A Quiet Homecoming





Scene Title A Quiet Homecoming
Synopsis Kaylee returns home after an extended stay in medical care.
Date August 10, 2010

Kaylee's Apartment - Gun Hill

In the silence of the one room apartment, the golden furred puppy, named Missy, lays sprawled out. Her side moves in an out quickly with each breath, her feet jerk with some unknown dream. Probably chasing people away from her person. Been only her living in the place for a time and the furniture shows it. Teethmarks, long and rough, decorate the wooden legs of the dining room table. Splinters of wood on the floor a hint that she's been at it recently. Further inspection of the place, would find a few shirts shredded in the bedroom.

She misses her person and that's how she shows it

The rattle of keys in the door brings her head up with a jerk of alertness, ears forward she watches the door like a hawk. Maybe this was the man that has been coming to take her for walks, on occasion? When the door swings open, however, it's a familiar blonde person. Missy's favorite person!

Jumping to all four feet, tail wagging, Missy yaps out her greeting. Already her puppy high pitched barks are settling into something a bit deeper. Large paws clomp along clumsily, as hurries to greet the tall sunny haired one. When she's close she stops short of the human, when her nose catches a certain scent. The slightly curled tail wags slowly, with uncertainty. She can smell the healing wounds, her person was hurt?

“Hey Missy!” The blonde familiar voice cuts through any doubt in the dogs mind, that this might not be the right one. She hurries to close the distance on her person and jump up on her, yapping happily. Paws scratch against the rough fabric of the woman's blue jeans as she leans down to try and scratch behind an ear.

Where have you been? Why did you leave? Why do you smell like you hurt?

Can I have food?

If Kaylee Ann Thatcher was an animal telepath she'd be able to answer these questions. Instead, she is ignorant of it all, pushing the dog down so she can make her way to the couch. “Okay… hold on.” The woman assures softly, moving to drop heavily onto the somewhat soft couch. The effect is jarring on her wounds and she ends up wincing.

Missy doesn't even wait for Kaylee to settle, hoping up on her lap not long after to give her 'kisses' in hello, only stopping long enough to snuff at the bandages. She doesn't like that her human smells this way, but she's so very happy to see her. She was gone way too long.

It's work for the telepath to get the dog to settle down and relax, fingers digging into the thick fur, but only one hand, the other is trapped in a sling. It takes some doing, but the dog sprawls across her lap, finally. That's when silence reigns the world around her. Her eyes roam the lonely little apartment. There is a soft sigh, head hanging some as she murmurs softly, her tone a touch sad.

“Welcome home, Kaylee.”

She hadn't really informed anyone she was coming home, not seeing a reason too. While her stay had been a bit longer, thanks to a stubborn infection, Kaylee was ready to be home. Eventually, the news will filter down the line that she was there. Though, she would have to let Joseph know she's back at least, since he's the one that looked in on the puppy.

Her head turns slightly and long fingers lift to tuck long strands of hair behind her ear, so that she can glimpse the phone on the stand by the couch. One thing Kaylee has felt the need for is someone to talk to after the whole thing.

Leaning over carefully, so as not to dislodge the dog, Kaylee eases the phone out of the cradle and holds it in her good hand. Catching her lower lip in her teeth, she lightly chews it as she debates if she really wants to do this. Her thumb slowly moves to push the talk button and in the quiet apartment, she can hear the hum of the line.

I'm this far, might as well dial.

The phone number is slowly tapped out on the numeric keys and the phone tucked against her ear, where she can hear the ringing. When the line picks up and she hears a familiar voice, Kaylee can't help but smile.

“Hi, Granny. Thought I'd call for a little chat.”

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