A Peaceful Solution


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Scene Title A Peaceful Solution
Synopsis Melissa and Brennan discuss Liette and the weather.
Date April 22, 2010

Suresh Center

Brooklyn being without power and sure that his wife wouldn't stay there with the children, despite that she could regulate the temperature, Brennan asked to be deposited at the Suresh Center. He was sure that it would be equipped with power, given the location and the necessity to cope with the sick people who would show up there. Blindfold removed before hitting there, cases of vaccine in hand, he had been deposited, and left alone. Broome remained true to his word and mind untampered, as he was when he arrived. The first call had been to Melissa, voicemail left with his location and assurance that he was fine, more than fine, and that he could do with seeing the woman. He needed to find out the state of things, and the state of his ward.

In his office, coffee on his desk, going through files that had piled up that weren't priorities in his absence. Things he could do while waiting for the blonde woman to show up. He was sure it would be a shock to her, not to mention the others in the organization when he showed up. But his priority was finding out where and how Liette was, and where his family was. Signatures went on files, phone pinned between ear and shoulder as he made the round of calling shelters.

It's odd how things work out sometimes. The deal with Angela for Melissa to work here would've had her visiting this place soon anyway. Brennan's call just sped up the process. But it's not an entirely pleased Mel who walks through the doors of the Center. It is, however, a half frozen one.

When she reaches Brennan's office only her gloves have been taken off, stuffed into her pocket, and after a quick knock on the door, she moves to show herself right on in.

"Come in" Not a tired voice by any means. The ride here was comfortable, he even snoozed part of the way, then experimented with his negation, and it having been restored when the injections wore off.

A glance up reveals not a nurse, but Melissa, shown in by one and there's a relieved look on his face.

"Oh thank god, I was worried maybe that you hadn't made it. I knew they got some people, I just hadn't known who and how many." Obviously, Liette wasn't one of them. "How are you doing Melissa?" He's searching her with his eyes, trying to take note of any injuries.

He gets distracted by the phone and straightens when someone on the other end picks up after being on hold. "No, no, thank you for looking, I appreciate it. Good luck with everything. I'll keep looking" He hangs up then, scratching out a number on the pad to the side, circling the one just below it. "I'm trying to find Michelle, no answer on the cellphone and she's not at the house"

Melissa waits until the door is shut behind her, then she takes a few steps towards Brennan's desk, sliding her hands into her pockets. "They didn't get me. I got on the chopper, with Liette. And that…well, it was my last operation with the team, Brennan. I'm out. Quit. So I don't have any idea where your family is." There's a brief pause, then she adds, "I'm sorry."

'You quit?" There's a surprise and it registers as such on his face. "Is Liette with you? Did you get her some place safe? I hadn't worked out with her where to go, after the Den was raided. Please tell me she's with you, some place safe" He doesn't attempt to dial any more numbers for now, but gestures to the seat. "For that matter, how is she?"

"Yeah. I quit. Right after Scott told everyone at the big meeting we had that the Den was a front. Nothing more than a hook for the DoEA," Melissa says flatly. "But then, you already knew about that, didn't you?"

A slight pursing of lips, and sustained eye contact. Brennan nods his head. "I did. They created it when the offer was to be accepted of help from the Department of Evolved Affairs. I wasn't allowed to speak of it to you, or to anyone else. I couldn't even tell my wife. For all intent purposes, they needed it to look and run like a real house." There's no point in lying to her, is there.

"Yep. And they didn't give a shit that there were little kids there. One nearly a baby. Or evolved there who couldn't even walk. Or that I got moved across the fucking country to be the worm on the end of a hook." Melissa shakes her head. "I can't work for people I can't trust. And I can't work for people who believe that the ends always justifies the means. What if those kids had been grabbed, Brennan?"

"Then they got grabbed, and like else and Delilah, they would have been taken care of at the hospital. Delilah was looking better when I visited. This is what they do, this is the chances they take and the decisions that they make. And sometimes, you either go along with them whether you don't approve, or you step back and walk away. You decide where that line in the sand is for you and you decide whether you cross it or not."

