A Mutual Interest


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Scene Title A Mutual Interest
Synopsis When Yi-Min kidnaps Yamagato's business liaison looking for information, she finds that their interests may align.
Date January 16, 2020

Night time in the Safe Zone was a whole other beast, bringing out the sins of humanity. Lust was a favorite of most, but there were not very many options available to slake that thirst. The wet asphalt outside of Little Darlings reflects the pink and violet neon of the sign. The air thrums with the hard bass beat of the music emanating from inside, even the thick concrete and brick walls can’t contain it.

One can’t quite appreciate the volume, until the door swings open, spilling out a pair into the brisk night air. The strobes within flash across the ground, curling over the hood of a well cared for 69 Camaro, and barely reaching the feet of the two women waiting for this moment. The pair stumbling to the car, don’t notice the women watching them.

Little Darlings - Elmhurst

Time: Really F’ing Late

“This is yours?” The rather busty redhead gasps out in appreciation at the car as the man acts a gentleman and opens her side. When he motions her within, she doesn’t hesitate. In the glow of the club's lights, the features of Godfrey Well’s are quite visible. The light makes his slate grey suit look just about periwinkle in its glow.

And his companion?

Well, she’s clearly one of the strippers, covered in sequins and makeup. “Wait until you see m’apartment.” His smile flashes white teeth rather mischievously. “M’ job has its perks,” he quips before shutting the door. Looking rather pleased of himself, Godfrey makes his way around the car and slides in. As soon as he is in, the car comes to life and the top slowly retracts, which makes the stripper coo and practically melt into his side.

The blonde woman watching sighs heavily and rolls her eyes upward and motions to her own companion to follow.

In the car, Godfrey is suitably preoccupied, by skillful hands. “You brought it right?”

“Of course,” the stripper says smugly, pulling out an equally glittery.. What was that? — a thong?

“Excellent,” Godfrey practically growls, though the sound quickly turns to a shout of surprise. “Bloody hell!”

Lit up by the headlights of the car, Yi-Min and Kaylee stand there blocking his way. The telepath’s arms are folded and she looks like she’d rather be anywhere, then watching him and his flavor of the night.

Where the hell did they come from?

Quickly recovering, Godfrey clears his throat and puts on a charming and rather interested smile, while his mind puzzles out what was happening and how much danger he was in. “Well, I didn’t expect this, looking for a little fun ladies? I’m afraid m’ car can’t fit us all, but I'm willing to try.”

The blonde woman’s eyes narrow in disgust at Godfrey, before turning to look at the woman with him. With only the barest effort Kaylee drops the suggestion to get lost into the woman’s mind. While the stripper had been rather willing only moments before, with her hand practically down Godfrey’s pants; she is quick to leave him to his fate.

Looking rather upset, Godfrey is disappointed, even though he suspects that it was the smartest move. “Well, look what you did… y’scared her off,” his huffs indignantly, motioning to the retreating back. Left behind on the seat, the bit of sparkly cloth is picked up by the man. Sighing out, he turns an accusing look to Yi-min. “Pity. She was quite flexible on the stage. I was looking forward to testing just how.”

The shorter of the two interruptions does not so much as lift a slim, stately brow at the phrasing of the last remark. "I am sorry," Yi-Min comments mildly, though the even milder cast of her expression seems to insinuate that she is, in fact, probably anything but. "This will take up only some of your time, I promise. Exactly how much is up to you."

Even without her companion's special tricks to dissuade unwelcome eyes from them, Yi-Min does not seem like she doesn't belong here. It is rare these days that the opportunity to play dressup crosses her path— and so, in a calculation that was playful as much as practical, she had seized this one. The Taiwanese woman shines subtly in a white sheath dress that exhibits her bare shoulders, a gray faux-fur stole draped about the level of her elbows. Small silver teardrops coruscate in her ears.

And in the back of the car, her dark eyes are alight with all of the promise that the evening holds.

For them, not for him.

