A Promise Kept


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Scene Title A Promise Kept
Synopsis Peter comes to made good on a promise, and ends up the one suffering for it. Kendall learns a new trick, and Melissa wants to kill Magnes.
Date August 17, 2010

Nature Center

From high above, the Staten Island Nature Center looks like little more than an overgrown ruin. An abandoned and heavily forested wooden lodge nestled in the heart of the Staten Island Greenbelt. Surrounded by dense foliage on all sides, overgrown grass and thick underbrush, the cracked and untended road leading out to this once popular tourist site is almost invisible where it diverts off of a main road through the island. Like much of Staten Island, this place is abandoned…

…but like much of Staten Island, it's not forgotten.

On a hazy Wednesday afternoon, with the sun hot and bright as it shines down through the verdant canopy of green swallowing the Nature Center, the people who have not forgotten this place are planning to turn it back into a memory again. On the outside, the pair of pickup trucks parked under the shadows of trees seem innocuous, men and women from the Ferrymen network picking up supplies that had been brought out to the nature center when it was converted into a makeshift triage station following the attack on the Staten Island Hospital. Today is the day to pack it all in, say goodbye to the dead, and move on.

With the government heating up its attention to search for the insurgents that were responsible for the attack on the hospital, security too has tightened around the nature center. Today it isn't just in the form of armed gunmen, but in the red-scarfed faces of Messiah operatives. Sitting on a cracked stone wall outside of the nature center, Allen Rickham's cracked and pitted iron for is slouched in a tattered brown trenchcoat, his scarf wound around the lower half of his face, hematite eyes staring hollow towards the road in from outside the greenbelt.

Inside the nature center, Larson Riggs sits on the welcome desk, dragonflies buzzing through the wooded area his eyes and ears. The Jamaican looks tired, weary and emotionally damaged from the deaths of so many of his insect comrades during the assault.

Everyone here seems to be armed, from a pistol tucked into the back of jeans to a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder. Security isn't something to be jokingly considered, but what also adds to the somber mood is what lies on the outside of the nature center's grounds.

Shovels pat down fresh soil, and with sweat clinging to their brows, Ferrymen operative Andy Rourke and Messiah operative Benjamin Washington (better known around here as Knox) are finishing digging the last of some twenty graves to bury those that did not survive triage or died on the way here.

Inside the triage center, the story is told visually. Folding cots with darkly stained sheets are being dismantled, folded up and moved away. Bloodied blankets are being gathered up to be burned somewhere that a plume of smoke won't draw attention in. But there are still some wounded, some injured, those who needed prolonged care or further medical attention.

That is where Peter Petrelli is.

Stepping in through the doorway to the triage center dressed in — of all things — a paramedics uniform, Peter's arrival is met with mixed reactions from the Ferrymen operatives breaking things down. He used to be one of them, used to be one of the founders of the network. Now he's running around blowing up buildings, and the red scarf that drapes over his short-sleeved blue uniform is a badge to attest to that.

But Peter's not here to win over friends or bring up the past, he's here because of a promise he made to someone once. "Magnes," is both a warning and a greeting as Peter approaches the cot that Magnes Varlane still occupies, hooked up to a saline drip IV, bandaged around his midsection and sweating from an infection that the Ferrymen have been unable to kick. Surgery on his injuries was only a partial success, bullet shrapnel is still logged in his abdomen and his wounds have become infected. They haven't said as much to him, but without further aid, he won't make it through the night.

That's why Peter was called. Because he made a promise to someone once, to make sure Magnes would be okay.

It's not only Ferry or Messiah operatives who show up though. Or even members of Richard Cardinal's group. Though Melissa is Messiah, dressed in solid black but for the scarf around her waist, she doesn't arrive alone, but accompanied by the teenager that anyone who knows her knows is in her care. Surely she has some sort of reason for bringing Kendall to this place. Maybe he's just another pair of hands to help out. She hasn't even told him that. Gotta love the parent's prerogative.

