A Lovely Night To Be A Criminal


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Scene Title A Lovely Night To Be A Criminal
Synopsis Harve gets caught in an unpleasant situation with a tiny woman that he certainly didn't expect.
Date November 01, 2010

Northern Brooklyn

Michelle forgot the files for the next day that she wanted to look over so that she was up to date on the patients she would be seeing at the practice. Having to stop in the financial district before making his way to Brooklyn means that he'll be really pushing it with regards to the curfew if he doesn't hurry. Brennan's loafer thump down the stairs of the building that houses the medical practice along with other medical practices, palm slapping down on the push bar across the door and eases out, turning to close the door and slide a key into it. Turn the key and it's locked.

Everything upstairs is safe and sound, in as much as individual office suites with their security systems can be safe. He's got a block to walk to the black expensive sedan with it's booster seats in the back and leather upholstery. Briefcase wedged under his arm as he drags out his phone so he can make a call to Michelle and tell her he's got what she needed, other hand filled with his keys that he doesn't pocket, needing them to start the car. It's so close to curfew, that everything is dark, or starting to go dark, only locals still out and about or heading home but it's quiet here.

It's a lovely night to be a criminal. Curfew has made the whole mugging people thing a rather difficult affair, but that problem is coming to an end as fall hangs over the city's head. The sun has been going down earlier, meaning that Keira can still run around and do her mugging act, and get home in time to not worry about getting hunted down by the patrols. Even criminals are adversely effected by the curfew.

She's been hanging around, scoping out potential targets. She's been all around town today, and she's had a few successful hits, carrying a good grand in cash in her backpack, as well as some watches and jewelry she intends to sell. She's been scoping out one last victim, if she can find one. Luckily, Brennan's wife asked him to go to the practice. A business suit, a key to a building, briefcase, those suave good looks— he must be well-to-do.

Keira, decked out in a pair of baggy jeans that hang a bit low on her hips, and a 'My Morning Jacket' hoodie, hung out in the alleyway on the way back to the man's car while he ran into the building. As he comes out, a small smile forms on her face, as she draws the hoodie back over her head and keeps nice and safe in the shadows, her hand gripping the gun she has hidden within her jacket. It is there that she waits, about halfway between him and his car; hopefully, he'll get off the phone soon.
Your wish is granted, he's thumbing the call off, having assured his wife that he's got everything and that he's coming home real quick. Keira is noticed, how can she not when there's no one else on the street with the only other person having scurried around a corner and off to whatever hole in the city that they call home.

The phone is pulled away from his body, making to tuck it into a pocket as he approaches his car, the beep beep of a security system being turned off and doors unlocked. "Evening" That's the greeting that she gets but nothing much more.

A respectful nod is cast to Brennan, the girl raising a hand in greeting, thankful that the hood covers most of her face. Probably just some hooligan making a statement or something of that sort, by way of loitering. She doesn't move as he approaches, her attention apparently on an alley across the street.

However, as soon as the man walks past and is no longer looking at her, she moves as silently and quickly as she can. The first thing he'll feel is a hand on his shoulder, and when he turns, he'll see the gleaming blade of a knife. At the same time, she presses the gun, still concealed within the pocket of her hoodie, against the small of his back, clicking the safety off.

"If you move or scream, I'll cut your eyes out as I shoot you in the back. You won't be the first person I've killed." For such a small girl with a voice that sounds somewhat sweet and innocent, she can sure give her voice a dangerous quality, especially when she's holding two weapons to him. "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way, sexy. You can give me your wallet and any valuables you may have, and I'll happily let you drive your sexy ass home. Or, I can do the above mentioned plan, and just take everything." She's close when she says this, shoving the gun against his back a little to indicate that she's certainly not kidding.

No, he wasn't expecting this. Not with the proximity that this place is to the police station. But then again, sometimes, that's the easiest place to do such a thing. Because no one expects it. No one ever expects the Spanish inquisition much less a small thing like her to have been waiting to mug someone.

So at the touch, he's looking over his shoulder and into the glint of steel. Clue one that he was being held up. The other was her instructions that oh so kindly laid it all out for him as to how this was going to go down. Clue three was the gun that dug in a little to his spine. "I have to just put in the caveat that you don't have to do this. You can walk away, turn your life around, be a better person and not lower yourself to mugging people in the street. I know the cities hard but there are agencies out there to help you" Does she even know what caveat means? He lets the briefcase thud down to the sidewalk though. "Medical files, nothing interesting. Just bringing them home for my wife. I'd really appreciate it if you'd see fit to leave those alone"

The girl lets out a small 'ch' sound, smirking as she digs the gun into the man's back. "What would someone like you, with your fancy car and business suit and pretty leather briefcases know? You straight types are all the fuckin' same, 'You don't have to do this'. Shut the fuck up, you don't know shit about the city. You're just another little fat ass cat sittin' on your pile of gold and strokin' your whiskers." She lets this out in a dangerous, velvety tone. "I ain't gotta explain nothin' to you." She moves the knife, so it's oh-so-gently pressed against Brennan's throat. "The wallet, the watch, the cuff links. Drop them on the ground. Then, I want you to stomp on your cell phone for me. Hurry the fuck up."