The unnaturally cold, prickly press of a knifepoint to the skin above Godfrey's collar emphasizes that distinction, encouraging him to hold as still as possible.

As does the painful nick of a long syringe a moment later, one that empties a powerful sedative into his neck. "For now, just… relax."

Godfrey smiles quite brilliantly at her, giving a small, “Ooooh,” of interest as she approaches, shifting to get a better look at that white dress. The thong is tossed out of the car, but freezes as the cold steel touches his neck. The smile falls away immediately, eyes narrowing. There is a mirrored reflection behind dark eyes, but the needle in his neck brings an end to any thoughts of defense.

Painted lips give a satisfied curl, when Godfrey slumps sideways in his seat. While she wasn’t a fan of dresses, she had donned one at Yi-Min’s suggestion. It had helped them blend in while watching their target. The curve-hugging champagne dress the telepath donned for tonight, sparkles quiet nicely when Kaylee moves to help.

The plan had been to load Godfrey in the back of the black SUV they brought there, but as the man slowly slumps over with incoherent words, Kaylee’s fingers trail over the fender of the car. “You know… we talked about the SUV, but….” Kaylee moves to lean across the unconscious man and pulls a lever, watching as the trunk pops open. Eyes are bright with mischief as she asks her partner-in-crime, “Wanna drive a classic, mint-condition Camaro?”

Waiting for the answer, dark lips curl into a smile, maybe she already knows the answer, because you know…. Telepath.

Though the target is Godfrey, Yi-Min has been finding it difficult to keep the occasional eye off Kaylee— and she can't help but raise one brow very, very slightly when Godfrey's injection and subsequent collapse elicits nothing from the telepath but a smile. With that small but rather pleasing surprise, the glow behind her expression becomes just a touch more serene. A touch more contented.

Something tells her that the two of them would get along just fine.

Despite Godfrey's size in comparison to her, she is already leaning to gently place one of his arms around her shoulders, as though she were just helping up a friend who'd had too much to drink— and if the trunk was where passed-out drunk people were supposed to go. Ahem.

In the meantime, a smaller quirk of a smile has emerged on Yi-Min's face, one that is laced by a tiny but bright dazzle of mischief.

"Why. It's as though you read my mind."

With the trunk open, the telepath moves to loop the man’s other arm over her shoulder. Moving a heavier body was a pain in general, but they were doing this in heels. Teamwork was in order. With Godfrey hanging limpy between them, Kaylee looks across at the other woman and can’t help a small laugh at the comment.

Yeah, she likes this one.

If he was conscious, Godfrey would probably be horrified with how his lovely italian leathers shoes were dragged over the wet asphalt. He paid quite a lot for those! Or how his suit wrinkles up as they drop in him to the Camaro’s trunk. He might also find himself a bit sore when he wakes, partly because his head bumps on the way in and the way Kaylee has to fold his legs to get the trunk lid closed.

Leaning against the trunk to catch her breath, Kaylee can’t help but point out with a grin. “You sure know how to show a girl a good time. Been awhile…” Pushing to stand, the telepath brushes at wrinkles and motions Yi-Min to the drivers side, giving her the honors. “You already know where we’re going.”

Over by the SUV, a figure straightens in his seat, as Kaylee slides into the passenger's side of the Camaro. “What are they doing?” Bob asks himself under his breath. “This isn’t what we fucking talked about.”

"Oh, our night is just getting started." This is a pure statement of fact that Yi-Min murmurs to Kaylee with just the tiniest curl of a mysterious flair, and without really bothering to try and keep a straight face anymore. The mischief in her expression has fully matured by this point, judging by the wicked twinkle in her eyes— equal parts perfectly peaceful and sunny.

When Godfrey has been contorted into the space of the trunk to both their satisfactions, Yi-Min steps away from it, casually jangling the keys Kaylee had given her around one finger.

By the time she gets into the driver's side seat alongside Kaylee, the smile she flashes the other woman is the most tranquil thing in the world.