She glances around, nodding here and there to the Messiah people she knows, though her gaze does, predictably, pause on Mister Jerkface Petrelli. After a moment she glances back to Kendall, murmuring, "You don't gotta stay close, but don't leave without letting me know. See if you can help, though. We need all the help we can get here."

Lynette is there for several reasons. The most obvious being to help bug out as it were, which is what she's been doing most of the day, and keeping herself busy in the wake of her rescue, but it's also to come check on a certain young man and his injuries. She hasn't come in yet, just sort of peeking in now and then between keeping herself busy. But she is worried, that much is clear to anyone paying attention. When the whispers about Peter Petrelli arriving circle, Lynette doesn't have the reaction most of the Ferry has. Perhaps she understands now, the drive that might lead him and his group to do what they do. Seeing the man heading for the tent Magnes is in, she does slip over that way. After all, she knows there's tension there, at least on Magnes' side.

Kendall wasn't quite prepared for what's visible in this place, what with injured people being everywhere, the graves being dug off to the side, and the general angst. However, he sucks it up and nods tersely at Melissa. He can handle it! "What… can I do? Or should do?" he asks, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking around nervously. So these are Melissa's terrorist friends.

Magnes has been quite feverish these last few days, barely able to really have a conversation. One might expect him to call out for his girlfriend, or at the very least, Abby, but instead he's been repeating, over and over, "Mu'Qian…" in and out of his delirium. He's wearing a white t-shirt, and the rest of his body has covers over it, along with the bandages around his right hand from crushing that smoke bomb inside of Gregor.

"Jesus" is a breathy thing to whisper on seeing Magnes, and Peter's expression sags on recognizing just how bad off the younger man is. Sliding his scarf from around his shoulders and throwing it down onto an unoccupied bed, Peter grabs the back of a folding chair and drags it on scuffing rubber feet across the floor towards the medical tent that Magnes is laid up in, unaware of Melissa and Kendall's arrival at his back, or that Lynette has come to watch the show about to transpire.

Bringing the chair to Magnes' bedside, Peter steps around in front of it and sits down, dark brows furrowed and brown eyes angled towards the gravitokinetic. The name Mu-Quian tickles the back of Peter's mind, a name that had he still been possessed by Kazimir Volken would bring up memories from the depths of a shared subconscious. Now, it just sounds fleetingly familiar, like a name he heard whispered once in a dream.

"It's Peter," is offered to Magnes for clarity, and leaning forward in his chair, Peter takes Magnes' unbandaged hand in his own, giving it a faint squeeze. "You still with me in there, kid?" Worried eyes scan Magnes, and Peter's lips sag into a frown as he subtly assesses the state of the young man's injuries based on what Nurse Young had warned him about on his arrival here.

A hand rests lightly on Kendall's shoulder and squeezes gently. Melissa's glad he's seeing the aftereffects of what being in Messiah is. Maybe it'll change his mind. She smiles faintly. "Help move stuff. Help move people. Or you can come with me and go see if there's someone we can help," she says before starting towards the hotspot for the night. Magnes's bed. "Anything we can do to help?" she asks Peter.

"Ditto that here. Anything to help," Lynette says, although she lingers further back still, like she doesn't want to invade or get in the way. "He's, ah… a friend," she notes, although she's not really looking at the patient at the moment. More toward her own shoes.

Kendall turns to look where Melissa's headed, and blinks. Hey, he knows that guy! It's…. Magnes! "What?!" he exclaims, then stifles whatever else he would say since being noisy is bad for injured people, right? Or, uh, doctors doing stuff to them. He follows Melissa, nervously rubbing his hands together. "I don't know if there's anything I could do to help with things like this… that's not what I can do." he halts a few feet away, gaze flicking from Magnes to Peter and then over to Melissa. Well that guy's a paramedic, surely he knows what he's doing…. right? "Anything I'd do would be like… a placebo."

