A New Job In Hell


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Scene Title A New Job In Hell
Synopsis As Melissa prepares for the impending Grand Opening of Tartarus, Robyn Quinn shows up with the goal of finding a new job.
Date June 9, 2010


"Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

That is the sign that rests just above the double doors that lead from the small foyer into the club proper. Once through the doors the music is all-encompassing, the heavy bass beat filling the room and senses of the club-goers. The decor is all dark, the walls painted black, the bar a sleek dark wood. The lights all have a reddish tinge to them, with the bar and DJ booth being the only places in the club proper that have more normal white light.

There are high tables with equally tall chairs circling a large dance floor, and booths set along two of the walls. But while socializing is a big part of the club, the dancing is the priority. People, some Goths, some punks, and some just people who like to dance are all packed on the dance floor. Weaving through the sea of people are servers, men and women both, dressed in black pants or skirts, and tee-shirts that have "Taratarus" written across the chest in red lettering. Likewise there are security people at the door and mixed through the club, in similar outfits, only their shirts have "SECURITY" on the back.

The club isn't really open, not yet. Or at least not officially. There are people milling about though, and there is music playing. It looks like most of them are employees though, getting things situated and cleaned up after the long freeze kept they away for several weeks. The music system is being checked, bottles of alcohol are being stocked and inventoried, tables and chairs moved around.

Most of the staff is dressed in the Tartarus uniforms, all except for one woman. Melissa is dressed in street clothes and perched on a stool at the bar, a clip board in front of her as she talks with three of the other employees.

It was by pure happenstance that Quinn had decided to check the job listings when she’d gotten home from Gun Hill the previous night – it wasn’t taht she disliked her job at the book store, but it was a far cry from her deepest interests, and every now and then she took a look to see if any of the clubs, pubs, or other places one might find music happened to be hiring. For once, it had finally paid off. How’d she’d managed to not hear of a new club opening was beyond her, but her initial instinct was to blame the snowstorm. Short notice and lack of research aside, Quinn had taken upon herself to follow up on the listing she’d seen, a Hiring entry for this Tartarus. She knew exactly what she had in mind to go in for, but truth was she’d take anything.

So now, she meanders through the entranceways of the clubs, spotting more than a few people putting themselves to work, adorned in Tartarus uniforms. Any sound they made was drowned out by the sound of her own headphones, sitting loose across her neck. It isn’t until she spots the back of someone not in uniform that her attention is really grabbed, and so she makes an immediate beeline towards her. Perhaps she should have asked when she walked in who to see exactly, but better later than never.

“Excuse me!” A bit too much singsongy-nes sin her voice, but it should be loud enough to grab attention as she approaches.

The other three that Melissa are talking to look up first, then Mel shifts around so she can look at the person talking. And surprise shows on her face. "Quinn? It is Quinn, right?" There's a pause, then a few words are murmured to the employees, and they scamper off to get on with their jobs.

Once they've left, Mel turns to face Quinn more directly, smiling and leaning against the bar. "What are you doing here?"

Quinn pauses in her step, an eyebrow quirked up. The listing had said to contact a “Melissa Pierce”, but it hadn’t even crossed her mind that it might be the same woman she met the other day. “Huh!” A hand reaches back and runs through her own hair, a genuinely surprised look on her face. “Melissa, was it?” She stops just short of her, grinning. “Aye, Quinn. I… didn’t know I’d be lookin’ for you.” A hand darks into the pocket of her long skirt, and almost immediately music stops blaring from her headphones. When it retracts a moment later, she’s holding a printed piece of paper bearing Tartarus’ name. “I saw th’ help wanted listin’, thought I’d come by.”

Melissa grins. "Lookin' for a job then? If so, then you are lookin' for me." She motions to the stool next to her. "Have a seat and tell me what kinda job you're hoping to get then."

An enthusiastic nod is the response Melissa receives as she pulls over the stool, taking her seat. “Well, fancy that. That makes it a bit easier for me.” Reaching into her pocket, she withdraws something – an iPhone – but she’s not brazen enough to make a call or text anyone, she merely places it in her lap. “To tell th’ truth, I’m hoping you have an openin’ for a DJ still, but if not…” She begins to motion with her hands as she talk.

Melissa's head tilts and she studies Quinn for a long moment. "You got any experience as a DJ? I know you've got some music experience. Part of Magnes's band, yeah? But what about DJing specifically?"

It’s at this point that Quinn offers up the iPhone to Melissa, specifically set on the videos contained on the device. “I keep a few videos on here from some DJin’ gigs, since I can’t keep m’ equipment around with me, and it’s hard to just tell. Just hit play.”

The videos are from over the course of the last year, showing Quinn at work with both traditional turntables and more modern digital consoles, as well as offering a glimpse of the colourful light shows accompanying the. The music is varied depending on the video and did in question – one is largely classic rock, another covering two darkwave songs, another a clip of new wave and 80s, and even a few clips from her most recent gig, a true mixture of music.

