A Peek Is In Order


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Scene Title A Peek Is In Order
Synopsis Kaylee does as Cardinal asks of her and goes to meet another of New York's telepaths. There isn't much she can do for him, expect to let him take a peek.
Date September 06, 2010

The Blue Moon

The Blue Moon as just finished it's morning rush and there is the enjoyment of silence throughout the store at this time. The lingering smell of chocolate, coffee, and muffins fill the air. A single man stands behind the counter drying cups with a clean dish towel. Aric is humming softly to himself while he dries the dishes, and seems to be lost in his own world this morning.

He is currently clad in a simple t-shirt that says, "Got Milk?", a pair of multi colored board shorts, and his Teva sandels. He yells into the back kitchen, "Philipa why don't you go run your errands and be back in an hour before the lunch rush hits us." The girl in the back yells, "K Aric. LOve you." The girl disappears out the back door through the kitchen.

It's between all the craziness in her days. One of those moments when she doesn't have class, doesn't have to work - she kinda begged off for a few - and doesn't have Ferry business. Standing outside the door to the The Blue Moon, Kaylee Thatcher hesitated for only a moment, schooling her thoughts and re-enforcing her natural mental barrier. This isn't someone she wants to slip up with, cause it wouldn't be a good thing.

Strands of long curly hair brushing against her cheek as she looks at the sign. Hands are tucked into the pockets of a pain of dark jeans and her t-shirt is dark gray with dark blue collar and sleeves, the fabric follows her curves, but doesn't hug it. Her black biker boots, crunch on the concrete as she moves towards the door finally.

A hand touches the door, she can tell there is somewhere in there… possibly more, but she doesn't dare even peek, unintentionally or not. Kaylee finally steps in, blue eyes scanning for the owner.
The sound of the door opening, causes Aric to turn his head to see who has entered. The man smiles softly as he calls out from behind the counter, "Welcome to the Blue Moon. If I can do anything to make you happy today just call on me. My name is Aric." The man did meditate this morning so his own mental barrier is solid and uncracked. Aric places the last clean cup into the bin as he picks them up. His muscles straining slightly from the tray filled with cups as he walks it into the kitchen. He is only gone for merely ten seconds before returning back to his original spot behind the counter.

"Hi…" Kaylee offers a bit shyly, her mind staying firmly in place, she doesn't dare even try to peek at his head. It's really not pleasant. "I'm Kaylee." She starts hesitantly, moving towards the counter, her mouth pulled up on one side in a smirk. "I'm a friends of Richard Cardinal."

Her chin tilts up a bit as she studies the man thoughtfully, "He sent me here, to talk to you. Especially, about what you are." She's being fairly subtle on purpose, since she's isn't registered her true ability. "He seems to think I can help you, but… I'm not sure… how." It's been something she's been trying to figure out.

Kaylee…he knows the name from Richard. He never expected her to walk through his doors and come to him. Aric closes his eyes and makes sure his own mind is under control as he says, "Well…hey." He opens his eyes slowly and says, "Sorry force of habit. Perhaps we can speak in my apartment where the walls don't have ears or could." Aric moves to the door and flips the Open Sign to Close. "Philipa will be back shortly and I…as much as Cardinal thinks it is amusing to tell everyone I am a telepath. I don't like most people knowing."

Aric's body language is friendly enough yet there is a slightly degree of tension…more nervous tension then aggressive tension. He motions to the heavy metal door marked "Private" leading upstairs.

"You and me both." Kaylee agrees with a slow nod of her head. "People tend to run the other way when they find out." Moving as directed, she keeps the conversation light. "You'll also find, that once people know, they will show up often for 'favors'", which there is a touch of amusement at that. "Glad Richard found someone for his little group.

"Takes a little bit off my plate." She explains with a hint of amusement in her voice. "Not that I don't like to help, I'm here… so Richard asks… I still do." Kaylee grins back at him as she continues up. The young woman almost seems expectant, as if waiting for something to happen. "Course, depends on what he asks too. I… might be the boss' daughter, but I'm not a part of what Richard does for Edward Ray."

The Blue Moon: Aric's Apartment

"Edward Ray? Sorry I don't know who that is…" Aric holds the door for her as he says, "Me Casa Su Casa. Make yourself comfortable." Aric moves to the kitchen and says, "Can I get you something to drink?" Aric runs a hand through his long locks as he says, "I do know what you mean. I have not told to many people because I can see and hear what they think of us…well ya know Evolves. It is not pretty."

Aric turns and says, "I don't think Cardinal trusts me yet…well fully because I am a telepath. Yet he feels maybe you could show me a few things. I can do a few things like invade someone's mind and stay there…yet with the proper training they could fight me off. I can see things….hear things yet not much more then that. I want to be more useful…maybe gain their trust more."

There is a cluck of Kaylee's tongue, "Wow. Yeah, I thought he'd at least mention Ray." However, she gives a flick of her wrist, that is dismissed quickly for the reason she was sent her. "But that's not important.

"Honestly, Aric… I'm not sure how much help I can be or how I can train you." Hands spread a little, in a gesture that speaks of being helpless. "I learned by doing. My actions dictated what I could do, but I also used my ability a lot. Such as cheating on my tests. You will probably just have to learn by experience."

It's honest statement, as Kaylee puts it all right out there. "Just one glance into my head will show you what I mean, the fact you haven't yet, brings up up a little more in my personal assessment." She gives him a little bit of a smile. "I don't use my ability on anyone, unless I feel in danger."