Magnes groans and appears disoriented for a while longer, until Peter starts addressing him directly. Somehow he manages to just open his eyes and look up at the man, in far too much pain to remember any anger or perceived betrayal. "I feel like I'm dying, I've never felt this bad before… it's like I'm being eaten from the inside out." He suddenly releases a particularly loud moan of pain escape his lips, and squeezes Peter's hand tightly. "Find Mu'Qian…"

Looking up and away from Magnes, Peter offers a wan smile when he spots Melissa and an only tangentally familiar blonde with her. It's Kendall's narrow frame behind the pair that elicits the largest reaction, and it most assuredly is surprise. An accusing stare is quick to level on Melissa, one that visibly asks why is he here but doesn't actually put her on the spot. Clearly it implies we'll talk later in the way an angry parent might when company is around.

"If you want to pull up a chair, Melissa, I could use your help. I've gotta' fix Magnes, and it's— going to hurt. Bad." Having experienced Peter's brand of healing before, Melissa knows full well what kinds of pain it can entail, and she's never been as badly hurt as Magnes has been. But after that instruction, Peter's attention drifts over to Lynette.

"You're… Rowan, right?" Knowing her only by her last name from the rescue roster, Peter's smile turns just a bit more genuine on seeing her faring better than when she was rescued from the roof. "It's good to see you in better spirits. If you want to help, you could keep Magnes company? I— think he's delerious. I got called in to heal him when it turned out the surgery wasn't going to be able to fix him, if you could lift up his shirt and cut off the bandages around his stomach," there's a motion with Peter's free hand to a medical kit next to Magnes' bed with scissors in it, "that'll help when I purge the shrapnel from him."

Then, down to Kendall, Peter just offers a smile and a jerk of his head towards Magnes, "He could probably use a friend right now…" is somewhat unknowing, unaware that Kendall and Magnes even know each other. Though even as Peter turns around to face Magnes, he's still holding one of his hands. "I dunno who Mu-Quian is, Magnes, but I'm here to help. I'm going to be healing you, but it's going to hurt. I need you to stay focused on me, alright, and try not to move too much. Melissa's gonna do something for your pain, so— so I just need you to stay still."

The look Melissa gets from Peter has her shaking her head slightly, the motion barely noticeable, then she does move forward and sit down. The look of constant pain is gone from her face after nearly a week, but the shadows beneath her eyes remain. Still, this is something she can do, if only for a short period of time. "Yep. You get Miss Pain Killer. So smile and be a good patient for Peter. Trust me, if you tense, it'll hurt more," she says.

Eyes are closed, a breath drawn, and…nothing happens. Not immediately anyway. There's a faint grimace, and she reaches out, to touch Magnes somewhere that's uninjured, or relatively so, and this time it does work. He'll be feeling no pain.

"That's right. Remind me to thank you later, by the way," Lynette says to Peter as she makes her way over. She shakes herself out a bit before she lifts her chin and looks down at the injured party. "…But we'll find her," she tacts onto Peter's words. Is Mu'Qian a girl even? Who knows! But the blonde's words are confident and reassuring nonetheless. "Don't you worry." She takes up that medical kit, opening it up before she moves Magnes' shirt out of the way and cuts away those bandages. She also grabs some clean cloths, just in case.

"Ah, right." Kendall tries to ignore the brief hostility Peter had for his presence, and moves closer. "Hey, Magnes…?" Kendall isn't even sure if Magnes is aware of his surroundings since he seems to be muttering delirium-related, uh… stuff. Whoever Mu-Quian is, Kendall certainly doesn't know! Kendall's at the edge of the bed now, although he's afraid to touch Magnes in case it'd mess up, uh…. whatever this guy's doing.