"Let's go for a ride, shall we?"

“Let’s,” Kaylee quips joyfully, as she settles in beside the other woman, an arm resting on the door.

Meanwhile back in the SUV, Bob is watching all of this go down staring daggers at the blondes back, hands tighten around the steering wheel, until knuckles turn white. He wills her to stop being difficult and go with the plan. Of course, the headstrong telepath doesn’t hear him… he is too far away… “Don’t you dare get into the fucking car.”

Kaylee totally gets into the fucking car. Bob is not surprised.

Lips press tight as Yi-min starts the car and starts off, he gives the telepath his most displeased look as the car passes him. Not only has she deviated from the plan, Kaylee had the gall to look straight at Bob and wave the tips of her fingers at him in farewell.

That’s it! Bob slaps his hands on the steering wheel. “You do not pay me enough for this fucking job!” At least he knows where they are going.

Angrily, he puts the SUV into gear and moves to follow the pair.

Abandoned Warehouse

Jackson Heights

Some time and an big apology to Bob later

“Wakey Wakey, handsome.” A cool hand pats gently at Godfrey’s cheek, while the other cups under his chin to force his head up. So when he groggily opens his eyes with a groan, it’s Kaylee’s face he sees, smiling ishly. Red lips and perfectly placed hair, what a thing to wake up too. “About time, we’ve been waiting for you to finish your beauty sleep.” Fingers squeeze his chin briefly before letting go.

Unprepared with that sudden movement, his head drops forward, forcing another groan. “What did you do? Roofie me?” The words slur - pity that - but he soundly both impressed and annoyed. “I hate to tell you luv, all you had to do was ask.” Eyes narrow as his vision slowly clears up. “Hold on. I know you.” He seems quite pleased about this discovery. “You’re that Ferrywoman… Kaylee, right? You’re quite famous, I know a few people that would love to sleep with you. You’re a cop right? A detective in the NYPD SCOUT? Interest in a little cops and…. ” He leans forward a bit, only to be stopped by his hands being cuffed to a chair.

//Wait… //

Godfrey gives his arms a bit of a tug, he doesn’t look like it but he’s a little confused by the way his night was turning out. He can’t decide if the handcuffs are a good thing or bad thing. So he goes with good… “Oh… Handcuffs. These yours, detective?” He asks her quite cheekily, smiling at her with definite interest…. At least until he sees where they are. The smile falls away as he looks around and spots Yi-Min. In a moment, all grogginess is gone as he remembers the pinch of a needle in his neck.

Okay… Not a good thing then.

Kaylee takes a few steps back, heels clicking on hard cement, which allows the Yamagato Liaison to see the large empty space… it smelled like piss and dead dreams, he thinks to himself, but not out loud. It was completely empty except for a few chairs, one of which Godfrey was cuffed too.

The telepath motions to Yi-Min. “He’s all yours, I don’t think he’ll hurt us.” She looks down at their prisoner and leans forward to brush a knuckle along his temple. «Why would he ever want to blast them?»

Godfrey is shaking his head no by time she pulls away, why would he ever do that? It wasn’t hard to plop the thought in his head, he’d been manipulated before, she could tell.

Up until this point, Yi-Min has been happy to let Kaylee take the front and center of Godfrey's attention, having stepped well back after the process of setting up had finished and she had appraised the details of everything⁠— including this location⁠— to her satisfaction.

This is where and how she has been lounging, the luster of her little white dress much duller there in the deep shadows of the large, empty room, watching the proceedings develop in meditative silence.

A calm, lively glint has nonetheless been playing in her eyes, partly from the anticipation of seeing how the rest of Godfrey's night will go, partly still from lingering pleasure at the part that Kaylee has been playing in all of this.

Of the different things she had predicted about tonight, this had not been one of them.

And it is delightful.

At Kaylee's beckoning, Yi-Min steps forward indulgently, her expression serenely unreadable. Along with all her resplendent evening attire, including the luxurious shape of the faux-fur stole, something else becomes clearer on her person as she emerges into better visibility:

The knife from earlier.

