A Moment Of Happiness


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Scene Title A Moment Of Happiness
Synopsis Claire and Magnes spend sometime at Old Lucy's.
Date September 04, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

Not usually visiting Old Lucy's because quite frankly, memories, Magnes decides to take Claire anyway, the closest thing he has to really showing Isabelle his girlfriend. Seeing how Thalia and Abby are doing wouldn't be bad either. When they enter, it's around the middle of the afternoon, he's wearing his tightly fitting black faded Batman t-shirt with a dark grey dress vest over it, a pair of comfortably fitting blue jeans, and some black sneakers.

He's holding her hand, having flown the entire way, smiling at a few familiar faces as he heads for the bar. "Being in this place is like seeing Isabelle all over again, it's kind of a mixed feeling, but I like that her spirit is alive with this place. I remember I had my first kiss right there, I started floating with Abby." he explains, laughing lightly.

This is not the blonde your looking for, nope. Claire at the insistence of Magnes is a red head tonight. She tucks red locks behind her ear, with her free hand. She's wears a baby doll shirt, jeans and sneakers. "I like coming here." Claire says lightly, grinning up at her date. "Next year, I'll actually be able to drink here too." She gives him a sly look and moves a head of him to tug him towards the bar to find seats. "This was a good idea."

Even though it is in the middle of the afternoon, Nicolas is seated at the bar, on his usual stool. In front of his is a half empty glass of a golden beer as well as an empty shot glass and an empty pint glass with a second shot glass inside it, also empty. His eyes are focused upwards at the television screen, but soon move to the entrance as the couple arrive inside the establishment. He looks over the pair for a moment with slight interest before he turns back to his glass and takes a long pull from the glass.

"Abby has the costume that goes with the wig, but I forgot to give her the wig. I think she was a red head at the time anyway." Magnes thinks, but isn't quite sure, taking a seat at the bar near Alec with Claire next to him. "Don't worry, you can still drink the non-alcoholic stuff. And I don't think there's ever been a situation where drinking ended well for me, but you're here, so I should be alright."

"Claire knows she only gets the non-alcoholic stuff here. Cause eeeeeveryone knows she's not of age" Out from the back comes abigail, denim skirt, tank top, hair back in a french braid and a folder in hand. "Costume is packed somewhere. I can't even remeber what it was that you made m… Nicolas!" There's a smile across the blonde bartenders face. "Long time no see stranger. Claire" A wriggle of her fingers for the other woman.

The ex-cheerleader gives a little roll of her eyes at Abby, Claire hops up onto the stool and swinging it around to face her fellow blonde… well, when Claire is blonde. "I know this Abby. You say it everytime I come in here. You missed me telling Magnes that next year I can." She smiles at her and offers a soft, "Hey. I haven't seen you in awhile." She tucks red hair behind her ear again.

Nicolas looks back as he hears his name and spots Abby with a smile, he nods his head in greeting as he stands up, leaving his beer behind. "Hey hon. Glad to see that you're alright. I took your advice and left town for a while, but just got back." He smiles as he drops a few bills on the bar top. "I hate to do this, but I got an appointment I have to catch. I'll have to come back afterwards to catch up." He offers a wave. "Take care." He says before he heads out.

"Hey, Abby! Sorry about the other day, was having a really bad week, what with the getting shot and all. And Gillian talked me out of what I was talking to you about." Magnes takes Claire's hand again, amused by her eye roll. "Don't worry, you're not missing anything. And Abby, can you get me something that won't make me float around and, well, not give impressionable musicians the idea that I have the spirit of music in me or something."

Laughing, he shakes his head and looks up at Abby. "Long story, I should tell you both…"

"Yeah, I can do that Magnes. Plain old coca cola. Surely it can't do. Lemme guess, you made a costume for Claire?" There's a glance towards the blonde, a wait for her request for drinks. It's quiet and she's not going to begrudge her under age friend a seat at the bar. Worst is she shuffles her into the back room if cops come. "I got someone coming to install security upstairs so I don't know how long i'll be here. Whats up for the both of you?"

"Yeah, he did.. Cheerleader costume." Claire says sounding rather amused about it. Glancing at Magnes, she gives the red locks a tug and leans forward and says in a loud whisper. "This is cause Mr. Cop here is worried I might get spotted." She leans an elbow on the bar and props her chin on her hand, "Diet Coke, please?"

"Ah, yeah, I made the cheerleader costume because she reminded me of Claire from the comic. Now it's kind of an inside joke…" Magnes snickers at the thought, possibly at how silly it must have been from Claire's point of view. "But right now we're just hanging out, I wanted to get out more, I figured my room is boring for a girl and I'm tired of smelling pizza all the time. And we're attempting to go an entire day without dropping a bombshell on the other." Lightly nudging Claire with his elbow, he teasingly asks, "You're not a robot clone or something, right?"

"Claire is not a robot clone magnes" Abby shakes her head, smiling at the camraderie between the pair. The dating pair. Someone to maybe tame Magnes. "This that .. hiro comic book?" Diet coke is slid, a slice of lemon in a bowl if the girl wants it.

Claire gives him a your full of it look, but still smirks. "No more bombshells… no." She swings her barstool back and forth a bit as she waits. "I think I've dropped just about all of them on you anyhow." She reassures him, patting his arm with the hand not trapped by his. There is a small nod to Abby, "Something like that, yeah." She pulls the items closer and gives Abby a smile. "Thanks, Abigail."

