A Male Lesbian And Mrs. Cleaver


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Scene Title A Male Lesbian and Mrs. Cleaver
Synopsis Two siblings catch up, even though one is being particularly avoidy
Date January 23, 2011

Dorchester Towers — Tahir's Apartment

The handy thing about Phasing is the ability to walk through walls. And locked doors. And deadbolted doors. Getting into Dorchester towers the way Brian had directed her was easy for Sami, coaxing Tahir to let her in has been a little more difficult. "I brought muffins and coffee— " she persists. Her lips press together into a thin line as she knocks again. "C'mon you can't still be mad, can you?"

After announcing their imminent nuptials to everyone, she's back on the mainland, visiting her brother after his and Brian's non-fight. On the plus side she's reassured that there was no bloodshed in their meeting.

"You can't pretend you're not home," Sami insists quietly. "I heard shuffling. I know someone's there." And then her face flushes. What if she's actually talking to Tahir's latest tryst…

Even with her reddened nose, cheeks, and ears she remains fixed in place, white toque atop her head, white mittens around the coffee and bag of muffins (which, from her latest thought, Tahir may have had his fill of).

"I'm not home!"

Tahir frowns in the midst of his actual yelling at the door. Which is just not good. Because, well, that has made it even more messed up because he has just announced that he's home by announcing that he's not home. "Shit. Uh…" And now it's time to take the voice up louder again. "This is just a recording! That plays to make criminals think I'm home! But I'm really not! So go away!"

Pause. Consider.

"But leave the muffins! Which I would eat! If I were actually home and this were not a recording! Which it is!" Tahir frowns more and tries not to look at the door. Instead, he pours some more Skittles into his hand and chomps away at them. Some random reality show is on his television and he's wearing his Robe of Depression.

There's an emphatic roll of Sami's eyes. "Good grief! I might be bubbly and enthusiastic, but I'm not stupid, Tay." But she bends down to set down the treats before her eyes fix on the door. Oh. Right. With a wry smile, she takes a deep breath. "Tahir, you better be decent because…" her eyes squeeze shut for a moment as she gathers her resolve, "I'm coming in!"

And she is.

At will she dematerializes, disappearing through the door and reappearing on the other side. Immediately once on the other side, she deposits the coffee and muffins on the table near the door so she can cover her eyes. "Are you decent?" There's another pause as she reddens further, "Is your… uh.. company decent?" it's an assumption on her part— that Tahir has company, but judging from what she'd seen of his apartment earlier…

"Wow. Breaking and Entering now, Sis? Well, I'll bet I know where you learned that." Tahir glares over his shoulder at his sister and even the coffee and muffins or whatever else. Because then he's turning back to look at the horribleness that is on his television screen and chomps away at a few more Skittles. Because they taste too damn good not to eat. "Anyway. If you came to beg me to come to your wedding or whatever, you can just ghost-walk back out right now. Cuz I'm not changing my mind. No matter how many muffins you bring me."

The comment about decency is never answered, but Sam risks it anyways, and lowers her mittened hands from her eyes. Carefully she rolls them off her hands and then plucks her toque from her head. "Tahir Avery Dunham, don't be a jerk. You're better than that," her jacket is promptly unzipped as she grabs the coffee cup and muffins from the table where she'd set them, taking to his kitchen and searching for plates. Finding one, she places a muffin upon it. In all things, she is her mother's daughter, especially when it comes to her siblings.

She twists around, coffee cup in hand as she treads back to the living room, occupying a seat opposite her brother. The smile and general pleasure with everything has faded some. "Obviously you have to come! Why wouldn't you come?" Her lips press together, causing the smile to melt entirely, even in her eyes. She sniffs loudly, that keen sensitivity being pressed aside as much as she can. She squeezes her hands together tightly and closes her eyes just as tight. "H-h-have I… come to mean so little to you that you wouldn't come? Was I so… forgettable in death that— that you think…" her voice squeaks, but with her eyes closed it'd be hard for most to see why.

