A Posterchild For Insanity


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Scene Title A Posterchild For Insanity
Synopsis Dante makes it back to Fort Hero where Flora is waiting with the information he requested.
Date August 18, 2010

Fort Hero

On its furthest edges, the Montauk Air Force Station — also known as Camp Hero — is surrounded by fifteen-foot high razorwire fences, with each gated entrance clearly marked as government property, and that authorization of lethal force is permitted on trespassers. Long ago, Camp Hero may have been a thriving military installation, now its appearance is that of something long since cast into abandonment and disuse. The roads that wind through the parklands that comprise the military installation are overgrown with weeds and wild undergrowth. Trees and hedges have been left to grow wild, and creeping vines have scaled the eastern face of the old concrete building at the compound's heart.

The central facility is a four-story concrete slab building, upon which rests an enormous AN/FPS-35 long range radar surrounded by smaller radar and satellite communications arrays. The entire eastern face of the building is consumed by overgrowth, and many of the ground floor windows have been boarded up after vandals shattered the glass in them. A paper notice pasted to the entrances notifies that the building is condemned, yet power substations nearby still hum with activity, and lights on the satellite arrays indicate there is still power going to the building.

When information is asked for and a possible lead found, let it not be said that those on Ryan's team don't jump on it. On the drive from new York proper, to Long Island where Fort Hero rests, Flora has done some digging for her co-worker, riding some lesser lackey's to find out who lawson Finney is and where he could be found.

So when Dante pulls in to parking and heads for the entrance, there waiting is Flora, red skirt, cream silk sleeveless blouse and heel, folder in hand and a smile on her face. "Agent Lupinetti" She waggles the file with a grin. "You, you and Bishop, you're good"

Dante is looking harried, himself. Especially after that car ride and all the chance he's had to stew over the recent events. As he marches, fists clenched, up to the door, it takes until Flora speaks up for him to notice her. The anger in him makes him appear both exhausted and energized at the same time. She gets a curt nod of thanks. "Bishop is a psycho," he growls, slowing only briefly to straighten his back and rebutton the top few buttons of his shirt. "Do you know where Harper is? I need to talk to him."

"Dunno where they cyborg is, Probably creeping through Crowley's underwear drawer to find out whether he favours boxers or briefs so he can write it down. Bet he thinks boxers are too loose and make for bad agents" There's a grin on Flora's face, not letting up on her own mood with the hopes that it might be contagious. "As for Bishop, you're only just now figuring it out? Daughter of the boss, she gets away with stuff the rest of us couldn't get away with thinking about"

Flora waggles the file again, slipping her arm into Dante's "Walk with me Agent Lupinetti, it's a delightfully warm day and I feel like some fresh air before being back on my ball and chain in the dank basement" She steers him away, still holding tight to the file as her high heels strike on the pavement. "Lawson Finney"

"I don't really trust his judgment on who makes a good ally anymore," Dante growls, swiping a hand back through his hair, trying to resettle those stray hairs back into a more professional appearance. He just scowls as Flora talks about Elle, looking back to the front door and about to head in. But he's suddenly snagged and being lead away, blinking. His black shoes pad more softly along the cement alongside Flora, and a breeze blows along, pushing his coat open and making her skirt flutter.

Dante's looking over his shoulder and about to protest, when she brings up that name. Now she has his full attention. And he smiles. "You got my message, then. What did you find out?" The anger in him starts to drain away.

"Lawson Finney, aged twenty-six, five eleven, brown hair, brown eyes." She doesn't bother opening the file, just merrily recalling the facts that she can recall. "Committed to Norristown State Hospital six years ago. He'd apparently suffered a mental break after his parents died in a car accident. He repeatedly harassed a man name Donald Renner, threatened to kill them. A restraining order was put into effect after the threats escalated and he was seen around the playground of his daughters school. He was committed when he tried to attack an officer and just went crazy" Flora lifts a finger to circle around her ear in that universal symbol for cuckoo.

"He makes Elle look like a poster-child for sanity"

Dante glances down to the file in Flora's hand, noticing it for the first time. He reaches past her, trying to snag it to look for himself. "If he's worse than Elle, and if he's on the loose, we'll need to put out an alert. What are his current known whereabouts, if any?"

"Oh Lupinetti, you're no fun, I didn't get to tell you the best part" The file yanked out of reach, waggled again before she hands it over, letting him have both arms as they come to a stop so he can look it over. There's a picture of a dour looking, sunk eye'd individual. "He wasn't released" Disheartening news that she lets sink in for a few moments if only so that the next words would be highlighted in his mind.

"He disappeared, in the span of one hour from a locked room, Lupinetti. A locked room with no windows and only a door with a slot in it"

Dante scowls, turning a harmless glare to Flora before she passes him the file, which he flips through. Awkwardly at first, until she releases his arm. "You don't say," he says in a snarky tone. "I'd guessed that this guy didn't exactly make parole, or we might have heard about it. How long before Justin Renner's murder did he disappear?" His eyes are fully on the pages now, drinking in all the information there.