"I'll be good with coke too, I don't think drinking and flying is much better than drinking and driving… actually, flying is harder than driving." Magnes raises Claire's hand to gently kiss it, still smiling. "I have a secret room, I think that's the only thing I haven't told you yet. Haven't you ever wondered where the wigs and costumes and makeup comes from?"

Finally shifting his focus to Abby again, he answers, "Yeah, 9th Wonders." It's his turn to lean in and whisper now. "I didn't know she was the Claire, so when we met, we got into a discussion where she kept asking me what I thought about Claire. Sneaky."

Abigail just grins, remaining quiet on her side of the bar. She tweaks a few things, wipes down this and that as they chat and when Magnes does his aside to the cross wearing blonde. "Small world. Hows cop duty?"

"Secret room?" Claire's brows lift, but her smile has a bit of softness as he kisses her hand. "Now I'm curious." She gives him a searching look, but then turns to Abigail with a grin. "I'm going to bet Cat has about the whole series by now. You can probably get a look at that part of my life too." It's obvious she's still not sure what to think about it. "Still trying to get use to the idea they are out there." But then she settles down to her drink to let Magnes talk about his job.

"My partner's really really tough, but I think she's just trying to keep me from getting us killed. She's not a bad woman or anything, she can be pretty nice, but she can get really scary fast, and this is coming from a guy who fought a woman with bloodkinesis and a guy who slapped me with a slab of concrete." Magnes leans against the bar on his arms, keeping Claire's hand mostly trapped with his as he speaks. "All of them? But even I can't find them all, some of the under print issues are probably insane since Mendez died. Is Cat rich or something?"

"Cat's.. not got money issues. She's the one who's fronted the money for my schooling. But, speaking of that" Abby taps the counter with her palm. "I gotta go make some calls and see about getting my tuition paid. I start EMT classes next week. Another four months of school then I can take my tests for New York and if I pass.. then, I become an EMT" The hand holding, Abby's lips close as she see's that but there's a smile that surfaces. "Take care love birds. drinks and food are on the house" and with those parting words, she turns to head back towards the back room and the door inside there that leads up.

"I said probably." Claire corrects with a smirk. She doesn't comment on the partner but responds to Abby, "And like she said, Cat's well off." As Abby leaves, Claire rests her head against Magnes' arm. "Bye Abigail." Watching the woman leave, the normally blonde woman asks curiously. "Sooo… tell me about this secret room?"

"Later, Abby!" Magnes smiles, staring down at Claire's hand as he just relaxes there. "I used to have the hugest crush on her. And uh, my room?" He laughs at the question, mostly because he's so used to the room he rarely thinks about showing her when she's actually over. "All my costumes and things are in there, my good computer is hidden in the room, it's where I do most of my investigation research. I have a map where I've dotted places I've heard may have Refrain." Of course he's speaking in whispers, not wanting some pesky Triad stabbing him suddenly.

There is a soft "Oh," from Claire. There is a small tilt her her head and she gives him a curious look. "Refrain?" She whispers curious. "I think I remember Cat mentioning that. Though I don't remember the details of it." She rubs her cheek on his arm a bit in thought. "I just remember that it's highly addictive."

"It's a drug that mostly affects Evolved. Supposedly replaces bad memories with good memories and you have a total trip on it. And yeah, it's addictive. I'm trying to find the source, then I'll hand over all my evidence to the police anonymously." Magnes releases Claire's hand, then slides his arm gently around her waist, sipping his soda. "I have a lead, I'm just waiting for an opportunity to follow up on it."

The freehand moves to support her chin again as Claire think about that. "Interesting." She sounds rather curious. "You'll be careful pursuing this?" Her hand moves to rest on his leg as she studies him, "And… if you need help. You know how to get a hold of me. Casue sometimes people don't react well to cops."

The freehand moves to support her chin again as Claire think about that. "Interesting." She sounds rather curious. "You'll be careful pursuing this?" Her hand moves to rest on his leg as she studies him, "And… if you need help. You know how to get a hold of me. Casue sometimes people don't react well to cops."

"I'll be careful, the second I think I'm in too deep I'll get out of there and call you right away. I'm gonna start having my speedster do most of the drug buying work, since I'm probably not hard to recognize now." Magnes leans over to gently kiss her on the lips. "I know Abby offered for free, but I don't wanna take advantage of that. Let's go to a movie. I've always wanted to do that making out in a theater thing. Couples really do that, right?"

Leaning into the kiss a bit, Claire sighs a softly. When she pulls away she gives him a smile that borders on mischievous. Her eyes roll just a touch as she murmurs, "Well, maybe in high school." She pulls back a bit more, "But…. it sounds like you missed out on that whole experience with how your parents were… So…." She gives his knee a squeeze as she leans in for another kiss, "Let's go to the movies. Something you won't mind not watching."

"Alright, let's go se G-Force, I don't think I care too much about super spy guinea pigs." Magnes laughs, suddenly standing and moving to sweep her up off her feet and carry her from the bar. "Thanks for understanding, Claire." he leans in and whispers, followed by another kiss.

"You want to make out.. at a family flim?" Claire says with a chuckle, as she swept up. "I don't think we need to give kids a lesson while we're there." Her mild protests are cut off by the kiss.

"We'll figure something out." The second they're out the door, Magnes whooshes into the air with her in his arms, sure to head toward a theater far away from his precinct. "Let's not make out when I'm flying though, we don't want bugs killing the mood."

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