A Question of Clarity


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Scene Title A Question of Clarity
Synopsis Eileen swings by Mas Mechanics for a brief conversation with Eve on her way to meet Raith.
Date August 17, 2009

Mas Mechanics

There is a large gate that surrounds the warehouse. A padlock normally on keeping them shut. Cracked and destroyed pavement surrounds the area. Just inside are a few abandoned cars and motorcycles. A garage door can be seen and is open, showing a 1967 black and red mustang. Various tools and machines can be seen in the place that point to this place being a auto shop at one point.

When you walk through the door from the garage there is a huge room filled with a few tables, couches and chairs. The windows have large, dark red curtains covering them. Candles sit all around the place, waiting to be lit.

Through another door, a makeshift kitchen can be found. With refrigerator, microwave, stove, and a table or two with some chairs.

The late afternoon sun fills the area in Midtown. There is no sound.. except for the gentle rustling of papers from the wind. The gate to Mas Mechanics would be found to be open the padlock hanging on the side.

Just inside, the two Huskies play around by the car garage as Eve sits on the hood of her car and pets her cat, Tiger. The woman is humming softly to herself. Head tilted to the side, as if she is expecting somebody.

Different people have different phobias. Altophobia: fear of heights. Nosocomephobia: fear of hospitals. Xanthophobia: fear of the colour yellow. (Yes, such a term exists.) And while Eileen's fear of large dogs isn't quite severe enough to classify as crippling, it does make her hesitate at the gate when she spies the romping huskies off their leash, ringed fingers curling around the chain-link fence that surrounds the seer's property. "Eve?"

"Come in. They are well behaved." Eve calls out and she doesn't take her gaze from her cat. Tiger purrs and nuzzles his head in her stomach. Eve's long black hair is braided and it falls to her waist. "How are you Eileen?" she asks.

Eileen steps across the threshold, booted feet crunching through gravel and the occasional splinter of crackling glass. Cutting through Midtown is one of the easiest ways to get to Point A to Point B after dark if avoiding the authorities is a priority — Mas Mechanics is a familiar sight and a landmark that she regularly passes whenever she decides to navigate the ruins in lieu of chancing public transportation or traveling around the irradiated zone by foot, but this is the first time she's ever been past the property's gates. "Well enough," she says. "Catherine tells me you've been having dreams."

"Yes, a few dreams." Eve says and hops off the hood, her black boots making dust rise as she lands. Tiger runs off somewhere in the warehouse. "Come if you would like to see." She says and then begins to lead the way deeper into her home. "The.. Remnant has been connected to these dreams as well." She says her braid swaying from side to side.

Giving the huskies a wide berth, Eileen follows Eve inside. There's a slight narrowing of her eyes as well, irises eclipsing to pale green slits. "Remnant." Her tone is dry, edged with something caustic that leaves a strange, bitter taste in her mouth when she speaks. It's not the first time she's heard the term, and it probably won't be the last. "I'd like to know who came up with that. We're not the unified force you seem to think we are."

"I'm just repeating the name that was given to me by people." Eve says softly as she moves through the corridors. "What is it exactly you guys do?" A question of simple curiosity. Before they enter the Oracle room, Tiger is hot on their heels.

Eileen minds cats less than she does dogs and seems not to notice the feline's snaking presence as Eve leads her through the warehouse, their footfalls reverberating through the empty air and bouncing off the walls in the form of a stale, rattling echo. "Probably not what you'd think," is her murmured reply. "Whatever it is that needs doing."

Eve seems satisfied with the answer, and then the paintings of her recent dreams are presented to Eileen. Of the dream about Else and the city underwater and then the one of the mushroom clouds in Midtown. "Both are associated with the Vanguard in some way."

A thin hiss of breath escapes Eileen's nostrils in the form of a sigh. She studies the paintings in relative silence, picking out details and committing them, imperfect, to memory. "You think they're associated with the Vanguard in some way," she says eventually, the correction mild but not without a hint of reproach. "The past is the prologue." A breathy murmur of laughter accompanies the shake of her dark-haired head. "Volken's gone, and loyal or not, those of us who are still left have been scheduled for extermination. Vanguard doesn't have a future you can paint. Not unless the only colour you have left on your palette is red."

The singer shrugs slightly and tilts her head. "The Volken connection has proven to be Peter.. at least in a sense." Eve says softly and she bends to pet Tiger really quick. "Everything else.. well I've heard of this Munin." She says and looks to Eileen, the seer shakes her head. "These still aren't as clear to me.. not yet as least. Maybe in time they will become more clear." She says with a glance back towards her paintings.

"Maybe," Eileen concedes. "The next time you have a dream about—" She gestures to the paintings, seemingly unable to finish the sentence caught her throat. Then, "Leave a message with Catherine for me? I'd like to see. Preferably before anyone else."

"I'll just find you myself." A correction for Eileen this time, the seer smiles softly and looks towards Eileen. "I have my ways of doing that, ask Gabriel." Her tone soft and she gestures towards the door. "I'll be sure to let you know when another of these kind arrive in my dreams."

The statement is meant to be reassuring in nature but earns Eve a wary glance from Eileen instead. As she gestures toward the door, the former Vanguard operative moves toward it, her gaze drifting over the paintings one last time on her way out. "Thank you," she says, and the gratitude in her voice is genuine, soft in comparison to the harsh, acrid tone she'd adopted earlier.

"Keep in touch."

"I will, please take care." Eve says gently and she shows the former Vanguard operative out. Her boots echoing in the warehouse halls as she goes. Tiger and her two Huskies follow the two out.

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