"Little over two years ago. They put out a search for him, but they never got anything. They think now that he was evolved, I had them take pictures of the room he was in, no possible way that he got out through conventional means" She gestures to the file, the packet of pictures inside. "Kid scored off the charts in intelligence, but his psychiatric tests once he'd been admitted and run through. Psychotic. Sociopathic. Was told that there was no way he'd ever be able to be integrated back into society."

Flora's hands rest on her hips, looking over the top of the file that lays out the life, what is known about it, of Lawson Finney. "About a year previous to his escape, he exhibited a strange change, seemed more intense, complied with everyone, took his meds and then one day, between rounds, he was there and then he wasn't. Nickles to dimes, when the changes started happening, Mister Finney there, he discovered he could do something"

Dante blinks, clearly surprised by that news. He flips to another page and…yup, that's what it says there. "Two years?" he asks, sounding incredulous, "I wonder why he waited so long to strike. Could be it's just foolish to try and get into the head of a nutter." His lips set tightly and he nods to her prediction, looking up from the folder to rub the back of his hand against his eye. "No bet. I want to visit the crime scenes again, this time with an eye out for anything that might be related to Finney. But first, his home before he was admitted, any known hangouts, and the homes of any friends." A thought strikes him and his eyes light up. "Unless we have an Evolved who can track someone? I heard something about a little girl who could do that…"

"The walker system. I wouldn't put any hopes on getting access to the Walker system. It hasn't been used in a while" Why that is Flora doesn't know. "And the two years? That's because Lupinetti.. He was down in Florida. Check the fourth page. It was a run in with cops down in Florida, he mutilated two officers, with a knife when they stopped him while he was driving and he'd blown a red. I think he was down there, and I think, this is just me, that he was the one responsible for the other deaths. I got a call in for other murders with the last name Renner, involving knife wounds"

Dante gets to the fourth page finally, making an 'ahhhh' of understanding. "I think your hunch is right, Anderson. Finally! A strong lead." Is that a smile on his face? "One of us should be catching the next flight to Florida. Or getting into this Walker system. Finding a homicidal madman should be enough for anyone to bring a system like that out of storage."

'Take Isabella, go to Florida, hey, maybe we'll luck out and she'll piss off an alligator!" Brightly quipped. "Keep the file, peruse it, enjoy your bedtime reading, I'll see if they dug up anything else for us. Between now and then, maybe…" There's a pressing downwards of her brows. "We got a picture, you should see if you can't get some poor schmucks to sit and stare at the security footage. He didn't come in through a vent… what if… he walked in?"

Dante actually chuckles at that, turning a small half-smile up to Flora briefly. "My money's on Isabella in that fight." His smile falls away as he flips the file closed and tucks it under his arm. "Give me the pictures and the footage. I'll go over them tonight, and organize a team in the morning if I don't find anything." Her last comment has him giving her a quizzical look, even as they walk together around the corner of the building, following the path. "What do you mean he walked in? Are you suggested he has some sort of stealth ability?"

"I'm suggesting that everyone focused on the vents right, and people with the keycards right. But you don't need keycards to access the bottom floor. There's public bathrooms there, there's elevators, people get past security all the time. Nickles to dimes again, now that we have a picture of him, we'll find him on the tapes, somewhere"

"As long as he's not a shapeshifter, invisible, doesn't walk through walls, or can't alter electronic surveillance." Dante pauses, his step slow a little and he frowns thoughtfully. "Do you still have all the information on…what was that mental institution called?"

"Norristown State Psychiatric Hospital, out near Philadelphia" Flora supplies.

"Right, that place." He's all about complete accuracy in his speech. Can't you tell? "Give me all the files on that, the security footage and…" He looks up for a minute, eyes on one of the windows in the building above, frowning thoughtfully. "Hmmm, I already have all the info on the Florida murders, and Justin Renner's murder as well. Anything else you think needs to be looked over with a fresh set of eyes, send it my way. I'll be up late tonight."

Flora grins, lifting her hand, forefinger tipping off her forehead at an angle. "Captain my captain!" Hand lowered by the blonde. "Anything else? Seriously you and Dawson should have a pee jay party tonight, she could use it. Ever since she found out she was one of us" A shake of her head. "I should go, seriously, before I find Harper creeping through my panty drawers" There's a shudder as a thought crosses her mind. "God, I wonder if he has already. My purple thong is missing…."

Dante turns a Look sideways at Flora at her snappy remark, smirking a little at her salute. "At ease," he mutters dryly, "Yes, she's been having a rough time. Thanks for the reminder. " At the mention of her thong, his eyes flick down to her swinging hips and back to his file. "Maybe I'll leave my underwear drawer open and see if I can't snag Harper. Let him know I need to talk to him if I catch him." Dante's playing it cool, but his ears have turned a dark red.

You say, "I'll lead a trail of skittles to your door Lupinetti, with a little sign that reads "This way, there be thongs, size H for Harper" A wink from the blonde, she's turning, heading away from Dante and leaving him with the files and pictures. Food for thought and more for his lead."

Oh gross, Dante's disgusted expression says. "Thank you /so/ much for that mental image," he grumbles humorlessly as she leaves. He watches her go for a moment…eyes drifting down to the blonde's rear before he gives his head a shake and turns away, going back to look over his files as he meanders idly towards the front door again. Harper is mostly forgotten, for now.

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