A New One For EA


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Scene Title A new one for EA
Synopsis Brennan shows some people around the suresh center where Adelaide waits for folks for the Evolved Anonymous meetings.
Date January 27, 2010

Suresh Center

Working towards the meeting place, the darkskinned young woman walks with a sense of purpose.. She's got her bag, instruments, and a few folders. Adelaide takes a few moments to set up with her few papers. She moves to one of the better spaces accustically and begins to play.

Maybe it's a testament to how well constructed the place is, the soundproofing of the rooms that Brennan and the couple and their teenager who are with him, are unaware that someones in the meeting room and starting to play music. Whatever music it may be that is. "-enter holds the meetings once a week. They've been un-operational for some time as the support files and the like were damaged in the whole debacle with Humanis First those months ago but we're getting it back up and running. It would be a very good thing I think for you both and for you Jackson, to attend. It's hard discovering a new ability and this is a really good place to get the help to practice and to le-" He stops so focused on his patient and the patients parents that the quartet looks over at Adelaide.

Adelaide plays her violin carefully. She turns, midway through a rather complex peice. "Oh.. hello." she says pleasantly. She's for a moment a little dazed- a true musician enters a world of their own when they play. She almost appologetically slinks off to put the instrument away. "Here for the Evolved Anonymous meeting?" she asks.

"Uh, no actuallY" Brennan straightens up, snapping his fingers a few times as he tried to remember Adelaide's name. "I'm sorry Ms…?" Brennan ushers the trio in with the teenagers looking around owl eye'd and hands shoved deep in the pockets of his baggy jeans. "I'm just showing Jackson here and his parents Ida and Derek around the center. Jackson just discovered he's gifted and I thought that the Center and the meetings would be a great help to him"

Adelaide nods. "Ahh. Adelaide Naimarc… Adelaide Xylander, take your pick." she says politely. "Both are aceptable." She nods. "Sorry, I thought you might be here for the meeting though its good to see others using the center."

"uhh well, I work here" He offers, by way of pointing to the badge that clings to a extendable holder off his belt. "Adelaide Naimarc, Meet Derek, Ida and Jackson, Adelaide I think volunteers here? Either that or she just seems to pick empty rooms to play her music in. We're just going on a tour, you're welcome to join us" He offers to the dark skinned woman. "Maybe you can fill Jackson in on stuff that goes on here as a person closer to his age?"

Adelaide nods. "Not a problem. I'd actually reserved this place for a meeting… but I doubt anyone's coming- the number of people has been dwindling since the Suresh Center incident and such. So my meetings mainly consist of me."

"Leave a note on the door, they really should get you a board for the front. But if someone shows up they can page you" Jackson himself is looking around with the brand of curiosity that only a teenager in his later years can manifest and his parents are studying adelaide like she might come over and rip the head off their precious baby and they'll never see him again. That's Ida at least. Derek's more polite and not weilding the imaginary baseball bat. "How do you do Adelaide. I sure hope we'll see more of you. Play the violin?" Even as the group starts to move back out the doors.

Adelaide nods. "I do. Its a past time and my father was a muscian, so I learned to play." She explains carefully packing away the instrument. "Local College & well a gifted a person." she says.

'Well obviously" jackson comments out of the corner of him mouth. He expected that everyone here was. This earns him a nudge from his father before he offers "Please to meet you. SO what did you get saddled with?" he's blond, tow headed and tall compared to his parents but Brennan's a sight taller than him at least.

Adelaide exhales. "It's not a 'saddle.'" she corrects politely. "It's just a quirk. To be honest, I can re peoples memories- not like a book or anything flashes bits peices.. But I have to touch them, make eye contact.. it's a bit strenous for me.." she explains and thenh double checks the locks and closing on the violin case. "It's actually a little jolting if it just happens-."

Which causes all three to give alarming looks to Brennan. Just what kind of evolveds where here? These are not folks who are used to dealing with those who are gifted and seem to be barely swimming with the knowledge that their son - and even he's having a hard time - is one of them. "Listen, no offense but can.. we just continue the tour with you Dr. Brennan?"

Harve looks over to Adelaide sympathetic in his gaze. "We can, but if I remember right, Adelaide here is the one who pretty much takes care of meetings with EA. Really, you don't need to be afraid of her ability"

Adelaide nods. "Its…… not like I don't have control over it. " she adds in the same way a young child might. "Its a learning process and that's what EA is for- learning to control, and since everyone's gift is different. Its in an environment that allows us too… well learn without comment or remarks from people who might not understand. And I understand.. most people get freaked out when I say that- but so far— that's what I can do and you did ask and I told you." she says realizing perhaps they wished to not know more.

Which only makes jackson bristle a bit and his parents to look at the teenager. Brennan just claps his hands together then rubs them. "Well, How about… we carry on with the tour and then maybe, we can all find the cafeteria and Jackson and his parents can ask us questions yes?" Brennan offers to Adelaide and the others. "I'm sure it's been an interesting and surprising day for everyone. Lets go this way i'll show you the other wings"

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