A Place of Security


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Scene Title A Place of Security
Synopsis Adelaide meets up with someone who's taken an interest in Evolved Anonymous-in a big way.
Date September 24 2009


A cooperate building somewhere.

Early in the morning, in a modestly sized apartment within a Maxwell Development Corp building, Cassius is tucked away in one of the two bedrooms, plopped in front of a television and out of sight of any visitors. Leonardo on the other hand is in plain view in the rather warm colored apartment filled with all manner of autumn-inspired artwork, bookcases, and the modest entertainment center against the wall, across from the couch.

He sits up straight on the dark burnt orange couch, wearing his formal black suit with two glasses and a bottle of expensive red wine sitting on the stylishly oval red oak table, simply waiting for his guest to arrive, who'd have been escorted up and let right into the apartment.
Escorted? Adelaide's looking rather presentable-dressed well, and carrying only a small bag. The moment she steps through the threshhold, Adelaide's eyes light up. "What on earth?" she says trying not to smile as she crosses slowly to the couch. "Is this a date or a business meeting?" she questions.

"I'm simply curious about a few things, Miss Naimarc. Consider this me getting to know you." Leonardo keeps a polite smile as he holds his hand out to indicate a spot on the couch for her to take a seat. "Please, sit. I'd like to hear all about Evolved Anonymous and your plans for it."

The young woman nods. It's a firm and confident nod. "Its mostly a place for people, Evolved and non, to meet and talk, and learn. I decided, after officially outting myself at the Suresh Center's opening, I needed to DO something." she speaks animatedly intensely. She stands up and continues her small speech, as she moves, it's almost as if where her feet touch the ground flowers spring-metaphorically of course, just so strong is her life force. "I don't want people to be afraid or to believe that they have to dislike each other. I am sure you think I am an overly idealistic young woman, and you're right I am." Adelaide turns to fix her eyes on Raphael. She moves to sit down. "I want people to change. I want the evolved to no longer feel fear, about living their lives;I also would like those without powers to see that yes things happen- but it can be changed, teaching, learning, when given an environment to thrive in people can help one another."

"Very idealistic indeed." Leonardo agrees, watching her with a rather amused expression. He motions his head to the couch for her to take a seat again, keeping the mood fairly casual. "I think my first two questions are: What exactly is your ability, if you don't mind me asking? And do you have a secure place for these meetings?"

Adelaide thinks as she settles back down leaning a little bit, in the couch's folds. "I can, read people's memories, but I have to touch and make eye contact." she smiles. "Though I think, if I know someone well, I think I might be able to start directing- its usually very very random."

"Interesting. I may know a few people who can help you with that." Leonardo leans over to the table, grabbing the wine opening to uncork the bottle, then pours then both a half glass, offering her one before he grabs his own. "And about the location? Is it secure? I'm asking for a reason, of course."

Adelaide takes the glass carefully, she's not exactly weary but she's curious clearly, eyes following him, his motions and then back to the room. "The Suresh Center, and I suppose its 'secure'. If you mean secure as in not open to the public- no, I pride myself on developing an open policy, for the meetings."

Leonardo takes a sip of his wine, which should eliminate any fears of drugs, simply continuing to converse. "While I can understand the need for public meetings, there's always the chance a member of Humanis First or some other hate group would infiltrate. I'm just not sure if the Suresh Center is prepared for that kind of thing. Now I'm not exactly talking about men standing around with guns, but I've discussed some discreet measures with other people, and I'm willing to offer you access to a building to hold your meetings."

Adelaide blinks. She looks like she's been floored and takes a small sip of the wine. "Perhaps," she begins softly, running her finger around the the edge of the glass hearing it sing. "I get the sense from one of our first meetings-that perhaps we had an Humanist First, person, or at least… umm someone very screwed up in our midsts… seeing memories can be pretty scary." she explains. "Its also kind of like an AA meeting in a sense. You don't need to tell us 'anything', you don't want to but I want them to get relaxed." she smiles and extends her hand. "You can call me Adelaide." says pleasantly, her stare isn't intense persay but its willing, innocent wanting, but a bit curious.

"Mastering that ability of yours will be very useful in keeping meetings safe, but I want to make sure they're completely safe." Leonardo takes her hand, leaning down to place a gentle kiss on the back of it. "Leonardo Raphael Maxwell, you can call me whatever you choose."

Adelaide grins. "A nice name, two Renaissance painters?" she ask quickly not quiet letting go. "And I can only do it to one person at a time, its not like its a massive blanket ability or something."

Leonardo's hand lingers in her's just long enough for her to see a white wall and hundreds of little metallic spheres floating around. After that, he ever-so-politely removes his hand. "I trust you won't read my memories. So will you consider my offer?"

Adelaide smiles. "As I said its random, its not like everytime I make eyecontact and shake hands or something it triggers. I haven't quite found that part out. But yes I will consider it. It's interesting, two rather… high society people… well as high society as I can be while holding down college and my desires to be a doctor and apparently now an acitivst." She smirks.

"Well, that's good to know." Leonardo offers a subtle nod and another polite smile, taking a sip of his wine as he watches her. "But I don't quite understand what's so interesting about us being high society. There's plenty of high society people in the world. Care to elaborate?"

Adelaide thinks on it. "I guess, it was just that I'd never considered myself such, and now here you are approaching me, and it clicked. I am in a sense part of the upper eschelon, but I've never 'been' apart of it. I am college student— I treat the world as something to be worried about, money, shelter ect, paying for college. I have money which pays for schooling, and a few scholarships- which makes me feel a little guilty, there are people who could legitatimately use it. But because the FASA says- your parents make 'enough' to pay for college, you don't get the aid directly but in a loan-which needs to be payed back, or for people who are 'just at the line' and are still told 'pay with your own money'. And here… I am with scholarships, I don't 'really' have to touch the money I have. Its a warped system. Like its rewarding me…"

"I assure you, it's not any sort of status you may have that I'm rewarding, it's your work." Leonardo reaches over to place a hand on her shoulder, giving the most subtle of reassuring nods. "Miss Naimarc, you're a very special person, doing very world changing work. Let me help you change the world and I assure you, you'll go down in history as a great person."

Adelaide laughs. "World changing— right?" she smirks. "You're trying ot make me feel better. Not that I don't appreciate it, but I don't think I am going to make any big-big ripples in this particular ocean."

"You're a part of a very small percentage of humanity, you were born to do great things, never forget that." Leonardo takes another sip of his wine as he looks over at a door leading to the kitchen, then to Adelaide. "If you're hungry the maid will make breakfast. Now that I know you're interested, I'll have a proper presentation ready for you next time. It was quite nice meeting you."

Adelaide grins. "I can cook…" she says slowly looking rather stunned. "Maid? You have maid? But this is an apartment? Why do you have a maid?" she says settling back down and looking at her glass. "I had a little breakfast earlier, but its not with out appeal."

"I suppose she came with the apartment." Leonardo muses with a sly grin, holding up a hand to snap his fingers, which prompts a rather attractive young brunette maid in a French maid outfit to walk from the kitchen. She's holding a notepad, smiling at Adelaide. "What would you like for breakfast this morning, Miss?"

She thinks for a moment, before Adelaide smiles. "Food would be nice." she says trying to break the tension, that seemed to plauge her when talking with the maid. "A grilled Cheese sandwhich-"

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