His gaze diverts to his phone, a glance to see if there's a message or not, then back to the blonde at hand. "You decide whether if you had been in their shoes, whether you would or would not have done the same thing. You run your life how you see fit, and how you intend to. If you can't work for them, then, you can't work for them. I have my lines drawn with them as well, set up since the first time I ran across them. They have yet to cross it, but I have a feeling they're not going to make me cross it but instead, show me the door when I come to them tomorrow"

"Maybe, maybe not. But they screwed up, and Scott didn't even…He just insulted me. So I won't be going back to the Ferry. Period," Melissa says, sounding certain. "I'll do my work my way. And you…you should know, they voted whether or not to give Liette back, or whether to use her to trade for the people who were taken. No idea how the vote went, but I'm guessin' that Liette wasn't given back since it's still fucking winter out there."

"They won't be getting the people back. I tried. I was denied" Brennan explains, a disappointed look on his face. "But i assume that means then that she's not with you but with someone else" Which is not pleasant and he can well imagine the ruckus. "I need your help then. It is her sister who's creating this. I think it's going to abate for a few days, but that's all the time, that I imagine i'm going to have. I need to track her down, and take her back." A drawer is opened, a search for something and unsuccessful, he closes it, looking in another. "Doctor Luis lied to the government about who is doing what. That it wasn't Julie who's creating the storm. I have to get Liette, return her to her father or else. and the Or Else is not pretty. Ever seen the movie, the day after tomorrow?"

"I have no idea where she is. And I tried telling people that it was Liette's sister doing this. They didn't care. They figure that Luis is making Julie create the weather, so returning Liette would just make it worse." Melissa's head tilts then, brows lifting. "And how do you think I can help? I lost my credibility when Scott told everyone that I ran a fake place. And since I'm no longer one of you…"

"I get the why, Brennan. I'm wondering about the how," Melissa clarifies with a shake of her head.

"That I don't know yet, but since you're not in their ranks anymore… I don't know how to go about getting her. But i'll get her. If only to avoid more casualties. And because that man, he doesn't want her back because she's pertinent to experiments or the like. He wants her back because it's his daughter. There's one thing worse than a woman scorn and that's a parents love for their child and it alone can move mountains." He purses his lips, resting elbows on the desk, rubbing his hands together. "Just be nice to know that i'm not alone in egtting her back with her family"

"Trust me, you're not alone," Melissa says with a shake of her head. "You find out where she's being held, and we can get her out. If worse comes to worse, I have a friend who will make it a very simple task. No one gets hurt, no one knows it was us."

Say what? There's a raise of brows. "How so?" She's got his curiosity.

"I've got a friend who can stop time. All she has to do is stop everyone but us, we go in, get Liette, we leave," Melissa explains. It's good to have friends!

"That will be the back up plan. If I can't to her peacefully" he's hoping that peacefully will work, he doesn't want to go in and take her by force, but if he has to… "They still have food in the cafeteria below, let me try another numbers and try and find Michelle and we'll go get some Dinner. I'm starving"

"Well, you've got my number. You know how to get a hold of me if and when you settle for plan B." Though it sounds like Melissa is expecting plan A to fail. "I'll leave you to dinner with your wife though. Got a new place. Still workin' on getting it comfortable."

"I meant dinner with you Melissa. Michelle's somewhere, not here, she won't be coming for dinner. I'm just hoping that she's safe" he picks up the phone, punching in numbers then looks over towards the pain augmentor. "It's good though. To see you here. Really good Melissa'

Melissa smiles faintly. "Glad someone thinks so." She glances towards the door leading out of the office. "So does this place do good work, Brennan? They actually help people? It's not a prison in disguise?"

"I wouldn't be here if they didn't Melissa" His mein serious. "I believe in this place, probably more than others in the Ferry might. A place like this, it can only do good, promote positive experiences for those who come and show them that there are people who are willing to help. You should talk to Megan Young. She's a nurse here, works with evolved women who are pregnant, teaches them how to manage their abilities in labor"

"Yeah, I'd heard that. And I'd heard good things about this place. But…I wanted to be certain before I set about workin' here," Melissa says with a shrug. "Gonna see about getting a tour sometime too. Just to be on the safe side."

"I'm sure, that can be arranged" Brennan smiles at her. "Lemme track down Michelle and i'll meet you at the nurses station. Deal? You can tell me more about your friend that you'll enlist to help us. It may very well be that we'll need her" He hates to think of needing force to get Liette from Ferry hands but…

"Can't tell you her name, Brennan. Not without talking to her about it first," Melissa says, shaking her head. "But I'll meet you at the nurses station," she says, opening the door to slip out.

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