A Normal Part of the Boyfriend Experience


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Scene Title A Normal Part of the Boyfriend Experience
Synopsis Elaine is Magnes' emergency contact, so she shows up worried at the hospital.
Date June 24, 2010

St Luke's Hospital

It's early in the evening when Elaine gets the call. Magnes J. Varlane is unconscious in the hospital with moderate sudden onset Anemia, and currently getting a blood transfusion… at least at the time of the call. Now he's just laying in bed, looking weak and in a white hospital gown at St. Luke's, staring up at the ceiling. There's food on the tray, but he hasn't touched it yet, he's just exhausted.

And like a good emergency contact, Elaine is there as soon as possible. And like a good girlfriend, she's got that worried look on her face as she enters the room. "You're awake.." She points out, moving to pull up a chair and sit down next to him. She doesn't want to do the 'oh my god you could have died' speech, mostly because she doesn't know what happened. Instead, she just moves to put her hand in his quietly.

"Sorry to worry you… last time I was in the hospital, I was shot. This is a general part of the girlfriend experience, when you're with me at least." Magnes sounds as weak as he looks, wrapping his hand around her's. "I don't know what happened, I just felt so weak, then I passed out and my blood was weird. There was a guy holding up the blood bank, I tried to stop him. I threw my batarang but I think he got away."

Blood bank, something weird with his blood. "If there was a guy holding up the blood bank and your blood went weird.. that's no coincidence." Elaine points out. "Evolved? Think he's trying to steal blood to use it for something if his ability is blood-related? Weird thought, but.." She leans in, kissing his hand as she holds it tightly. "Don't worry. It scared the crap out of me, yeah, but you're okay. I kinda expected something like this would happen eventually, but.. I dunno, doesn't mean I'm any less worried. I try to not freak out.. but I don't want something to happen to you that's worse."

"I've had my blood manipulated before, but not like this… it's so strange…" Magnes reaches up for the plastic cup of apple juice, then just sighs and lowers his hand again. "I want you to go home tonight, make sure Sable and everyone know I'm alright. I don't want you to be stuck here all night with me."

Elaine reaches to get the apple juice, bringing it in closer to him before making sure the tray of food is more easily within reach. Stupid nurses. "You sure you don't want me here? I'd feel like a bad girlfriend if I left you stuck in here all alone. But either way I'll make sure everyone knows you're fine."

"You wouldn't be a bad girlfriend, just don't worry over me more than you need to." Magnes reaches for the apple juice when she brings it closer, then takes a long drink before laying back. "They say I need to be in here for another day before I get home, then I've got a special diet for a weak. You think you can cook steak?"

"Steak I can manage." Elaine grins. "I guess I'll have to make sure I figure out how to cook well enough to meet your standards.." She blinks for a minute. "Another day?" She frowns. "You're going to miss the auction, aren't you?"

"Looks like it. Sable's gonna be pissed." Magnes groans, turning his head away from her to face the wall. "Maybe I should leave the band. I mean, this is the sort of thing she worries about, me letting them down with these… things I do."

Elaine shakes her head. "Magnes, you're not splitting up the band like this. Couldn't have known what this guy could do. And to tell you that you can't do the heroic stuff? That's telling you not to be you, and if Sable gets pissed at you about that? I dunno, I might think a little less of her. You're in the fucking hospital, Magnes. She's going to cut you a break. You just promise her you did the best you could and I'm sure you're square."

"It's just…" Magnes turns to face her again, pulling her hand up to his chest. "I feel like I'm ruining her dreams because I'm out heroing. There were so many other people there, that girl who keeps beating people up before I can get to them was even there."

Elaine chuckles. "So you've got your own superhero league. Good. You've got backup. Doesn't mean you can't still be a superhero. Trust me, Sable'll understand. And I'll just have to try twice as hard to earn some extra money in your behalf.

"I'll try to do something, I'd move the planet itself to make Sable have her dream… If only Abby could still heal." Magnes closes his eyes, continuing to hold her hand there. "I'll do it, somehow."

Elaine smiles a little bit. "Sable's dream is her dream. You can help, but that's still something she has to do herself, y'know?" She chuckles. "Let her do it. I'll talk with her, and we'll figure out tomorrow.. and the rest of it can come later. You're sick, so this is the part where you rest and I take care of the difficult part, mmkay?"

"You know I'm not going to give up, right?" Magnes asks as he reaches for a piece of wheat bread on his plate, still not eating the dried out hospital steak. "I never give up, I'll do everything I can to find a way to make that concert…"

Elaine watches him carefully. "I know. But if you hurt yourself because you're trying too hard, I know Sable'll be pissed just as much as me. Understand? If the doctors say you're okay to go, then go. But don't go unless you're sure you're up for it.. and even then, if you have to bail early, go home early. Promise me that?"

"I promise, you can trust me, Elaine." Magnes smiles, his breathing getting slower as he starts to drift off. "Make sure the doctors know about me floating away… I need to get tucked…"

Elaine leans in, pressing a kiss to his forehead as she moves to tuck him in. "I'll let them know. You rest well. Don't do anything stupid, okay? I'll handle Sable. So don't even worry about it. Y'hear?"

"I just hope you don't get too bored without me…" Magnes is drifting off more and more, head going limp as he lets out one final whisper. "I wish I could go with you…"

"Me too," Elaine murmurs, slowly releasing his hand. "Me too."

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