"Oh Fuck." Tahir is not a happy camper. "First I have to become the legal guardian of Annoying Adisa and now I'm getting a guilt trip the size of the Titanic. What the hell." Tahir's mouth just runs and he flings the mostly empty bag of Skittles off towards the television. Only a couple of the delicious candies fall out, which means that tehy can be consumed at a later date when he's feeling less attacked from all sides. "Look, just, fine. If you want me to come and watch you make a huge mistake, then I'll be there I guess. Just don't start asking me to be happy about it or anything. Cuz I don't like him. And I don't think it's a good idea."

With another loud sniff, Sam blinks rapidly, showing two rather reddened eyes, implying tears that she doesn't actually allow to shed. "Why? Why don't you like him? He's… he's kind, he's sweet, he's caring, he's funny, he looks out for me, he saw me when so many others ignored me… If we weren't together I swear you'd like him— like actually!" There's an incredulous nod of Sami's head as she rests her elbows on her knees, leaning forward in her chair.

She sighs heavily. "You can't be happy for me? You can't? What makes this such a bad idea anyways? I love him. He loves me. Isn't that it? Does anything else matter?"

"Jesus. Why am I always the Bad Guy? What the hell." Tahir may be talking to nothing that is actually capable of answering him at the moment, but he needs to vent before taking a breath and looking over to Samara to try and explain. "Look. You're my little sister, okay? It's my job to do all those things. I'm supposed to be the one punching out anything that dares to try and hurt you. I'm supposed to be the one that keeps you out of trouble. It's supposed to be me." Tahir grabs the remote control and starts rapidly flipping through channels for no reason. "But now that you're marrying Many Me, what the hell use am I?" Tahir just shrugs and turns his eyes back to the television screen to pretend to be caring about the channels being flipped through. "Look. Just… when is the wedding? I'll come and be civil and all that. And then I'll leave you to your new life…"

"Tay— " Sami's voice quiets some as she sighs again. With a deep breath she straightens, her lips twitching into a very-sedate-not-quite-happy smile. Her hazel eyes seek out Tahir's gaze now, even with all of the channel surfing. "No one will ever replace you," she says softly. "You're my brother. I need you. I've always needed you." Her teeth graze her bottom lip, "Do you remember? My first day of school and the bullies on the playground— I was so little, especially back then…" there's no denying she was short for her age. Even now she's tinier.

"That was like a billion eons ago." Tahir gives a dismissive wave. He's just trying to deal with the concept of his little sister growing up. Which isn't fair. He missed all the best years of her life because she was dead. Or supposedly dead. "Just, don't worry about it. I'll get over it, okay? I'm just mad at the world right now." Tahir shrugs and tries to keep everything from going down too many trips of Memory Lane and ending up too emotional. "I just don't get how you can fall in love with some dude while you were 'dead' and suddenly want to get all married. It's just… it confuses me. But whatever. Just… I hope you know what you're doing."

"A billion years ago, but I needed you then. You threatened the bullies, you looked out for me. And I still need that. You know the way I am. You know how I'm excitable and enthusiastic, and idealistic! It's what I do!" Sami's eyebrows escalate high on her forehead. "Even when I was dead I had that same energy! The world is scary, but I'm an optimist. Incurable. I mean, I died for like four years!" She blinks now, considering her words a little more carefully. "And maybe some things are meant to confuse people! We love each other! We make each other happy! Look at me! I haven't felt so alive in all of my life! It took dying to make me feel like i could live, like… like life was worth living… like— "

She sighs deeply. "It's not a whatever! Honestly, I know it's quick, but it just… it feels right, you know?" Her head cants to the side. "I've never felt like this about someone. He's good. Like, actually good. There's so much wrong with the world, but Brian works to make it right— "

Tahir can only fight this so long. It's hard to crush the dreams of his sister like this. "Alright, alright. I'll try harder to give him a chance. But I swear to everything that we may or may not believe in. The exact milisecond that I find out he's done -anything- to hurt you, I will find every him there is and kill them until I find the right one." Kind of violent, but it's out of love and all that crazy big brotherness that is coming out of him right now. "Just don't hold it against me if it takes me longer to get all Gung Ho about you joining another family. Deal?"