Now that Godfrey has the chance to focus on it properly, he can see that though the blade is relatively thin, tapering off to a lean point, it is also unsettlingly long. She gives the whole thing a lazy, dexterous half-spin in one hand, causing the steel to sparkle through its cycle in the air as wickedly as her tiny earrings.

"We only have some questions for you," Yi-Min says softly. Soothingly, if not for that knife she is grasping so obviously and so delicately. "When I said you will determine how much of your time we take up, I meant it, and I think my friend will agree."

The Taiwanese woman leans inward towards his side, her claret-colored lips brushing at Godfrey's ear in a sincere murmur— "So, I pray you will make this easy for us. Answer us well, and you shall go free quickly, and without…. complications."

The man watches the blonde pace away with suspicion, eyes narrowing further when she looks back at him with a knowing little smile. Of course, then Yi-Min and her stiletto of a knife slides into Godfrey’s view commanding all of his attention. “Well, I’d make a comment about knives and kinks, but I don’t think you’d appreciate that,” he comments, leaning back in the chair to put distance between him and the pointy end.

“If this is about Yamagato and some of their pet projects, ‘m sorry to say I don’t know much.” Godfey comments though a part of him is pretty sure this isn’t about Yamagato. “You’re better off snagging one of their lab blokes. The one named Jamie, handsome… nice arse, he knows a lot about what is going on. Can’t remember his last name though.”

He leans to the side a bit to look for the blonde, but she's nowhere to be found. “Sad to say, while I appreciate your efforts and would happily take a tumble in the sheets, you’re not his…” The words cut off as cool slender fingers grab his head from behind, finger tips pressing hard enough he can feel the press of nails.

Kaylee smiles crookedly over the man’s head at Yi-min. The telepath was in place.

What was she…. ?

In that moment, Godfrey remembers a detail about Kaylee Thatcher…. She was a bloody telepath. He wasn’t a fan for obvious reasons. All joking and flirting falls away as he realizes, this might be a bit more serious then he first thought.

When Godfrey uses his extremely limited physical space to lean away from her knife, Yi-Min doesn't seem like she is inclined to follow him with it— for the sole reason that he already seems intimidated enough by Kaylee's presence on his other side.

At the end of this observation, she returns Kaylee's smile over the top of his head. There would be no escape for him.

"This is not about Yamagato," she clarifies, giving her weapon yet another idle twirl between her curving fingers, her eyes piercing down into his with a keenness behind the apparent idleness. "This is about a few other little words which I think you might recognize." Words like, "Adam Monroe. Shedda Dinu."

Dark eyes dart from the blade to the woman looming over him and narrow at her as if trying to figure her out. It’s Kaylee who leans down next to his ears and answers whatever thoughts are whirling around in his head.

“We’re not with them, but we are certainly interested. Or at least not anymore.” Kaylee tilts her head and suddenly squints at him. “Hmm… I know you. Didn’t you have glasses at one time?” That definitely has him twisting to look at her with shock and confusion. There is a wink at the shock. “I used to work for him back in the day.” That doesn’t help clear the confusion.

“Exactly what information are you interested in,” Godfrey asks, looking back at the knife wielding woman. “Sadly, I may not have much. It's a very ‘need to know’ organization really..” The smile slowly returns, “You know. We might very well be able to help each other.” He glances out of the corner of his eye at Kaylee, “You need information and I want to bloody well punish my bosses.” The gall of him.

Yi-min can see the telepath’s eyes unfocus a little and brows tip upward, “Damn,” Kaylee whispers out. “He’s not lying. They had his memory wiped, by one of their telepaths.”

“Mmm,” Godfrey says with a bob of his head, “Wanted me to think I was normal and that is very creepy. Can you not?” That last is aimed at Kaylee in particular. “I’ve had enough telepaths in my bloody head for a lifetime.” His hand twists in his restraints so he can motion at Yi-Min in invitation to ask her questions.