Magnes starts to calm a bit once the pain goes away, taking a deep breath. "If I die, tell Elaine I love her, and tell Sable and Gillian that they're my best friends. Quinn should know that I wanted to know her better, and… give Kendall all of my comics and games…" He barely seems aware of his surroundings, but he seems to be stuck on the death thing. He stares up at Melissa with a hazy gaze, shaking his head. "I didn't mean for sex to make our friendship so awkward…" Normally he'd know something like that would make her kill him, but he's not all there at the moment. He'll have to deal with the consequences later… or now, depending on her mood.

One dark brow arches very slowly as Peter looks up from Magnes to Melissa, lips crooking into an almost mischevious smile before he looks back down to Magnes. Most of the time, Peter can't stand the fact that Magnes just cannot keep his mouth shut, but right now? He loves it.

Beneath the bandages, the smell of infection is strong. Magnes' gunshot wounds are contained behind gauze pads, three of them spread out across his stomach. Pruple, yellow and red blotch his skin and blood mixes with pus in a brownish yellow stain on each gauze pad. Clearing his throat and steeling himself on sight, Peter holds up a hand to deter Lynette from removing the pads covering the wounds, apparently removing the pressure of the bandages will be enough.

Scooting closer to Magnes, Peter lifts one bare hand to lay just above the wounds on Magnes' abdomen, then looks up to Lynette with a faint smile. "I was just doing what had to be done," he defers about the thanks, "nobody deserves to go through what you and the others did. But," Peter's brows pinch together, brown eyes go distant, and when he looks back up to her he asks, "if you want to do something in return for me, could you keep an eye on Gillian? She— was one of the captives with you, I dunno if you know her. But, I… she could really use a friend right now, and it can't be me."

Well that wasn't smart. It's not a good idea to distract your anesthesiologist during surgery. It's an equally bad idea to distract your friend pain manipulator right before a painful healing.

Melissa's eyes narrow and her hand jerks back, which doesn't quite negate the effect of her power, but it does severely lessen it. Burn out is not a wonderful thing. "You jackass," she hisses at him. "Don't you know how to keep your fucking mouth shut?" she asks, cheeks going bright red. My, has she ever blushed before? Not that anyone here has ever seen before. "Our friendship was awkward because you're a—"

Words are clipped off, Melissa's jaw clenched tightly, but she's clearly not happy. She doesn't look to Peter, but is clearly speaking to him when she mutterss, "Not one word. Not a single word. Mistake. Huge. Before I even met you. They're all mistakes."

"Kendall, you wanna help? Keep his mouth shut before I forget I'm trying to help him," she tells her ward, before folding her arms over her chest and turning up the juice, so to speak.

Lynette looks up at Melissa there, too, lips curved into a crooked, amused smile. It's Peter's hand that brings her back to the moment and she nods before she pulls her hands away from Magnes. "Not everybody would do it, whether it's what had to be done or not," she points out. "I dare say most wouldn't." She gives him a curious look at the request, looking… doubtful for a moment, but it's an expression that passes quickly. "I don't know her. But point me in her direction and I'll do my best."

Kendall sighs. Oh, Magnes. "…moron." he mutters, although he eyes Melissa oddly. Her? And Magnes? …huh. He learned something new today that didn't have anything to do with where he is! "Great, I get your stuff then. Nice knowing you." because Melissa is going to murder him as soon as he's healthy again.

Magnes makes a loud pained sound, not responding until she starts lowering his pain again, then he lays there catching his breath for a while. "Don't worry, Melissa, we'll use my TARDIS, go back in time and fix it. Might be Daleks, but I won't let them stop us. Elaine's my companion, I'm on my 12th regeneration, I know how to deal with these things. I'm over 900 years old…"

"I'll get you her number," Peter offers with a thankful smile to Lynette, trying his damnedest to phase out the amusement going on around him that in any other situation would be the best thing to happen to him in days. "Gillian's good people, and I think she could really use a friend right now." It's appreciative, the lopsided smile Peter offers Lynette, and when he looks back down to Magnes, there's a slow shake of his head as Peter's brows furrow.

"This might still hurt a little," Peter warns, "and if you're squeamish, look away."