The smile grows, "Deal. And whether you like it or not, I will always be your sister. No matter what happens." She lifts her chin triumphantly, convinced of the matter. "So… no… visitors, aside from Adisa I should be aware of? Like that lady that time I came when you saw me in the fridge… she your girlfriend or something?" her eyebrow arches. "I'm just asking because if she is, I should know, being your sister and all— and we could double or something?"

Tahir smirks and gives a shake of his head. "Something tells me that my 'company' will be quite less welcome here since Adisa's moved on. She's not exactly the best housewarming present I could have. But what can you do, y'know?" Tahir's already over being angry about his sister moving in to cramp his style. And then he's laughing a bit at the remembering of the girl that Samara's talking about. "Wait, girlfriend? Haha, I don't even remember that chick's name. Nah, I probably won't be seeing her again. I got what I needed." Oh Womanizer.

Tahir's observation renders his sister semi-speechless for a few moments. Finally, when she manages to unfreeze herself and employ copious amounts of mind bleach, she manages, "Ah. So… no girlfriend?" Her cheeks tinge a faint red as she twists about to eye the hall closet. Her lips part as she gazes at it only to flit her eyes back to Tahir. "But— the— " there's another pause. "How many women are you seeing? Or… do you just see them the once?" Her nose wrinkles at this.

"Nah. Some of 'em get a second helping. Or a third. Or more. It just depends on how good they are at what they do. If they can keep up." Tahir has no qualms about just running off at the mouth about his sexual exploits. It's part of his too honest charm, probably. "But you know I can't be tied down to any one girl. That is so not my stule. I've got too much love to give to the world to be trapped in a world of exclusivity." Tahir's tone even suggests that this is a noble and worthy cause.

"Ah." Well this is uncomfortable. "So… you actually… need the closet then?" Sam shoots him a lopsided grin a little awkwardly. "So no one I need to meet? No one special on the horizon? Just Adisa interfering with your life?" She manages an easier smile as she switches topics, "So… how's the show biz life? Being dead is still good. Like being not dead even though theoretically dead. Like dead in name or whatever. I guess that's what I am, huh? Dead in name."

"Closet? What closet?" Tahir is a little too slow to actually realize what may be coming up topic-wise at the moment. He's focused on the fact that Adisa has ruined his Bachelor Life as of right now and probable for the forseeable future. "Every girl that I've ever slept with has been special. It's just that some are more special than others and get to ride the Tahir Avery Dunham more often than the rest." Tahir flashes his big game show host smile. "Ah, well, that's kinda' back and forth. They cancelled my game show. But I've got something else in the works. Something better, I think. Should be starting next month."

"You know… the CLOSET." Sami's eyes widen incredulously, silently begging Tahir to follow her train of thought. "And I'm not implying you're in it or something. I'm not saying you're like a male lesbian or— gay, I mean, sorry, just a lot of time around Rue makes lesbian come easier to mind than gay." She clears her throat and refocuses her attentions, "So… if I were into all of the boys, you'd be okay with that? Like you know.. the way you are with women. Except with men. Because I'm not gay either despite my fascination with talking around your closet— " her cheeks flush red now. "I mean, if Brian wasn't around or whatever because I'm not that kind of— it's not like— ugh— "

"Ohhhhhhh! That closet!" Tahir actually laughs as it takes him a little bit of time to catch up. "Hell yeah, I need that. Everything in there." Tahir is cracking up a little bit, before he can calm things down to get back focused on what's coming from Samara. "Now hold on. There's no reason for you to be like me. You're one of the lucky ones. You've found love." Tahir kind of shrugs his way into this next statement. "Most of the world, like me, don't get that chance. So we have to make due with endless hours of sexual contact with those that we deem worthy." Such a sacrifice!