Something specific about this seems to give Yi-Min pause. Instead of taking Godfrey's invitation as-is, which she normally would have been all too glad to do, she directs another look over at the other woman— this one slower and rather more meaningful than before.

Only once she has done this does her gaze slip back down to Godfrey. The tip of her knife hovers a fraction of an inch lower, giving a clearer line of sight to the curious dubiety in her expression.

"I'm sorry. You want to do what to your bosses, now?" Please. Continue on with that gall.

“Why punish them, of course,” Godfrey repeats. Looking between the two women, he gives an irritated sigh, “Did I bloody stutter?” Zip ties are sharp against his ankles when he tries to cross his legs; so trying to look relaxed is clearly out. He does his best, either way.

It fails.

“He’s telling the truth,” Kaylee repeats again from behind Godfrey, hands resting on the back of the chair..

Jerking his head towards the telepath, Godfrey pleas with Yi-Min to “Listen to her.” A sigh escapes the Shedda operative “Look until quite recently, I believed I wasn’t blessed with an ability. Seems like m’ bosses believed that keeping me as non-expressive was the way to keep me loyal. Had a telepath wipe out all memories of my ability and continued to make me sing and dance for it.”

“So much for evo-equality and brotherhood,” is commented behind him.

“Yes. Thank you,” Godfrey says rather appreciatively to have someone agreeing with him. They were supposed to be equals in some ways. He looks back at Kaylee again, twisting to get a better angle so he can give her another appraising look. Whatever is going on in his mind, Kaylee’s mischief fades away and glares at the trapped man.

“No,” is her flat response to a silent question, growled between clenched teeth.

Even with the telepathic corroboration, it takes a minute longer for Yi-Min to appear to acquiesce to Godfrey's request. Very slowly, she carefully slips her military stiletto back into its hidden sheath sewn into the underside of her fur stole, never removing her gaze from Godfrey's face the entire time.

Kaylee doesn't need to probe into the other woman's mind to guess at what she's thinking. There is a new light in her eyes, there beneath the unchanging, catlike reservation. It speaks of critical appraisal.

"Uncuff him," Yi-Min says to Kaylee, this time without looking back her way. She doesn't outright avow or disavow her own agreement with Godfrey, but such a request carries a silent message in itself. The next words she speaks are as careful and as unhurried as her actions.

"If even this much is true, I think we may have gotten luckier with our catch tonight than we first thought."

Kaylee doesn’t say it, but she agrees with Yi-Min’s assessment of their captive. Though, honestly, she’d really rather not… uncuff him. So far this Shedda agent wasn't winning points with the telepath. Especially, with the thoughts rolling around his head, though… there was something under it all, but she didn’t want to have to dig through the current thoughts to get there.

As the knife disappears Godfrey visibly relaxes. “Seems we both got lucky tonight,” he watches Yi-Min while waiting for Kaylee to let him loose. Though the way that sparkling silver dress splits at the telepath’s hip, exposing a thigh, is distracting.

When she stands, Godfrey gives a small jerk of his wrist and grins at Kaylee salaciously, “Mind if I keep these, luv? Could come in handy later?” That gets something akin to a groan from Kaylee. He does not - of course - get to keep them. Each is removed rather deftly, “Quite a professional with those cuffs, detective. Sure you haven’t done this before?”

“On second thought, I’m going to recuff him…” Kaylee comments flatly through pursed red lips, taking a step towards the man.

The smile fades and Godfrey is on his feet, before the telepath can do so, fixing his jacket, while looking at her like she truly wounded him. “Now, let's not be too hasty, shall we? Get back on the right footing.” He gives Yi-min a short nod of respect. “Godfrey Wells, Yamagato Business Liaison and yes… I have worked for Adam and Shedda.” He glances out of the corner of his eye to the shimmering telepath who stands quietly with arms crossed. “Her I know, but I don’t think I caught your name,” that said to Yi-Min.

