A Little Pick Me Up


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Scene Title A Little Pick Me Up
Synopsis Just a little chat, nothing important. Just Humanis First, Heller, the dome…
Date February 11, 2011

On the phone, at Ridiculous O'Clock. AM.

One can only call it the middle of the night when Lynette finds a place to herself to call a certain gentleman. She's at least had some time to calm down after the concert, but when she's upset, her mind leans more towards curing it with addictions. Addictions she's trying so hard not to dip into again. And distraction is a good method to get past the hard moments.

And what better distraction is there than Ben Ryans?

It's obscenely late when his phone rings, Lynette's number flashing on the screen.

He wasn't sleeping all that great anyhow. His prisoner hadn't exactly, been the best captive at times, especially after Ryans finally took him down off the hook and threw him into a janitor's closet once it was cleared of everything dangerous.

Any other attempts at information had come up with nothing, more name calling and stubbornness.

So when the buzzing ring of his cellphone jostles him awake, Ryans isn't too upset. Sitting up stiffly from where he was slumped in an office chair, he fishes out his cellphone. Once he sees who, he's quick to answer.

"Hello, sexy," the words a warm rumble even over the phone, tho the static over the cellphone waves cuts it up a little. "Didn't know you were off the island." He suddenly feels a twist of guilt for having not contacted her.

"Oh, now, that is a greeting I like to hear," Lynette says with a warm chuckle. "Only just a day or two. Barbara and I were getting some shopping done and Quinn had a concert I wanted to go to." For some reason, though, her tone dips there. The concert must not have been much fun.

"I thought I would call my very favorite person while I was here. See how you were doing." There's more to it than that, of course, but she's meandering around it.

Hand pressing to table, Ryans stands and stretches out tight back muscles. He grimaces at the ache it leaves, hand reaching back to press there. What he wouldn't do for a bed right now. "I'm holding up pretty good, considering." Considering he's locked behind a dome.

Some pounding can be heard in the back ground and the muffled sound of a voice. Possibly screaming for help.

"Got a little project to keep me busy, " he muses softly. "You know… that noble stuff you seem to find so attractive." The teasing humor in his tone fades, though as he asks, "How you holding up out there?" A glance goes to the calendar on the wall, brows furrow.

"Well, you'll have to give me all the details when we're able to meet up again. Don't explain now, it would be a horrible tease," Lynette says, her tone somewhat playful. But when the question turns her way, there's a little silence at first.

"I think Heller knows who I am. He was at the concert. That adorable redhead, Delilah? She was able to warn me to get out before anything happened, but…" But she's worried. Scared, maybe. There's a little shake in her breathing for just a moment before she clears her throat and continues in a lighter tone again, "The worst of it is, I lost a fantastic pair of shoes running out of there. My father sent them for my birthday and it was their first night out. I think I should lodge a formal complaint, see if Heller will replace them. what do you think?"

Benjamin has to force the chuckle to be a warm, deep sound. Though his whole body has gone cold as if a bucket of ice water has been thrown over him. "Shoe's can be replaced, you can't be." He reminds her gently and calmly. Though he's suddenly unhappy with being stuck in that dome. Especially, with someone he cares about in that kind of trouble.

There is a huffed out sigh of irritation over the phone. "I'm sorry I'm not there." It's an honest reply coming from the old man.

"Oh, I suppose," Lynette says, a chuckle following his. But at his last words, her tone softens. "Can't be helped, Ben. And I'm alright. I just may hide out on the island for a little while before I venture out again." There's another pause there, as if considering her next words before she adds, "But I do wish you were here." A statement more heartfelt than she really meant to let out, but for once, she doesn't try to brush it aside with carefree joviality.

"I do too." There is a short pause on his end before he changes the subject on her. "I need a favor." He glances at the door where his guest is staying. "Maybe pass it on to Raith and or Eileen, since you need to lay low.

"But I need to see if any information can be scraped up on the activities of Humanis First in Queens. Especially where I am." In the area of the dome. The pounding on the door increases for a moment, signs of an unhappy inmate. Maybe he heard what Ryans is saying. "Anything I can get. I have an idea where to look for them, but it's vague."

"I can do that, of course," she agrees easily, "I'll get a hold of them as quick as I can find them." At the banging, though, Lynette pauses a moment, then comments wryly, "Your little project seems displeased. I take it you're going hunting in there?" She certainly has no problem with the idea of some Humanis First getting a visit from one Benjamin Ryans.

"Mmm… Seems I am a freak fucker." His tone bright, the words not really fitting in his mouth. Ryans sounds slightly amused at the term, then offended. He doesn't deny who he sleeps with. "But, yes. I'm going hunting." It's blunt and he doesn't deny it at all. The words cold and flat, devoid of emotions he might feel at the prospect.

"They have a man, that protected Delia when Bradley…. had his accident on air." Ryans explains. "I think he's alright for now. I believe he's benefiting from a case of mistaken identity. Not sure for how long."

Lynette laughs at that, a mix of the words themselves and Ben saying them, "Oh, are you? They have such a way with words, don't they?" If she's offended herself, she doesn't show it. Although, she probably is on some level. "Well, I'll see what we can find out about where they are, see if we can't help you out some. You just make sure to take care of yourself, Ben. And if you think of anything else we can do on this side, let me know. I can linger on the mainland a while longer, I think."

"It's a wonder any of them procreate." There is a hint of disgust there. Ryans may have hunted them, but it wasn't without a good reason. To protect people and even evolved themselves.

"You be careful out there, if you're not going back right away." Ben doesn't hide the worry, or the care in his voice. He doesn't say goodbye, it sounds so final in his situation. He lingers on the phone a moment longer, "I'll be in touch."

"I will be, I promise. There's this handsome fellow that I'm looking forward to seeing again, wouldn't want to sabotage my chances," Lynette says, playfulness back in her tone again. "I'll be here," she says in reply, warmth in her voice there. And she doesn't say goodbye, either, but leaves it there. And when she hangs up, she sits back with a little sigh, no doubt feeling much better.

Despite the situation, when he shuts the phone with a solid click of plastic, Ryans actually has a small smile on his face. "I'm looking forward to it, too." The words murmured softly to no one at all.

Seems even Benjamin needed that, whether he knew it or not.

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