A Necessary Housecall


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Scene Title A Necessary Housecall
Synopsis Megan comes around for dinner and to ask for Brennan's help and his wife's permission for something. Something that includes being blindfolded and helping someone he might not want to help.
Date February 4, 2010

Brennan Household, Brooklyn

The Nanny is taking over getting the twin settled tonight, baths and the like done while Megan is over. No formal dining, no big fancy meal. Spaghetti and meatballs, wine, garlic bread a fairly homey dinner that everyone - including the Nanny - had sat down to, made by the good doctor and his wife. For all that they have the help of a housekeeper and someone to look after the girls, they are fairly self sufficient. But Megan had a request and it's one that would need michelle's permission too.

conversation had been light when the girls were in, fingers flying to keep Marlena involved as well as they always did. Which didn't make it any less noisy even with the classical music that flowed quietly in the background. The temperature had been comfortable, Michelle informing Megan to let her know if it was too hot, or not hot enough in the house. So far, she informed the red head, the strange atmokinetic or thing that had been messing with the weather had not reared it's head again.

But Marlena asked to use the computer and the twins were shuffled off to bath and get ready for bed as audible from the noise upstairs which left the trio of adults to relax around a bowl of trifle which the resident matriarch was dishing out.

A home-cooked meal is something Megan has not indulged in for … months, really. She's been eating frozen dinners and cold cuts mostly. She could not have been more complimentary about the meal. Replete — no, make that stuffed to the gills because Megan had not been shy about helping herself (politely, of course) — she leans back in her seat eyeing the trifle. "Good Lord, Harve, how are you not as big around as you are tall?" the redhead asks in amusement. "Michelle, amazing dinner. Thank you so much for having me over."

"It's called exercise and moderation. You think Mish here lets me just sit about at home? I got three girls, when i'm not working, i'm a horse and buggy, and carting them around" And a gym pass of course. He won't point out that he had a hand in it all and Michelle just graciously lifts a hand as if to physically bat away the compliment. "No, please, it is just dinner. You should come when we are entertaining colleagues who require things to be more uptight" She frowns at having quite possibly used the wrong word.

"So, you had something you wanted to ask Megan? Might as well ask now over dessert before one of the girls comes down and takes advantage of you and begs for a story to be read"

The laid back mood shifts some, and Megan looks… wary. "I am … in need of asking you to help someone more…. overtly than I would usually request. And it would very much require your discretion, Harve." She grimaces a bit. "And treating someone who pisses you off royally. So if you don't want to, I'd understand."

Oh, that gets a shared look between husband and wife and Brennan too isn't relaxing as much as he was before. He was going for his spoon to attack the trifle, but instead it seems, he's going to hold off on his dessert. There had been a talk, post summer meadows close call with being arrested. He hadn't, brennan'd been released back to the wilds with an apology and with a very angry wife. But the two look over towards megan. "what do you need?" Michelle inquires even as Brennan remains quiet.

"Someone was hurt at Summer Meadows. Badly enough to require a doctor's care. And… he can't be taken to the hospital." Megan grimaces and looks at Harve. "It's Kaylee's friend." Which would explain her hesitation to ask the man for his help — he has very definite opinions on 'Jason'.

There's a 'see, I TOLD YOU SO' look that's shot Brennan's way from Michelle and from the way her arms settle over her chest, she's throwing the ball into Brennan's court. Quite possibly with the dog house attached to it.

"Ahh. Jason" There's a look exchanged with the wife back as if there might have been some telepathy involved if one didn't already know what both their abilities were. "Well, the weekend is coming up and my schedule is light. Michelle could take over. How long in your professional opinion is he going to need Medical Care?"

"Honestly, Harve, I don't know. I haven't been there yet — I was too tied up with the kids." Megan doesn't miss the look between them. And drops her eyes to hide the pang seeing it gives her. When she turns her gaze back onto them, she says, "My understanding is that he's stable at the moment, on an IV. But it's one of those things where…. he can't be moved. He needs antibiotics, I'm told. And I think he needs an actual doctor before I just ask for those." She bites her lip. "It means risking …. a lot. You'd have to be blindfolded to go to the safe house. We already had one compromised — Humanis First tortured the information out of one of our people. I don't want to put you in the line of fire more than you already are, and I wouldn't ask if I didn't think his condition required it." She looks at Michelle and says quietly, "I'm sorry, Michelle."