What happens next looks like something out of a horror film. Peter's hand tenses and veins bulge on the back of his palm, followed by a sudden blackening of flesh on Magnes' stomach like charcoaled meat. Veins turn black and snake beneath the surface of his stomach, flesh blisters and for the moment it looks like all Peter is doing is burning him. Then, however, something looks to move beneath the skin of Magnes' stomach.

Flesh slithers, undulates and squirms like something was hidden inside of him. Muscles writhe and contort of their own free will, flesh twitches and ripples like the surface of unstill water, and blood begins to ooze up from beneath those gauze pads along with clear fluid. Mixed in with the blood are tiny shards of metal, shrapnel slivers from the bullets that broke up in Magnes' body.

Swelling immediately begins to go down as the stink of infection increases and all of the pus trapped inside of Magnes' abdomen is forcibly ejected out of his wounds. For Melissa to handle, it's an excruciating amount of pain, something that would have Magnes writhing in agony were she not able to dampen it.

Soon the discoloration of his stomach begins to fade, yellow dissipates and brusing fades, all the while Peter's eyes are shut until he winces. Choking noisily, Peter lets out a pained grunt of his own and his hand falls away from Magnes, revealing the jet black handprint he left on the young man's stomach.

Sliding sideways out of his chair, Peter whines a noisy breath and lands with a crash and a scuff of his chair, blood soaking through the front of his uniform at his stomach, as if somehow he were now the one injured.

Magnes, however, looks fine.

While Melissa is a movie nerd, she isn't a tv nerd, so the Doctor Who reference goes right over her head. She's more focused on the task at hand anyway. She ends up having to touch Magnes again, her power still not quite back at full strength, but she manages to at least make it bearable for him.

Unfortunately, the moment Peter falls, Magnes is on his own and Melissa is out of her chair and on the floor beside Peter, trying to gently pull him up and half into her lap so he won't be laying on the floor. "Dammit Peter, and people yell at me for overusing my power?" she mutters, brow furrowed in concern as she tries to tug up his shirt to look at where that blood is coming from. Luckily, she's touching him enough that it's easy enough for her to start taking his pain away, even before she sees what exactly is causing it.

Truth be told, Lynette probably was squeamish not too long ago. Not so much after Gregor, though, if her lack of real reaction is anything to judge by. However, she does look over at Peter to note, "This is really gross, you know." Once it's over, she picks up one of those towels to wipe off Magnes' skin. When she glances over at Peter and sees the blood there, her eyebrows draw down, as do her lips. Another of those towels is held out to Melissa.

Kendall sees Magnes' stomach writhe and stuff and looks away. And… Magnes is talking again, so Kendall thinks for a minute, then leans close. "What use is a phone call if you are unable to speak?" Where did Kendall get those sunglasses? Anyway, among all the stuff Peter's doing, Magnes' mouth seems to have vanished, with just a blank expanse of skin there. "That's the best I can do."

If not painful, the entire experience of suddenly coming down from a fever is disorienting. By the time Peter's weakened, Magnes shoots up with wide eyes, looking around with an alarmed look. He tries to speak, then brings his hands up to his mouth, eyes widening even more as he rips his IV out and starts trying to get out of bed. He is not responding very well to not being able to speak, and being so disoriented.

Unaware of Kendall playing mind games with Magnes, Peter is in the process of unbuttoning his shirt and hyperventillating while Lynette hands Melissa one of the towels. With the shirt unbuttoned, blood is visible on Peter's bare stomach, though on untucking the short his panicked and shaky hands reveal three bullet holes in his abdomen that are oozing blood from them and down his side.

As Peter's breathing comes under control though, it becomes evident that there is more at work here than just some form of empathetic healing, for those bullet wounds begin to shrivel closed, then seal shut entirely without even the presence of a scar on his flesh. Sasha Kozlow's healing and Claire Bennet's regeneration may be cheating, but if there's one thing Petrellis are good at, it's not playing by the rules.

