off the edge of the bed in order to pad over to the dresser against one wall and open the drawers. Her empty duffel is shoved underneath it.

“Well if you’re wearing gold,” she murmurs, trailing off as she looks through her options. Ultimately, she decides on a black crop top and a miniskirt that just barely manages to cover the lace tops of her stockings. She steps into the skirt first, then pulls the top over her head, tugging her hair free before adjusting its fit around her ribs.

“What do you think? Break some hearts over at the Cradle? Or we could go to the Dirty Pool?”

There's a laugh because it didn't matter the boys still loved Rue, Lucille witnessed it. Pulling on a matching mini skirt of the same color gold, she bends for the ankle boots, black. The locket from her mother swinging freely from her neck. "I heard of these underground parties, Yamagato Park." There's a large grin on the woman's face and she does a spin and twirls around.

"You look like you're about to step on enough hearts to fill the streets with blood… so fabulous, and moi?" Laughing as she leans over to now pluck that bottle of tequila off of the shared nightstand and taking a deep guzzle.

It wasn't often Lucille went out to party, drinking was like a requirement to work at Wolfhound. They all did it. "I wanna fucking dance."

“Ooh. Yamagato,” Rue muses, as though she hadn’t given the Park a thought. Her haunts tend to be a bit divier. And require less security to get into. Still, she’s looking for a good time and the story is that a good time can be had at Yamagato Park.

The bottle of tequila is taken from Lucille’s hand when she’s finished with her drink, so Rue can take a pull herself. “You’re gorgeous, as always.” She seems to consider the proposal for a moment before she nods and sets the bottle back down in its place. “I could break some hearts on the dance floor.”

Picking up a black clutch purse off the top of the dresser, Rue goes through its contents to make sure she has what she needs. ID, cash, cards… She withdraws a small pistol and tucks it away in the top drawer with her clothes. “Won’t be getting that past Yama security.”

"As if we need it." Both women's bodies were dangerous enough with how they wielded them. The shorter haired woman stands and goes to grabs a small clutch as well, she double checks herself before starting for the door. "Shall we?"

The woman opens the door to their room and steps out, the gentle breeze made by the door's opening sailing through her hair.

Down the hall at an easy pace, Lucille looks around. "I smell…. an epic night." A mild grin thrown over her shoulder. Dancing, going out, just escaping for a time. It was necessary. "Do you think the Safe Zone is ready for Wolfhound?" To be right at its fucking door that is.

“The Safe Zone doesn’t have a choice,” Rue responds with a grin, moving down the hall at Lucille’s heels. “How are you feeling about that anyway? Taking police contracts?” It shouldn’t be that different from what they were doing, and yet… Something about what Dearing said to her before their last mission has taken up residence in the back of her mind, roots digging in deep.

When they reach the bus stop, Rue leans against the shelter and lets the breeze continue to ruffle her hair. It’s refreshing, even if it is a bit on the cool side. An entreating look is flashed to Lucille. Rue is interested to hear her thoughts on the subject.

"It's, weird." Lucille rubs the back of her neck as they progress towards the bus stop, steps measured, the alcohol hasn't taken full effect yet. "The money feels nice but when doesn't it? It feels right, us being in Rochester… not exactly in the community." It wasn't too much different but. Something Colette said runs through her mind and she shudders. Maybe that's what she meant, maybe this contract was their way back to society.

"Changes the dynamic a bit, them being our bosses. Leashing the Hounds." It almost seemed like, a quiet attempt to sedate the most aggressive of the war veterans it seemed. At least to Lucille, if she was in the mood to believe the government was out to get them. "We aren't the law. We aren't exactly poster children for civil obedience. It feels…" she stops and shrugs her shoulders with a shake of her head, "Weird." There's that word again.

"What do you think?" They always trade opinions, whether back in the day when it was on which top to wear and which person they were flirting with… or on more pressing matters such as these.

