A Pretty Swank Incarceration


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Scene Title A Pretty Swank Incarceration
Synopsis Nadia can't get off Roosevelt to fetch her Corgi so Brennan brings him to her.
Date October 18, 2010

Lighthouse Park

Blackwell Island Lighthouse, which is also known as Welfare Island Lighthouse and Roosevelt Island Lighthouse is a stone lighthouse built by New York City in 1872. The lighthouse is approximately 50 feet tall and is constructed of gray gneiss, rough ashlar that was quarried on the island by inmates from the penitentiary that once stood on the island in that era. There is an entrance on the south side under a projecting gable and a pointed Gothic arch leading up to the top of the lighthouse proper, though this entrance is closed to public accrss. Two south-facing slit windows in the shaft light the interior. At the top of the shaft there is a band of ornamented corbels below the gallery, which is surrounded by an iron railing. The lantern is octagonal with a shallow conical roof.

The Lighthouse itself is surrounded by a small but beautifully kept parkland of well manicured grass, wrought-iron trimmed benches and scenic coastal views that are unfortunately marred by New York City's more violent recent history. From the west side of the park, the jagged skyline of Midtown's ruins stands as an unavoidable monument to the catastrophic loss of life felt in the fall of 2006, while the gaping hole in the eastern skyline that once held the candy-cane striped smoke stacks of the Consolidated Edison Power Plant in Queens is a reminder of even more recent terrorist destruction from 2009. Few people who visit the park fail to see the balance in such a well-tended and beautiful parkland flanked by such devastation.

The sun setting over the water really makes Lighthouse Park stand out, with a soft breeze rolling across the park. Nadia is seated on a bench near the waterline, quietly tossing out birdseed to a group of pigeons clustered near her feet. She wears a black jacket, jeans, tennis shoes, and a red shirt that says, simply, 'I'M ON A BOAT', and she wears a distinctly unhappy frown on her face.

Brennan received a call earlier, with a somewhat distressed Nadia explaining that she was not allowed to leave the island, according to the PMCs who stopped her at the checkpoint when she tried to leave so she could pick up Holmes. She sounded slightly frightened.

If Nadia can't come to Holmes, Holmes will come to Nadia. Or so that's what she see's when Brennan is walking across the park with the corgi on the leash, straining towards it's mistress. Don't mistake the smile on his face for lack of sympathy regarding the situation. Brennan's concerned, especially when he was told that she was stuck on Roosevelt Island.

The leash is let go so the little beastie can make it's way to Nadia, looking fine and fit as the day she left him. "He got table scraps, just a little, from Dessandra. She'd do it when we weren't looking. Mostly vegetable though. You know kids and vegetables. All his other stuff is in my car and I can drop it off at your place. How are you holding up? Enjoying the fresh air one on one instead of behind glass?"

As Holmes lets out his happy bark and quite literally leaps into Nadia's lap, the woman offers a laugh, hugging the little dog as he kisses over her face. "Oh, Smartypants! I missed you, baby!" She giggles, hugging the dog close and nuzzling her face into his fur. "I suppose it's okay if he got veggies. I hope he didn't leave any messes for you!"

Then, she turns, still hugging her dog as she peers up at Brennan. "It's good to be out of there, yeah. But…then I tried to leave, and they had guns." She frowns, snuggling up to the little corgi. "It was…kinda scary."

"They state the reason why?" He comes bearing a pink box filled with donuts and some coffee's from some place on the island. Letting the two get re-acquainted, he finds a spot to sit. "I can understand the weapons, remember, this was built to offer a haven to those with the SLC gene. I don't quite approve of the measures involving Stillwater but, Humanis first did destroy part of the suresh center" he points out.

"No, but— I think it might have had something to do with Vincent Lazarro. And I don't really blame them." She frowns. "After all, I can make earthquakes happen. I could do some damage." Nadia snuggles close to Holmes for a few more moments, before clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth. Obediently, he hops down and settles onto his haunches. "I told Mr. Lazarro that I wouldn't really blame them if they wanted to lock me up. Mrs. Mayes told me that they wouldn't lock me up because of my job, as The Face of Registration."

"I don't think they're in the habit of also locking up people Nadia who can function day to day and made a mistake. It's not like you put down that you were non-evolved when you were really evolved or said that you were… a receptive telepath instead of really a general and powerful telepath" The suspicion that it's one mister Lazzaro responsible. "Did you tell them, about your vision. I think that you told me, that you relayed to them, that you'd seen yourself sinking part of Staten Island right?" He passes over a coffee now that the dog is down and done with affection.

Nadia shakes her head. "I…I don't know why, but I didn't. I'm just…not going to go near Staten Island. If I don't go to Staten Island, that means I won't destroy it, right?" She rubs the back of her neck, before taking the coffee and sipping at it, leaning back on the seat. "Mr. Lazarro…he's kind of scary. I thought he was going to kill Mayes and I when he appeared. I barely managed to answer his questions, let alone remember to say something like that. Should I tell them?"