"But… what about Adisa? I mean, she could theoretically sleep with anything male that moves and— " she points towards the closet now, "— she has easy to find supplies should she— " Sami actually cringes now, her face turning green at the entire thought, but she really is trying to make a point. "Like if she was like that. Or if I wasn't with Brian. It would be totally alright for us to… to go around with the boys." Pause. "Or girls. Not that I'm interested in girls, I just don't want to presume that Adisa is, maybe she's perfectly interested in the ladies which would be fine, but I think that's beyond the point here, right?" She pauses again. "You would be fine with it if we were like that?"

Poor Tahir. He just can't ever win.

"So wait. Because I'm letting my sister move in to keep her from being homeless, I have to change my entire way of life? Man, I'm starting to think I should just re-enlist. This is not the way I pictured this day going." Tahir sighs and gives a dismissive wave at the closet in question. "Am I supposed to just throw everything away, go to Church and become a pleasureless monk now?" Frustration mounting.

"Nooooo. That's not what I meant and you know it! I was trying to clarify is all! Like you wouldn't have a problem with us being all about the fellas— " the notion actually reddens Sam's face further, she's so thankful she keeps her clothes when she phases through things now "— that's all I wanted to know! If you would be okay with it or whatever." Sami actually shrugs at this. "You should do what makes you happy, just remember these ladies probably have brothers or something. Willing to beat on anyone that looks at them sideways or something… just sayin'." She shoots him a half smile, "And no, you shouldn't go become a monk! You should ace this new project you're working on." Yes, change subjects. "Tell me about this new thing in the works— "

"Why would you even want to be like me? You have this Brian loser!" Tahir narrows his eyes as he tries to figure out what in the hell is going on. "Are you trying to tell me something without telling me what you're trying to tell me?" Yes, Tahir is trying to figure out the secret sibling encryption that may be happening at this moment. He's not even sure there is something to figure out but he's trying. "Nope! No changing the subject! Either you have a problem with me sharing my love with the women of the world or you're up to something. What's going on!"

"I just want to know! That's all— " Sam actually holds up her hands now. "Like. Those girls they're sisters, they're daughters, what makes them different than me or Addie? Like.. if you're cool with either of us going around with the fellas, then.. that's one thing." There's a long pause as she shrugs slightly, "I just want to know if it's monogamy you have a problem with or like.. us dating. And if it's us then what makes us different than anyone else?"

Tahir holds up a finger. Not the middle. "Listen. You and Adisa are the only two sisters I care about, okay? Which is why I'm not even sure I like Brian Boitano. But! Because you are in love with him, I'm going to give him a fair chance. Kind of. But it's just… you can't expect me to be fine with you two dating. Let alone getting married. It's a guy thing." Tahir frowns and gives a wave of his hand. "Dad's the same way!" Yeah, he knows its a double standard but it's justified! Kind of!

"Awwww," and there it is. "You care about us~" Sami essentially sings with a bright smile. Yeah, she's teasing. "And thanks. For almost giving Brian a near chance. It's all I can ask for." She shoots him a bigger smile. "And you're right, Dad is the same. He didn't like Brian even when I went home for the first time…"

"Yeah, well. That's what happens when you lose your sister for years and then get her back. You kinda' get attached." Tahir tries to shrug off his blatant caring and all of that. "But if you even think about telling Adisa that I like her, I will make your wedding the worst day of your life." It's an empty threat, obviously, because Tahir is even smiling. But still. He can't have Adisa knowing that he would move mountains for her either. Sigh. The trials of being a Big Brother.

"I will never tell," Sami holds up two fingers, "Scout's honour. And I totally was a scout." She nods at this. Although Tahir would know she gave up scouting for dance at seven years old. "She's a good kid, even if she's totally annoying. How is the whole living with her thing going anyways? You need some time off? I could always like come make you both dinner — " something Tahir should deny considering Sam could barely boil water at sixteen. Despite many lessons from their mother.

