A New Friend


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Scene Title A New Friend
Synopsis James comes looking for William at 1 PP and winds up possibly making a new friend.
Date December 22, 2008

1 Police Plaza

Although she's on suspension for firing her weapon, Elisabeth has to be in 1 Police Plaza for a deposition and for other things. Dealing with Internal Affairs is a pain in the ass, but she already knows they're eventually going to clear it as a clean shoot — it's just going to take a few more days. In the meantime, now she's sitting in a black pantsuit in the room that SCOUT uses as its office. There are several desks in there, and she's peering at a computer screen, clearly searching for some information.

Walking into the police office, James doesn't look entirely out of place. Partially because of his no-nonsense attitude, of course he belongs here, he's got an errand, and in part probably because he's in an uniform of his own. The sturdy darkblues of a paramedic at St. Lukes, made to withstand all kinds of gore, weather and lots of washing, as well as keeping warmth during winter, definitly look official enough. However, comming to a halt where his directions end, James puts his hands on his hips, eyeing an empty desk with a soft sigh. Or, well, not empty. Just uninhibited, at the moment, as William Harvard proabably is off somewhere else, doing something important, no doubt. "Oh, great…"

Looking up at the sound of the sigh, Elisabeth raises a brow. "Can I help you?" She doesn't immediately recognize the young man, but the paramedic's uniform definitely makes her look a little concerned.

James glances over to the woman adressing him, and offers her a bit of a smile, shaking his head a little. "Thank you, but I doubt it, unless you have a GPS attatched to William Harvard?" He pauses a little, and then adds, noting the slight concern and her look to his uniform, "I'm on break, I'm his brother. Was just going to ask him for a favor, but I guess it'll have to wait."

Elisabeth laughs at him. "Some days, that would be a blessing. Other days? Not so much." She nods to him at he introduction, standing up from her seat and offering her hand. "Liz Harrison. I work with your brother. Obviously." She rolls her eyes with a grin. "If it's something simple and cop-related, maybe I can help. If it's a brother-favor, you're out of luck."

James blinks, and then takes Elisabeth's offered hand, grinning a little in agreement. "James Harvard, Will's brother. Obviously. Nice to meet you, Liz." he replies, and offers a bit of a laugh, shaking his head as he releases her hand from a decent, wholesome and firm shake. "I'm afraid it'd be the second kind, since I don't see it falling under police juristiction to drop in and feed the cats on christmas eve. But I suppose I'll have to trust leaving a voicemail will be enough to make him call me back."

Elisabeth chuckles. "Nice to meet you,too," she says easily, and then assures him, "I'm definitely sure feeding the cats on Christmas Eve is outside police jurisdiction. Are you on duty that night?" One of the nice things about being on the task force is that although it's not regular hours, at least it's not shift work! It's work when you got stuff happening, mostly.

James lifts a shoulder, "Well, I was, and now I'm gonna grab a bit of another shift too, this guy with kids who wanted to spend a while with his family, doing the whole deal, you know.." He grins, looking just a little bit sheepish as he wraps his arms across his chest, and then a fragment of a memory nudges at him, something he heard.. "…Harrison… you're related to the Harrison we had to give a lift, the other day?" He's not going to specify it, in detail, in case he's mistaken.

Elisabeth nods at him, her smile sympathetic. "I do know," she says. "I used to take those shifts too." And then she flushes. "Uhm… yah, most likely. I was on the president-elect's detail." She shoves her hands into the pockets of her pants, looking a bit abashed. "Someone shoved me in the back of a bus at one point, not sure who."

James cants his head a little to the side, a little confused by the color rising on her cheeks perhaps, or maybe it's the abashed'ness. Then he blinks. "Oh, it was you?" he then assumes, since he does know he would feel awfully awkward by riding as a patient, not a caretaker. "Well, I was there, but I honestly can't say if you were in my bus or not. I drive, mostly, once we get to that point." He glances her over, briefly, his grin returning into what seems to be a common expression on his face, "But you seem to have made it out rather okay, if they let you go back to work already."

Elisabeth smirks. "Yeah, well…. when you're Evolved and you show up the next day with no gunshot wound where there should be one, they don't argue much," she says dryly. "Although… to be fair, I'm technically not on duty right now. During the panic, I had to discharge my weapon, so they're investigating that. I'm only here to use the computers today." She doesn't seem much bothered, it's SOP. "Hey… you mind if I ask you a question about being an EMT?"

James chuckles, a little surprised to hear her admit so readily to be Evolved, but then again, this is SCOUT, so he probably shouldn't be. He'll choose to let it pass with a nod, his smile going nowhere, and he nods. "Oh, gotcha. That's fair enough, if the doctors says you're fit to check on computers, who am I to argue?" he agrees, and turns fully against her now, a touch curious himself. "And not at all. Ask away, but I don't promise I can answer."

Elisabeth shrugs and says easily, "If you can't, no big. I have a friend who's interested in becoming an EMT, and I wondered what the training is…. whether EMT equates to full paramedic, or if it's a different designation and also different training. She seemed to think it was, but I didn't think so."

James grins at that, leaning back against his brother's desk as he ponders an answer. "Well, there -are- different degrees of paramedic, EMT being short for Emergency Medical Technician, and people tend to lump them together. There's paramedic, intermediate, basic and first responders, and what differs between them is really how much education and in some cases, how much experience you've got. But in a sense, you're both right, because there are no actual national standards, even if there are companies and people working to establish some."

Elisabeth looks thoughtful and nods. "Well, you learn something new every day," she replies with a grin. "She's very interested in becoming an EMT. I don't know if she'll ultimately do it, but … hopefully. I think she'll be an asset. We'll see." She tilts her head and offers, "So, uhm… " She grins. "Merry Christmas?" Not as a way to shoo him out, but because she seems unsure of what to say next.

"Well, if she's got the spirit, I'm sure she'll find a way. Schoolin' ain't everything, without heart and… other things, it can be a hard job." James isn't the typ to take a shoo'ing all that hard, telling the truth, but seeing as his errand was to find his brother, and he's not here to be found, and his break will only be so long, well.. "Merry Christmas to you too, Liz, and I hope I'll only run into you on civilian errands." Considering his, and hers, professions, that'd probably be for the best for both of them. He straightens up from his leaning, and then seems to be struck by a thought, "Maybe coffee, sometime?"

Elisabeth looks a bit surprised, but her grin is pure mischief. "I'd like that. Quite a lot, actually." Cuz well… he's a good bit more socially adept than his very nice-but-sometimes odd and annoying brother. She turns back to her desk and picks up a card, scrawling something on the back. "I always enjoy a good conversation," she tells him as she hands it to him. It has her phone number on it.

James returns her grin with one of his own, taking hte offered card and giving it a quick look, before he makes sure to tuck it into the chestpocket of his shirt, not very likely to get lost underneath that heavy winterjacket of his. "I'll try to find a time to call when both of us actually have time for coffee and conversation, then." Which by the looks of the holidays so far might not be tonight, but hopefully, badness and hurts take a few hours off somewhere too. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all, don'tcher know. And unless his brother miraculously appears out of nowhere now, it's time for him to head off. Offering a grin and salute on his way, for what it's worth.

Elisabeth hehs. "Yeah, I know how that goes," she replies mildly. "Take care out there on the roads. They're still insane." And when he slips out, she considers the doorway for a moment before returning to what she was doing before he came into the room.

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