A Little Plotting And A Bit Of Truth


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Scene Title A Little Plotting And A Bit Of Truth
Synopsis Doyle has an idea! Steal much needed vaccines for the kids of Staten. He and Kaylee make a plan and then discuss a touchy subject.
Date November 18th, 2009

Staten Island - A Ferryhouse

The first rays of the morning are finally pushing their way around the edges of the floral sheets tacked up over windows to ease young and tired eyes. The days have blurred for the people that volunteered to care for the sick children of Staten, few people and little sleep is to blame for that. There is hope. The medication that was bought from Filatov Clinic seems to be doing the trick, making workers feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The questions over the tension between Doyle and Meredith, had been pushed to the back of her mind with so much to do. With the easing of some of the stress, it's back on Kaylee's mind as she watches the large man with the kids. Finally, the telepath decided it was time to approach at least one of them and Eric Doyle was the closest at hand.

So, easing herself out from under a sleeping child that she's been reading too, Kaylee picks up her leather jacket from the floor. "Eric?" She calls out softly, "Come on.. break time." Her words sound tired even to her, behind that god awful mask.

"Hm?" Doyle looks up from where he was sewing together a hole in one of the kids' jeans, brows raising in a furrowed arch for a moment before dropping as the weary sound of her voice gets to him. A grunt, and he ties off the bit of thread, draping the jeans over the chair and pushing himself up to his feet with a muffled grunt.

A hand briefly claps to her shoulder as he walks past, heading for the door at an unhurried walk, admitting against the mask's fabric, "I could use a drink."

"Coffee would be wonderful… or anything thing with caffeine." Kaylee states sounding somewhat wistful, as she follows him out a small smirk on her lips, hidden behind the mask. "I look forward to when I can sleep through the night.. Most of the kids are at least." Once she's outside of the room of kids, her arms lift to slip on her leather jacket. Once it's zipped up, she's quick to pull off the mask. "How you holding up, Puppet master? I should have asked before, but it has been kinda crazy. "

The mask's tugged down, hanging loosely about Doyle's thick neck as he starts down the stairs outside the room, wood creaking softly under the weight of him. "I'm— I'm alright," he flashes over a faint smile, heading down to where the kitchen's hiding, "I was checking out the paper today, I had an idea, actually…"

Slowed up by the man in front of her, Kaylee tilts her head to look at him over his shoulder. A smile is flashed at him and a brow arches, "Oh ho! Eric Doyle's got an idea?" There is no insult in those words, more like curiosity. Tucking the strip of blue fabric in her pocket, she waves a hand for him to continue, "I'm all ears."

Those expressive eyes roll at her words, his lips curling in a bit of a smirk as he looks back to her, then steps into the kitchen; waving vaguely towards the coffee machine, he then drops down into one of the chairs set about the table with a creak, leaning back and rubbing a hand over his face. "So. Right— " He leans forward, then, Eric's gaze on her steadily, "That department of evolved— whatever— are doing this free vaccine clinic for registered evolved tonight."

There is no hesitation, Kaylee steps around the big guy going straight for the coffee machine. Pulling out the glass container she sniffs at the coffee that's still in there. Satisfied by whatever reason, she replaces it on the machine and hunts to mugs, pulling two from a cabinet. Eric's words, make her slow and turn to look at him, her eyes narrowing at him even though she smirks at him. "Seriously?" She turns back to set the mugs on the counter. "Ug… registration." Picking up the glass pot she starts to pour the coffee. "So…?" She draws out the words to encourage him to continue.

"So…" Slowly, Doyle leans back in his chair, lips curving in a widening grin as he observes with one shoulder rolling in a shrug, "So I know some unregistered kids who might do better with some of those vaccines… keep something like this from happening again." Brows waggle, "If you know what I mean."

A mug held in each hand, Kaylee turns slowly to give him a sly look. "Oh, you devious man." She states with a smirk that's higher on one side. She moves to set one of the mugs in front of him and the other at a spot for her, "I like what your thinking." She murmurs softly, though the smile fades at the corners some. "Think the Ferrymen would get pissy about it?" Creamer and sugar are located and set on the table between them before she drops into a seat herself.

"They aren't exactly pro-registration," Doyle points out in droll tones, hands spreading just a bit before he reaches over for the coffee, pulling it over to himself and then vaguely crooking a finger—making her push the little bowl of creamers over towards him without even really noticing it, lifting them from the bowl and peeling the top off one. A grin flashes, "And what they don't know won't hurt them."

Kaylee looks slightly amused as she's forced to push the bowl towards him, leaning over the table to do so. "Good point… and seriously.. I'm jealous how easy that is for you. I make someone do something it takes a lot of concentration." Since her hand is near the bowl, she plucks two from it and straightens in her seat again. She wrinkles her nose a bit, as she pour the creamer into her own mug. "Oops.. spoons.. I must be tired." She leans back in her chair, putting it on it's back legs while she opens a drawn and extracts two spoons, sliding one over to him. "Between your…" She wiggles her fingers to simulate his ability, " And my ability… I think we can pull it off and the group doing it not even being aware of it."

"Hmn?" The curious question's murmured against the edge of Doyle's mug after he takes a sip, both brows lifting in bemusement. Then he looks down to her hand, pauses, and offers a sheepish grin, "Sorry. Just— habit." The spoon's taken up a bit late, stirring in the creamer that lingers in whorls in the coffee, his head shaking, "You can probably just convince them that we're volunteers, right? We'll head in, head out, nobody'll be the wiser."