"NO!" Tahir holds his hands up and waves them frantically! "I mean, we're managing. Don't you worry. I've got everything under control over here. If she gets too annoying, I'll send her over to spend some time with her sister and brother in law. Which would be torture enough to whip her back into shape." Tahir just keeps the smile on his face now that he has dodged the Samara Cooking Bullet.

"She likes us both just fine! And we have kids around most of the time anyways— " something Sami hasn't exactly talked about. "— not that… I have kids…" there's a pause as her eyes widen, "Or Brian has kids. He doesn't. We don't. He just looks out— " oh dear. This isn't what she'd intended to mention. "Anyways. We look after a couple of kids. One of them wants to meet you."

"One of who? Brian's baby mama's kids?" Tahir is trying to give the benefit of the doubt here but Samara is not making this much easier. He knew there was trouble with this Brian guy. He just knew it. "Why would some brat want to meet me? Aha. I knew there was a catch to the muffins!"

"Noooo. They're— they're orphans. Or…" Koshka's not quite an orphan, but it's just easier to explain that way. "Or their parents couldn't take care of them, making them almost-orphans." Sami nods sagely at this fact. "And she wants to meet you to you know.. meet you? I don't know! She's a good kid, she's not a brat. And she's a teen so she's not like a kid-kid either…"

“She's an Eight-Teen or she's a Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect 200 Dollars Teen?" Tahir is trying to keep his features from being too wondering at this moment. He can't have his sister mentioning that a girl wants to meet him and not be interested. It's just the way his womanizing mind works!

Sami gawks at Tahir a few moments before her head shakes. "Koshka is fifteen. Slow down the bus there buddy. Jail bait completely and totally. Don't pass go and all of that." Her eyebrows arch, however at the last. "She's very pro-Brian, for the record." Her grin grows as she shrugs. "But I might know a gal or two who isn't jail bait. Maybe. If I can find someone wanting something very casual. Because… you are, right? Like casual?"

"Uh, my standards are pretty much that they are hot and not stalkers." Tahir is raising up his hands to brush through his hair, because that's just what somebody as hot as Tahir Avery Dunham does on a regular basis. And suddenly, he's interested in not meeting fifteen year old girls. Less trouble. "And I'm not exactly casual. I'm just not looking to meet someone and get married a week later, like some people I know." Oh snap! Sibling Burn!

"It was like months later— " kind of. Whatever. "And you do what makes you happy and I'll do what makes me happy! That's how we roll~" Sami actually makes a wave motion with her hand as she beams back at him. "Besides, if you met the right person, I'm sure you'd settle down. Someday. And then you'll want kids and a house and a dog and like family life…" her eyes are flitting away now, semi-distractedly. These are probably things a gal should talk to her fiance about. She hasn't.

Tahir actually physically shudders at those thoughts. "Ugh. Settling down. Worst idea ever." Tahir has to shake his head to get these crazy ideas out of his head. "Look, I'll hook your little teenage pretend step-daughter up with an autograph or something if you hook me up with a couple new toys to play with." Tahir is not one that has any problems bribing his sisters for more hook ups.

Sami hmmms quietly. "Someday you'll decide you want to have someone in your life and everything will change~ Just wait." Call her an idealist if you want, but Sam believes in these things. Love. Commitment. Happiness. It's just how she rolls. "And don't be gross. They're people not toys. In fact, you just made me rethink introducing you…" she arches an eyebrow as she shoots Tahir a lopsided grin. There's a lightness in the tone, but it's hard to tell if she's teasing. It could go either way.

Tahir sighs. "God, I was just making a pun. Toys? Play? Sheesh. So sensitive." Tahir stands up and pulls on the tie of his robe, which pulls it from his body and reveals that he's wearing another one of his designer suits. He reaches into the pocket of this thing and pulls out some matching specs, which are tossed onto his face with a smile. "You really gotta' lighten up, Sis. Have some fun for a change. Before, y'know, you turn into Mrs. Cleaver."

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