"I know enough, seen enough. If you need help I know people you can turn to" His keys are dropped to the ground next, straightening up with the press of gun and the knife to his neck. This was not on his agenda tonight and if he makes it out alive, this means he's not making curfew.

And while she demands that he go fast, he's going slow, making sure that she can see his hands at all times as he works the clasp on his watch so that it can be held up and she can take it from him. "Wallet is in my back pocket" Cufflinks, are next once she takes the watch, a bit more trickier to get them off than a watch, and waiting to see if she goes for his wallet.

As he cooperates, the knife is withdrawn, slipping back into her sleeve for quick retrieval, while the gun is shoved against his back again, to remind him that she's not scared to put a hole in her hoodie should he try something. A greedy hand snatches up the watch, pocketing it. Then, that hand slips into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet and pocketing that…and feeling him up a little in the process.

"You have a nice ass, kitty cat. Do you work out?" She offers a small, musical giggle. "Mmm, it's a damn shame you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, I woulda fucked your brains out all night long if the circumstances were different." This is said with a small smirk. Once the cufflinks are off, she snatches those, too. "Smash the phone. I don't want you makin' any calls 'til you get home."
"I'm not smashing the phone" One cufflink, then two, jaw tight with indignation that she's seeing fit to use her hands in a different fashion other than just mugging him. "My wife is pregnant, she's due anytime, I need it in case she goes into labor. If you don't like that, bully for you." Cufflinks are tossed to the ground, away from himself, easing his ring off his finger and tossing that a little further out too.

"Satisfied, or do you think you need to take the car too?" He keeps his arms up, only change in his pockets and nothing else, not worth it really to get shot over.

"Alright, I'll give you that. I guess I'll just have to run fast." With the gun still pressed to his back, she reaches down, picking the car keys and twirling them around her finger for a moment. "Hmm, nice as that car is, it's probably one of those cars that has a thing police use to make it stop when it gets stolen. No thanks." She shoves the keys back into his pocket. The wedding ring is picked up and returned to his pocket, as well, the woman offering another little squeeze to the man's rear after the fact.

"Pick the rest of your shit up and get in your car. If I see that cell phone raise up to your ear before you're out of my sight, I have all the information I need to make your life really bad, right here in my pocket, and I am not the kinda lady you want t'fuck with. Hear me loud and clear?" She steps back, giving Brennan a chance to do exactly as she commands.

This is just… this could be going worse, far worse. Brennan's livid with the squeeze, tucking in of his ring and keys and the order for him to get into the vehicle and take off. The threat to his family really gets his goat and he turns kneeling down to grab his briefcase with the medical files in it.

And he backs off. Any gumption or spine that he had, it's gone at the sight of the gun and knowing that he's got nothing but a soft sided briefcase and no desire to sprawl across the pavement bleeding or dead. So he backs off, one hand around the handle of the leather case, the other digging for the key. "Karma. It will come around and get you"

Keira smirks quietly from beneath her hood. "Sweetie, I'm a distributor of bad Karma. You see, I got all the bad karma when I was a kid. No love from anyone, just hate and abuse and abandonment. You know the drill, mister kitty cat, I'm sure, since you know so much about the city." The last line is said with more than a little bit of sarcasm. "Maybe you should check and see if you had any bad karma comin' your way." The gun is held steady, the woman waiting for him to get into his car. "Run along home, now. So long as I don't hear sirens, you can rest assured that I won't fuck with you or your pregnant wife. I ain't a bad person, I'm just tryin' to make a livin'."

Brennan opens the drivers side, easing in to the drivers seat, tossing his briefcase into the back of the vehicle, closing the door with a resounding thud. With it, silence from the outside and the woman who is holding the gun out. His phone still in his pocket, even as he's sinking the keys into the steering column and turning his car on, he's waiting for her to take off, turn her back or something so he can dart a hand up to hit the onstar button even as he's getting ready to pull out.

She watches for a good long while, drawing toward the alleyway with her eyes on the vehicle. She's waiting for him to pull out of her line of sight so he can't see where she goes. The gun is still very much there, and is very much still aimed at his head. Weary criminal is weary. Once he's driven far enough away, she disappears into that back alley that she was hiding in, running as fast as her feet will carry her while shoving her spoils of war into the backpack. Thank goodness one of her homies doesn't live too far from here, and this is a nice watch.

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