"I think, maybe, you need to give it a few weeks. Till November 8th at least and a few days past. I mean, it's not like you have a job yes? Off the island. if you need one, I might know a place that's hiring or you can see to getting something at the Suresh Center. But if you're here. Yes. It means you won't be there and you won't see part of Staten Island sink into the river. Think of it as a chance to subvert the event and save potential lives."

He flips open the box, proffering it out. "As for whether you should tell them. No. It's not happened, you will, I trust, take the measures to stay here, on Roosevelt, and away from Staten. If you really want off the island, if you get a bit cabin feverish, I can see if they would allow you to come to Brooklyn and be with my family for a day or two or to go upstate and find a place to practice"

The woman snags a donut, munching on it. Holmes is being a great dog, curled at her feet almost protectively. "Right, so I won't tell them." She nods to Brennan. "I need to practice so I can get a hang of my ability. If I learn how to control it, I can stop it before it gets up to a 6 on the Richter scale." Nadia tilts her head toward Brennan.

"Thank you, Dr. Brennan. For everything. You're a good person to be friends with, you know?" She smiles faintly to the man.

"I'm not all that bad when you give me a chance. I know some folks who think quite the opposite of me because of where I work. Lazzaro, I'm sure, has your best intentions for doing what he's done, if he's the one responsible. I've come across him a time or two. He's highly unlikely to have taken a pass at your or Mayes." Brennan fished out a boston cream from the box

"Now, his personality is lacking but he's severely practical in many ways. I trust him, like I trust you Nadia. He's just, a little creepy with the whole appearing out of thin air thing"

"Well, you kind of work at the same place I do. People think the same of me, I'm sure." Nadia smiles warmly, leaning back. "I'm not mad that they're keeping me here. Not in the slightest. I was just a bit shook up by the guns, really." The woman leans back, reaching down to scratch at the dog's head. "And I really don't think that Mr. Lazarro is a bad person. He was just a bit…imposing?" She smiles. "I should be okay."

Brennan laughs at that. "Imposing is an understatement. There was this eagle on the muppet show, what was his name. Sam the eagle. With his bushy brows and patrician nature. Vincent Lazzaro reminds me of him only, I'd rather meet the muppet in a dark Alley. But think of the Stillwaters like police. Are you afraid of police how carry weapons? They're the same. If they treated you harshly, lodge a complaint."

"Yeah, I'd definitely rather meet the muppet in a dark alley!" Nadia giggles softly. "I'm not angry, or scared or anything. Just shocked, I suppose." She smiles. "I'm a lot like the element I control, really. I'm pretty easy going…I'm not going to get mad at them for keeping me here. I did hide that I can create seismic activity, after all."

'So you'll make do, at least you already live here" Brennan points out. "And I'll do whatever I can to help ease this spacious and lovely incarceration that you'd been given" He's teasing. "For now, lets enjoy the day, and then I have to get my ass in gear and get back to the center. Someones left a few voicemails on my phone that I'm ignoring for right now and I have to deliver some things to one of the Doctors. My kids made her some eyepatches"

Nadia laughs softly. "If this is my incarceration, I think I can handle it. I've got my lovely, posh apartment, my handsome Corgi, and the entire island to wander around on. I'll happily take this over a prison cell." She giggles, running a hand through her hair. "Thanks again for helping with Holmes, Dr. Brennan. I can tell he had a great time." She giggles. "Do your kids want a dog of their own now? Holmes has that effect."

'They do. But right now is not the time. Which reminds me that I need to check in at the bookstore" He gestures back, somewhere behind them to wherever on the streets that Ichihara's might lay. "Need to check and see if the kittens are ready yet. They're a bit easier to manage with a new baby when it comes, than a puppy which requires a lot more attention"

"That's true! Well, if you have no objections, I'm sure I would be happy to let them be Holmes' official babysitter whenever I need them." She giggles. "He gets along well with cats. Usually he just grabs their tail and then runs around them in circles." She giggles, sipping at her coffee. "Anyhow, would you like to take a walk with Holmes and I? I'm trying to enjoy the weather while it's still nice." She giggles.

"I think I can walk, talk and eat, even drink at the same time." Brennan brushes himself off when he rises, making sure there's nothing clinging to his suit and gestures towards the parking for the park. "Show us the way Holmes, we're tired and we want to go Holmes" He gravelly belts out the last.

Holmes offers a cheerful bark, jumping up as Nadia raises, brushing off her own outfit. She picks up his leash (the entire time, he was pretty much free to do what he pleased, but he stayed right next to his mama!), and slowly begins to walk. "You're quite the singer, Dr. Brennan!" The woman laughs softly, sipping at her coffee. "Maybe I should have you perform next time I run a charity event." A grin is cast toward Brennan as Holmes leads the way on the walk.

"I am not a singer" Brennan shakes his head. "Now.. now my wife" He'll volunteer her. "Lets just get walking, digest these calories.

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