"I should be able too, depending on how many people.. It's not limitless.. I get tired." Kaylee admits a touch blandly. The mug is lifted with both hands and she takes a deep breath, savoring the smell. "I might be able if I can get enough time… I can make them remember seeing someone else. That way if questions are asked…" She leaves that sentence unfinished and blows on the hot liquid before taking that first sip.

"We'll have to wing it," Doyle murmurs, setting down the mug, fingers drumming on its edge for a moment, the smile fading as he stares down at his beverage. Then his eyes slowly raise to her again, and he asks quietly, "Have you— uh— seen Meredith today?"

When he looks up, he'll find Kaylee watching him thoughtfully over the top of her mug. "No." She offers straight away, setting her coffee down so that she can rest her arms on the table and lean over some. "I haven't seen her since we got the medicine back." Lids droop as she studies him and his reaction. "Eric… what is it between you two? I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt for the moment, because I actually look at you as something like a friend. But she was pretty damn freaked out, puppet man."

The telepath's words cause his nose and brow to wrinkle, lips twisting into a grimace as he looks down at his coffee for a silent moment. "It's a… long story," he says quietly, "I met her a— a long time ago. It was love at first sight."

"Mmm." Is Kaylee's unconvinced answer to that whole love at first sight stuff. Not something the young woman believes in, by the skeptical look on her face. "I dunno about you, but I have nothing but time on my hands right now… so…" She gives a rolling wave of her hand for him to continue. ".. tell on. I'd feel better having your side before I corner Meredith." She gives him a tight lipped smile. "Cause there are always two sides to every…. love story." That last bit said with a slight wrinkle of her nose, before she picks up her mug for sipping.

Eric Doyle was afraid she was going to say that.

A sigh stirs against the surface of his coffee, fingertips drumming on the mug's edge for a moment before he lifts his head suddenly, "Look, I— maybe I went a little overboard, okay, but she just never, never listened. We were perfect for each other, she just needed to see— " He cuts himself off, grimacing as he looks back down, nudging the mug around on the surface of the table, "Then the Company picked me up. She probably… probably thought I was still rotting in that hole."

The itch to pluck the story from his brain is a strong one, but Kaylee keeps to her own head. A girl has to have boundaries, plus one doesn't invade the thoughts of people she likes. Though just at his words and the time she's been in his company, she's got some sort of vague idea and she doesn't seem all that thrilled about it

The mug is set down slowly. "I say steer clear of her for now, she's one of their operatives… and I'd hate to see you tossed out on your ear." She gives him a matter of fact look. "I didn't like the fact that she looked like she wanted to seriously hurt you.. and she looks pretty upset that I had a hand on your shoulder." Her head tilts a bit and her brows lift slightly.

"If she'd just be willing to talk to me, to listen…" Eric's fingertip taps against the edge of his coffee mug rhythmically, scowling down at it with frustration sliding through his voice, "I know we could work this out. We had something once, I mean…" He rubs a hand against his forehead, eyes closing, "Mnm. Maybe."

"I'll mention it…. but don't hold your breath." Kaylee says solemnly, sliding to her feet with her mug in hand. There is a soft sigh that escapes the young woman as she moves to pour, what little coffee is left, down the sink watching it slide slowly down the drain. "Can't say I'm not worried what I'll find out from her." She reaches over to turn on the water to rinse out her mug. "I've been used… I'm been lied too." The water is shut off and the mug set aside in the sink, before she turns to look at him. "Just about everyone in Adam's Gang did that too me." There is a purpose to what she's saying somewhere in there. "You.. I've seen do some great things with those kids, Eric. I don't want to see them disappointed."

"I better get back up there." Starting out of the kitchen, Kaylee stops next to him and rests a hand on his shoulder, her voice lowers, "One thing I know, I'm not an angel. Far from it… I protected the gang once by making a guy kill the people with him and then blow off his own head…. So I am not a good person, so I don't have much room to judge, but we both have a good thing going with the Ferrymen." She studies him as she continues, softly. "Those kids, they look up to you and I'd hate to see you loose that. Just… keep your nose clean.. hmm?"

"I've long since paid for anything she holds against me," Doyle states in flat, cold tones as he sits up, one hand gripping the table's edge and his other wrapped about the mug in his other, "Do you know how long they left me there rotting in that cell? They didn't have drugs to negate powers back then, Kaylee. At least not that they were willing to waste on me. They just had this— this sound thing that kept me nauseous, so I couldn't focus enough to use my ability. They treated me like an animal in there. And after I broke out? They caught me again, and just brought me to Moab. If she wanted me to suffer, well, she got it."

The coffee mug's thumped down solidly to the table, and he pushes himself up to his feet, turning to head towards the front door, snagging his baseball jacket off a chair as he goes, muttering, "If you're still up for the vaccine place, I'll see you later."

When he pushes to his feet, Kaylee looks thoughtful her hand sliding off his arm. There is no way she can even imagine the hell all that was. Finally, she focuses on Doyle again, there is that mischievous smirk tuging at her lips. Her eyes roll up to look at the ceiling and the muffled sound of coughing. "Don't worry… Come get me when it's time." Her blue eyes drop to look at him, she looks like a woman with a purpose. "We'll get what the kids need. See you then, Puppet master."

"Yeah," Eric huffs, pushing out the door, "See you then."

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