At the ridiculous demonstration that Godfrey is putting on, Yi-Min just has to laugh quietly and brightly to herself. "Oh, I don't know. I kind of like this one," she nonchalantly tells Kaylee as she finishes undoing the last zip tie that had been restraining his ankles to the chair, allowing him to stand up without any further issue.

Only then does Yi-Min straighten up too, from out of her own half-kneel. Her process of rising is much more gradual— rather than bounding to her feet like Godfrey, she unravels herself in the manner of a feline sorting itself out, at once sinuous and stately.

Godfrey's nod towards her is met with a still-mostly unmoved expression, though it isn't unfriendly, necessarily. It is simply deeply calculating, above all else.

"Dr. Yi-Min Yeh. Biochemical researcher for Praxis Heavy Industries. Likely not for a whole lot longer, however." This last part she informs him with an iota of audible wryness. "So. This is how things will be. Kaylee here will be verifying every one of your intentions at every step, of course." Yi-Min raises one fine eyebrow mildly at Kaylee, as though for confirmation, before tilting her head a little and sliding her cool gaze back to Godfrey. "But, Mr. Wells. I think we may be in a position to help each other."

“One thing they should have taught you is mental defense,” Kaylee comments as she closes the cuffs. “You have almost none, so… I’ll know.”

“Yesss. Well, I do believe we can, doctor,” Godfrey says with a brilliant smile, after a slightly uncomfortable look at Kaylee. To be fair, the telepath is good with that. The smile on the man’s lips fades a little, “But I should warn you, my information is limited. Shedda-Dinu has a rather irritating habit of keeping us in the dark.” Fingers give a little flick of annoyance. “Need to know and protect the bigger picture.”

Kaylee gives a small nod, he was telling the truth. Godfrey gives a smug look at Yi-Min. See? He wouldn’t lie to her.

“What I can give you is the addresses of the Shedda-Dinu properties I do know and names,” Godfrey supplies easily and rather eagerly.

Despite herself, Yi-Min has to let out a soft little laugh at Kaylee's comment. "To be fair for him, I'm not sure mental defense classes against telepathic intrusion are really standard procedure anywhere. As far as I am aware, anyway." This isn't Hogwarts under Mad-Eye Moody, after all.

Yi-Min turns back to Godfrey then, looking just a touch more acquiescent in her entertainment. "Yes, we will be glad to get this from you. I have already interviewed one of your fellow operatives on this topic. It will be good to compare and see how well your two lists match up." Any disparities will certainly be taken note of, her mild expression conveys.

"Also, if you truly intend on cooperating with us and, perhaps— getting back at your bosses. I do not think it would be the worst idea to have this information shared around.

“Yes, yes,” He gives a flick of his head, waving off any worry about who gets the information. “Share it with whomever you wish, doctor,” Godfrey comments with a touch of impatience, since he wouldn’t be offering if he didn’t want it to be shared around like a stripper's panties.

Godfrey glances back at Kaylee who isn’t doing anything more than watch him, her ability curled around his mind. “The more the merrier, in fact.” Though he may be curious who squealed before he did, an unknown ally in fact. “No hope in finding out who my surprise accomplice is?” He knows better, but doesn’t hurt to ask.

“No?” Godfrey sighs and shrugs. “Well, alright then. Where do we begin?” Godfrey asks with a clap of his hand.

After that terse delay, Yi-Min can only shake her head slightly at Godfrey’s hopefulness. No, the asking hadn't been the problem. "I wouldn't put it like that. I'm afraid this person did not give up their information willingly." No surprise accomplices for anyone there, unfortunately.

That doesn't mean they can't make do with what they have.

With both hands, Yi-Min reaches ahead of her to straighten up the mussed-up lapel of Godfrey's suit, looking him straight in the face the whole time she is doing so. That calmly expressive glint is deep in her eye again.

Maybe even a hint of a smile.

“Let me tell you."

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