"well I try not to look in someone's head unless I 'have' too. I avoid large crowds. I tend to pick up more no matter how solid my concentration is…that is because I spent 3 years with Buddist Monks learning how to meditate and quite my mind. I won't lie…I do want to peek into your mind and see if I gain any knowledge yet…well Liz and Cardinal have often reminded me that it is rude and very inconsiderate." Aric shrugs and says, "I also didn't want you to think I was a complete dick." Aric pulls out two beers and moves to set them on the table. "Maybe…well if you feel comfortable…tell me what you can do so I could…well consider it in my own abilities? If that makes sense?"

"I think… in this case, a peek is in order. It might make you leery to touch anyone's mind after that." Kaylee is holding firm her her mental wall, but only cause he mind is naturally closed off. "And don't get me wrong, even mental voices shout and no matter how you try you'll still hear, I'm mainly talking about focusing on a person.

There is a moment of consideration, tongue peeking out from her lip to wet them. "If.. you attempt some of what I can do… it's… a hell of a can of worms. Maybe you'll do better then me, but with some abilities there is a sort of… temptation in them. I… don't recommend it."

Brow tipping down as Kaylee turns thoughtful. "I always hear people humming in my head, the trick is not to listen. I know they are there, but unless something is 'shouted'" And yes she makes air quotes even. "I won't hear. That said. I can listen undetected to surface thoughts. I can go in and view memories and bring them forward… I can… manipulate them and changed them. Even temporarily block them." There is more, but she avoids it… it's the worst part of her.

Not to mention, Kaylee feels uncomfortable putting all her cards on the table. "In all honesty, the most people will do is ask you to read minds and check memories. So if you've got that, your set. And trained minds will always be a problem."

"I have seen things in comic books that make me consider if we could do it. Yet I can go into someone's mind and scan them as well. I can also be a part of their memories…well more like view them like a movie screen. If I know what I am looking for I can pull them up quicker. I guess each of us has an ability to do different things…I never thought about blocking or changing them. Yet…as a telepath…is there anything we can do to protect ourselves. I know what Liz can do and it scares the hell out of me. Yet what if I am crossed with someone who wants to kill me for being different…is there a way that you could know…" Aric shakes his head and says, "Never mind…I know you don't know me from Jack and I don't want to be too personal."

He is curious and when she mentions, "a peek is in order" Aric looks intently at the woman. He cocks his head to the side, as if it could help when he opens his mind to scan her surface thoughts. What comes next is a shock unto itself as the pain sears into his head. Aric lets out a cry while grabbing the sides of his head. He falls down onto his knees and grinds his teeth trying to focus through the back feed of thoughts. He finally is able to quite his mind and looks at Kaylee and whispers, "Ouch."

She knows the moment he looks, Kaylee watches the result with a knowing look. Since she's not even attempting to look in return, she's not affected. She's been there. Stepping forward, a hand is offered to help him up, a small smile touches her lips. "Now… you'll know what to expect and what to fear when it comes to touching other minds.

"I learned that little painful detail when my Ability was used against me." It's explained with a weary smile. Kaylee continues, "There are telepaths that can work through that… but you're talking people who have had the ability longer then we are alive." She's had her head messed with.

"And when it comes to manipulating memories… It's not as easy as it seems. So be careful. It's nearly impossible to replace a memory. Details… yes. A full memory. I'm not that good and my memory blocks only last a short span of time." Unless she's using 'Amp,' another thing that isn't spoken of.

As he takes her hand, he says softly, "Thanks." He brings his free hand to his temple, "That was kind of sucking. Now I can see why you can't help me…per say." Aric moves to plop down on the couch and looks disappointed, "I was hoping I could learn a few new tricks from a telepath who has been around for some time. I guess that is not gonna happen. I think Cardinal's gonna be pissed." Aric shrugs closing his eyes as he begins to rub his temples. "Wow I feel like I have a hang over now."

"I already told him I couldn't train you." Kaylee explains with a bit of a smile. "And… Memory manipulation is tough to learn, cause you need willing subject or be like I was. I use to run with bad people." There is a bit of a twitch to her lips. "I also wasn't a really good person growing up."

There is a small shrug of her shoulder, hand sliding out of his, so she can take a step back. "Either way, I think he'll understand.

"And you can learn on your own. You'll just have to do. I learned on the job, as I needed." Kaylee points out. "Most have to learn on their own. Which means we specialize in different ways. I went up against a telepath that could totally change your perception of the world around you, right then and there. I can't do that."

As he opens his eyes, Aric tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear and says, "Yay but I want to help avoid the 8th as much as I can. I know a few things that…well if I can't learn how to defend myself. A few people I have grown to care about will end up dead…or worse. That is why I asked Cardinal to find someone to train me."

A soft smile escapes his as he looks at Kaylee and says, "I do appericate you coming over and making the trip. I have alot to think about…and I…I am gonna have to start considering other means for "pratice" if I am going to figure out a way to defend myself when the time comes."

"Find someone that can teach you how to shoot." Kaylee offers up her tone a touch bland. "That's what I did." There is a firm nod of her head. "Learn what you can to be a part of the group." She's taken lessons with Raith, anytime she can get the guy to agree. "More often then not, you'll be negated in someway. Take it from a woman that knows."

A smile touches her lips and she inclines her head. "Hey, Richard is a friend and… well… works for my dad." Sorta. "He's a good guy, so it's no big deal." Digging her phone out of her pocket, she glances at the time. "I need to go. I promised my boss I wouldn't be overly long.

"If you need to talk about what's going on in that head of yours," Kaylee starts, "not hard too find me."

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