There it is again, the batting away of the apology slash compliment. A game of verbal badmington. "Non, non, do not be sorry, for you know what this means yes? He has been in the dog house that he will have to buy me Cartier or something equally as beautiful and shiney and sparkly so that I will let him back into our bed. He will have to be appropriately hound dog is how you say it yes?" She resumes serving trifle, knowing full well that she'd lost long before the question had even been asked. "Square cut my love. I'd love something Square cut and red. perhaps you should get something for Megan here too yes?" The corner of her mouth turns up as she passes over the dessert bowl to Megan.

"I'll settle the girls in I guess tonight and head off. I can make calls and arrange things over the phones at work" Blindfolded produces a chuckle and a shake of his head as he eases back into relaxed and starts to delve a spoon through the bowl. He's been blindfolded before and not for good. "Eat up Megan. The doghouse gets lonely and I wanna enjoy this meal. You can tell me what i'll need to know about dear Jason and what you think i'll need"

There's a soft snicker and Megan takes her helping of the trifle, teasing Michelle, "This from the woman associating with young women named Public Enemy #2? Seriously?" She picks up her spoon to enjoy the delicious concoction.

'Ahh" One finger lifts as Michelle settles down into her seat. "That is completely different. She is just another.. Herve, love what did Josephine call it? Weath- Weather Witch. Besides" She says the next bit with all the graciousness and precociousness that one can apply to the sentence when it's coming from a grown woman's mouth.

"She followed me home"

Megan snorts with laughter around a bite of dessert. "Uh-huh," she murmurs. "She's a weather witch all right." Shaking her head, Meg looks at Harve with a smile. "Well, I did try to save you a little money." Not too hard, but hey! It has to count for something.

"He was nicked by a bullet, lost a lot of blood. Took some pretty major transfusions. But mostly he seems stable, Harve."

"Nah, our Anniversary is soon, you just helped me figure out what she wants without needing to track down a telepath. Lets finish our dessert, i'll tuck the girls in and then we can see about getting what we need from the practice and head on out to tend to Jason. Sooner someone's there, the sooner we can get him back up and on his feet"

"You just make sure that he doesn't go climbing more buildings and chasing down people yes?" Michelle murmurs, settling in to her own dessert now. "More wine Megan? Now, there is this new doctor in the office building yes, I think, no, I will arrange for him to come over. Yes. And you as well" There is no chance to refuse, she's made up her mind and Brennan only winces for Megan.

Megan merely nods to Harve and picks up her spoon. And then winces visibly. "Uhm… no. Really, Michelle, please don't. I… " She toys with the trifle in front of her. "I don't want to date yet." She still sleeps in August's T-shirts, though they've by now lost the scent of the man in question.

In those moments, she apparently loses her appetite, too. Meg looks at Harve and says, "If you're ready now, we could just go from here. The sooner for you to get home to Michelle?" She clearly doesn't even want to have that conversation that was beginning, though she's polite enoguh not to just push her chair up and get ready to go without giving him the chance to demur.

'Oh" well then, that earns another hand batting from the French national and the idea is dismissed though she has an apologetic look on her face. Likely there will be something sent later to the nurse as an apology for her thoughtless - though thoughtful - gesture to the other woman. "Lets. I'll go say goodbye to the girls. Mish will pack up your dessert for later"

Megan smiles at the woman and says, "Don't." Very gently. "And don't feel bad. I'm just… not ready yet. I appreciate the thought, though. I'll let you know when I'm ready so that you can do exactly that, assuming your friend is interested, all right?" Because she realizes Michelle had no bad intentions. She pushes her chair back. "I would love to take dessert with me, of course. I'll get my things while you wish the girls good night." She'll meet him at the front door when he's ready.

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