“Fuckin’ weird,” the ginger agrees after the second time the assessment is made. Her shoes click smartly on the concrete beneath her feet and she listens out of habit for any steps out of rhythm with their own. There isn’t, and she chides herself silently for her ingrained paranoia.

Rue heaves a sigh. “I think that our options were slim and none for continuing on any way remotely like we were.” It’s possible the Hounds need to be leashed. Their work is done, but so many of them don’t know any other kind of life to live. The ones who did, got out.

“I’m surprised you didn’t follow Cole, actually. You could have, you know. Probably still could. SCOUT would be lucky to have you.” The corner of Rue’s mouth quirks upward in a wry smile. “I’m not qualified.” Oh, to be something greater than she is.

"Maybe we fuckin do," Need to be leashed that is.

There's a snort of laughter and a shake of her head, though her gaze holds something of a serious note to it, "She's ready. To move on, to see what else life can offer her." A beat, "While dealing with civillians. I'm gonna have to pass for just a bit longer." Another laugh and that serious note is gone, the trauma of the last few years. Unspoken but plainly open between them. "Plus, she's our neighbor so I can bother her whenever… though we had words." Before Col had left, "Nothing a bottle of tequila and some fresh tears didn't solve."

It's painful though, "It's been feeling like we're breaking up since Hercules," which admittingly made sense, their work was done. The Institute was finished and anyone left didn't have the power to make any real trouble but why did Luce feel that… there was something more. Wishful thinking. "Don't think I'm horrible." With all the two of gone through and the many different phases of their lives they each have been able to be apart of with the other, it would probably be hard for either of them to think they are horrible.

"I find myself hoping there's some.. Big bad out there still. Waiting for us to fuck them up." Lucille tilts her head as the bus hurdles towards them and stops, not as packed as it is just after the workday the two slip inside and Lucille claims a two seater section for them. "I suppose that Adam guy, but he's been around forever and seems to always be making some kind of trouble."

“I thought that was just me,” Rue confides. “I want to win, but there’s nothing… left, after that.” And having no direction is worse than facing down killer robots, in her mind. Blue eyes close and a shake of her head dismisses the thought. “I just want to get fucked up tonight and forget about tomorrow for a few hours.”

The unspoken question on the tip of her tongue is, would that be so wrong?

"Nah, we're together on that." Lucille leans back further into her seat, frown on her face. It's one thing to accept you current position/stance on life. It's another to like it. But then the redhead is saying what they both are thinking and Lucille grins and reaches over to sling a arm over her shoulder. "We live here, we really do. Let's just enjoy tonight."

There's a snicker. "If you get arrested, I'm making Colette bail you out." It's the least the former Hound can do. Lucille thinks about the multiple Get Out of Jail free cards she would like to keep stockpiled in her backpocket. Not that she thinks she'll end up behind bars but you never know. "Having a friend that's a cop better have it's fucking perks."

“No shit,” Rue agrees with a grin, even if she still feels uneasy in the pit of her stomach. Tipping her head gently against Lucille’s shoulder, she watches the world pass by through the windows of the bus.

“Don’t tell anybody I was having doubts,” she knows she doesn’t need to tell her friend. “We need to be united. I need to be united.” She has a leadership position, for what good that does her now that her team has been gutted. Still, she takes it seriously. An example has to be set, and if she’s seen being concerned about their new lot, that’s likely to catch on.

Reaching over a hand to place on top of Rue's, the equally as tall woman lays her head on top of hers and watches the world with her. They rarely got to do this, most drinking and fun was done at home at the Bunker and soon to be at the Bastion. Squeezing the redhead's hand in a tight but brief gesture, "You know I won't. And yes, we do." Lucille's brow furrows as she watches the city around them, slowly but surely being renewed with new life.

Luce didn't know what was next, besides moving to the Safe Zone and not having any bad guys to chase. But she did know that they were gonna need to be a unit, together to get past it. Whatever it was.

"Alright enough of that," A sly grin on the woman's features. "Time to party." It definitely was.

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