Relieved when the combination of powers works like he'd hoped, Peter slouches back against Melissa with an exhausted sigh, reaching up to take that towel thankfully, bringing it down to wipe at the blood on his eyes, even as he finally notices Magnes bolting out of bed. "W-Woah! Woah hey Magnes, easy!"


The wounds closing is something Melissa was expecting, so she doesn't blink at it. When they start disappearing, however, that's another story. It's what allows her to neglect the towel long enough for Peter to take it. "Hey, hey, just relax and let us deal with things for a few. You may be healing, but you're weak," she murmurs softly to him, and for a moment, her eyes close and her head leans against his.

She glances over and frowns at Magnes. "Kendall, honey, not quite what I meant. Appreciated, but him calm would be better. Can you undo it?" she asks, seeming to have no problem sitting there on the floor holding Peter while he recovers.

Lynette steps away when Magnes sits up and freaks out. Okay. But she seems to opt not to add to the chaos and instead, leans a hip against his cot. She doesn't look upset or anything; this may be a madhouse, but it's not a prison and that's a plus.

When Kendall releases the illusion on Magnes' mouth, he sighs and tries to calm down slightly, not getting out of bed as he looks down at his stomach. "What the hell is going on? Why are you all here? I don't really understand…" He apparently doesn't quite remember his delirium.

Kendall shrugs at Melissa. Well hey, Kendall wasn't sure it'd work anyway. So he pulls off the sunglasses and they disappear, and Magnes' mouth returns to normal. "It was worth a try." he tells her, then squints at Magnes and Peter. "Are you all right?" he asks.

"I'm fine," Peter breathlessly offers to Kendall, removing the towel from his stomach and looking relieved when he's not eviscerated for his healing efforts. Rolling onto his side, Peter leaves the towel on the floor, then looks up to Melissa with a thankful — but silent — smile, crawling to take one knee, then look up to Magnes.

"You're safe, you're— in a Ferrymen hospital. It's Wednesday," which implies a significant period of time has passed. "You've… been in and out since the attack, you were really badly hurt." Peter points down towards Magnes' stomach where his shirt now covers the handprint. "I got— " he's still a little out of breath, "they called me in to fix you. They almost lost you, Magnes. You… you're okay now." Hunching forward, Peter rests his hands on his knees and takes a deep breath, trying to steady himself again.

"Thanks Kendall," Melissa tells him when Magnes's mouth reappears. When Peter starts getting up, she frowns and does her best to help him, first from her spot on the floor, then rising so, if need be, she can grab him if he falls. "The handprint's permanent, Magnes. Unless you know a chromokinetic," she says, apparently too worried about Peter to be mad at Magnes. For now. It won't last though. It can't.

"Yeah, you gave everybody a bit of a scare," Lynette says, a hand on her hip. "But we're trying to pack this place up, and frankly, we didn't have a box big enough for you, hunny," she says with a crooked smile.

"Christ. Don't get in between an ex with an AK-47 and a four-brained monster, not sure which is scarier. And… I think I'm fine." Magnes touches his stomach, looking down at the handprint with his dragon tattoo on top. "It didn't cover my tattoo, my tattoo is on top of the hand. What is this, anyway? I mean… is this gonna give me cancer or something?"

"I don't think so," is Peter's reluctant answer to Magnes about cancer, slowly pushing himself up to his feet and looking a little off balance, which likely explains why he's quick to slouch back into the folding chair. "It's… I have a healing ability, and it leaves a mark." It's not just a black mark either, it's bumped up from Magnes' skin like scar-tissue, puffy and smooth. Just changing the color would leave a pale scar-like patch of hand-shaped flesh behind. "I waited as long as I could to see if they could heal you on their own, but— this place is packing up. You've had a lot of people by, checking on you…"

Looking down himself, Peter grimaces and untucks his shirt the rest of the way, then beginnign buttoning it up again slowly, despite the blood soaking the front. "You should be feeling alright, but don't push yourself, your stomach muscles are going to be tense for a day or so, too much strenuous activity and you'll tear something."

