A Painful Truth


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Scene Title A Painful Truth
Synopsis Magnes comes to a painful realization, that he can't protect Abby. At least, not in here.
Date March 2, 2009

Rusty Warehouse

At one point in the not-so-distant past, this derelict warehouse was used to store loading equipment for the dockyards of Fresh Kills Harbor. Today, it serves as a makeshift prison with storage containers converted into simplistic cells that look out across the warehouse's concrete floor, blocked off with three steel walls and one made from industrial-grade wire mesh with an electrical current running through it to prevent escape.

Each cell is outfitted with a cot, a toilet and sink to provide the prisoners with fresh water, as well as a bucket that can be overturned and used as a stool.

It's the day after the fight, and apparently they don't care much if Magnes bleeds to death, but luckily his wounds are mostly clotted. At some point in the night, the pain made Magnes' weight collapse the bed's frame, so there is no 'under' anymore. The sight Abby is greeted with is quite grizzly, the pizza boy laying limp on his stomach, pants completely bloody and shredded, the back of his shirt shredded, and even his shoes have damage. His back looks like someone took dozens of blades deep into it, and his legs look like he feel into some sort of knife pit. His arms are damaged too, though there are no cuts, they're heavily bruised up. His face is bruised and swollen too, one eye swelled shut, the other one simply black, and his lip split. He doesn't move, he doesn't seem awake, is he even alive?

It's going to take a bit, by the time they've brought him back and turned her loose in his cell. She'd seen them cart him back and had gathered her blankets and single pillow, anticipating being dragged out. So it is that when the blonde is shuffled one over, she's already ready. Her hands go to his back, sleeve pushed up so that her forearms rest against his back as well. More skin, more path for the healing to travel along instead of just the focus points of her hands.

Her prayers quickly uttered, the soothing sensation soon courses through Magnes, healing what it hits first, his back and carrying on the rest. She has no energy to waste crying and really, she's more angry and upset than anything at right that moment. He's going to need all that she has, she can feel it.

There's a bit of cracking when she she starts healing his back, likely some broken bones he didn't notice earlier. His lips move, but he doesn't say anything yet, he instead tries to raise his hand to touch her, which quickly falls limp to the floor with a groan of pain. "A-Ab…" he tries to speak again, it hurts to speak, both because of his lip, and broken things, but the healing is beginning to at least sooth.

"Quiet. I can't do this is you move, or if yous peak, just be quiet, cause.. just, quiet okay" Abby answers. "your gonna take all my healing today, and they're going to be upset that they'll need to call the others, but they can go to hell in a big fat fiery basket for all that I care. This is their fault" Abby's voice is laced with venom, all of it for everyone else but Magnes. Kneeling over his body, she shifts once the healing has settled into a steady rhythm, kicking away parts of the bed so she can lay down beside Magnes.

One hand on him, she works with the other to bring her pillow over, lay it down to support her head, protect it from the ground and eventually be face to face with the gravokinetic. The arm and hand still spread across his back, her other hand is near his face, stroking over his forehead, wicking away the injuries on his face. 'Shhh Magnes, just sleep okay, I'll take the pain away, I'll make it all go away, I promise"

Magnes' eyes open as the injuries fade, weakly staring at her as tears begin to roll down his face. It's not the pain, it's definitely not the pain, her power is taking that away, but the tears just keep flowing the more he looks into her eyes, then he just closes his tightly.

"I know your life, On earth was troubled, And only you could know the pain, You weren't afraid to face the devil, You were no stranger to the rain. Go rest high on that mountain, Son, you work on earth is done, Go to heaven a shoutin' Love for the Father and Son" It's going to take a while. Abby's miracles aren't like Claire's regeneration. It's just slow. But with each stroke of thumb across his brow, shallow cuts heal, sealing off, no trace of marks or what was before. Bones that are fractured, they're taking a bit more, as they're put back into place and sealed by pressure. It's not the most comfortable feeling that's for sure.

"Oh, how we cried the day you left us, We gathered round your grave to grieve, I wish I could see the angels faces, When they hear your sweet voice sing. Go rest high on that mountain, Son, you work on earth is done, Go to heaven a shoutin' Love for the Father and Son"

Magnes squirms slightly at the bone healing, then quickly increases his body weight to stop himself from moving. "I'm sorry…" he lightly whispers, knowing he's not supposed to speak, he doesn't elaborate. His breathing becomes easier though, as bones settle into place and it hurts less to move his lungs.

"It's okay" Abby murmurs, once the song is done. "Just rest hmm, I'll fix what I can. Then we'll just lay here, and sleep hmm?" Because god knows she's going to be sleeping the moment she's done taking care of him. "Help's coming Magnes. We have to hang in. I promise" She falls silent again, working carefully, not another whisper from her through the minutes that tick past, and the healthier the Gravokinetic gets as she does so. No Red Bulls again, no coffee, she's down to doing what Mu-Qian hates. Pulling on her own body and cannibalizing her own energy to convert to health for him.

"I couldn't protect you…" Magnes whispers, voice drifting off as his breathing slows again, beginning to fall asleep. The soothing feeling of her healing, the closeness, her voice, it's the most comfort he's had in… well, ever.

She could have told him that. Everyone thinks they can. But until they're her or figure out a way to let her do what she can do without getting hurt. Abigail continues to give comfort when she can, ignoring the guards who walk by to check on the people in the cells. Her focus is the young man beside her. God, he got crushed. Eventually, Abigail's eyes close, chipping away healing wise at the last few injuries till Magnes is whole and a very drawn, tired and unconscious Abigail's on the floor beside him.Eventually the passing guards fetch her, plucking her from the floor to drop her unceremoniously on her cot in her own cell.

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