Melissa takes the phone and hits play, listening more than watching, and at one point her eyes close so she can focus more on what her ears hear rather than what her eyes see. When she's done she smiles and hands the phone back to Quinn. "Not bad. I think we can work something out. We've got some equipment here, of course, but why don't we go look at it, see what you think. I'm not a musician, so…" She trails off and shrugs, grinning.

Quinn laughs, shaking her head. “You don’t have t’ be a musician. I’d love takin’ a look at the equipment you’ve got, though. Probably a right bit nicer than anything I have.” She slips off the stool, still holding the iPhone in hand, just in case it’s needed.

Melissa grins and shakes her head as she leads the way. "I meant, I don't know about the equipment. Closest I get is the stereo at my house."

“Ah, well…” Quinn offers a shrug in response. “Nothin’ wrong with that. Dunno where I’d be without a stereo or something like.” She follows just behind Melissa, looking around with a distinctly curious expression as she takes in the work-in-process state of the club.

Melissa grins and nods, moving over into the DJ booth and motioning towards it. "Have a looksee. As far as I know the equipment is good. Not top of the line, but good."

Quinn regards the booth with curiosity at first, lingering before she finally enters. It’s certainly a nice setup – better than the one she had, definitely. Newer turntables, for sure, and as she leaned over and exited the screen saver on the smaller computer attached the console, she was delighted to find that it even had a copy of an older version of Serato on it, oh, how awesome! She steps back, scanning over it once more, and then nods. Melissa was right, it wasn’t top of the line, but it was certainly nice.

“You have me outdone!” The proclamation is made with enthusiasm as she looks back to Melissa, positively beaming. “A right nice set up, to be sure.”

Melissa laughs at the enthusiasm and grins. "Well glad you like it. How many nights a week can work, then?" she asks, leaning up against a wall, arms folding over her chest, watching Quinn.

Finally slipping her phone back into her pocket, Quinn shrugs. “I only work days at m’ other job, an’ I’m not sure how much that’ll last. I’m open otherwise.”

Melissa nods. "We'll start you out four nights a week then, with one of 'em being either Friday or Saturday. We're still working on the grand opening event so you'll be freer for a bit. Though I do need you to come in, check the setup, make sure it's working right and sounds good. All that. Sound good?"

Quinn makes no attempt to hide her excitement, nodding repeatedly almost like she was in some sort of cartoon. “It sounds wonderful!” Okay, maybe it’s time to dial it down a bit. She coughs, attempting to composure herself before continuing. “Sorry. I’ve… I’ve always wanted to do something like this, you know.” She grins, crossing her arms across her front.

Melissa laughs and shakes her head. "Hey, no worries. You wanna be excited, be excited. I like to see it. Just means that you'll do a better job than someone who just wants the paycheck. You come in, say, Monday? At 9? And we'll do the paperwork and set your hours. Let me know your shirt size and I'll go ahead and get some ordered for you."

“Sounds great!” Nodding, she pulse a small change purse, removing a card and a small piece of paper. Something is written on the paper, and handed over – her shirt size, so that Melissa won’t forget. The card though, is held close for a moment, a bit of a pensive look on her face. “There’s just one other thing I’d like t’ get outta the way. Just in case it’s a problem.”

Melissa's head tilts and her brows lift. "What's that?"

“Well, when I do my shows, I like to do these kinda…” There’s a bit of hesitation, but better to get this out of the way, she’ll find out later anyway. “Lightshows.” She flips out the card she had been holding close, revealing her Registration card.

Melissa glances at the card then waves a hand dismissively. "Hey, I don't mind. I don't see most of the customers minding either. A lightshow is a lightshow." She grins. "Besides, I got another friend who can play with light, so no worries. I'm very pro-evolved, alright?"

That’s a relief, her interviewer at the bookstore had been less than enthused, and she’d always been worried about hiring for new jobs ever since. The fact that Melissa’s pro-evolved is an even bigger plus – though the mention of a light manipulating friend didn’t escape her notice, it seemed to be a running theme lately. She gives a deep nod, the smile on her face wide as can be. “Awesome! Well, that’s really it. Didn’ mean to worry you with that, I just tend t’ be cautious and all.”

Melissa laughs and nods. "Oh, don't even worry about it. I know how it is. I've met more'n one anti-evolved person in my day. But so long as I'm the manager here, we'll happily welcome evolved employees."

Quinn smiles, her posture relaxing rapidly. “I think I’m really gonna enjoy workin’ here, then.”

Melissa grins. "That's what I hope everyone says. I'll get your shirts ordered and see you on Monday, Quinn. Be prepared for fun-filled paperwork time!"

Quinn begins to walk past Melissa, and there's almost a bounce in her step. After she passes, though, she pauses and looks back, flashing a grin. "I wouldn' miss it for the world."

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