"Well I haven't gotten cancer yet, so you're probably safe," Melissa says dryly, though she's still watching Peter like expecting him to fall any second now. "Take some advil, it'll help. Anti-inflammatory and all that. And yeah, rest for a day or two. No playing superhero. And Peter? You need a clean shirt and something to drink. And I don't think you're going to find it here right now," she says, glancing around at the packing up and moving going on.

She focuses on Lynette. "You got someplace to go? I know Magnes has an apartment, but don't really know anything about you."

"Oh, don't worry there, I've got no shortage of places to go," Lynette says with a bit of a smile, "But thank you. What I'm mostly lacking now is something to do. Which never did bother me before, but now…" She spreads her hands there, a bit helplessly.

"God, if I knew it was this serious, I'd have called her sooner…" Magnes is still touching that black handprint, shaking his head. "Maybe Adam's blood can fix this, there's no way I'm risking whatever this mark is. But… thanks for saving me, I can see you did something risky. I was pissed about the augmenting formula, but… we'll call it even."

Furrowing his brows, Peter looks at Magnes like he has six heads when he mentions Adam, but talking sense really isn't ever going to work, and Peter just drops the worrisome issue. "If you want to do something constructive, they just finished filling in the graves for the people who didn't make it," is somberly noted, "you could go pay your respects, then see about lightening the load on supplies people are moving. Just don't push yourself…"

Shaking blood off of his hands, Peter looks up to Lynette with a faint smile, then settles his attention to Melissa. "As for you," sounds like it has a tone to it, "can we talk outside?" There's really no polite way to address Kendall being here in public, and it seems like Peter's work here is, nominally, done.

"Also, Magnes, before you leave here… make sure to call Eileen. A lot's happened since you've been out. For your own safety, and Elaine's, okay?" The askance look Peter gives to Magnes is a lingering one, but it soon shifts to Melissa as Peter jerks his head to the side and turns, preparing to leave without any more fanfare said.

Adam. That name has Melissa's eyes narrowing. "Adam's blood? How could that sociopathic prick's blood help anything? And yes, he did something risky. Say thank you, Peter," she says to Magnes. Then she nods to Peter. "Yeah, we can," she says, before turning to follow him, no more words offered for the other two. She doesn't even seem to care to hang around long enough to get the answer to her question.

"That mark is what most people would call a miracle, Magnes." Lynette lets out a heavy breath and sits down on Magnes' evacuated cot as the dead are mentioned. That is one thing she didn't help out with. And has steered clear from thus far.

"Yeah, sure Peter. Didn't know so many people would die from one mission… And I'll talk to Eileen." Magnes sighs and looks down at himself, a few thoughts going through his mind, but he instead addresses what the other two are saying. "A blood injection from a regenerator will result in your body temporarily gaining regeneration abilities. And as far as miracles are concerned… I'll bet you anything these handprints are going to bite us all in the ass one day, so I'd rather fix it sooner than later."

He doesn't sound like one who's full of much faith these days, and slips from the stretcher. He's in a pair of plain blue boxers, and possibly wonders who the hell changed them, but instead asks, "Could anyone get me a change of clothes before anything?"

Peter doesn't need the thanks that Melissa asks Magnes to give, and when it doesn't come he isn't surprised. The important part is that Magnes is alive, he's kept his promise, and Eileen will know that he's back and in functioning order. Peter himself, seems more than eager to depart and be done with everything, because the memories of Staten Island Hospital are still fresh in his mind, and all sides lost too many people in that conflict, Messiah and Ferrymen alike.

Making his way out from Magnes' medical tent, Peter is silent and determined not to lose his cool with Melissa until they're well out of sight. But at least for the time being, everything seems to be returning to some semblance of normal, but for Messiah, there's still work to be done and one final assignment to run.

Right now though, Peter has an argument to have.

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