A place to Hide


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Scene Title A place to Hide
Synopsis Brian carries an unconscious Anne through a blizzard. They hide out at Isabelle's place for a while.
Date <date of IC effect>

Old Lucy's

His breathing is heavy, she's not the heaviest of people. But sneaking through a city where Homeland Security is going apeshit with a woman in your arms isn't the easiest of tasks. And Brian didn't have many much options. No base. No apartment. Who can he trust? There aren't many options. So Brian has made his way, taking a few breaks and finally snuck his way to Old Lucy's. It's still blizzarding out, Brian is practically freezing, and the woman in his arms can't be doing much better. Hopefully there won't be many people in the bar, and hopefully, Isabelle is here.

Kicking at the back door with his foot strongly, Brian calls out into the door. "Isabelle! Are you here?!"

Not doing much better is probably taking it pretty lightly, to be honest. Anne had most of her life force sucked out of her, got multiple cuts and bruises from flying shrapnel and other things, taxed her ability to the max, then had a piece of concrete fall on her head. After which she fell for a long distance into cold water, and was carried through a blizzard. People, we do not recommend this shit. For seriously. Thanks to Brian, though, she is alive. Her pulse flutters evenly, if weakly, under the surface of her brown skin and there's breath coming out her nostrils. Two good things, that. Two good things.

"Why the fuck are you kicking at the door?" Isabelle's voice rings out and she can be heard coming from up the stairs of the bar. The place is closed but Isabelle was up watching a bit of late night T.V., dressed in a pair of short-shorts and a white tank top, barefoot. Izzy opens the door and shakes her head as she sees Brian. "Alright, get the fuck in."

The woman before you stands tall and emanates an aura of strong will. Her eyes are a light-grey color and her lips are full and pouty. Her skin is a soft tan tone and her body is toned but not so much that she has lost her feminine shape. Her brown hair falls a little past her shoulders and she has a few highlights in her hair. Also, on her wrist can be seen a tattoo of some ancient language, there are also other tattoos all long her arms and even on the back of her neck and back. She is wearing a black tank top along with a pair of tight fitting dark jeans and a pair of dark tennis shoes.

"Cause I don't have any hands." Brian retorts, coming down the stairs with the woman in his arms. His eyes linger on Isabelle for a moment giving a frown as she just shakes her head at him. Going down, he makes sure to cradle the woman's head carefully. "Cold.. can you..?" He asks, looking up at Isabelle.

"I can see that." Isabelle says back and with a look to the woman. "Guess this is why Abby wanted me out of town." She says softly and holds up her hands, the palms instantly turn to flames and Izzy holds the warming flames over Anne's body. The flames aren't extremely hot but, hot enough so that they could warm Anne up. "What's her name?"

"Anne. Can I? Is there anywhere I can put her down?" To say his arms were tired would be the understatement of the year. It's a miracle of adrenaline that he is still moving around. The man is drained beyond belief, and it will be only too soon when he can collapse on the floor if need be. "She's a teleporter." No use in keeping tons of secrets anymore. Phoenix is all but dissolved as far as he can tell.

"Nice, and yes there is, come on let's take her to the back room." Instead of taking the door to the backroom with her hands, Izzy just kicks the door open and ushers Brian in as her hands are still on fire.

A slightly unconventional way to heat a gal up, but then the way she got cooled down wasn't exactly by the book either. And either way that goes, Anne is definitely not going to complain about the whole thing. Seriously. It takes a little while before there's much by way of a visible reaction, though. Her clothes start to try up first, as the flames and the heat vaporize the water. Then Anne herself starts shivering more, as her body gets warm enough to do that. Long slim fingers wrap themselves around Brian's shirt, and she murmurs under her breath. She starts moving slightly as well, fidgeting, almost like she was trying to fight something off. Or the like. "Can't.. leave her." The teleporter mumbles. "…can't.." And well. People are just going to have to wait a while for any kind of sensemaking.

Ducking into the room behind Isabelle, Brian is careful with Anne. Glancing down at her when she begins to speak, he goes to rest her gently into one of the armchairs. And as soon as that is completed, he's taking a rapid retreat to lean against the nearest wall. Practically collapsing against it, he takes a few deep breaths. "Thanks.." He manages. "Everyone.. Homesec.." He waves a hand as if to describe everything. "Gone."

"Where is Abby? You can give me the other details later. Sit.. /now/." Isabelle is in mother mode and she keeps the heat on Anne for a little bit longer. Her eyes are on Brian as she flicks her head to one of the other armchairs.

And finally, Anne starts coming to a little bit, though she's looking a little crosseyed still. "Oh, shit. I hope… someone didn't.. with the bus and. …there's a saying, I'm sure." She lifts her hand to her head and slowly opens an eye to peer at her surroundings. "Er." Okay, so this is not quite where she left off, is it? "…Brian. And, I.. don't think… ow. FUCK ow. …I'm Anne."

Falling into the armchair, Brian tilts his head back, letting his arms dangle off of him like limp sacks of muscle. His eyes roll over to Anne as she starts to come to. "It's okay, Anne you're safe here." But then he looks to Isabelle. His brows narrow, and he averts his gaze. Drawing a quiet breath. "I don't know." He admits, and it sounds like the admission hurts him. "I lost track of her..I.." He lowers his head, not knowing what to say next.

"We find her later." Izzy says in a quiet tone and nods down at Anne, "I've heard who you are." She says simply to the teleporter and she turns her flames down more, so that she doesn't cause Anne to overheat. "I'm Izzy."

"..oh. Okay, Hi Izzy." Anne tries to sit up properly, but her head spins and she has to hold on to the couch, sofa..seating thing. "Where are… the others. Brian? Where are they?" This is an important question. Teo told her, she shouldn't leave Abby behind especially, but she had a feeling she'd fnucked that one up pretty badly. "And. Wait." There was something about what Izzy had said. "… you know who I am? How?" Cause, she was fairly sure she hadn't been telling any such stories. At least not yet. Maybe.

Brian gives a slow nod to Isabelle. His eyes going over to Anne. He just gives a slow shake of his head in response at first. "Some were snatched up by Homesec. Some.. I don't know. We fell into the river. I carried you all the way here." He glances to Isabelle quickly. "We're safe here with Isabelle, I told her who you are Anne. We're fine here."

Brian forces himself up and out of his chair. Out of all of the Phoenix members, Brian most likely suffered the heaviest toll. After all he died, twice, and was captured by Homesec. But still, he forces himself to his feet and brings one hand to rest on Anne's shoulder, trying to eas her back into the chair. "Listen, Anne. You need to listen to me very carefully. We can't get Abby right now. Okay? We need to rest.. Or we're going to get sick and die."Very blunt, if a little over exaggerated. "Abby wouldn't want us to get sick. We'll find her, we just.. can't right now." If it weren't for Anne, Brian might very well be the one frantically yelling about finding the others. But somehow he's been thrusted into a role of a protector, something like a leader. "Anne, please, I need you to rest."

The bartender watches and then nods her head at Brian, "I'll go get some blankets and other stuff." Izzy leaves the back room and closes the door as she goes to get some supplies for the two.

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